Bill Banknote Sorter Money FT-600

FT-600 is the model denominations , with reject pocket. You can set the sorting conditions you need , the machine will sort the do not meet condition banknote to the reject pockets, and normal counting to the lower pocket .If you use FT-600 ,after set the sort condition you never need any stop , it will continues without any stop ,finish the cash counting work , it is most save time machine until now .

  • Denominations value mix counting ,with detail list
  • Serial number read and print with printer (Optional)
  • Continues counting with reject pocket , never stop when counting .
  • Software apply to more than 80 countries’ currency .
  • All the machine tested by your country’s original banknote before send out .
  • Detecting with UVMGIR CIS (RGB ,IR)
  • Sort with Denomination ,Face and Direction
  • Reject pocket capacity about 100pcs
  • Hopper more than 1000pcs with external ear
  • USB update and save image data
  • Software for PC communication (Optional)
  • External display (Optional)

FT-600 denomination money counter and sorter

FT-600 is 1 + 1 pockets , its mainly applied in Bank ,exchange points hospital or government department .

If your cash arrangement work is very heavy , choose FT-600 is better , because its no need to stop when counting ,while other machines will stop and error . So the FT-600 is much save time than others .

Also FT-600 will have Fitness functions in the future , which will detecting the hold ,tear ,oils, and tape .This function is mainly for ATM sorting ,so we can keep to look forward to the future development .

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