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For the history of Money counting , we will find first to only counting the numbers . Later , coming the bill counter machine with the normal detecting functions UVMGIR . Then in Japan and Korea , the Mixed bill counter machine front loading machine been developed . As the time going ,now the CIS sensor technology being popular. In order to reduce the cost of Mixed bill counter machine ,Feelteck developed the back loading Mixed denomination bill counter. Later for more requirement of no stop counting , Feelteck Money the 1 + 1 Pockets Mixed bill value counter.  Feelteck FT-900 is the model Muti Denomination bill counter , it can install more than 15+ currencies software in one machine , and add the sort functions for Face ,Directions and Denominations .In this case , Mixed bill counter improved to a bill counter and sorter machine .

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

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Bill Sorter

Money sorting and counting manually might sound like a simple process, but it is a very tricky process. As the generation develops, various notes have emerged that appear like the real but are fake ones. This makes the professional money counters end up messing in the whole process. Therefore, you must determine investing on the bill sorter and counter to get an accurate sum. However, various essential factors are essential for you to consider before you purchase for the bill sorter. The following factors will guide you in making a sound decision on the preferred bill sorter.


  1. Counterfeit Detection

The essential factor for you to consider while purchasing the machine counter is counterfeit detection. Whether the purchase you are making is the first or you have ever made other purchases before, you should consider various factors before buying a bill sorter. These factors guide you in coming up with the appropriate machine to meet your financial requirements. Counterfeit affects your business negatively and therefore is essential to look for counterfeit detection on the bill sorter. A suitable detector designs at spotting the highest spot of the fake bill at ease..


  1. Your Requirements

Determine the purpose you intend to use the bill sorter and counter you are purchase. The bill sorting machines are applicable in many areas other than counting purposes. They assist in determining the fake accounts, sorting, measuring, determining the genuineness of the traveler’s passport, checks, and identity card.


  1. The Use Ease

In the real sense, you require something that you can easily use. This is important, especially if you run a busy business that holds many customers. The simplicity of the machine facilitates faster payment processes. With the customers’ primary operations, the customers will not have to wait for long and gain their confidence in your services. In addition, consider whether the bill sorter companies that manufacture or sell offer the training unit on how to use the bill sorter. If they do, consider attending for the same and some of your employees to learn how to operate the machine. This will assist them in full and maximum utilization of the bill sorter.


  1. The Size of the Bill Sorter

The most efficient machine is the one that placed where the cashier is working. At this point, the cashier will easily access and use it. If put far away from the cashier, the probability is that, they will end up not using it in most cases. Therefore, consider the space that your preferred bill sorter will take and that of your cashier. Therefore, go for the machine that fits well in the available area in your cashier to maximize the use of the bill sorter.


  1. The Amount of the Technology Applied

Go for the model that maximizes the latest technology. The older model might end up service for a shorter period than the latest and thus end up costing you higher than you cost would ever expect. Due to the development of technology, criminals have been inventing fake bills. Therefore, as the technology advance, consider changing your counterfeit detector to maximize the security of your bills. This achieved by going for the latest version of the bill-sorting machine to minimize defrauding instances. You can also consider whether you want a machine that uses multiple technologies for fake bill detection or one that uses two or one technology. The following are the most common technologies used on the bill sorter and counter

  • Magnetic (MG) detectors
  • Ultraviolet (UV) detectors
  • Fluorescent light
  • Infrared technology
  • Micro-printing


  1. Types of the Currencies Possibly Scrutinized By the Bill Sorter and Counter

The bills sorter and counter must scrutinize new and the old bills. The government keeps on introducing new bills with various features for security purposes. The machine bought should investigate the quality on the money, and in case of the otherwise, you will end up with the irrelevant version of the device. Consider whether the machine you are buying aimed for a single currency or from different countries.


  1. Approximate Amount of the Money You Usually Handle

If you usually handle a large amount of money, consider the bill sorter that runs fast on many amounts of the bills. These machines are likely to be expensive but are very accurate. Some of the bill sorter and counters are check and take large stocks of the statements timely. If you are running a small business, opt for the less complicated bill sorter and counter.


  1. Portability

You intend to be moving your bill sorter and counter from one place to the other, considering the machine’s portability. The small devices are portable compared to the big ones. The lighter machine eases the movement, as it will not fall, causing damage, or even breaking down the machine, thus interfering with the warranty period. These machines are likely to use in the lighter environments operating on the batteries.


  1. The Units You Require

If you have many cashiers, opt for the many machines. These bill sorters should come with different selling points for your business. This will allow your customers to check out quickly after making the purchase. This improves customer satisfaction with the services offered on to your premises. Consider therefore investing in various detections that therefore assist in the worth of the cost.


  1. Budget or the Amount of the Money You Have

The amount of money that you have determines the type of bill counter and sorter you will buy. Some machines are cheaper while the others are costly. If you are on the limitation of the money, opt for the more affordable versions. However, if you have the money, buy expensive machines of high quality and more durable.


Mixed Denomination Value Cash Bill Counter Sorter

With the greatness of the technology, each comes with an invention of a newer the machine along with another thing that makes our more time-efficient and easier. A perfect example is the bill counter and sorter that often operate in large companies, especially banks. Great technology built in the big units narrowed down to the small machine that assists in managing the cash. These bill counters and sorters help in easing the task and thus improve accuracy. It also applied to small businesses or owned individually. The current bill counting and sorting machines are loaded with the loads with mixed denomination bill counting and sorting capabilities.

The standard bill counter is the single bill-counting machine. They require presorting of the currency according to the denomination and then calculate them separately. In the places that experience high rates of mixed denomination, the process of manual sorting consumes a lot of time. This necessitates investing in the various denomination bill counter and sorter machines. They facilitate simple batch loading into the device regardless of the respective denomination. It comes with a color image sensor (CIS) for every bill scanning through the process. The software of the recognition of the bill is then determined. All the accounts separately tallied for the totals amount and number for each denomination on the batch. The statements that not recognized on any sects sorted and placed in the reject bin. This can even be a foreign currency or a fake bill.


Counterfeit Detection on the Mixed Denomination Value Cash Bill Counter Sorter

The color image sensor (CIS) technology of recognizing the bill along allowing for the mixed bill counting and sorting process of the same denomination. Any foreign statement detected and fed into the reject bin. This promotes further inspection whether the bill is fake or just a foreign. In most cases, the color image sensor combines with various capabilities like infrared (IR), magnetic (MAG), ultraviolet (UV), and other detection features according to the technology. These features incorporated to assist in boosting the efficiency of the detection of the bill counter. Although these features improve the efficiency of the machine, they make the price rise. The mixed denomination bill counts and the sorting device offer a wide range of complicated components that vary from one model to another. The following are some of these features.

  • Multi-national counting of the currency, this brand allows for the bill count and sort of the mixed denomination from the specified countries as preset by the user.
  • The front to the back and up to down sorting allows the use regardless of the bill’s orientation. The machine provides for the first bill reading on the batch followed by all the other bills sorting irrespective of the orientation matching.
  • Reporting, some machines provide options variety were the results for the counter bills reported. Many people opt for the connection of the devices to the computers or the printers for printing and the storage of the report.
Mixed Bill Value Counter

The mixed bill value comes as the most advanced technology globally with both sorting and counting technology. It comes with the supper detection for the fake bills. It deals with various types of the denomination at ease for counting and sorting. The mixed bill value counter applies in the casinos, banks, and the large business that handles a large amount of the money. The mixed bill value counter operates by ensuring that the recording accurately done. Most of the machine comes with two pockets to assist in placing the rejected bill for the deeper investigation and the counting process proceeds. However, some come with only one pocket, and in this case, the machine will have to stop on detection of the foreign bill or an error. This will allow the operator to correct the statement and enable the counting and sorting process to continue. The mixed bill value counter comes with the in-built detection method for the fake bill.

  1. Counterfeit Detection

The counterfeit detection is another technology that is on the mixed bill value counter. In most cases, ultraviolet is the most common detection for fake. A good example is the English-speaking and western countries where ultraviolet detection uses sensitive ink prints on their notes. During the process of counting and sorting, the bill exposed to ultraviolet light. The detector allows the growing of the ink, which reveals the stripes or the watermarks. This method is more effective and efficient compared to magnetic, infrared, and other detectors. However, the detection method has threatened by the rising availability of sensitive ultraviolet on the current market. However, some of the mixed bill value counters come with a combination of detection incorporation. For example, a mixed bill value counter might come with the combination of infrared and ultraviolet detection. The combination improves the detection of the value counter.

  1. Counting Speed

It would be best if you considered the Speed of counting, where the fastest mixed bill value counters give the better option. This machine should be able to count a large amount of the notes at High Speed. Consider the device’s size to come up with the right amount of money and the Speed at which the machine operates. If you run a small business, a fast money counter might not be a good option for you to opt for as it suits a large amount of the money counters. As you purchase for the mixed bill value counter, go for the brand that best suits your counting according to the amount of money your earn. The size is a good factor for you to consider, along with the weight of the machine. Consider the amount of space available in your office for the accommodation of the device. In size determination, an enormous value counters causes congesting on the highly cramped office while the small-sized best suits such an office.

  1. The Hopper Capacity

The Hopper capacity of the machine determines the suitability of the device selected. This determines the maximum number of notes the machine will accommodate at a time. This allows the one to estimate the value of the bill the machine will handle at a go. It offers front and back loading. In this case, front-loading offers the larger capacity of the accounts. They perform better than the back loaded value counter. Front-loading allows non-stop counting as the bill adds on the pocket. Therefore, front-loading is better and efficient compared to back loading machines.

The mixed value counter machine serves as a solution to many businesses solution. It improves the output, accuracy, and accounting accuracy for the banknotes. In counting, this machine allows for displaying the value on the screen in a digitalized format. The importance of this machine is that it provides for the ease of the process of using it. The interface of the user determines the use ease of the device. It comes with only a few operating buttons to avoid complications on use. Once the note placed on the machine, the machine determines the orientation of the notice that is whether placed upside down or upright.

  1. Carnation Mixed Denomination Sorter or the Counter

This offers the best high volume of bills placed on the machine. The top-loading brand for the six thousand six hundred bills on the business-grade for the counter currency counts one thousand and four hundred bills per minute. This machine can hold more than four hundred bills. It can depend on the batch mode, including add mode for the total accumulated. This displayed on the display of the LED. Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors incorporate to improve the effectiveness and accuracy. If the fake bill detected, the counting process stops producing a beep sound, thus display an error on the screen. This allows the counterfeit to remove the process of counting proceeds. You can opt for the bill you desire to count; otherwise, the bill placed on the reject bin for the inspection. This allows for the accurate total of the sum that has corrected.

  1. 2-Pocket Business-Grade Mixed Bill Counter, Sorter, and Reader with Counterfeit Detection

This is a perfect example of the mixed bill value counter. It assures you of the thirty-day banknote guarantee. It comes with a one-year warranty. It offers services that are friendly to the customer. This raises their confidence in the services you provide in your business premises, thus retain them. This brand provides the automatic reading of the mixed stack that passes on sorting and counting on the denomination base. It determines the value of the bills places on it. It offers a continuous process of counting and sorting without stopping for the suspected accounts, incorrect face, or denomination.

Some of the features that the machine comes with are the modes to suit your money counting needs like sorting, mixed denomination, orientation, face, manual or the auto, counting, batch, and the additional features. It also protects your business from counterfeit by the color image sensor (CIS), magnetic detection, and ultraviolet detection for maximum authenticity of the cash collected. It comes with an interface that eases the ease to use due to the large size LCD. The report then provides on the screen and the in-built printer that simplifies the counting system, thus saving on your time.


The Bill Counters Machine Repairs

Various companies offer currency repair for bill counting machines. These come with the professional cash-counting machine for the repairing services types on all bill counters. This includes the bill-counting machine, banknote-counting machine, currency-counting machine; cash counter machine, bundle banknote machine counter, the heavy-duty machine for counting the cash, and the mixed note machine for the value counter, the money counter. There are various genuine bill-counting machines, spare parts, and interior spare parts for all the repair services on the device to maintain the guaranteed and warranty of the bill counter.

Therefore, before you determine the suitable repairer for your bill counter and the sorter, choose the company’s work experience. You can also specify the rating of the selected company to see the suggestion of various customers to consider the response to the services received. This will allow you to make a sound decision on the chosen repairers. During the process of the purchase, determine whether the company offers the repairing services. You can also consider whether they give the spare parts for your machine.

The perfect example of the repairs and the bill counting is the ERO MART, an Indian perfect bill counting machines for the repair and the counting of the currency and the services of the repairing in India. This company provides professional appliances for account depending repair services on all bill counters. This is a prominent dealer in the repairing services on the counting machines. They range from the compact counting of the notes, the devices for counting the currency, the total value machine counters, the loose note counting, the bundle note counting, the cast sorter, and the fake note detectors. All of the machine counters comes with an inbuilt counterfeit detecting service. When a bill placed on the machine, the machine automatically detects it. It comes with the detection on the double notes that use infrared, magnetic, and ultraviolet sensors.


The Following Provides The Best Bill Counter Machines.

These bill sorters and counters are new and highly adopted in many countries around the world. This applies to any business that runs whichever amount of cash. This depends on whether the person pays the money. Machines assist in raising the accuracy of the bill placed on the device. The accuracy of the cash counter is the primary determinant of the selected machine. Manual counting, in most cases, leads to errors. Therefore, determine investing on the machine counter to improve on the accuracy. In addition, machine-counting offers a fast counting that will never compare with manual counting.


HFS Bill Money Counter

HFS Bill Money Counter allows for counting most of the types of currency up to nine hundred bills per minute. It comes with an LED display that would enable the showing of the bill counts. It has the ultraviolet and magnetic detection of counterfeit money that alerts you when a counterfeit bill detected. It offers automatic stop, start and clearing features and batch, add, and self-examination purposes. This brand intends to count the bill’s value throughout the machine. This brand does not detect or add the bills for the bill denomination that adds to the device.

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