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Bill counting machine is one of the devices that appeared because of the science to ease money counting. The types of bill counters that have developed dramatically improve the design of the money counter machine. In most cases, the statement counter usually ranges between the complex and the simple money counter. These machines typically perform note-counting tasks at high speed and the average speed. Some of the bill counters usually utilize the image sensor in the machine’s currency detection process. The feature amount of the number of the votes counted in the method of the detection of the counterfeit runs at a very high speed. The device of the bill counter has a costly application in various areas like the banks, money exchanges, and market merchants.

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Types of the Bill Counter Machines

  • The bill counter and the sorter model FT-900
  • Banknote value counters of the model FT-500B
  • Mixed value counting machine of the FT-3800V model
  • Money counting online of the FT-501 model
  • Currency counter machine FT-1001L model
  • Note counting machine of the FT-2090 model

The Bill Counter Machine

Most of the current advancement technology produces the most advanced version of the improved unit of the microcontroller MCU. This best applies to the whole structure of the bill counting machines. In the structure of the latest version of the bill counter machine, there is a high possibility of applying the high level of the sensing and the microcontroller unit. The design of the machine aims at making the machine maximally affordable by lowering the cost. This has led to the counter device that allows for the full utilization of the counterfeit detection that leads to the utilization of the microcontroller unit. This is the ARM Cortex-M of the four-thirty of the insignificant. This type of microcontroller unit of the three points two on the processor of the device. This is as if the prototype card used around the Cortex of the ARM of the thirty-two processor.

The mechanical part of the bill counter machine allows for the rolling of the rollers that present. The pattern of the rollers allows for continuous rolling movement in the rods at the fixed speed in the process of counting the bills. The lesser transmitters and the receivers apply on the detection of the notes passing. The method achieves by either starting or stopping in the operation of the notes process of the counting individually. It allows for the application of magnetic, ultraviolet, and infrared and the other features that facilitate counterfeit detection in the maximum way possible. The process provides for the indication of the result on the display screen. If the device stops in the function of the counting, then there is the possibility of detecting the counterfeit or the suspicious. The product of the bill counter allows for the high speed of the counting of the money in the level of the one hundred percent of the accuracy during the counting and the detection of the fake notes.

The Process of Counting the Money in the Bill Counter Machine

The product facilitates the counting task at maximum ease in the notes and the loose change and the piles of the letters for counting. According to the structure of the bill counter machines, they might aim either at the notes checking for the status determination or at the note counting sorting. The device does not count the bill for the conclusion of the total value of the same; they help determine the genuineness of the money by passing through the counterfeit detectors on the face of the counted notes. This allows for the precise detection of the forgery features, like printing, copying, and some of the electrical scanning methods.

The first bill counter machine invented in the year nineteen fifty-eight in china. The bill counter counting machines made from the very tiny banker known as Zih Tian Sie that replaced manual bill counting. This, along with the other inventions, led to the high achievements of the trophy. The person later died at the age of thirty years. The model of the machines got lost after his death. In the recent past, the rediscovery of the same comes with a high level of improved features. Out of forgotten, the device had started to wear and tear down in his home. Out of the renovation of the same, the intelligent bill counter machines have invented. This device assists in counting the bills, detection of the counterfeit and heavy-duty speed counting of the machine. This suits the needs of the different needs of the target customers.

The bill counting machines are highly dependable. They can apply to small retails or large enterprises like stores and banks. The advanced level of technology allows for innovation in the story of the technology. This led to the emergence of bill counting devices. The advanced version allows for multitasking like printing as the device detects counterfeit bills. The main aim of the bill counter is genuine separation bills from counterfeit. The earliest application of the fake note aimed at using ultraviolet rays to detect the counterfeit’s level. The detection looks for the specific inks visible in the ultraviolet detection. Due to the limited demand for the detection, there has led to the addition of the NI-IMAQ. This allows for applying the polarization depending on the principle that currency is not made of paper. The material of the printing of the paper results from the blending of cotton, writing, and linen.

The type of the three trees from which the money made known as the Balsam figures. The tree composes of a high content of cellulose. This means that the money is made of cotton in the most improved purest cellulose form. Therefore, money has a very high level of cellulose that incorporates in the process of printing. However, other components used in making money usually lead to the angle of polarization. This means that the tip of the level of the polarization in the petition is close to the arc of the cellulose in the passing of the lesser in the particular currency. This is made of validating the extraordinary level of the real money from the forged, fake, or counterfeit money.

Theory of the Bill-Counting Machine

Bill counters operate following the theory of the breadth of the pack of the money. Therefore, this process facilitates the continuous way rods of cylinders move the rod at a specific speed. The seed sets constantly remaining stable like the ATM counter. It has a cylinder that usually moves along the pack of the money individually at a firm speed. This assists in the determining amount of cash that is passing through the machine.


The Theory of the Counterfeit Detection

Due to the difference in the diversity of the machine, it facilitates the detection and the differentiating on the foreign currencies. Various densities of the watermarks micro text, fluorescence, kin gram, intaglio printing, isocheck, and the holograms based on the fiber for the certification of the authenticity of the money.

The Setting of the Bill Counter Machine

The brands of the bill counter machine are set in a design that allows for the counting of the genuine notes and detecting the fake ones. The whole unit of the system designs at microcontroller unit control of them based on the ARM processor. This means that the bill counter facilitates the packing of the money on separate bundles. There might be rollers that come with the penises of the continuous pattern. The rollers allow for the rod’s movement at a constant speed in the whole process. The speed at which the rollers usually move the rods is particular or specific. It allows the notes to move in the process of counting at a very high speed, thus depends on the money at a fast rate compared to the manual method of calculating the money. The speed at which the rollers move allows for the movement of the money in the same direction and at the same rate. This means that the rollers facilitate the movement of the bunch of money. It allows for the movement of the bill at a constant height speed. An added advantage allows for the feature detection of the single bills that pass the device’s front.

There are features installed on the bill counter machine for counterfeit detection that usually determines this counterfeit money. There is the incorporation of the ultraviolet detectors added on the copier or the printer. It facilitates testing the image on the surface of the paper of the money as printed, thus a quick determination of the counterfeit money. The documents that are used in the making of the real money is usually thicker than the one used in the process of the making the fake notes.

  • Comes with the proposed system of the bill-counter machine
  • Incorporated structure of the hardware
  • The hardware structure

Therefore, according to the structure of the system of the bill counter machine, it is supposed to come with the following parts for improved effectiveness and efficiency.

Microcontroller Unit

This part is responsible for controlling all of the operations in the device, allowing maximum control of the process that takes place in the machine. In the three points of the teensy of the two microcontrollers, they come with the tiny bit of the arm processor used in the management and the control of all the processes in the device.

The Circuit Unit of the Counter

This circuit allows for the user-friendly of the along with the control of all of the operations in the device. The process will enable you to reads the results. It comes on a highly digitalized screen, and the buttons on the keypad for the pressing and the pushing, IC CD4033, and the resistor.

Alternating Current AC Motors

The system comes on the motors of the alternation current that allow the rotation process to take place in the method of detecting and counting the money.

Mechanical Parts

The part composes of the rollers attached to the rods that appear on the pattern continuously. Rollers facilitate the smooth movement of the rods at a specific fixed speed.

Optical Sensors

They facilitate the individual detection of the notes that pass through the unit. It has the alert version for the fake messages that it detects. If the company sees the phony letter, it stops producing a beep sound or places the bill on the reject pocket for further inspection.

Ultraviolet Light Detection

The ultraviolet rays allow for fake note detection and the suspicious ones in counting the money along with the device.

The Process of the Bill Counter Algorithm

The algorithm designs the algorithm using C++ in the process of counting the device. This was followed by the integrated development environment IDE thus utilizing in the MCU program upload process on the MCU.



The testing of the device has approved to count the actual total value of the bills. One hundred statements of the liras Turkish and the ten of the fake account from the Turkish liras used to determine the performance on the bill-counting machine and led to positive results. The mixture of the counterfeit and the actual bills in the hopper device performs the process. The device started the operation of the counting of the money and proceeded normally. However, it arrived at the point that it detected the fake bill; this resulted in the stop of the process in a beep sound until the bill collected and thus the counting asset process at the start of the counting process. The main reason for the process aimed at differentiating the features of the real and the fake money.

Most bill counters come with the feature that allows you to preset for the desired denomination you desire to count. However, some of the devices usually come with complicated parts that allow for the counting of the bills from a different denomination. The size of the business determines the type of bill counter you invest in, the amount of the money you usually hold, and the degree of the mixed denomination you usually handle in business operations. If you own a small-sized business, it is wise to invest in a small machine as the complicated device implies the wastage of resources. Move to the size that suit the business best.

Feature Of The Counterfeit Detection Applied On The Bill Counter Machine.

One of the most critical aspects of the feature to consider in the purchase of the bill-counting machine or any other device is the ability of the machine to detect counterfeit bills. Availability of the counterfeit bills in the currency leads the company to a high level of losses and wrong preservation of the records related to the money.

  • Ultraviolet Detection for the Counterfeit Money

Most of the bill counting machines applies the rays of the ultraviolet detectors for the counterfeit bills. This function is available and applicable in all modes of the bill counter machine. It can activate by the press on the ultraviolet or the ultraviolet magnetic button. This pressing is repeatedly done until ultraviolet appears on the display screen of the device. If the bill-counting machine detects counterfeit bills, it beeps twice and stops the process of counting. The beep followed by the flash message that alerts on the screen of the bill counter for the ultraviolet. Suppose the suspected bill removes, then the process of counting proceeds as expected. The account taken for further inspection and thus certify it or not.

Compared to the other versions of the brand, cassida five thousand, five hundred and twenty determine the counterfeit notes. There are the reasons that usually lead to the real note chosen not distinguished from the fake ones. If passed through these devices, as are not in a position to determine the features that define the real note. The reasons include the high level of the accumulated dirt and the dust, direct exposure of the bill counter machine to the sun’s intense rays, high level of the techniques of the counterfeit, extreme level of the torn or the worn-out bill, etc. This calls for the incorporation of various features and methods or equipment in the bill genuineness determination process.

  • The Counterfeit Magnetic Detection or the Ultraviolet Magnetic Mode

Most of the good brands of the bill counting machines allow for the detection of the magnetism properties of the account. This requires that the bill to print with the iron ink that is highly detected by the magnet. Most countries usually apply these inks in printing the money, thus applicable to most of the currencies worldwide. The mode of the magnetic detection on the bill counter achieved by pressing the mode button until it appears on the display screen. In most cases, the machine presets as the previous instruction. Therefore, the settings must have adhered before you start counting the money. This will allow you to come up with the best and the preferred detection of the bills.

Magnetic detection is one of the most effective and efficient ways of determining counterfeit bills. Suppose it is very effective on the new notes compared to the old note. This is especially the case as the ink in the note usually wears out over time. This results in a limited level of detection of real money. In such a case, the actual note appears fake note. However, the process is very applicable to the companies that want to do away with the old and worn-out bills. Therefore, the addition of the other detector on the magnetic sensor is essential to improve the effectiveness of the detection of counterfeit bills.

One on the detection capacity might be defective and thus applying the other assists in the improvement of the level of the efficiency of the same. However, in some cases, the counterfeit detectors are an optional choice as the machine might deliver with or without the unit as the taste and customers’ preferences. However, if the device does not come with the company, you can fix and connect it to the desired detector. A device that incorporates with the counterfeit is expensive compared to the standard bill counter machines.

currency sorter machine


  • Half Note Detection

Most of the brands of the bill counter machine apply the detection of counterfeit bills. The process achieved through the sensors of the light’s infrared rays in the construction process. These rays detect when the half note passes through the counting unit and allows the user to know by giving a beep sound. The method of counting stops for the user to remove the half note for further inspection. However, all of the money in the stacker pocket must remove; the counting stars afresh to achieve the counting accuracy in the device. The mode of the half note detection performed with the method of the ADD activation. The ADD model facilitates the continuous process of the addition of the bill to the previously calculated bills. Half note detection is vital in the contingency of the counted bills passing through the unit of the counting device.

What Do I Do If I Possess The Counterfeit Bill Unknowingly?

Despite the high level of the printing and the improved methods of the printings of the special inks, to enhance efficiency on the genuine money, there are always forgeries out there seeking for the same feature or, if not exact, almost the same element. Officials in the places like the lending companies and the banks look keenly for the counterfeit bills that, at some point or the other passes to their hands. The level of counterfeit bills in the world keeps on rising as time passes. The work of the detection of the counterfeit should not left to the officials only. The role is supposed to adhere to by every person. If you think that the bill you are not genuine, follow the following steps to deal with the immediate effect. However, you can call the secret service or the police in your area and report concerning the bill in question.

  • Never put yourself at the risk of confronting the suspected passer
  • Avoid returning the bill to the passer
  • If you can, come up with some excuse to delay the passer
  • Keenly observe the passer’s description and write down the license plate numbers if possible
  • Contact the police from your area or the US Secret Service Department
  • Avoid handling the fake bill by placing it in the plastic bag or the protective cover
  • Write the date and the initials of the on the white border for the suspected bill
  • Hand over the bill to the police or the special agents like the Secret Service Agents or mail to US secret services.
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