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A bank note counting machine is used to calculate notes, especially in the bank and large business. There is a different aspect that should determine the type of bank note counter machine you will buy. Bank note counting devices are everywhere in the banking industry today. Every bank all over the world is using these ban note counters to count and sort their notes. They have to ease the manual significant note counting process, and now by using these machines, the cash manager can count and sort them within a few seconds.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Bank Note Counting Machine

Similarly, these bank note counter devices are also used by hotels, shops, and all kinds of large businesses worldwide where large amounts of money transactions occur. Bank note counting devices are also important to individuals who deal with many notes, particularly where there are fake currency scam cases. Therefore, even if you are a small business owner, this machine is a key and essential tool your business should have. FeelTeck produces various ban note counting machines for different sizes and shapes. Also, these machines have additional features, and therefore when buying yours from the FeelTeck manufacturer store, ensure you get a machine that suits your business well.


Learn how to pick the best bank note counting machine

This tip sets out to give the information you require to the right decision when buying your bank note counting machine. FeelTeck manufacturers are here to ensure you get the bank note counter device you want to have. They have a team that helps customers explain which device is the best for their business. The customers explain their business and that this team will help you choose the best counter machine.


How does Bank Note Counting Machine operate?

The bank note counting devices operate basing on two layers of technologies. The first one deals with the actual note counting, where the second layers identify the denomination or type of currency. Basing on the first layer, when a note is inserted in these machines’ hopper, the bill is automatically pulled and then passes through the scanner that is attached to the microprocessor of your bank note counting machine.

When this bill passes through the scanner, it interferes with the beam of light contact with a scanner. This interference is then sent to the microprocessor as a signal where it’s termed as a single count. This process repeats itself for all the bills inserted in the hopper. Customer care team from FeelTeck will always be available for you, this team ensures that you get the bank note counting machine that will give you the best services ever.

As mentioned, the second layer is used to detect the denomination of the bill inserted. It uses pattern recognition technology to perform this task. As the term implies, this system compares the currency with particular patterns relating to various denominations. Most Feelteck banknote counting machines incorporate enhanced types of pattern recognition that help detect if the money fits a specific way in the process called fake note detection.

FeelTeck manufacturer uses more advanced technologies detecting counterfeit currencies and also determining various bill denominations. The technologies used are Ultra Violet rays and magnetic imaging, among many others. They ensure that they produce the best note counter machine to make the counting process easy, accurate, and more efficient. General’s primary purposes are to count, sort, determine fake notes, and detect various bill denominations.


Bank Note Counting Machine Buying Guide

There are some main factors that every bank note counter buyer should look at when buying the machine. These factors are durability, features, warranty, and price. Let’s talk about these bank note counting machine features.


Certain features will let you know and understand how a bank note counting machine operates. These features will help you pick the most suitable machine for all your cash handling needs.

  • Capacity

This is the volume of bills the machine can handle at a go. This feature is determined by the hopper capacity, which is the machine’s pocket where the uncounted statements are inserted before the counting process starts. The bigger the hopper, the more the power, which implies the machine will handle a vast number of bills per cycle. This makes bank note counter devices with enormous capacities more reliable for busy and large businesses operating extended money notes per day. The bank note counting machine with fewer capacities suits a less active and small business where money transactions are few per day.

  • Type

Bank note counting machines can be grouped into electrical and portable appliances based on general functionality and size.

Portable bank note counting machines are generally small and can be easily moved from one place to another. Another critical thing about these portable bank note counters is that they have an internal power source like replaceable or even rechargeable AA batteries, enabling the machine to operate even when they are not plugged on power. These counting machines are primarily produced to find a device that can be good for a mobile lifestyle or a place with no electrical power source. It is suitable for a business having a lot of movements.

On the other hand, electric bank note counting machines are the opposite of portable bank note counting machines. These are designed for a static workplace where movement is limited. Also, these machines do not come with a battery, which means they only operate when plugged in an electrical power source. Electric bank note counting machines are ordinarily heavy, and thus, carrying them is not as easy as the portable one. These machines are the best and suit well if you deals with a lot of money transactions every day and must be situationally placed. The machine is not heavy, but they are more severe than portable banknote counting machines. Also, these electric machines can sort and measure massive amounts in very few seconds.

  • Self-testing

The bad thing you can do to yourself is buying a machine without testing it by yourself. Always test your device before making any purchase. FeelTeck company always ensures the engine is operating well before delivering it to you. Feelteck is a firm that is reliable, trustworthy, and transparent. They test your banknote counting machine before they send the device to you.

The self-testing feature enables the bank note counting device to perform all the necessary tests before any note counting is completed. This allows you to avoid the possibility of any inaccuracies, which s very important, particularly in a large business with a large number of money transactions.

  • Supported Currencies

Banknote counting machines are designed differently as far as the bill detection process is concerned. Some FeelTeck bank note counter devices are operated with a single bill, while on the other side, some can handle various bills. This one that can sort and count multiple currencies is more advanced and uses modern technologies to perform its duties. It is the best bank note counter machine if your business is dealing with various denominations. But if your company typically handles one currency, then a one currency device that is cheaper than the other one is suitable for your business. Ensure the bank note counter machine for a single bill handle your currency before paying.

  • Thickness adjustment

Bank note counting machines are susceptible to small details like the currency’s correct thickness. Hence, this can lead to a problem when sorting or counting your money because some bills might not hold the right width even when the bill is genuine. For instance, worn out or damaged notes can lead to this issue. Bank note counting machine with thickness adjustment alternative enables the counting device to hold a broader range of width, making counting old and worn-out notes easier.

  • Speed

Bank note counting speed is an essential factor, especially if you are looking for a machine for your busy large business. These machines are produced to make the sorting and counting process faster to avoid congestion of customers withdrawing or depositing money, especially in the bank. In bank note counter machines, speed is determined by the number of bills the machine can count in one minute.

Most of FeekTeck bank note counter devices have a speed ranging from 900 bills per minute to 1900 bills in one minute, though some can count over 2000 bills. Remember, the more the speed of the counting machine, the more time the device will save for you.

  • Mode Of Counting

FeelTeck bank note counting machine mainly operates using three modes of counting: batch, value, and add.

Add counting lets a bank note counting machine count provided you have loaded more bills in the machine’s hopper.

Batch counting mode allows you to separate a particular number of notes from the unknown amount by enabling you to present the number of bills you want to count before the bank note counting machine comes to a halt.

Value mode enables the cash manager to separate a particular amount of denomination from undetermined bills with different denominations.

It is always good to know the modes of counting a specific bank note counting device uses because it might influence the machine counting process’s efficiency.

  • Type of Counting

On top of the counting mode that you have to consider, you also must reconsider some more counting functionalities such as count, mix, and sorting.

Mixed functionality-  This enables you to count various denominations of bills to provide you with accurate bills and the quality of the notes. This is an essential feature a bank or business dealing with mixed denominations should ensure the bank note counting machine they are buying.

Sorting Functionality – This machine functionality enables the bank note counting devices to separate bundles of mixed denominations in their respective class. This is functionality to go for, especially when there are huge bills and you want to arrange the currencies for simple and effective cash management.

Counting functionality – This is the primary purpose of all kinds of bank note counting machines, where these counting devices provide you with the number of notes in question. Most feelteck bank note counter device combine counting and mixed modes, where some, designed for vast and heavy-duty, incorporate all 3 to give a maximum efficiency machine.


Bank note counting machines as automated equipment integrates many moving parts that operate the daily physical jobs. The design nature and the function of the device itself call for firm construction. Sound quality also because the machine used to make these bank note counting machine are highly durable materials. You do not require sophisticated electronic design skill to have the best quality counting machine.

Few minutes of good research on the feelteck manufacturer and the customer reviews will help you pick the best quality bank note counting machine from Feelteck. Be assured of a bank note machine that will serve you for a long time once you purchase it from FeelTeck manufacturer.


This is another essential thing to think of when buying your bank note counting machine. Ensure you visit the FeelTeck site and see how these machines are costing before deciding which machine to buy. Cost is an essential thing when purchasing anything. Always ensure you plan well and set a budget for your purchase. By doing so, you will invest your money in the best feelteck banknote counting machine that will serve you well.



Bank note counting machine is an essential tool every business dealing with money every day should have. It improves the cash managing process by speeding up the process, making it more efficient and effective. Also, these bank note counter devices ensure you get the accurate results of your money. Ensure you buy the more advanced bank note counting machine for your business, the one that is designed with modern technologies to help you even detect counterfeit bills. Having this kind of machine will secure you from any fund scam case, thus making your business more productive. Follow the above features to guide you on what to look at when buying a bank note counting machine from

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