Mixed Money Counter Machine - Back Loading

Feelteck  FT-3800V is the mixed money counter machine ,it will read the value of the counted money ,also with detection UVMGIR as well as the numbers .

  •   Serial number Recognize(Optional) :FT-3800 mixed money counter machine can support the about 10 countries serial number read , and can customer this function you need .
  •   Backloading design:  Most of the Mixed money counter machine with a CIS sensor , made by Top loading. But FT-3800 is backloading ,which is the much better count for plastic money and soft money .
  •   Detail Report by denominations: As a backloading money counter machine FT-3800V display shows a detail report for the counted currencies .Show which currency how many pcs ,and amount .
  • Detecting with UVMGIR CIS (RGB ,IR)
  • SDC (Single Denominations Count)
  • MDC(Mix Denominations Count)
  • CNT(Only Count)
  • Add ,BATCH Functions
  • USB update and save image data
  • Software for PC communication (Optional)
  • External display (Optional)

Feelck FT-3800V MOney denomination Counter

The FT-3800v  is a mixed denomination money counter and value reader, you can choose FT-3800 with serial number recognize if you need .

FT-3800V can be installed more up to 10 currencies software in one machine ,  if you have different kind of currencies need to count , FT-3800V is the right one you need .

FT-3800V can easily save you time , more accurate than yourselves .

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