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Banknote counter machine is the most used money counting machine for most banks and big businesses worldwide. Almost every big company uses this machine to fasten counting notes every also with detecting fake messages. Feelteck offers the best banknote counting machine models that most people all over the world use. These FeelTeck banknote machines are designed in the latest technology, and detectors are also advanced. Ensure you check well the features of the FeelTeck banknote you want to buy before making the purchase. This will help you pick the banknote counting machine that will fit your business needs. FeelTeck is the best manufacturer where customers get the best banknote with the advanced technologies they desire.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Banknote Counter


The cash manager inserts a batch of noted in the front arm of the machine, and your banknote machine automatically begins to count the notes at a very high speed. Most FeelTeck banknote counter machines are electronic and come with a microprocessor; with the device’s help from the sensors and other machine’s components, these banknote counting machines can count the bill simultaneously reorganize the counterfeit currencies. The common ways that those banknote counts is based on the beam of lights. The microprocessor calculates how often the beam of light interfered as this banknote counting machine continues to slide the inserted notes. This assists with a count of those bills inserted in it. A banknote counter machine is the best solution to all cash management issues, and this machine will also enhance your business productivity.

The other layer of this machines’ technology is designed on pattern recognition, that helps your banknote counting machine determine the denomination of each currency based on smart and unique designing of every coin. For bills with different values, there are several differences which a microprocessor will spot in a fraction of just one second. Another critical aspect of these banknote counter machines, especially those used in big businesses like banks, is detecting fake notes. Early before the invention of these banknote counters, there was a very high volume of counterfeit notes worldwide. But when these machines came in, they reduced these counterfeit bills by a large number. This banknote counting machine came to curb the havoc that excited of fake currencies. Therefore detecting counterfeit bills is a key function of these banknote counter machines.   If you have this issue of counterfeit bills in your company and lead to business losses, do wait to lose another considerable amount of money, rush to FeelTeck and get your best banknote counter machine. This machine will improve the operation of your business, and you will witness several benefits of having this machine in your industry.

How banknotes counter machine detect fake bills.

Most of the FeelTeck banknote counting machines are designed with a magnetic detecting component. They come with these magnetic component detectors to detect with that stuffed note is fake or real.

Watermarks are another aspect these banknotes counting machine uses in detecting fake bills. These watermarks are mostly embossed in several currencies as the marker for being honest. Therefore, if the coins inserted in these banknote counter machines have no the expected watermark, then that bill is termed fake. Currency watermarks are very hard to replicate, and when they are copied, those forgeries are easily detected.

Many FeelTeck banknote counter machines are mostly black light technology to illuminate the currencies with florescent signs printed on these bills. This is another helpful way to tell if the accounts are fake or real.

All of the above ways happen in a split second to dozens or hundreds of currencies, giving you a complete, accurate total of your business money and telling you this is real money. These machines are essential, and every business should have them to avoid miscounts and fake currencies.

How Does Banknote Counter Operate?

Counting and sorting money manually takes a lot of time, and always remember time is money. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that the bill counting process is as fast as possible, accurate, and effortless. This is essential to invest in a banknote counter machine, mainly if your business deals with a considerable amount of cash every day. This counting machine can eliminate cheating by giving instantaneous count accuracy and telling you which bills are fake. To ensure your business runs well without several money cheating issues, buy this machine from the Feelteck manufacturer. Banknote counter are simple to use, lightweight and also they need less training. But less extra knowledge serves you as well in time and also saves your money and business.

This machine operates by inserting a stack of currencies in place. It pulls every bill through one by one, instantly acknowledging the tines the internal beam of light is interfered with to detect the denomination and give the total sum. These beam lights, which are used to detect fake bills, have fluorescent signs printed on them. This helps the banknote counter machine to catch the real account and the counterfeit one.  Your note is counted also checked at lightning speed with no concern of miscount or even having notes rejected by banks when depositing.

What are bills discriminators?

Bills discriminators give an extra advantage of displaying bills value of the currencies counted. Therefore, instead of having sort and insert denominations in the banknote counter, this machine lets you insert different bills in it. Every invoice is scanned and also identified use CIS. The sum of the statements is counted along with an amount for all denominations. Using various fake note detection technologies, including the MG, UV, and IR, bills are scanned for fluorescent symbols or even brightening agents, something unrealistic to detect with your naked human eyes to detect the real and fake notes. These banknotes machines can process both used and new currencies, and some of these machines also the additional advantage of filtering grime and dust from used currencies.

Exploring the several alternatives of cash management and how they operate is worth your effort and time. Every business has its own cash management needs. But many cash managers will agree 100 percent that this is done better using the banknote counting machine than when it is done manually.

Some Factors To Check On When Buying A Banknote Counter Machine

If your business requires handling a considerable volume of cash transactions almost every day, then do not stress yourself anymore buy a banknote counter machine. Manual money counting is very tiresome, but with the help of this machine, the task will be simple.

Banknote counting machine is getting more popular by bounds and leaps with almost every passing week and for every great reason. They mainly were the staple in the banks but many more than other businesses today. The increased popularity leads to the manufacturing of several banknote counter machines in the current contemporary market. It is good to note that note all banknote counter machines work well. That is where it is recommended to make your purchase. Buy a banknote counting machine that will serve you for several years because counters are not machines to buy every year. It is an excellent investment, and hence you should be very careful when selecting your banknote counter. Below are some tips to consider when picking a reliable banknote counting machine.


Speed is an key thing to check first when buying your banknote counter machine. It is always good to consider the banknote counter machine’s speed. Busy business money transactions demand a super-quick banknote count, and however, you could expect the same from the selected banknote counter. The banknote that you pick should be able to count a minimum of 1000 pcs in one minute. Consider the budget and requirements when checking the machine counting speed. This speed will save a lot of counting time.


The banknote counter hopper is also a key and essential factors to check on this counting machine. It is this hopper where the cash manager feeds the currencies to counts. Banknote counter machines generally come with mainly two hoppers front fee and back feed.

The front feed alternative is capable of counting extensive notes compared to the back feed. There is also a breeze to utilize. The back feed on the other side is suitable and fits tiny businesses where they do not deal primarily with hefty bills to count. Additionally, these rear feeds are more affordable compared to front feed. Therefore, select the one that suits your business needs. But if you handle more cash every day, pick the front dinner one alternative because even though the price is high, the machine is worth your money. This banknote counter with a hopper with a front feed operation is excellent than the one with a back feed. If your business deals with a huge amount of money and you have a low budget, you can wait for a little more time and save enough money to buy a banknote counting machine that will serve you well.

Error detector

Error detection technology is another crucial factor to think about when buying a banknote counter machine. This factor will help you get a very reliable banknote counter to solve your business’s cash issues. Ensure the one you select uses modern error detection technologies to avoid any mistakes when counting.

Check On Fake Note Detection Volume

It is crucial to note that this issue of counterfeit bills has arisen again nowadays. Therefore, you need to be very careful when dealing with money counting and counterfeit bill detection. Sometimes, clients do fake deposit currencies unknowingly to the money counter. Therefore,  you shall have to ensure that all your selected banknote currency counting machine can detect such unrecognized notes best on time.

Batching and Adding Features

The banknote counter-banting feature is handy while you have to strap money manually for deposit. A bill handler with the batching capacity may automatically count to the preset number and stops best after. It provides you leeway to take out counted batch before it begins with the best collection.

The additional enables the banknote counter machine to sum all the counted notes after the counting process ends.

Does it sort/countixed currencies

There may be some time you will have to count. You may need to sort out the currencies manually one after the other that is so tiresome in such a case. Thus, look for a banknote counter machine that can sort mixed notes into individual single denomination piles.

Does it handle multi-currency counting?

Suppose your business deals with international currencies. It is always good to consider a banknote counting machine that handles multi-currency. These banknote counter machines are more powerful than the other counters that deal with local currencies.

Run comparison study

There is no shortage of bill counting machines today, though not all devices are suitable for your business. Therefore, do not simply sign up for the first bill handler you see online. Buy the best FellTeck banknote counting machine, and you will love the job the machine will do for you.

Take your time well and ensure you select the best banknote counter machine that is the best your company well. Check the machine ratings, reviews, features, functionality, and it is also good to check what the previous clients have said about the counting machine.  Your pick must be reputed of the lot armed with the most rave reviews, ratings, and other good things like functionality. Know that in every machine that you will encounter complaints, some will be less and others more. Focus on the banknote counter that will have few complaints.

Having a banknote counter machine is not enough. You have to learn how to maintain the machine to make sure it serves you for long. Therefore, before you make the purchase ensure you check the maintenance requirements for your selected counter machine. Some banknote counter machine requires regular oiling and cleaning for them to operate as needed. Then also, know that there are banknote counters that require regular expert calibration. If you cannot devote time to all these maintenance tasks, choose a simple banknote counting machine that does not call for routine maintenance daily.

Suppose your business deal with mostly the international currencies. In that case, it is good for you to select a banknote counting machine that has a high speed and is more accurate, and can organize various kinds of currencies.

Some mixed denomination currency counters can detect between particular bills automatically. But even if the banknote counter cannot automatically detect the state of originality for the account, some banknote counting machines are designed with value counts features that allow the case manager to be preset the deal so he or she can be able to classify between the varying type of currencies.

How To Take Care Of Your Banknote Counter

A banknote counter is the very best answer to all your business money-counting problems. This Counting machine assists your business employees in being more competitive and making your business more productive. A banknote counter machine shall reduce or finish all human errors, counting all your money with 100% accuracy. Also, you can be assured the banknote counter shall detect all fake notes and reduce the risk of currency theft.

Cleaning your banknote counter

While banknote counters enhance the business money counting process, the machine can get dust and get dirty like any other device. Dirty currencies and dust in the air may easily get trapped in the machine. The grime does not remove itself though it shall build up within some time if your banknote counter machine is not maintained care of. Debris and dust will always affect the banknote counting machine efficiency and diminish what you expect from them, resulting in even miscounts. If you do not take good care of your banknote counter, this machine will likely reject currencies and give false positive fake signals.

Given all these risks of not taking good care of your banknote counter machine, everybody must know how to upkeep his or her business counting machine. For this banknote counter machine to give the best services for a long time, you need to provide it with the care that this machine deserves. Read more on the ways and benefits of keeping your banknote counter clean.

How often to clean your banknote counter

Ideally, it’s always good to clean your banknote machine at least once a week. If you are using your counting machine heavily, it is good to clean the inside part of this machine at least once or twice a week. This will help your engine to operates well and offer you the very best money counting process result. Unclean banknote counter can’t run well and can leads to miscount or even rejection of actual bills. Always wipe your machine after using it to remove all the dirt and dust which must be left with the counted bills. Also, regular good cleaning of your banknote counter will help you remove all kind of pins, rubber bands and any paper clips which may accidentally make the way to your machine maybe during the counting process.

The main symptoms that tell you that your banknote counter needs to clean are miscounted or even give you an incorrect sum of your money. Bill rejections, false fake note alerts, and batch-backups are also some of the signs that your machine needs to be cleaned. Regular maintenance shall prolong your banknote machine’s life and ensure it operates at full potential without any error.

Ways to care for your banknote counter

Here are some valuable tips to take care of your banknote machine

  • Ensure your employees, especially those who deal with cash management, are aware of the best operational procedure for your banknote machine. This will make sure that this counting machine is used in the best way that it is supposed to be.
  • Remove any paper clips, staples, rubber bands from the currency before inserting them into your banknote counting machine.
  • Ensure you put off your banknote counter machine when you are not using it. Doing so will help you prolong the life of your banknote counter machine.
  • Clean the machine feeder and all output trays, hopper, and stackers with a spotless and neat dry cloth.
  • Use a cleaning card to eliminate all the dirt, debris, and residue from the machine’s sensors, plated, and rollers.
  • Cover up your banknote counting machine well when you are not using it. This will help you prevent dirt and dust from entering your banknote counter machine.
  • Also, ensure you blow your banknote counter machine with compressed air to remove all the dust from the machine. Also, ensure you read and understand the way you are supposed to clean your banknote counter machine.

Time You Should Seek Expert Help

All the above tips will help your banknote machine to operates well and efficiently. Also, these tips will prolong your machine’s life, but there can be a time when you will need some expert advice and information.  If your banknote counter machine malfunctions, give your incorrect results, or when it shoes false-positive fake indications despite all the above regular care for the machine, then it means you should seek the professional assistance of any authorized expert. This expert should perform the needed maintenance or troubleshooting and change parts if necessary to fix all the banknote counter issues. Maintenance by the expert must be done 2 to 4 times in one year; this depends on the intensity of machine use.

Cleaning a banknote counting machine might not be as easy as it seems, though it’s key to keep your engine clean to ensure it runs your business well.  A clean banknote counter machine is more efficient and functional. It shall enhance the business productivity and save your time and money because taking care of your counter machine means you are taking care of your investment. Ensure you always use all the above tips to ensure your device is in good condition and give you the correct results after counting.

How to identify Fake Notes?

Identifying these counterfeit notes is one of the big reasons business owners buy a banknote counter machine. As we have discussed earlier, this machine is faster, accurate, and can identify a fake note.

Identifying Counterfeit Bills using A Banknote Counter

All large businesses and small businesses must ensure they take steps to reduce the risk they all face from counterfeit currencies. Doing so will save their business from all kinds of fake notes that may lead to business loss. The excellent way to do that is by identifying counterfeit notes before accepting them from their clients. If the banknote counter machine determines a fake message while counting, this note will be rejected, and your business will avoid losing any money. Banknotes detect these counterfeit notes by the use of detectors, pen, or scanners. These features are the one which helps banknote counter machine to see fake notes when counting the bills. Also, a close inspection must show that the notes’ writing is slightly raised, and the latest messages must have a crisp, good quality. Also, holograms and the quality of printing are used to identifiers these counterfeit notes.

Portable Banknote Counter Machine

A portable banknote counter machine is an ideal solution for minor business money counting issues. If you also do not have ample space to keep your banknote counter machine, this portable banknote counter machine is the best option. This portable banknote counter is a small machine in size, and its size does not need ample space. Feelteck portable banknote counter machines are also affordable and offer the best services to your money counting process.

There is various FeelTeck Portable banknote counter machine that you can choose from and enjoy the best money counting services from this counter. FeelTeck company offer best banknote counter types and functional one that helps you save time and money. Always ensure you look very close to the banknote counter machine features well to ensure you select the best banknote counter machine to manage your currencies.

Portable banknote counter machines have so many advantages like small in size; therefore, they can be carried easily, they can also operate using AA batteries, and many more benefits. If you have some miscount and another mistake during the money counting process in your business, it is good to invest with a portable banknote counter machine.

Always consider features and the machine’s warranty before making the purchase. FeelTeck company offers the best quality banknote counter machine with high performance and leaves clients wondering about the magic performance these machines have. This company is always genuine to the customers and always ensures that the customers are satisfied and will purchase from FeelTeck. Also, feelteck gives the product a good and enough banknote counter warranty that shows they believe in their work. This warranty is good because if the machine happens to have a mechanical issue before the contract expires, this company will help you fix it or even replace it with a new one if the problems are beyond maintenance. FeelTeck is a reliable manufacturer company and the best company to buy your banknote counter or any other money counter machine you may need.


If your business needs a portable banknote counter machine, go to FeelTeck, and they shall offer you the very best device that will give you services for long. This company has gained total trust worldwide in the reliability of all kinds of money counter, including portable banknote counter machine. FeelTeck Manufacturer has been operating for more than a decade. Thus, the great reputation from the company has caused great importance on this industry, therefore a leading manufacturer of all type of banknote counter machine in the whole world. Must of this FeelTeck manufacture company has facilitated that it always ensures it manufactures the best quality banknote counter machines designed with the modern and latest technology. This is the company to go for when buying a banknote counter machine for your business.

The Cash Detector Counter FeelTeck Portable banknote counter machine

FeelTeck provides quick shipping of portable banknote counter machines. If you are not far from the company, you will get the device the same day you make your order. If you a bit far from China, you will get your machine as faster as possible, depending on where you are. This device comes with good three years’ warrant. It offers sorted and total calculated notes. This portable banknote counter machine operates using electrical energy and works using batteries without electrical power when it comes to power. That means this banknote counter machine allows for an additional function. Most FeelTeck Portable banknote counter machines count all kinds of denominations and bills. It is a banknote counter machine that is user-friendly and easy to use. FeelTeck portable banknote counter machine can counts notes as well as it can count tickets, vouchers, and also coupons. If you want an excellent banknote counter machine that is compatible and portable, then visit FeelTeck. They will ensure you get your best banknote counting machine that will add value to your business.

FeelTeck portable counter machine for large business and banks provide an excellent service when the need comes. Feelteck manufacturer company gives a mobile, faster banknote counter machine that all customers leave a positive review. A portable banknote counter machine is a lightweight machine. This makes it a good counter machine because it can operate at any place.


Features of Portable Banknote Counter Machine

Faster and Accurate

This portable banknote counter machine counts the bills inserted in it accurately and counts over six hundred notes in one minute. It depends significantly faster and makes no mistake when counting. A portable banknote counter machine is suitable for a business that needs a quicker mobile banknote counting solution. It reduces errors that occur when the bills depending process is done manually. This excellent money counter machine gives a simplified money handling process also saves counting process time.


Portable banknote counter machines from FeelTeck do not consume a lot of power, so it is economical. These machines are portable enough that you can carry them using your bag or even pocket. It can operate on AA replaceable batteries. Most FeelTeck portable banknote counter machines work even with AA batteries and can run using electric power.

Add Function

These FeelTeck portable counter machines added function facilities the extra stack of the bills at the same place. This feature diminishes the frequent accumulation of cash added on this banknote counter machine and keep track of counted total amount of money. All operate held in a path for a consecutive count for all the inserted currencies or detected currencies.

Counts all kind of currencies

The FeelTeck counter money detector manufactures a portable counter machine to ease the money counting process. They offer a more reliable count of various denominations and bills. This great feature from FeelTeck banknote counter machine uses an instance with a mixed denomination bill. This banknote counter operates mostly in business which deals with maybe exchanging currencies or at the two countries’ border.

Coupons, Tickets, and Vouchers Counting

Most of FeelTeck banknote counter machine they don’t only count money but can also be used to count vouchers, coupons, and tickets. You will get this excellent additional feature when you buy your banknote counter machine from FeelTeck manufacturer company.

Compatibility and Portability

According to the FeelTeck designing structure of good performance banknote counter, a portable banknote counter machine with a good display ticket of banknote counting machine gives a good option for a small money counter with AA batteries on a countertop. On matters concerning adaptability to a  movement process, the FeelTeck banknote counter machine enhances your money’s safety. This also helps in reducing the dust and dirt entry on your banknote counter. Most of these leather cases from FeelTeck manufacturer prevent water from entering your banknote counter machine.

How can banknote counter be used effectively and efficiently?

The main reason for buying this banknote counter machine is to speed up the counting process, enhance accuracy, and detect counterfeit bills. Manual cash handling is always prone to missing money, accounting errors, mainly when the money counting process is not carried with care. FeelTeck manufactures a banknote counting machine to eliminates all those errors and avoid business losses from missing money and counterfeit currencies. One way to make your banknote counter machine more effective is by analyzing how this machine operates. This will help the cash manager carry out the process efficiently and thus give the best and accurate counts.

Also, an automated banknote counting process could be great for big establishments. In these cases, the banknote counter machine might be connected to the recyclers. They assist in keeping track of the cash that moves in and moves out of the banknote counter machine.  The detection technologies designed for these FeelTeck banknote counting machines help the device detect damaged notes and old notes. Sorting cash facilities is a deposit system or organized storage for organizations like banks. Due to the fact that the cash is arranged in an easily manageable way. However, handling cash is supposed to have some skills to operate this banknote machine to avoid mistakes when counting the money. They should also know and understand how to fix simple problems that these banknote counter machines might have.

Banknotes counter means of sorting cash and authenticating

Currency banknote counter machines are designed with various and different features from one another. Like some can only count notes while some are more advanced and they detect and also authenticate the money in any more detail. Thus, counting money can be done in term of the value, fitness, denominations, and orientation. These FeelTeck banknote counter machines’ features enhance the counterfeit bill detections. When counting the money using this feelteck banknote counter machine, you are not even required to arrange the orientation or even denomination of currency; this incredible machine will do all of this work for you.

Every nation prints its currency using ink rich in iron that makes them susceptible to MG fields. These magnetic fields are the one which helps in identifying the counterfeit coins because they produce some signature when the bills are exposed to them. This means a Feelteck banknote counting machine can detect an old or damaged note. Newly printed currencies shall give the expected magnetic signature, while the senior notes will give a tiny or no signature on the other side. FeelTeck banknote counter machines are designed with the best and latest technology, and they serve all the money counting issues well. All business owner who has made their purchase from this company have liked the product very much. Most of these customers refer their friends to the FeelTeck manufacturer company, which helps FeelTeck grow and be more reliable to their clients.


FeelTeck manufacturer is here to help you solve all your money handling issues. This company is the best producer of all kinds of banknote counter machines in the whole world. Their banknote counting machine is more effective and efficient and ends all the manual money counting errors when a human being carries the process. Also, remember these Feelteck banknote counter machines are made with high technologies to detect counterfeit currencies, old and damaged notes. The device has a very high speed, thus fasten the counting process. FeelTeck banknote counter machines are simple to operate and give you an excellent total and correct sum of your genuine money. Please do not waste any more time; go-ahead to the FeelTeck manufacturer website, ensure you go through all banknote counter machine features. Then, after picking the one that fits your business money needs and your budget, you immediately order. No matter where you are, this company will ensure the product reaches you as soon as possible. FeelTeck is perfect and most reliable to make your purchase from; they have an excellent reputation level. Also, their product warranty enhances the confidence of customers to buy a banknote counter machine. Immediately you start using this superb banknote counting machine, you will notice a big difference, and your business profit will always be safe.

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