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Bill counter is a device that invented a more straightforward process of counting money at more improved accuracy and the speed of counting. However, before you invest in the given brand of the bill counter machine, it is wise to choose a good manufacturer for the best results. Not all the bill counters that you come across in the market are reliable. Most of them are the duplicate of the real version of the original bill counter. Manufacturers and suppliers sell the product with the aim of selfish gain. This leads to the breakdown of the bill counter as they are made for the wrong choice of the construction materials.

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Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

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Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

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FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Essential Factors That Guide You in Determining Whether You Require the Bill Counter

Starting a given business does not necessarily mean that you must buy the bill counting machine to help you in counting the money collected. You do not have to come up with all the strategies for measuring the capital. There are always third parties who assist in improving the structure of your business or in the process of the supply of the products. Coordination with the other entrepreneurs guides you in making a sound decision, thus saving on the resources.

The decision between making the purchase and buying the bill counter is based on various factors. The factors include the cost of either option, whether the product is available to other vendors like Walmart or Amazon. Also, the expertise and resources your business has when it comes to manufacturing and the availability of enough cash in the purchase of the bill counter.

Buy or Make Analysis on The Variety of The Bill Counters

If you are starting a new bill counter-based business, you face various vital decisions. First, you need to determine the amount of cash you usually handle. The analysis of the approximate amount of money you typically hold guides you in analyzing the buying process of the bill counter machine. This, therefore, guides you in making a good purchase of the most suitable money bill counter machine. As a result, you gain an excellent approach to the most effective bill counter you invest in. After making a buy analysis, weigh the following factors to make a sound decision.

Comparison of The Cost of The Various Types of The Bill Counters

Even if all the other things are put in mind, this is one of the most critical factors for you to consider in the process of buying the bill counter machine. This needs an accurate estimation of the cost of the various bill counters to pin down on the planning of the available money you currently have at hand and the approximate amount that you need the bill counter to assist you in the counting process.

Availability of The Manufacturer of Their Respective Suppliers

In most cases, making the purchase process calls for your option in buying a given brand of the bill counter machine. Determine the manufacturer who produces unique products. Also, determine whether the chosen manufacturing company customizes on the paid bill counting machines. Suppose the process of the customization of the same is not prohibited or the selling operation is not precise. In that case, the probability is that you might make the wrong choice of purchasing the bill counter machine. In addition, the bill counter might not serve you for a period as they break down within a short period.

Expertise Level as Applied in The Device

A company might have a good product that they need to sell; another might have the expertise to put it together. In the FEELTECK Company, they positively take their customer reviews to improve the produced products. This facilitates the production of the bill counting machines based on the latest level of technology. Their products are also customer friendly as they suit the taste of the small and the large businesses.

Used Resources

If you do not have enough money to purchase the bill counter machine’s given brand, take your time to gather more funds or take from the other sources. However, it is not wise to lend them money for the purchase of the bill counter machine. Instead, use the revenue that you have earned in the process of selling your products. Otherwise, you might not be in severe need of the bill counter. The chances that usually call for the bill counter are the processes that hold a high amount of cash that consumes a lot of the time counting the money. This will therefore mean that you sincerely require the bill counter to ease the burden of the employees so that they can maximize the customer care and the sanitization processes. Therefore, buy the bill counter if you have enough resources and you require it sincerely.

The Available Amount of The Cash

The truth is, investing on the bill counter requires you to have enough amounts cash. Make sure that you have enough money to purchase the desired money bill counter. Then, determine the profit you earn and the graph of the savings. If the results are positive, it is, therefore, wise to invest in the bill-counting machine. This aims at maximizing the need for the bill counter and the available amount of cash. Money bill counter with the emerging business is a luxury. Still, you will eventually need to invest in the development of the industry as you grow and expand.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in The FEELTECK Bill Counters

The advancement of technology needs improvement on the structure of the business setting for quality services. More machines were invented as technology advanced, thus creating the more improved version of the bill counter. FEELTECK Company has been improving on the bill counter machine to win the trust of their customers. In addition, they usually produce reliable, durable, and high-quality products. This has led to the expansion of the efficiency of supplying their products to more than eighty countries globally. Their bill money counter applies to all the money in the world and thus can use at any place in the world. FEELTECK produces a variety of bill counters that range on the size and number of the feature in the manufacture of the same. The following are the main advantages of your investment in the FEELTECK money bill counters.


Improves on The Level of The Accuracy

Manual processes of the money counting processes are prone to errors, which leads to the losses of the business investment processes. The bill counters, in most cases, offer a perfect level of accuracy in the process of counting the cash. It separates the notes in calculating for the notes to count individually at a high level of speed with much ease. The brands of the FEELTECK money bill counters do not have the possibility of the occurrence of the error in the process of the counting of the money.

Saves on The Time

The process of the manual operation of money counting is very tiresome. In the manual process of bill counting, much of the time is wasted in the counting and recounting process. The repetition of the operation of the counting aims at improving the accuracy of the result. The money bill counters process the function of counting the money at a relatively high speed with a high level of precision instead of the manual process of the bill depending on methods. The bill counter handles a high amount of the cash when you do not have to recheck to certify the accuracy. This leads to a minimal level of time wastage, as in the manual processes of counting the money.


Detection of The Fake Notes

A case of fraud is always there in all processes of the businesses as the people strive to increase on the getting richer. The method of the intervention of the counterfeit therefore gets way to the economy and thus starts the process of the circulation among the entrepreneurs and the individuals. If you are not careful in detecting fake money, counterfeit might lead to losses in the business processes. If you gave the customers change of the counterfeit bill, the likelihood of them coming back for the products or the services in your business is very. The fake account leads to the loss of trust and confidence in the services that your company provides. Therefore, investing in the bill counter is safer as you will detect the bill on the point it emerges in your money. Early detection assists you in the improvement of the accuracy in the process of the record-keeping methods. You will spot the unusable and the torn note for the exchange or the removal.

Easy Operational Processes

Most of the brands of the bill counter designs with improved operational processes as you can either manually operate the machines or use the automatic mode of the operation. These modes assist in deciding on the decision of the most convenient process of the bill counting process according to customer’s tastes and preferences. Even if you are in a fast time operating the bill-counting machine, the machine’s structure facilitates the accessible mode of operation. You do not have to learn unique skills in counting the money as the device operates efficiently. However, you can opt for reading the manual, which is a very enough guide for the operation process of the bill counter. If you desire to invest on the bill counter, the cash handling process becomes relatively easy and secure.


Improved Convenience

Compared to the manual and the other brands of the machines, the FEELTECK money bill counters come with an incredible level of convenience. This is because some of the bill counters are portable. Portability allows for the maximization in the utilization of the machine by the cashier at any point in the office setting. Some of the rechargeable batteries used by the bill counters serve for an extended period without running off. The rechargeability of the batteries assists in the extended use of the device even with the outage of the power in the office. These counters come on the various applications of the models to suit the benefit of all the customers. The high level of experience in the production of the bill counters assists FEELTECK in producing customer-friendly products that are highly convenient.

Detecting Whether the Cash You Are Holding Is Authentic or Counterfeit

The process of money detection is not meant for large companies or businesses. It is a role of all the people to play to minimize the operation of their trending. There are various things that you can apply in determining the actual bill from the fake note. Using the rays of the ultraviolet lights in the process of the detection of the counterfeit. They might apply counterfeit money pens, which are equally helpful tools. Many other ways guide you in the detection of original and fake bills. Some of the physical characteristics of the banknote, like the watermarks, inks, and the alignment of the text, are among the international security measures that assist in the easy process of determining the counterfeit notes from authentic money. Consider a close examination of the actual one-hundred-dollar bill that will guide you in differentiating it from the fake note. Early spotting of the phony note assists in the process of minimizing the chances of the occurrence of losses in the process of the business.

The Color-Shifting Ink

The close examination of the color-shift ink at the bottom of the right-hand corner helps determine and differentiate the actual bill from counterfeit. It should be the first thing in the process of the determination of the genuineness of the money held. In the making of the five-dollar bill in the year nineteen ninety-six, the bill had the color-shifting ink as the security ink. However, this is not the case with the bill that is printed in the new series. Instead, the new prints came with the tilted color-shifting ink forth and back. This allows you to see the numeral in the lower side of the light hand that keeps on shifting from golden to green or from green to black.


A watermark is characteristic security found in the authentic banknote. Most of the new bills usually apply the watermark at the face of the many bills as a replica face of the bill. Therefore, the following aspects are essential in the process of determining the actual bill from counterfeit money.

  • Visible watermarks if the bill passes through the detective light.
  • The watermark of the authentic locates at the right.
  • If the watermark is placed in the face, it should strictly be like the face on the bill. In some instances, fake money usually bleaches the genuine watermark. This leads to the watermark appearing slightly lower or reprinted with higher values compared to the real note. In all the above cases, the watermark does not look like the actual bill does not match.
  • In some instances, there might be no watermark at all the visible watermarks in some of the instances without being held against the light. The absence of the watermarks or the ease visibility of the same indicates that the bill is a counterfeit. Also, different location of the watermark indicates fakeness of the bill.

Blurry Printing, Borders, Or Text

An automatic red flag in counterfeit money printing usually notices blurry printing, borders, and text on the bill. Most of the original bills are made from die-cut printing plates. The print facilitates an impression of the fine lines that look to be very detailed. If you take the close examination on the counterfeit bills, there is no capability of such a level of the bill’s details. Taking a close look, especially along the borders of the genuine money. The real bill does not have the blurred printing, boarders, or the text. All the original bills have finely printed or microprinting texts located on various points of the bill. The micro-printing in the fake money is not easily readable even under the magnifying lenses’ exposure, thus giving a clear picture of the counterfeit bill.

Raised Printing

banknote sorter

All genuine bills have a raised printing that is adhered to in the manufacture of the bill. The process of the raised printing is one of the most difficult for the application on fake bills. To detect the raised printing, carefully run your finger down the function of the structure of the note. This makes your nail experience some ridges of the vibration on your nails out of the raised printing. If you do not share the roughness in the texture of the text, determine the further testing of the bill to certify the genuineness of the money. A smooth bill is a clear indication of the counterfeit nor the fake bill.

The Microprinting Of the Security

The process of the security thread uses a thin microprinting strip usually embedded from the top of the bill running downwards along the face of the printing of the cash. If for example in the printing of ten and fifty bill dollars, the stripe locates on the right of the bill’s portrait. In the accounts of the five, twenty, and the one hundred dollars, the strip finds on the left of the picture of the bill. Finally, the security thread printing is usually microprinted as another layer of security for the original bill. The following are some of the initial microprinting phases that are very common in the bill.

  • The bill of the five dollars has the USA FIVE
  • The bill of the ten dollars has the USA TEN
  • The bill of the twenty dollars has the USA TWENTY
  • The bill of the fifty dollars has the USA FIFTY
  • The bill of the one hundred dollars has the USA ONE HUNDRED

The Growth of The Ultraviolet

The level of counterfeit detection uses the tools and the most suitable level of the technology. The application of the ultraviolet method is the most practical and applicable method in the process of the detection of counterfeit bills. In most cases, if the bill is exposed to ultraviolet light rays, it automatically starts to glow on the different colors, as mentioned below.

  • A bill of five dollars usually gives the blue glow
  • A bill of ten dollars usually glows orange
  • A bill of twenty dollars usually glows green
  • A statement of the fifty dollars glows yellow
  • A report of the one hundred accounts grows either pink or red

The Blue and The Red Threads

If you would take a close examination of the real bill, you can note the blue and the red threads that are constantly interwoven in the fabric of the bill. In most cases, fake notes usually replicate the effect by printing the pattern of the blue and the red on their counterfeit notes. If, after taking a close examination on the fake note, you came to perceive that the threads are merely on the surface of the banknote.

currency sorter machine


Serial Numbers

Another important thing that is worth much consideration is the serial number of the bill. It is determined by looking at the letter that starts the bill’s serial number, usually corresponding to the specific year that the legislation was made. Therefore, if the bill’s letter does not match the year that the bill was printed, the probability is that the account is fake. The following are the printings of the notes according to the corresponding year.

  • E for the year two thousand and four E=2004
  • G for the year two thousand and four A G=2004 A
  • I for the year two thousand and six I=2006
  • J for the year two thousand and nine J=2009
  • L for the year two thousand and nine L=2009 A

The above security measures assist the business persons and the other money holder in recognizing the fake money they come across. The structure of the design of the security measures is a critical aspect in the process of the criminal activities attempting the function of the coming up with the counterfeit bills thus easily deterred. If you encounter an error that might lead to the counterfeit of the bill, consider reporting the case to the US Currency Education Program. This assists you from being held liable for the losses. Furthermore, the information is crucial for the federal reserve concerning the counterfeit bills circulating in most global countries.


The Process of The Bill Counter Operation

If the stack of the money is placed in the hopper of the bill counter on top of the machine, the banknote at the bottom of the whole bunch of the money usually activates the process of the sensors in the process of the trigger of the feed-in of the rollers. The feed-in usually takes the bill and successfully passes it to the secondary roller that generally operates at a very high speed. The friction that mounts on the side of the flanges allows for the individual passing off the bills on the process of the machine at a given time. The presence of the fanning wheel maximizes the spacing of the bills as they move through the process of counting and the value determination. The sensors that facilitate the function of the individual counting of the bills usually assist in the deal’s conclusion only if the machine comes with value detection.

If your business usually handles a high amount of cash, bill counting becomes a time-consuming, tedious, and costly process. Investing in the bill counting machine assists in the process of making the whole process accurate and convenient. In addition, most of the bill counters, especially from the FEELTECK company, come with improved features that usually improve accuracy and efficiency. Features like detecting the counterfeit and the batching increase the money counting speed, thus saving on the time, and reducing the amount of error that would have been otherwise encountered in the process of the manual process.

Common Characteristics of The Bill Counter for Sale

FEELTECK bill counters usually come with the additional advantages of the standard functionalities and the capabilities at an extensive range. The essence of the bill counters’ application is assisting in accelerating and quickening counting the stack of the money. Some of the bill’s counters only determine the total value of the funds calculated. At this point, you will have to presort the bill according to your desired stack and then place it in the hopper of the bill counter. The improved version of the bill counter comes with the unit that facilitates the sorting of the bill according to the required denomination. Even if the device assists in sorting the bill, it serves the purpose of the counting of all the bills that passes through the counting unit of the money bill counter.

Some of the bill counters also facilitate the counting of the mixed denomination of the stack in determining and counting the value of the money. The process is also known as value counting. Some brands of the machines allow for the come with the capabilities of the value counting, basic counting, sorting, orientation, and the face in the stack of the money of the mixed denomination of the money placed. Most of the bill counters, especially the mixed value bill counter machines. They usually come with the feature of the batch and the additional functions to maximize the efficiency in counting the bill passing through the unit. However, the components determine the type of bill counter selected.

Comparison Between the Front Loading and The Backloading Machines

In both cases, the machine facilitates feeding the hopper capacity on top of the bill counter machine. The difference between the backloading and the front loading of the bill counter is the orientation of how the bills are placed on the hopper. In the feeding of the front-loading money bill counter, the money is placed on the hopper in the stack at the position of the horizontal orientation. This facilitates for the bills placement with the face either facing upwards or downwards. In the brands of the machines on the hopper capacity of the backloading, the accounts are placed in the vertical position in the stack on the hopper capacity. At this point, the money is either placed facing to the side or with the face towards the forward of the device. In the process of the front-loading of the hopper capacity, more money adds to counting. This is an added advantage as you do not have to wait to count the bills to be completed to add more. Also, front loaders are faster, convenient, and user-friendly compared to the back loaders.


Detection of The Counterfeit Bills

Bill counting machines were invented in China as a technological device used to ease the manual counting of money. These devices facilitate the bill counting process and sort the denomination according to the user’s preferences. The popularity of the bill counters has increased over the recent past. These machines are applicable in large enterprises like banks or small retail stores. The bill counter has assisted in the process of the faster and accurate operation of the banknote processing. On top of counting and sorting the money, bill counters help in the process of the detection of counterfeit money. Most of the modern versions of the money bill counters assist in the process of counterfeit detection. For the fake note to detect the phony bill, it must incorporate the counterfeit note detector in the machine’s structure.

The Following Are the Mechanisms That Best Applies to Counterfeit Detection.

The money bill counter must come with a structure that assists in the practical process of counterfeit bill detection. These structures are prevalent in the current method of the printing of the bills. Some standard fake detection features include ultraviolet, magnetic, iron ink, watermark, and visual processes.

Magnetic Detection

The detector applies the use of the magnetism feature in the products. In the detection of magnetism, the bill is passed through the field of the magnet. The most suitable area that the currency applies the magnetism detection, thus determining the degree of the genuine of the money passing through counting. One of the disadvantages is that the property wears out with time leading to the limited degree of detecting the level of the counterfeit bill.

Ultraviolet Detection

Banknotes usually print with the stripes of the ultraviolet detection that places the currency differently located according to the money placed on the bill counting machine. The location of the strip determines the value of the note in the system of the counting of the bill counter machine. Therefore, the process is vital in the process of the determination of the genuineness of the money being counted.

Watermark Printing

Most of the currencies usually come with the in-built at the process of the printing of the bills. In most cases, the watermark is the face of the item or the front of the individual printed in the note. The use of the light mechanism facilitates the clearer authentication and view of the currency for the effective verification processes of the bill or the different coins.


In most cases, the banknotes print on the specific ink that can identify without straining. Most of the counterfeits cannot fake the ink in the process of the currency. The fake note appears blurred, and the ink, in most cases, comes either light or highly thick.

Double Note Detection

In some of the cases, note sticks on one another in the process of counting. For the old note sticking together, the cause is the high accumulation of dirt and dust and the wrong folding methods. If the money clinging to each other is the new notes, the reason might be the high level of smoothness on the notes in counting the capital. To reduce the occurrence of the double note, flip the bunch of the notes before placing it on the hopper unit. The event of the double note is facilitated by the incorporation of infrared technology in the process of the manufacture of the bill counter machine. In all modes of the device counting processes, the manner of the double note usually activates automatically. In case of detecting the double note in the process of the bill counting, the device stops emitting a beep sound to inform the user of the presence of the same. The error produces the DBL on the display screen after beeping. The sound keeps on repeating until the user acts. For the clearance of the mistake, all the bills from the stacker must remove. Then, return the money to the hopper for the recounting process to start. If the device settings on the add mode, the value adds automatically to the previous counts.

Visual of The Bill Counter Machine

Many elements are visual on most of the currencies. The graphic in some points is visible on the naked eyes, and on other occasions, you must use the magnifying lenses for the visual to be visualization.

Different bill counters come with an extra level of counterfeit detection capabilities. The different types of counterfeit detectors apply to the additional money bill counters machine that improves efficiency improvement. The main idea is the counterfeit detection of all the bills passing through the money counter machine. The level of the counterfeit in most cases is determined by the size of the business and the amount of money you usually handle. Some of the devices come with one feature of counterfeit detection, while in the other types of machines, there is more than one feature of counterfeit detection. The most common detection aspect is the magnetic MG detection, ultraviolet UV detection, and the bill’s size.

The banknote size varies as the new bills are lighter and thinner than the older notes. Due to the accumulation of dirt and dust, old notes are heavy and thicker compared to the new notes. Some of the devices apply infrared types of detectors as additional features that improve the efficiency level. However, the application of the infrared is expensive compared to the other detectors. If a banknote is passed along the counterfeit infrared sensor, it either absorbs the light or reflects it. If the absorption process takes place, the area turns black, and if the reflection takes place, glittering is observed on the banknote.

The Cheap Bill Counters

Most of the money bill counters machines that are based on the determination of the weight of the bill ear the examples of the cheaper versions of the bill counters. These machines can weigh both cash and the coins they are set and structured to calculate the money by only detecting the weight of the capital. They have susceptible springs that determine the importance of the individual note or the coin. They usually come on the electronics and cells that provide high accuracy in counting the money. Money bill counters generally offer a high level of a detailed database of the currency and the coins.

The accuracy of the weight comes because of the accurate and versatile scale in money counting. Following the prompts of the scale leads to the individual denomination on the scale of the platform. Watching the scale of every item thus facilitates the running of the total. The money plates are ideal for the sizes of the businesses that use the cash register and need to be counted at the end of the day or the shift. The weight determination process is straightforward and fast compared to the other methods of the money counting process. However, the process does not facilitate the detection of counterfeit bills.

Modes of The Counter Bill Machines

For the effective operation of the counter bill machine, it must be in the following modes that facilitate the counting of the money. In most cases, however, there is a need for the machine presetting to the desired way. The device tends to show the method in which it was previously setting and the need for resetting the counter bill machine. These modes include the batching mode, counting mode, add method, add+ batch mode, value counting mode, and the value counting and the add mode. Therefore, before you decide on the determination of the advertised bill counters for sale, it is wise for you to determine the functionality of these modes.


Counting Mode

In most cases, the device usually defaults on the mode of counting. However, there might be other settings of the bills according to the previous settings or the operations of the counter bill machine. At this point, consider resetting the counter bill by pressing on the BATCH/ADD button continuously until both ADD and the BATCH indicators go off. The count mode is applicable on the automatic and the manual counter bill. If you are operating the manual process of counting, you need to press the start button immediately after adding or placing the bills on the hopper. However, in the automatic counting mode, the operation of the counting of the money starts immediately when you put the bill on the hopper of the machine.

In the counting process, the bills usually move from the hopper to the stacker of the counter bill. In the operation of the movement, such activities as counterfeit detection and the sorting processes occur. Therefore, caution must take place in placing the right amount of the bills on the hopper capacity. If the unit is overloaded, it can cause a jam in the process along the way. The risk of the occurrence of the jam is that the possibility of the banknotes getting torn is very high. Therefore, put enough money on the hopper to assist you in coping with such instances.

The mode facilitates the continuous process of the counting of the bill passing through the device. If the hopper runs out, the process of counting stops taking place. If there are no bills on the hopper, the device will possibly emit a beep sound and then stop counting to wait for the additional function of the bills. Therefore, it is wise for you to remove the estimated bills from the stacker and add more to the hopper to continue the process. The screen clears itself from the last number or the counting values and automatically starts counting the bills afresh. This process proceeds until you complete calculating the desired amount of the money.


Batch Mode

To activate the mode of the batch from the other methods of the device settings, press the ADD/BATCH mode on the menu continuously until the BATCH indicator appears on the display screen. The process facilitates the changes of the amount of the batch needed for counting. Changing the amount of the pack is done by inserting many of the bunch on the device’s keypad. When a bill is placed on the hopper capacity, the process of counting starts taking place. It proceeds until the amount of the batch preset is achieved. If the amount is completed, the process stops emitting a beep sound to allow the user to get the confirmation message. The message indicates on the display screen the amount of the bill that results.

At this point, the user must remove the money from the stacker to count to restart as it sets previously. However, if you desire to calculate a different amount of the batch, consider presetting the same on the device’s keypad. If the amount of the money passed from the hopper is insufficient for the filling, the preset adds more bills on the hopper for the batch to get filled. The screen always alerts for the achievement of the desired amount of the pack on the stacker. The process of counting the bills operates automatically. Thus, the device facilitates frequent changes in the quantity of the batch according to the preferences of the user. The changing process of the amount of the pack takes place effectively after the previous bill counts.

If the device completes the previously set batch of the money, changing the setting of the batch effectively occurs. Using the numeric keypad, you can add or reduce the amount of the pack you desire to count per session. Always ensure that the stacker is empty before counting the money starts for the maximum accuracy of the added bills. Always ensure that the desired amount of the bills appears on the screen before counting the cash resumes for accuracy and the minimization of the errors in the counting of the bills. It is wise the consideration the amount the stacker holds at a time. Placing the higher amount of the bill on the stacker results in the occurrence of the jam that might lead to the tearing of the notes.


Add Mode

This is a setting in the bill counter machine that facilitates the continuous addition of the bills in the device as the process of counting the same proceeds. It reduces the addition of a large amount of the stacks of money that passes through the machine. The process proceeds until the desired amount of money is achieved. Before you resume the function of the counting of the bill, consider the setting of the device on the mode of the add on the bill counter. The method of the ad facilitates the continuous process of the bill’s addition as the track of the total amount remains in a soundtrack of the counting process. The mode is activated by moving to the menu and pressing on the ADD/BATCH mode. The way is active if the ADD indicator turns on. Placing the bills on the hopper facilitates for the addition process to start taking place. This process automatically starts with the bills placed on the hopper. Even if the bills remove from the stacker, the new set of the bunch of the money. The new collection is added to the previous total amount of the bills.

The process of the addition of the bills ends with the change of the setting of the device. Otherwise, the operation of the addition of the bills keeps on taking place. If the hopper ruins empty, the device gives a beep sound at the end of the process. The display allows for reading the calculated amount of the money in the process by indicating the total amount of the bills. If the desired amount of money is not achieved, add bills in the hopper and allow the counting process to proceed for the desired amount. Thus, the process facilitates the frequent refilling of the hopper and emptying of the stacker.

mixed money counter

If you desire to count a high amount of cash, the mode offers a good option. This is because the method frequently adds the amount of money the moves in the process of counting. However, caution needs to be taken in the process of the addition to minimizing the chances of the occurrence of the jam in the stacker. The jam might lead to severe cases of motor failure. This calls for the emptying of the stacker and, in the addition of the bills, remove the amount of the partially filled unit. In most cases, stackers are filled with three hundred of the newly printed bills and one hundred and fifty of the older notes. This is because the old notes occupy more space compared to the newer notes.

Add+ Batch Mode

The add and the batch settings simultaneously facilitate the batching of the added amount of money. The process is organized as the added bills add places on the required amount of the batch. The method facilitates the monitoring of the desired amount of the bills running on the total amount of the money at the same time. The process maximizes the addition of the bills in the hopper as the process of the bills adds according to the desired batch of the bills. The newly placed bunch of the money adds to the previously calculated amount of the capital. The present sum adds to the following amount of the bunch of the money. The total amount of money that counts in the batching process indicates on the display of the screen. If the batch in the last batch of the money is incomplete, the display screen blinks, indicating the current amount of the bills in the stacker for you to determine the amount needed to fill the batch.


Value Counting Mode

The mode allows for the counting of the value as the process allows for the display of the whole amount of the money passing through the process of counting. The mode of the value counting mode is effectively achieved by continuously pressing the VAL button until the way activates through the appearance on the screen. The method usually comes regarding the desired value in the denomination value chosen from the keypad. Most of the bill counters facilitate counterfeit detectors in the value counting mode on the device. You are always free to determine the desired denomination while doing the calculations of the money in the unit of the multiplier. In most cases, the denomination range is usually one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred, respectively. Frequent pressing on the VAL button facilitates the achievement of the lowest number of the bill’s achievement in counting the bills.

Value Counting and The Add Mode

This mode facilitates the different amounts of the bills counting and keeping track of the calculations taking place. This gives the total of the total value of all bills passing through the unit of the counting. The press achieves the mode on the BAT/ADD button until the light indicator turns on. The setting allows for the clearance of the previous stages on the machine. If the approval of the last count is achieved, place the money on the hopper and start counting the bills. You can also consider entering the desired amount of the denomination for the counting through the keypad.

In most cases, the values on the bill counter machine keep on alternating. It facilitates the count from the newest set of the denomination as the same moves up to the end of the process. The apparatus enables the function of the running according to the set value in the keypad.

The models of the magnetic brands of the five thousand five hundred and twenty allow for the indication of the denominations accordingly on the display screen. For these brands of the bill counters, the process of money counting starts from the highest to the lowest amount of the denomination. Suppose you need to change the currently set denomination. Press the VAL button on the following lower number of the sect. In the process of counting the money, keep a clear record of the gathered information. Keep on resetting the value of the cash calculated until it records zero. At this point, reset the bill counter according to your preferences. For the adequate settings of the mode or resetting, the process or the indicator turns either on or off. The settings allow for the clearance of the operation of the tallying to start the new one.

Bill counter comes on the variety of the types and the prices. If you are looking for a brand-of-the-counter bill from the companies like the FEELTECK, the possibility is that you will get it at an affordable price’s high-quality products. Despite the affordable pricing of the devices, they are of high quality and serve you for long periods. The products come with a guaranteed warranty, which varies from one product to the other. Most of the brands of the bill counters vary in terms of simplicity and the complex. The price of the bill counter depends on the level of the complexity of the features that the device adds. A good product, in most cases, results from the manufacturer performing in-depth research on the specified bill. Also, determining the type of reviews the customers give on the platform of the product guides in making a sound decision.

The bill counter is not specified to given persons or a specific size of the business. Anyone in any size of the company can invest in the bill counter machine to an effective money counting process. The invention of the bill counters come for the ease of the operation of the bill counting process. The device ranges in terms of the size and the level of the complication of the money counter. They also vary according to the application of the status of the technology applied in the manufacture of the bill counter machine.

The importance of the manufacturing company is cautious in the process of product promotion. Regardless of the size, any company needs to conduct profound research regarding the target product for the most effective results to the customers. In our case, the buyer needs to consider the development level of the business before buying the desired outcome from them. In most circumstances, there the occurrences of counterfeit products in the process of selling. For you to end up with the most effective and efficient type of bill counter machine. Determine the bill counter and the available amount of the recommendations.


The Connection Between the Manufacturing Company and The Amazon

One of the most admirable things about the FEELTECK manufacture is the connection with amazon. The company has led many years in the good reputations and production of reliable quality products. The platform facilitates informing the target customers on the availability of the product and its perfect features. This leads to the ideal display of reliable products that are brought near to your scope. There are different channels through which amazon takes to ensure that the desired product arrives at the target customers. Availability of the explicit websites facilitates the easy process of accessing the bill counters from the FEELTECK dealer. Because the product is advertised online, the possibility of selling the product at ease is very high for all the sellers.

For you to access the money bill counter on the sale, determine the multi-billion-dollar company through the Amazon platform. This allows you to reach the local retailers in the fastest ways possible. The channel is online-based. Thus, you can place the order at any place, and the shipping takes place within hours.

Importance of Using Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s best-visited websites and the most popular online retailer moving to incredible long distances. This means that the country’s length in which you are based does not affect the shipping of the desired product. FEELTECK company understands the location of the customers in the enormous based and the risk of the impact of the negligence of their needs. In any of the company or the business holding the main concern is the customers. They determine the development of the industry. In addition to the different locations of the customers, there is an unmistakable feature of the process of the payment interface of the bill counter. The process is designed, customized, and planned for by the manufacturing company. This point allows for the save on the time and the money that would otherwise utilize in the platform creation process.


Using the Amazon Platforms

With the long period of producing reliable and quality products, FEELTECK supplies more than eighty countries globally. Amazon has facilitated the process of selling these quality bill counters at a reasonable price. In the product advertisement, the amazon site promotes the sellers’ division into two main categories. One is the resellers selling the bill counters that purchased from the other sources or the manufacturers. The second category is the brand owners regarding the company and the manufacturers themselves selling and advertising their products. In most cases, the sellers are usually based on both types and effectively on the [process of the selling of their products. The main idea is the availability of the advertised product.

Coin Separators

In all the occurrences of the money holding processes, there must be a coin separator as there are occurrences of the coins in the money transaction processes. To minimize the manual operation of the coin counting and the separation, there is the need for investment in the coin counter machine from the wide variety of choices in the current market. Therefore, the method of determining a suitable bill counter machine in the form of coins is essential.

The essential factors to consider are the durability of the device, the size, portability, hopper capacity, the speed of the counting process to determine the number of coins the device holds at a time, and the amount of cash a bin can have at a time. Another critical factor is the ability of the coin separator to detect the type of the coins and differentiate the different materials used in the process of their manufacture. On some occasions, you can get a coin sorter that usually dispenses coins on the bins or uses the paper coin wrapper in counting the coins placed on the device.

At this point, the hopper of the device holds more than two thousand coins per minute. At the same time, it counts the three hundred coins in a minute. The ability of the coin separator to place the coins on the different bins is another crucial aspect in determining the most suitable version of the coin’s division. At the same point, it is wise to decide on the number of coins each bin can hold at a time. Finally, the addition of the coin wrappers in loading the cash is an essential aspect worth determination. This facilitates the quick process of the rolling and wrapping of the cions in the desired packs.

Choosing A Cheap Bill Counter from The Reliable Manufacturers

In all your processes of determining the most effective version of the bill counter machine, select the reputation of the manufacturers and their level of experience. FEELTECK has been one of the most reliable dealers in the process of the production of the faithful and the trusted bill counters. They have been in place for more than ten years in which they have advanced their products according to the level of the technology. The type of materials used in the manufacture of the same is of high quality but comes with an affordable price. Due to the high level of the industries’ reputation, the amount the bill counters produced ranges from simple to complex. Most of their latest version of the bill counters comes with the ability to perform many tasks simultaneously. The scheme includes counting, sorting, detecting counterfeit, and the batching of the banknotes according to the customers’ preferences.

Because they keep on track of the latest version or the advancement of the technology, bill counters are of the most innovative aspect that applies to all the business holdings in whichever size. In addition, these money counters assist in the process of easing the function of the manual coin counting process, thus saving your precious time.

Factors to Consider in The Process of The Determination of The Best Bill Counter

The main idea in buying the bill counter machine is to allow or facilitate a straightforward process of the money counting with the minimal occurrence of the error. The bill counter assures the correct keeping of the records, which give accurate information in the reference time. Therefore, they assist in the reduction of the time in the process of bill counting. Most of the features are added in the manufacturing process to improve the level of accuracy. The method of counterfeit detection using the manual forms in most cases is challenging and thus needs to implement the device that deals with the issue with much ease. The printer’s compatibility, the speed at which the bill counter operates, and the report on the screen are some of the essential factors to consider in purchasing a suitable money bill counter machine.

The Speed of The Counting

The essential fact is that the speed of the counting of the bill counter usually determines the maximum number of cash the device holds in the given time. The passing bill amount helps assess the rate at which the bills pass through the unit of the counter per minute. For the practical process of the banknote counting processes, consider the adjustment of the gap. This reduces the cases of such cases as the double note and the half note detection in the counting process. In the process, determine the type of notes the bill counter is counting. Old notes tend to be thicker than the new ones due to dust and dirt accumulation.

denomination money counter


Printer Compatibility

Most of the bill counters facilitate the process of counting using the attachment of the printer. The printing unit enables displaying the information on the screen, printing the processed data, and reporting the receipt copy. Some of the different companies of the printer usually operate using the hands. Therefore, the printer facilitates the reception of the more precise information as it indicates on the receipt.

The Display of The Report on The Screen

The technological improvements have resulted in the innovation of the devices that assist in the bill counting functions, thus easing counting. This device also helps the operators in the tasks of the accuracy improvements by minimizing the occurrences of the errors in the processes of the counting of the money. The report usually indicated on the screen provides the breakdown of the values and the counts of the money by the individual denominations. This process occurs clearly on the display screen for the user to determine the much they have achieved.

It indicates the real or the genuine notes and rejects the suspicious notes that occur in counting. The process of the rejection of the fake notes depends on the structure of the bill counter machine. For example, if the device has two pockets, one is used as the reject pocket while the other receives the genuine notes. However, if the device has one bag, it stops counting and then produces the beep sound to alert the user. The sound repeats until the action is taken. Therefore, the screen report offers an added advantage to the companies transacting a high amount of cash in the form of the mixed denomination.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper is a pocket-like structure where the uncounted bills place as they wait for the counting process to start. It acts as the temporary storage structure in the bill counter machine. Determining the suitable bill counter for sale is one of the most critical aspects for you to consider. The importance of the hopper capacity is that it determines the amount of the bill the money bill counter counts and sorts at a time. All the bill counter are either the front-loading or the backloading hoppers. Most of the user prefers the front loaders to the back loaders.

Front-loading capacities are more user-friendly and facilitate the addition of the bills in the counting of the bills. Therefore, they are faster and more convenient. In addition, they offer a higher level of feeder capacity. The bills add as the counting of the accounts takes place; thus, we will not have to wait for the previous bunch to be completed. The primary determinant of the number of the bill counted at a time is the size of the hopper in the given version or the brand of the machine. Therefore, the large-sized hopper usually processes a higher number of bills per minute or second. In determining the suitable device, look for the version that effectively fits the amount of cash that circulates in the process of the daily transactions of your business.

The level of the counting speed with the front-loading bill counters is usually very high and very convenient. Therefore, your conclusion in the process of investing in the front-loading capacities is correct. However, they are more expensive compared to the back loaders. It would be best if you had more investment in the resources. If you are looking for cheap bill counters at the point of the hopper loading, you will not go wrong with the backloading capacity. The level of the operation is commendable but cannot compare to the front loaders. A cheap bill counter, in most cases, comes with less complicated features. They might not detect the counterfeit of the denominations placed on the device. They offer the process of the determination of the total value of the bill counted. Sorting of the different denominations is not achieved in this case.

The Mixed Denomination Value Count of The Bill Counter

The mixed denomination bill counter machine facilitates the counting and the sorting functions of the bills in the diverse denomination. In terms of the price comparison of these brands, they are costly compared to the standard bill counters. The mixed denomination bill counters come with the features like the contact image sensor attached to the image software. It improves the process of the determination of the different types of images on the various denominations. The contact image sensor usually locates at the top of the bill counter machine. the CIS facilitates for the practical processing of the high speed of the money counting processes.

Most of the common mistakes that happen of the regular bill counter, like the placement of the bill in the wrong place, minimizes. This is because the CIS determines and differentiates the different currencies and locations according to the matching of the device. Some of the common errors in counting the bills include the ten-bill dollar entering in the pocket of the one hundred bill dollar. The absence of the sensor leads to the occurrence of a high level of unnecessary mistakes. However, to purchase the brands of the bill counter, you need to invest more as this machine costs more elevated than the regular money bill counter machines.


The bill counter machines being incorporated with the feature that distinguishes denominations on the multicurrency offer the best solution to the businesses that hold customers from different countries. Fortunately, despite the low price, some of the bill counters have high accuracy and effectiveness in organizing the bills from the other countries. Thanks to the manufacturers of the bill counters for innovating the brands of the machines that allow for the count of the mixed values for the user to count the stack of the money on the mixed stack more efficiently and effectively. The process facilitates the effective classification of the various forms of the currency as every currency appears separately in the in the specific unit of the currency counter.

Availability of The Reject Pocket

The bill counting machine usually comes in either one or two pockets. If the device comes only with one sack, it means that the device stops detecting the counterfeit bill emitting a beep sound. However, the addition of the second pocket offers an added advantage as bill counting does not stop in the counterfeit bill. Instead, the bill places on the reject pocket for further inspection as the bill counting proceeds. Availability of the reject pocket improves on the speed of the counting of the bill counter. However, with the addition of the bag, the cost of the bill counter machine raises.

The Usability Eases

In most cases, buyers usually underestimate the ease at which the bill counter machine offers in the operation processes. The usability means that the structures in which the device is made of uses without much straining in the machine’s operation. For example, in bill scanning in the automatic bill counter machine process, the ease of using the device means that the bill can insert in any of the available locations. Therefore, at the end of the counting, you gain the review of the accounts according to the orientation of the money.

The process of the double orientation usually takes longer compared to the mono-directional scanning machine. Most of the versions of the bill counter machines offer the automatic functions of the scanning, thus producing the results in seconds. Some of the brands come on the curve that slightly curves depending on the unit. The multi-scanning machines are more expensive than those that come on one scanner and are more effective, accurate, and efficient in the operation processes.


Overall, the factors that you will ever consider in the purchase of the bill counter, the warranty of the device is a vital aspect. Some of the bill counters come with complications or issues in the process of delivery. At this point, the device fails to serve you as would be expected. Some fall on less than the six months following the date of the purchase of the machine. At this point, it means that the device had issues with the manufacturer. Therefore, determining the warranty gives the assurance of the returning of the device in case of the faulty occurrence of the bill counter to the manufacturer. The manufacturer either changes the part that fails to operate by replacing it with the new one or placing it in the available position.

In most cases, the warranty period varies from one manufacturer to the other. The wider the length of the warranty, the higher the confidence manufacturer has with the produced bill counter machine. If you have purchased a bill counter machine, determine the year. Also, ensure that the purchased bill counter best suits the intended need. If you hold small retail, investing in the complex bill counter means wastage of the resources. The fact that the manufacturer produces various bill counters implies that you can get the device that best suits your needs.

Before purchasing the bill counter, ensure you plan by placing enough amount of money and performing research on the brands of the bill counters available in the current market. Determining the level of the technology applied in the process of the purchase of the device. The latest version of the bill counter comes with features that improve the efficiency of the bill counter. However, the device structure on the latest status of the technology offers a higher level of efficiency.


Investing in the bill counter is a wise idea as the process improves on the level of efficiency. You end with the most accurate numbers of the counted bills. Following the comprehensive research usually conducted by the manufacturers, they guarantee a highly improved version of the bill counter that suits their customers’ desires and preferences. Manual processes of counting the bills are one of the old-fashioned versions as having been passed by the time. Although you might be operating on a small business, there are brands of the bill counters that effectively suit the company at that level. They are cheap and comes with more minor complicated features but works effectively.

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