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Manual processes of counting coins have been improving from time to time. The development level of technology invented devices that ease the function of the coin calculation task. It has led to the improved version of the counters that perform the job quickly.

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Change Counter

Most of the devices come with different technology the sensing the level or the degree of the counterfeit bill in the coins placed on the device. The device assists ease of the rejection of the damaged or the fake currency from the rest. They can be either manually operated or automatic. For the device to serve you for a more extended period, you need to adhere to the following safety precautions in utilizing the device.

  • If you are cleaning the device, avoid using the flammable spray. Also, minimize the rate of the device’s contact with the liquids like the water and the aerosol cleaners or extremely misty areas. Therefore, avoid using water in the process of cleaning the appliance. Put the device off and unplug it from the source of the power.
  • Avoid operating the device at a very high cold, highly humid, hot, or direct solid sun rays, as these places may interfere with the device’s proper functioning. Therefore, ensure that you operate it at room temperature as it suits the average temperature. Give it time to ensure that it gains the room temperature for the session of about thirty minutes. The period is also crucial as it assists with the processes of the clearance of the errors that might occur in calculating the money passing the unit of the measure.
  • Ensure that all the foreign objects are removed from the amount of the coins you want. These foreign objects include cash from other nations other than euros, staples, paper clips, the tubes of the paper tubes. These foreign objects lead to the occurrences of the jam or even block the machine’s mechanical parts and the sensing unit of the device and break or damage the engine.
  • At the edge of the hopper, there is always a warning that usually indicates the FULL LINE. The line usually guides the operator not to exceed the line, as it is the limit. If you exceed the line, the machine’s proper performance is hindered and leads to failure at the end of the calculations.
  • If the coins are stuck in counting and sorting, the device usually produces unusual noise. To clear the error, switch the appliance and unplug from the power socket to determine the stuck object in the unit.
  • Before you clean the device, ensure that you always stop and power off the device before the actual processes of the cleaning. This minimizes the rate of the occurrence of injuries, electric shocks, or related issues.
  • Avoid removing the cover of the machine unless the device is unplugged from the outlet of the power. Please do not place the object directly on the power cord, bending it excessively. The possible result of the same is the fire, electric shock, or malfunctioning of the device.

  • Avoid touching the power cable with wet hands to prevent issues like the shock or the related hazards.
  • Unplug the device if you want to transfer the device from one position to the other to prevent the occurrence of fire or the short-circuiting of the device. In the process of unplugging the power plug device, firmly grip it and then pull it out. Ensure that you consult qualified personnel for the repair of the damaged parts of the device. Never pull the cord of the device to minimize the damage to the machine or the cable itself. At this point, hold the plug for the disconnection from the power cord of the appliance. This minimizes the occurrence of electrically related dangers.

The Packaging Contents

If you bought the change counter for the first time, ensure the box comes with the following content. If you miss one of the tools as indicated here, go to the store immediately and confirm the reason for the same.

  • Power cord
  • The device itself
  • Eight cups of the coins
  • Spare fuse
  • Cleaning brush
  • Quick installation guide
  • Warranty card

Setting Up the Machine

Adhering to the proper precaution measures is essential as it provides you with complete service for an extended period. Always ensure that you properly install the device well and follow the machine’s instructions placed on the manual guide that comes with the device shipping the device.

  • Connect the device’s power cord to the primary connection of the power at the back of the device. Connect the power cord to the primary sources on the outlet to the alternating current that ranges between two hundred and twenty and two hundred and forty voltages.
  • Switch on the counter of the device and the switch that locates at the back of the device.
  • The counting unit of the machine usually facilitates the display of the device showing the wait message as it performs the self-testing process.
  • Ensure that the machine’s display states zero packs per zero point zero zero to show that the device is ready to calculate the coins effectively.

The Main Parts of The Machine Counter Machine

The following are some of the standard and visible parts of the Change counter machine that usually facilitate the device’s complete structure. They are located at the front and the back of the machine, essential for you to ensure that the device is entire and has all the required units or features.

  • Coin hopper where you put the coins for the sorting and counting. The amount of cash you put on the hopper determines the number of coins the device usually holds at a time.
  • LCD of the machine and the panel for the device’s control effectively allows the device to provide the information for the user to refer at ease as the device precedes the process.
  • The hopper of the change counter works hopper effectively for the release of the handle by not lifting the device from the position of the machine to avoid chances of dislocation of the device for the proper process of functioning.
  • After counting, the cups of the sort of coin facilitate the taking of the coins as they count the cash.
  • If you are transporting the device from one point to the other, ensure that you firmly grip the lifting area as directed by the manufacturer.
  • For the safe process of sorting and calculating, and separating the coins, the device comes with the safety lock feature.
  • The power switch allows the device’s connection for the powering of the device to enable the process of the calculation or the related operations on the device.
  • The main power connector is also attached to the wall socket for the properly grounded supply of the power.
  • The fuse is located slightly below the main power used depreciation of the overflow of the heat on the device for processes power supply to the structure of the device.

  • The product is usually labeled to certify if you purchased the suitable device that you ordered for shipped.
  • The printing port connector of the RJ-10 is also a basic unit that usually adds at the back of the device to make the machine complete.

Control panel of the Change counter

The START button is used to start or stop the function of the counting of the Change. Pressing on the same allows the exit process of the menu and the related settings. The setting button will enable you to open the report and the settings menu. The same lets you toggle between the locations of the batch, date, and time. Count and information are considered. The report button usually toggles between the calculations of the result per the denomination of the Change placed on the device’s hopper. These typically allow you to identify the minimum number of the zero point zero one of the euro. The positive sign used activates or deactivates the batch for the process of counting the machine. Press the device’s value to increase the one for hold press to increase the weight with ten. However, the sign does not apply to the menu of the report. The negative sign does not apply to the report and count menu. The setting of the device usually decreases with one value that can allow you to ten steps. The CLEAR button usually clears the count for the count and the report menu. It also applies to the transparent batch for the settings entry processes. PRINT, in most cases, applies to the printing of the results for the settings batch for toggle between denomination for date and time.

The Overview of The Display

At the unit of the machine’s display, the following are:

  • The total number of the calculated coins.
  • The full value of the counted coins.
  • Activation of the batch function.
  • The activation of the report function.


The First Operation

Always ensure that the device is used for the calculation of the euro coins. Maximize the removal of the foreign currencies or the objects as they enter the machine. This causes the device to stop the process of effective operation. It might lead to the occurrence of the jam, malfunctioning, and the failure in the functions of the machine functioning.

Put the coins on the hopper to the limit indicated as the full line indicated to the inner side of the hopper. Press on the button of the START to start sorting and counting. If the calculation of the coins started, keep on adding small quantities of the cash to the hopper as you ensure that you do not exceed the required limit of the coins. If all coin’s sorts and counts effectively, the device automatically stops. It allows an indication of the total amount of the value of the coins calculated by the device on LCD. The sorting process occurs in diameter from left to right, which is significant to the small-sized coins. The following are some of the instructions used in the process of the operation of the device.

The Normal Mode of The Counting of The Money

Ensure that you turn on the power switch that locates at the back of the machine. Allow it to rest for a short period for the process of self-testing to take place. It allows clearance of any error unit of the coins and the channels in the coins pass. If the display indicates zero, the process of the test of the device is complete. It means that the device is ready to start the operation of the calculation and the separation of the coins. If you want to count the device’s normal mode count, the LED above the ADD and the BATCH should be turned off.

Choose the best settings of the power for the proper set size of the diameter and the thickness of the denomination coins that need to count before placing the cash in the hopper device. In most cases, start with the largest diameter as the first and then proceed process to the minor diameter of the coins. While counting the currency, packing, counting, or bagging the largest diameter, all the smaller-sized coins were rejected or off sorted through the side pockets of the cash tray to the bagging attachment as it includes the same along the counter both accessories of the device. Use the off-sort trays if you small amount of the coins for the primary process of the counting of the coins. If you desire to separate the cash, use the off-sort bag holder and the attachment if you want to the more significant quantity of the higher amount of the mixed coins that need to be separated to calculate the cash in the unit of the cash device. Ensure you add to a maximum number of the coins that the manufacturer prescribes to the users of the devices.

In the feeding of the coins, allow the cash through the open cover of the machine orb the inspection tray located on the top hopper and ensure that you retain the half-full hopper for the effective processing of the device’s hopper. Start and the stop key allow you to experience the process of counting the money. If the process is effectively started, the indicator light usually turns on. It will enable the display to frequently indicate the number of coins that count at a time. For the practical process of collecting the primary size of the number of cash, the count of the coins includes the quantity. All off sorted coins do not fit the total number of the on the report of the other currencies.

If the device completes the detection of the coins, at the immediate moment the last coin detects, it proceeds to the quick process of the reverse cycle to clear any of the cash that might have left the unit or the hopper. If the reverse function is adequate and no coin detects for counting, the counter automatically stops. However, if the device operates manually, press on the STOP/START key.

The Batch Count Mode

In most cases, the batch mode applies in the rolling/wrapping or bagging of the coins. Determine you are most suitable for batching by the press on the button. If the setting of the mode effective, the indicator the led turns on. Determine the quantity of the batch on the number one to nine hundred and ninety-nine. This is achieved while you press the selection of the one thousand, one hundred, ten, or one key until you complete your desired setting. The batch usually indicates at the top of the LED display.

Add Mode

In the counting of the money on the device setting, if you desire to achieve the sum of coins on multiple batches, this mode assists in the adequate achievement of the process. Even if the money is collected from the stacker, the device keeps on adding value. It keeps reliable records for the operator to refer to at the end of the calculation of the device. If you need a given amount of the coin, you switch on the mode and allow the sum to take place until you achieve it and then adjust the add to the sum of the money you need the device to calculate.

Coin Change Machine

There are many types of coin change machines that assist in the eased processes of coins’ calculation and separation processes. The prices of these devices vary in terms of the function ability, additional features, hopper and stacker capacity, the level of the technology applied on the device, portability nature, the speed at which the device calculates the coins, and the size. All this feature determines the amount of money you need to invest for you to purchase the device.

Hopper Capacity of The Device

One of the essential factors for you to consider is the device’s purchase, as it guides you to the approximate amount of money that the device holds at a time. A large hopper allows you to relax if you placed a given amount of money as it takes time to empty. The size of the hopper determines the speed device calculates and the size of the stacker of the device.


The Stacker

This is the other factor that you need to adhere to while buying the device. The stacker capacity determines the size of the hopper in the process of the calculation and sorting of money. Caution should be adhered to avoid the coins from overfilling. If the stacker gets overfills, the cash might cause the jam, which, if not dealt with timely, leads to the motor failure or malfunctioning of the device.


For the entrepreneurs operating mobile businesses like the casino or the related games that deal with a high number of coins, they need to invest in the portable device that always handles the task in any place you need it. Some of the suitable characteristics of the portable change counter are the lightweight, small, and reliable battery. A lightweight device moves from one point to the other at ease without falling. The device’s size should fit the pocket of the device’s operator to ensure that they maximize the process of the utilization of the device. If the device is enormous, the employees prefer to apply the manual methods as the size makes them uncomfortable. The battery that you use on the device should preserve the power for extended periods at a time. The user might be away from the charging facility.

Additional Features

Most of the complicated money counters are very expensive compared to regular or straightforward devices. Despite the complex nature of the device, you must note that they are the most accessible devices that you will ever utilize as they operate on the touch on the screen, automating the process, or by the fewer buttons on the net. However, they need you to follow the instructions inscribed by the manufacturer keenly. You can also read from the customer reviews or the manual guide that comes with the device at the device’s shipping.

The Level of The Technology

The more the improvement, the more accurate the device is likely to be. As technology advance, the manufacturers look for the unique features that the money comes with. Most of the countries keep on changing the face of the money, and thus using the analog brand of the money counter leads to the lees level of accuracy as it does not detect the new capital. Change on the face of the currency. Manufacturers keep updating the structure of devices due to reviews of customers and more advanced features for device reliability. Most of the clients usually post on the device’s weaknesses, as some even propose the areas that need improvement. To adhere to the needs and satisfy the customers, the manufacturer keeps on inventing the device that adequately meets the customer’s requirements. However, they are more expensive compared to the other instruments.


The Function of The Device

The main reason for you to buy the device leads to your buying the device is very crucial. You desire the device to assist your leads to your investment in the given type of device. Determine the style of the currency you often handle. If your business usually deals with the mixed denomination, look for the device that will assist you to cope with the issue at ease as it separates according to the individual denomination. At the same point, consider the average amount of money your business usually holds at the end of the day. Investing in a device that calculates the cash at high speed needs you to understand that you transact a very high amount of money. This will minimize the rate of delay of the services rendered to the customers. The customers you usually offer the services to looks at the speed at which you present the given services at the rate at which you serve them. Delaying them might lead to them looking for another option of the server. This leads to adverse effects on the output of the business.

Counterfeit Detection

The rate of counterfeit transactions keeps on increasing from time to time. This calls for a device that can determine fake money at ease. The most common counterfeit detection is magnetic and ultraviolet detection. The money is exposed to the field of the ultraviolet ray, assisting detection of the property of ultraviolet on cash. If the device does not sense the same, it is rejected for further inspection of the funds. Most of the currencies usually print with the property of magnetism. The manufacture of the money counter comes with features that assist in easing the related issues on the currency. If the bill detects not having the magnetism property, the device produces the beep sound for the operator to cope with the problem by removing the coin to inspect its genuineness. Apart from the magnet and ultraviolet, the device usually adds the property of the infrared. This is one of the most expensive counterfeit detectors compared to the two. It is not familiar to most of the money counters. Most devices do not add the three detectors to the same device, but ultraviolet and magnetic detection usually add to the same machine.


Additional Pocket

The added pocket provides the places for the counterfeit bill. If the purchased device comes with an additional pouch, it means that if the device detected the fake bill in the operation process, it places the bill on the pocket for the user to collect for further inspection. If the device does not have the unit, it stops the detection of the counterfeit bill producing a beep sound for the user to note the occurrence of the issue. The noise frequents as the process of calculating and sorting the device stops until the operator collects the suspicious bill from the unit. It allows the device to proceed with calculating the money without adding the counterfeit to the required amount of the open accounts.

The Durability of The Device

Before you purchase the device, look at the materials used in the manufacture of the same. A reliable device comes with firm structures that make the device firm and thus not break easily. A robust device facilitates the more extended period of the service session. Most of the reliable versions of the money counters are made of solid metal or hard plastic material. If the outer cover of the device is firm, it means that the device firmly holds the inner contents of the device. It makes the device serve the user for the extended sessions, minimizing the repair cost’s chances and thus the possible management cost of the device.


Type of The Feeding of The Device

The type of device determined can either be the front or the back feeding. Choosing the style of the feed of the currency on the selected device is essential as the services offered by the device differ from one machine to the other. The front feeding capacity of the device is more convenient for the user compared to the back loading. In the process of feeding the front-loading machine, you need to determine placing the money either facing up or downwards. They are faster and more convenient to utilize as you can add more bills as the device calculate. In the money placement to the backloading capacity of the device, you need to place the money as they face the front or backside of the device.

Printer Compatibility

Most of the devices usually facilitate the practical processes of printing the report provided by the device. Most of the money typically prefers the addition of the printer compatible device to produce the receipt to the amount of the goods purchased at the end of the whole process of the rendered services. The printer can come as an additional unit to the already purchased device for quality service and reliability. Most of the printers usually come as the device purchased separately from the money counting device itself. If you need the machine to accompany the printer, ensure that you look for the type that easily compacts with the added printing device. Some of the latest version of the money counter usually allows for the printing of the collected information. In most cases, the device that provides printing facilitates the adequate provision of the required information during the condition of the necessary information at the service render and reference.

Coin Change Counter

The coin change counting device is a good option for the count and minimal occurrences of the errors that possibly occur at the process of the manual operations of the device at the end of the provided services. They are the best option for manual methods of calculating the coins that are prone to error and boring activities. Therefore, if you decide on the utilization of the device to ease the counting of the money, ensure that you look for the best and the leveled working surface that is hard. Ensure that you do not place the device on the spongy surfaces as they usually interfere with the proper operation of the device as air does not circulate to the maximum around the fans of the coin change counting device.

One of the conventional types of coin change counter is the four rowed counters operating on the auto-advance structure. For the device to serve you to the optimum and safest utilization, adhere to the safety precaution measures and the proper actions at the maintenance and the care of the device. Before you operate the machine:

  1. Ensure that the front cover of the device is opened. If you run the same on, being closed can easily lead to the destruction of the device or the interference of the device’s proper function.
  2. Remove the tubes of the coins and place all wrappers of the cash to the wrappers of all lines.
  3. For accuracy in the sorting of the coins, ensure that the wrappers insert up to the bottom of the tube.
  4. Minimize the chances of the wrappers extending above the edge at the top of the tube.

However, the machine can operate without the wrappers or the rollers. Switch on the power located at the back of the device. Suppose you are ready for the process of sorting coins. Ensure that you give the device about thirty minutes to perform the self-testing and collection of any currency that might be left in calculating the previously calculated amount of the money or detecting the possibility of an available foreign object in the unit of the counting device. Add the coin at the hopper of the machine to sort and count these coins to effectively occur on the device. If the counting of the money becomes accurate and effective, you will hear a ticking sound that assures you the precise and smooth process of counting the coins by the device.

Ensure that you remove all foreign materials from the amount of money you want the device to calculate in the form of the loose Change and add to the device’s hopper. Some of the materials you need to minimize are the clips, non-US coins, one-dollar coins, papers, screws, pins, and glass. Avoid placing the finger if the device is operating in the cash openings to minimize the level of injury occurrence. You can add coins as the machine work in the hopper of the device. The coins usually sort accordingly to the respective rows according to the denomination of the coins. If one tube gets filled up, the device temporarily stops to allow you to slide another line of the cash to the rightful position, and then the process of the calculation restarts to count. If the whole row fills the denominations, the device sounds alarmed and allows for the sliding out of the row. If the tubes run out, replace them with empty coin wrappers. Put the pipes back to the position for the device to start the whole process again from the first row.

Suppose you are operating the digital brand of the coin counting device. In that case, it resets for the denomination of the counted and the added to the total amount of the dollars until you press the key to clearance recorded information. If you are done with the whole process, press the start button for the machine to effectively and efficiently completion of the process. Then press power off at the back of the device using the switch at the back of the side of the device.

Coin Wrappers

Most of the common brands of coin sorters can use rollers, wrappers, or work without them. The central importance of using the wrappers is that they provide you with the perfect process of the organization of the coins you collect and thus minimal recounting of the coins or resorting. Most of the wrappers easily slide into the tubes of the coin’s tubes and crimp at the top of the wrappers if you want to take the cash to the bank. Coin wrappers are the best option for the effective management of the organized coins, especially in the form of the loose Change that needs taking to the bank.



In most cases, some instances lead to the frequent occurrence of errors in counting and sorting the coins. To timely deal with the issue and prevent future occurrence of the same, keenly observe the sounds the device usually provides at the process of the operation of the device. The following are some signs of the device incurring issues in the process of the procedure the device.

If you note that the motor does not work correctly or does not entirely work, look for the proper plugging of the power cord. Determine the switch of the power if it is turn on. Push the start or the stop or the run button again. In addition, determine the positioning of the tube tray positioning. If they are not placed well, the motor of the device might not operate. Suppose all the above processes are adhered to properly, consult the customer care unit for further guidance on the same.

If you keep on hearing the ticking sounds as the device performs the task, it means that one of the tubes is full. Therefore, the issue is cleared by replacing the tube with the empty one. As this is an anti-jam device, the ticking sound is very typical.

On the other occasions, the coins might not sort into the tubes. To retrieve the issue, unscrew the hopper’s lid and remove the inner vessel of the device. In most the cases, issue causes entrance of the foreign objects, damage, sticking of the coins, or bending of the unit and thus leading to the occurrence of the jam. Tap gently on the device to lose the occurred knot. Due to the device’s making structure, it is designed for coping with the occurred spot automatically. Wait for less than fifteen seconds for the screws to run as they rotate backward and forward. If the device still does not run, turn it off for a moment and unplug the machine to loosen the screw on the hopper as it might be very tight. You can lift the lid of the hopper and expose the running vessel. Ensure that you retrieve the issue and thus replace the inner container. Put the screw of the hopper back to the correct position and start sorting and counting the coins.

In the other instances, you might experience error messages at the column that usually indicates the total amount, ensure that all tubes of the coins are appropriately positioned. If positioning between the tray is wrong, there occurs the malfunctioning of the rear sensor. Therefore, adhere to the proper spacing of the trays of the coins.

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