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Support to more than 80 countries ,more than 50 famous brands choose Feelteck.

Feelteck have more than 7 years Manufacturing Cash sorter Machine

Cash Sorter Machine , or Cash Sorting Machine mainly for the heavy duty work on the Cash handling , in the Cash Center or ATM sorting .

The mainly feature of Cash Sorter Machine is have more pockets than money counter machine . It will have reject pocket , or more pockets , so when sorting the machine ,the different conditions banknote will go to different pocket.

There are many kind of Sorting functions , the first on is only sorting by face , direction and denomination with 2 pockets ,one for reject .Second with basic fitness functions , this kind of cash sorter machine will sort soil, holes , dog ears, signs ,drawing ,tape and how many percent new , and so on . Most of the countries’ Center Bank need to test the fitness functions before they buy the Money Sorter Machine .

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

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 How is the Cash sorter machine working ?

  1. Cash Sorter Machine make Mixed denominations counting with total amount(MDC).

If you put different denominations banknote count in Cash sorter , it will counting with result of how many pcs , also the total value amount , you can requires to the detail list by press the report keys ,also the serial number report inside

  1. If you open the SDC mode of the sorter cash , the Cash sorter Machine will work as counting and sorting machine. The cash sorter will recognize the first units banknote , normally counting the same as the first one to the lower pocket, then reject all the others to the up reject pocket , then you will get all the same denomination in the lower pocket, and others in the reject pocket.
  2. If you set Cash Sorter Machine to sort Face , the cash sorter will recognize the Face of the first pc banknote , and normal counting and sorting the same face banknote as the first one to the lower pocket, reject the different fact to the reject pocket. The you will got all the banknote the same face in the lower pocket, if you sorter cash many time with Face ,you will get all the banknote in the same face .
  3. If you set the Cash Sorter machine with Ori, it will work as Cash Counting and sorting machine with the directions , all the same direction as the first banknote will counting to the lower pocket, while others to the reject pocket. So if you do all the banknote in your hand sorting by Face and Ori , you will have all the cash in hand with one face and direction.
  4. Also you can ask Feelteck to add sort by Issue , means the same version , for example , your country currencies denomination 20 , have different versions ,published different times, if you need to sort different versions , you will need to use the Issue function .The Cash Sorter Machine will counting and sorting same as the first one to the lower pocket, others to the reject pocket.
  5. Fitness sorting , if you need the money sorter with fitness function ,will need to discuss with Feelteck first , because we will need to make the software of fitness base on different currencies ,we will need talk with you deep about the software , also will need you help to test and feedback to improve the software as you need .


How is the market of Cash Sorter Machine ?

Because of the more different payment ways , even some country make cashless ,the Market of Cash Sorter Machine reduce in the past years .But actually , most of the world still use the cash , the cash counting and sorting work still very heavy work in the bank .Actually there still have very big market for Cash sorter Machine .

For example in china , there is about 193,000 banks , including in this big quantity banks , there is only 5-6% have bought Cash Sorter Machine , so it have a very big future market if the banks begin to buy the cash sorter . If each bank buy 4 pcs , it will be about 1 M pcs market only in china , and also with this big amount ,there will have sorter , out of life time the bank will buy new one .

Actually as we know ,most of the countries have the same station of China. There have very big amount of banks , but only very small percent buy the Cash Sorter Machine , so in the future the market of cash counter will be increase big amount soon .

Because of the Cash sorter machine never need to stop when counting and sorting ,it will save much time than money counter machine .So more and more stop hospital or stations also will reference to use cash sorter machine .So there have very big potential replacement market in the future .


Which is the mainly Cash sorter Machine Manufacturer?

 There are four mainly area manufacturing the Cash sorter Machine .
  1. Germany

Like G&D , they are make the big size Cash sorter machine  ,like more than 4 pockets sorter machine .Also make the Coins and Bill together counting and bunding sorting machine .You just need to input all the money ,bill and coins in the machine, it will counting and sorting as you need ,and in the final package all the moneys. This kind of machine cost very high , most mare than 1 M usd. Mainly used in the National Center bank ,also it will cost much for maintains .

  1. Japan

Japan have very long history of Manufacturing the Cash Sorter Machine ,Like Glory it have been more than 100+ years experience , they are selling very big amount on Cash sorting machine, and very width scope , like 1 + 1 pocket , two pockets , and also more than 4 pockets .Glory brand is very famous in Money Sorter world , any country you can see Glory’s Cash sorting Machine .

Another important brand of Japan is Toshiba , they also make the big size cash sorter machine ,even the bill and coins counting and sorting machine with bunding function.

  1. Korea

Korea have many Cash sorter Machine Manufacturers ,like Seetech , Kisan .

Seetech mainly make basic fitiness cash sorter machine 1 + 1 pockets or 2 pockets .But three years ago ,Seetech Acquired by Hitach of Japan ,so now also Seetech manufacturing the big size cash sorter with the Japan technology .

  1. China

Now in china ,many cash sorter manufacturers begin to have the technology to make the machine better .Like Julong , Guao , and Feelteck .

Feelteck have succeed to develop the two pockets machine ,and also making the fitness function currency by currency. The most important is the cost of Feelteck Cash sorter machine is much cheaper than others , and also we make goods quality and similar functions .


How to choose suitable Cash sorter machine ?

If you need to sell cash sorter machine to the bank you will need to check where they need to use the cash sorting machine, base on different usage will need select different models

  1. National Center Bank / Cash Center

Many National bank have the standard about the Cash Sorter Machine, only the machines need all the requirement of detecting and fitness then , the center bank will have the list of the certificate and tell the branch banks can buy this cash sorter machine .

For example , The Center EURO Bank , have ECB testing certificate . You can bring with your cash sorter machine to the testing laboratory, testing the machine . The center bank will testing person with you , you can improve the machine there directly after test .

For Feelteck Cash sorter machine , you can easy to save the data of the fake money image , and improve the detecting points immediately after got the image data of counterfeit .

We have customer bring FT-900 to Euro Center bank , and pass the ECB easy with their model name .

Most of the center bank /cash center ,they will use the very big machine ,with more than 4 pockets ,because normally its very hard work if people count the money by manually ,There always have big quantity of bill and coins , so they are always referent the models with can deal with the coins and bills togethers , and final bundle all the different to different packing .

  1. Bank Counter

For the Bank counter , when people go the save the money to the bank ,also need to count the cash by the windows of bank .Even now , there are less cash , but still its very big hard work for the counter person count by manual , so they need one cash sorter machine to help to do the cash work faster . The most important is if person count the cash ,its will be easy to be mistaken because so much work everyday , but if there is have a mistaken , you need check again , you will be turnout about the boring work with cash .If count with the cash sorting machine, you will never to think about the mistake ,because the cash counting and sorting machine ,with 100% accurate , and also help you avoid from the counterfeit money .

Normally in the bank counter, it will just need normal Mixed denomination sorter machine is ok, just keep to reject the fake money and give the amount is enough .

  1. ATM sorting

Now more and more ATM machine is use in bank replace the bank counter , it will save much cost and also save time for the custom who need take money from bank .

To be well circle of the banknote, every country have the standard for ATM banknote .For example in china, ATM money need more than 70% new , no hole , no soil ,no dog and so on . In this condition , you need a cash sorter machine ,which can sort the money with the requirement of the standard .So you will need a ATM fitness sorting machine ,your cash sorter machine will need can sort the 70% new money ,also will need sort out the dog ,tear , soil and tape money as your center bank standard need .

Feelteck improve the fitness functions with customer base on the requirement of your center bank standard .


What’s the Usage of Cash Sorter Machine?

1.Conterfeit detecting needed

The most import of cash arrangement is safe .If you are work with cash every day ,you will worry about the counterfeit money , you can not recognize all the fake money by you eyes. So you will need help from the cash sorter machine .Most cash sorter machine can improve the counterfeit detecting very easy .

Even you have a cash sorter machine in hand , you also can not think you can 100% detecting the fake money , because the technology of counterfeit also improving base on the technology of the cash sorter machine .But the software of the cash sorter machine is very easy to update , it means when you meet one counterfeit can not detecting , you just need to scan the image of the fake money by your cash sorter machine, send the documents to Feelteck , we will finished the software to detecting the fake ,and you will never need to get the similar fake money again. The system of the cash sorter machine will be more smart by each time update .

2.Meet the requirement of the Center Bank

Some countries need to circle the currencies by standard . So when bank got the broken money , or the money is too old ,will need to keep it and destroy in the future together. So this kind of work need people to do , I think every one will be crazy for this .

Anyway , if you have Cash Sorter Machine in hand , you can set all the feature , which kind of the cash need to sort out , the machine will do all the work for you. You will easy got the result of all the banknote meet the standard in hand .

3.For the new publish cash requirement.

As a method of financial control ,every country will need publish the banknote every years .Because there are many old and broken banknote left in bank to destroy .Also sometime need to increase the economic of consumer .For example , USA new publish more than 8,000,000 million new USD in 2021 to keep the USA stable economic after Covid 19. But because of the USD is world currency , so every country will need to publish much money to make the exchange rate to USD stable , with this station, there will more and more cash sorter machine needed for all of the new published banknote.

4.ATM requirement.

When bank feed the banknote to the ATM , the bank will need the banknote be counting and sorting by the cash sorter machine first . The machine will sort out which do not suitable to recircle in the market banknote,

So after sorted by the cash sorter machine, you just need to bind all the banknote 100pcs , and put it in the money box ,wait for feeding the ATM is ok


What’s the different Cash sorter machine to Mixed Money counter machine ?

  1. Size

The Cash sorter machine, at least have two pockets , one for normal counting one for reject .So the size is much different compare to the Mixed Money Counter Machine .If compare to 3, 4 pockets , the size will be 4 times bigger than the Mixed Money counter Machine .

  1. No stop counting

For Mixed money Counter machine, it only have one pockets , so when you counting , if there have a counterfeit, the machine will beep and stop , Until you take out the fake money and press start to count again ,the machine will continues working .

But Cash sorting machine have another pocket,  so when you counting the money on sorter cash will counting normally with the original money but reject the fake money or set no fit money in the reject pocket. So you will never need to press start key to start counting again .

  1. More Pockets

Mixed money counter machine ,normally only have one pocket , counting and detecting stop , while the cash sorter machine at least have two pockets ,every can make more than 10 pockets if you need .

  1. Sort functions

Another thing cash sorting machine different to Mixed money counter is the sorting functions .Normally cash sorting machine can set sort feature as you need to sort the money .For example ,if you need to get the same denominations money , you can set the sort to SDC , then all the same denomination as the first pc will count to the lower pocket, while others to the reject pocket. The same you can set Face or direction sort .

If you have more pockets cash sorting machine, you even can set, which denomination to which pockets,  means you can sort all different denominations to different pockets one time .Its much save time to arrange the cash .

  1. Fitness

Fitness function is only used in cash sorter machine , Mixed denomination Money Counter never have .Fitness functions always be different base on different countries .Some country need to detecting the tape by the thickness , some country need to detecting the marked , signature soil , all different country different standard .

With Fitness functions, You can sort out all the cash that not meet your requirement ,this kind of work can not do by any other kind of money counter machine .

  1. Hardware
  • More motors

Cash sorter machine , with more pockets than mixed money counter machine, so it will need more motors to drive the wheels to the different pockets.

  • More Powers

Cash sorting machine will need more power to engineer the motors , means there is more motors and wheels than money counter machine ,so need more power to drive it work.

  • With solenoid valve

One of the most of the different to money counter machine, the cash sorting machine have a switch which control the money go to the right pocket.

The solenoid valve is the thing control the pockets , it means when the cash sorter machine is counting normally , the solenoid valve never change the pockets , But when meet the counterfeit , the IC will show the order to the solenoid valve ,it’s a fake money you need to switch to the reject pocket . Then the solenoid valve will change the path of the sorter cash will run turn to the reject pocket .

  • More clear CIS sensor and faster IC

Deal with more condition of counting and sorting , the cash sorting machine will need to get more clear image data from CIS Sensor , also it will cause more data need to compute by the IC. So the cash sorting machine installed more advanced CIS sensor and more fast IC to finished all the sorting work accurately .

  • Thickness detecting sensor

For sorting out the tape banknote , the cash sorter machine must have the sensor of thickness detecting .There is different method of detecting the thickness so , the sensor also will be different .

Most popular is the Mechanical, the mechanical thickness sensor will account the pressure data of the sensor .If the pressure is more than normal, it will consider the banknote as tape or double .

Also there is the IR light thickness sensor , the sensor will check the reflectivity of the light .Because the smooth tape is very high reflectivity than banknote paper ,so it will easy to detecting the smooth tape , and will use the image technology to detecting the Matt tape .

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