Bill Counter FT-2040

LCD display

FT-2040 with clear LCD display ,which will change to RED color when Alarm ,so when the machine Alarm will have sound and display Alarm ,so that the user can easily note it.

  • With MG detection(optional)
  • With UV detection(optional)
  • Display Change RED when Alarm
  • With double-/half-/chain-note detection
  • With batch/add functions
  • Size of carton :     595 x 340 x 225 mm (2pcs)
  • N.weight :               11 KG (2pcs)
  • G.weight :               13 KG (2pcs)
  • Counting speed:  1000 notes/min
  • Feed system:          Roller friction system
  • Hopper capacity: Approx 200 notes
  • Stack capacity:     Approx 200 notes
  • Power supply:       AC 220 ± 10% ,50HZ            AC 120 ± 10% ,60HZ
  • Detection :                 With UV/ MG / detection IR(Double note) detection


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