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For the history of Money counting , we will find first to only counting the numbers . Later , coming the bill counter machine with the normal detecting functions UVMGIR . Then in Japan and Korea , the Mixed bill counter machine front loading machine been developed . As the time going ,now the CIS sensor technology being popular. In order to reduce the cost of Mixed bill counter machine ,Feelteck developed the back loading Mixed denomination bill counter. Later for more requirement of no stop counting , Feelteck Money the 1 + 1 Pockets Mixed bill value counter.  Feelteck FT-900 is the model Muti Denomination bill counter , it can install more than 15+ currencies software in one machine , and add the sort functions for Face ,Directions and Denominations .In this case , Mixed bill counter improved to a bill counter and sorter machine .

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1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

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Banknote Sorter

The devices optimize cash management through an efficient bundling and sorting of the banknotes according to their respective denomination. The banknote sorter works through various organized procedures in the process of cash. If you handle the money based on multiple denominations, you will not have to resort to them but place the banknote on the machine. This allows the cash to authenticated, recognized, and stored according to its specifications. These sorters offer many advantages to the user.

The efficiency of the counting and sorting of the banknote improves. With an improved efficiency of the counting process of the banknote, the cost of the labor is determined. The automation of the banknote sorting assists in reducing the number of errors that are likely to encounter in the manual counting of the cash. The banknote sorter will help your employee in turning their focus on other tasks in the business. Efficient process of handling cash assists in the reduction of labor hours.

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The Process of Sorting and Handling the Banknotes

If the cash placed on the banknote sorter, the device recognizes it and thus authenticates it. After the completion of these processes, the sorting process of the banknotes takes place. A different brand of banknote sorters operates differently. Most of them allow for the settings adjustments for the banknotes to sort according to your preferences. The following gives you an excellent example of how the process of sorting takes place.

  • Depending on the respective denomination, the cash first sorted and then grouped according to its value.
  • Overall, the fitness of the banknote separates the damaged banknote to minimize the cases of tearing in the process of counting. This further determines the line of the management process of the banknote.
  • Depending on the orientation of the banknote, the already sorted banknotes can sort by facing on the same side. This is the face facing the same side and vice versa.

This option assures you that your employees will not have to sort based on fitness, denomination, and orientation manually. The banknote sorter, therefore, saves on time thus looks for other tasks in the business. Some of the employees’ jobs will maximize customer care, cleaning, and sanitation efforts. The process reduces the labor cost, thus allowing your employees to be more efficient and productive.

The banknote sorters best apply to the cash transit, banks, casino services, or any other area where many of the cash transacts. This allows the efficient, flexible process of counting and processing money. This improves accuracy and security. Any business that usually handles the money deserves to invest in the counting machine. This does not determine the size of your business as the banknote sorter assist in much importance. However, you might be unsure of the suitable cash automation that suits you best. At this point, consider consulting your service provider. These persons assist in the maximum exploration of your options that range from the banknote sorter’s various possibilities to choose wisely on the best one that fits your financial needs.

The Main Part of the Banknote-Counting Machine and Their Functions

The current banknote counter comes with a variety of parts. These parts allow for improved functions, thus more efficiency. As the government keeps on changing the face of the currency, going for the latest brand gives you perfect results in counting and sorting the banknotes. Improved features might not sense by the old fashion of the banknote counter and sorter.


Hopper Capacity

Using this bracket for the banknote loading, the cash runs smoothly between the gap of the hopper and the feeding roller, respectively. The banknote sorter operates on the feeding incept on anything.


The Magnetic Board

This board structured in a way that the bill senses in the process before the note passes. The main heads detect the magnetic print ink on the bill. This also detects the safety line presence of the magnetic elements. This element applies to the magnetic and ultraviolet models. Therefore, the non-magnetic models do not apply on the same. The adequately placed gap allows for the rotating roller on the magnetic impeller and the board. It functions by pulling the banknote out of the hopper as the machine precedes, counting this assistance to pass through the board.


The Ultraviolet Assembly

The assembly of the ultraviolet operates by the process of the law of ultraviolet radiation. This involves the structures of the two bulbs that go through the silicon cell note. The model checks out for the ultraviolet element on the banknotes. This gives the signal to the system after the analysis of the cash placed on the bill counter. The model best suits ultraviolet and magnetic detection.


The Counting Sensors

This sensor operates with the installations of two infrared receivers. They emit the infrared by using the two infrared launches from the board of the magnetic board. The voltage charging on the notes passes through the banknote sorter and counters the effective and accurate sorting and counting process.


The Main Monitor

This offers the main and the most vital section in the process of the machine operation. The system usually sends out the instructions to the starting or beginning or even stopping the operation of the machine in the process of counting. This process operates as the hopper still functions.


Minor or the Small Monitor

This section used as the transmission platform in the banknote machine. This system allows for the sending of the instructions for the start or the beginning of the running process of the device as the hopper proceeds with its functioning. This section allows the note that passes through the magnetic and the ultraviolet sections to move to the front-most platform.

The Stacker

This is a section of the planned form of the block board on the platform on the front of the banknote sorter. It allows for the passing of the notes that gathers here due to its tidiness.


The Process of the Counting Of the Banknote Counter

On the proper placement of the bill on the hopper, the counting machine allows for the counting to take place automatically. The banknote counter allows for the indication on the display screen. The moment the bills removed from the stacker, the counting display will clear. On the other hand, the batch display indicates the number of accounts that have counted. The collect format of the indication of the banknote is as shown in the following processes.

  • Placing of the bill between the counting guides as indicated on the manual
  • The backward pushing of the statements for the proper laying at the top of the hopper
  • Place the banknote on the correct process of the counting

However, the machine can be on the manual or the automatic mode of counting. This requires the presetting process of the banknote counter. Preset is by pressing on the reset button and waiting for about three-second. This displays the AUTO on display. If the AUTO does not show, this indicates that the banknote counter is on the manual mode of counting. On this mode of counting, consider resetting the button after placing a banknote for the counting process.

Additional Function

This performed through the press of the ADD button where the ADD indicator appears. The counterfeit’s removal facilitates a more accurate quantity of the calculated and the sorted banknote. The bill then places on the hopper for counting and thus an addition to the precedent quantity. The total amount of the banknote counted places on the counting screen. For you to clear the display of the counting and close the function, press the ADD button.


The Batch Function

The preset function performs through the press of the BATCH button; thus, the batch appears on display. The default on the pressing on the BATCH button, the batch sets at one hundred. Repressing on the button assists in the change of the batch to fifty for the first time and twenty for the second time of the pressing. The batch number sets at the numbers that range in the amount between one and the nine hundred and ninety-nine. The press of either the plus or the minus button achieves this. This takes place for a period of more than zero point two five seconds. The number keeps on changing by either decreasing or decreasing by the five units at a time.

Therefore, the press of the plus or the minus button on the fast or the single either decreases or increases on either one by one. The media on the press button clears this function until the indicator turns off. Under the counting mode of the BATCH, the loading of the hopper makes the banknote counter starts the process of counting to the reset quantity. To repeat counting in the batch under the same amount of the bunch, consider removing the counted banknote from the stacker. The unit batches the groups of the bills under similar settings.

For continuous batching without the removal of the preset number, consider pressing the RESET button. For the not matching number on the counted numbers and the batch number, the display of the counter indicates the quantity of the blinking numbers. While determining the magnetic or ultraviolet detection, the machine automatically stops detecting the counterfeit bill. The process resumes after the removal of the account in question from the stacker, thus pressing on the RESET button.


Counting Off the Banknote by Determining the Weight

At this point, a safe scan offers a reliable, fast money counting solution. It counts both the coins and the bills. This process, therefore, gives you complete registration of the cash in less than two minutes. It saves on time and energy. The process dramatically reduces the errors likely to happen, thus improving the speed of counting.


The Weight Base Process of Counting the Banknote

The money scales have frequently applied to retail, quick-service restaurant, and refueling businesses for many years. The process proves quick, convenient, and accurate for many years. The method loads the cells in the body of the scale that measure the banknote weight placed on the scale’s platform. The data crosschecked against the detailed bill table as the weight stores on the scale memory. The scale of the safe scan support different currencies thus counts various items of the cash like the loose bills, coins, bundles of the bills, and the rolls of the coins.


The Performance Precision

The safe scan is an effective achievement of the exceptional precision needed for accurate coins and the bill counting process. Therefore, the safe scan comes with algorithms mathematics operating on the unison of the extended weight tables of the currency. The technology then combines with extensive testing that ensures accuracy and precision on every count that takes place. The six thousand one hundred and sixty-five (6165) brands and six thousand one hundred and eighty-five (6185) offer effective counting as they determine the minor difference in the weight on the new and the old bills. However, the old account tends to be heavier than the more outstanding bills due to the accumulation of grime and the dirt in the process of their life cycle.


Offer an Incredible Efficiency

The accuracy of the weight-counting machine is similar to the other bill counters. However, the weight-based money counter comes with an additional advantage of counting the coins. The brands of the 6165 and the 6185 scales of the money allow for the count of the cash as registered in the drawer in less than two minutes. The process offers six times more efficient compared to the manual operation of the counting. It is possible to apply the removable cash drawer of the coin cups used on the scales of the safe scan money counter. The brands allow for the placement of the coins cups coming with the drawers of the cash.


Offer the Confidence in the Convenient and a High-Speed Process

The scales on the money-counter offer absolute banknote and coin counting. The traditional brands of the banknote cannot count the coins. The conventional coin counters cannot count the banknotes. However, with the safe scan, you can effectively perform both of the tasks on the same device. The safe scan 6185 brands offer the manual offering of the values and the credit cards. The critical factor for considering is the reference number for the count and thus counts various items like the vouchers and the tokens or either one of the items. All brands of the money counting software give a proper integration. The brand comes with a warranty of three years, free shipping, thirty days guarantee on the money back, along a professional and reliable service.


Choosing a Suitable Banknote Sorter and the Counter

In the market, various money counters are operating differently. Upon the variety offered on the carnation Enterprises, we realize the best brands of the money counters available. This depends on the kind of banknote counter and the sorter you are looking for, ranging from the simple counting machine, the value sorter or the counter, or even an absolute banknote on the high-grade counting process. The market offers the product that suits the customers according to their needs. At the same time, determining a suitable and found that the method of the specifying among the money counter machines, consider the reviews of the customers. Look for the website to decide on the most popular and thus comparing the versions on the preferences that suit you. The best banknote counters; Carnation enterprises CR7 printer combo deal, CR1500 mixed bill value counter, and sorter

This unified brand allows the sorting and counting process for the mixed denomination without presorting the banknotes. It usually offers a fast counting and the sorting process of the EUR, USD, CAD, and the GBP currency at much ease. The brand comes with advanced technology for counterfeit detection. It offers the printer or the PC interface and a two-year warranty on the parts of the labor. It allows effective and easy operation in the process of the procedure. It comes with the reject pocket for the placement of the counterfeit without interfering with the banknote process of the counting.

The brand assures printer connectivity. Connection to the printer facilitates printing the results and the serial numbers as required because of the SP-POS58V printer. Along with the device’s connectivity, this brand offers a counting and the sorting process of the banknote. The CR1500 captures the serial number of the counted banknote. Information stored and printed out as linked on the thermal POS printer assists in detecting the magnetic ink, ultraviolet light, infrared ink, color image sensor (CIS), the thickness, and the length of the banknotes.

The machine comes with a compact device on the capacity function. The size of the compact size offers a user-friendly to the user along with the large and clear display of the LCD. The brand offers four types of currency that determine the country and the software used. The banknote sorter allows for the orientation processing. It comes with a spacious hopper capacity, the reject bin, stacker, ADD function, reporting, batch function, and printing functions. The use of the intuitive user menu and the interface of the maintenance menu give an improved operation process.


The Upgrade of the USB or the SD Ports

The CR1500 banknote counting and sorting allows for the adjustment of the technology for the easy software on the upgrade system through the USB port or the SD cards. This technology offers the configurable printer interface, USB interface, and the eternal interface for the display. The channel of the fully open design provides better maintenance of removing the jam.

  • Continuous sorting of the banknote along with the use of the reject pocket
  • Multiple capabilities of the currency
  • Recognition of the serial numbers
  • Many detectors for the counterfeit functions for the magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, and the color image sensor
  • There are the six models like the sort, mix, orientation, image, and every piece counting
  • Maintenance at ease, thus removing the jam
  • The compact size of the user-friendly economic design
  • Easy upgrade through the SD card, PC, or the LAN
  • The printer and the computer connectivity

Counting the Banknote by Weighing

The machines that count the cash by weighing came sometimes long in the forty years ago. After encountering the task of counting many bundles of money and coins, technologies brought about a banknote counter that eased the task. The process of calculating the money by weight is straightforward. The brand gives an accurate sum of the money compared to the tedious manual process. The machine detects any amount of weight that places on the counter. However, older money heavier compared to the newer notes. This is the case because the note collects dust and dirt in the process of the lifetime.

Importance of Using Machine Counter As Compared To the Machine Counters

A banknote counting machine offers elementary in many businesses like the restaurant, retail shops, hotels, and the banks has grown very high. Businesspersons opt to use the banknote counters and the sorters depending on the machine’s advantages. These machines prove their efficiency, effectiveness, among many benefits the device comes with. The following gives a list of the advantages that the machine comes with for your business or uses at the home operations.

Saves on the Time

In the manual counting of the money, the employees count and recount the money to come up with the correct answer. This can lead them considering their colleagues in the attempt of reducing the errors. Two persons can still make mistakes. Therefore, the process of repeating the counting process makes the process consume much amount of time. To avoid such instances of time consumption, consider investing in the banknote counting and sorting machine.

The automatic money counters are faster than any other operation by the use of the hands. It takes quite a massive amount of money at the same within a short time. This process improves the production of the employees. This is the case when the machine handles counting the money. The employees hold some other tasks like customer care services. These machines come in different sizes to suit the space available in your office. On the same point, various manufacturers offer varieties of devices according to the portability or not portable.

Detection of the Fake Notes

Many manufacturers have come up with counters and sorters that effectively detect fake notes. As the technology advances, a fake note improves, and sorting from genuine notes gives a challenging task to the operator. On the same point, a country keeps on changing the face of the banknote. Therefore, you must invest in the money counter and the sorter to minimize the error rate. As you determine to buy an effective banknote sorter and counter, select the one coming with the latest technology. The process allows you to go with the most effective counting machine.


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