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The manual way of sorting and counting the coins involves a lot of labor and thus a very monotonous task. Investing in the device that eases the job improves the speed of the task accomplishment. For improved effectiveness, there are safety precautions that one is supposed to adhere to for the device to prolong the service period.

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Coin Sorting and Counting Machine


The Safety Warnings

  • For your safety and the persons around you, it is always crucial for you to adhere to the following precautions when you desire the device to serve your company.
  • If the place that you are in is damp, do not operate the device. If you work it in humid conditions, the likelihood of the electric shock hazard is usually very high.
  • If you want to perform any maintenance measures, turn off the device and unplug it from the power source.
  • Never start the device if the cover at the back of the machine opened.
  • If the device is in the process of operation, avoid placing the fingers inside the channels or the hopper.
  • If the device not used for a prolonged period, turn it off and unplug it from the power supply.
  • If you might have an issue with the use of the device or anything else related to the device’s functionality, contact the unit of customer care for guidance.

The Visible Parts of the Device

In the purchase of the device, you are likely to observe the following feature on the genuine coin sorter and counter machine.

  • The main connector of the power
  • The primary label of the preferred product
  • The control interface of the panel and the LCD
  • Hopper capacity of the coins and the release handles
  • Channels
  • Safety lock
  • Coin drawers and cups without lifting the machine
  • Gripping areas that you desire to lift the engine from
  • Back cover
  • fuse
  • Power switch

Technical Specifications

The following are specifications on the operation of the device, which is changeable according to the improvement level of the technology and frequent level of the development research. It assists in the satisfaction to the needs of the customers. However, there is always prior notice if there are changes that need some improvements.

  • It operates at a temperature that usually ranges between zeros to forty degrees.
  • The preferable ambient humidity usually ranges between thirty to eight percent.
  • It holds a maximum of five hundred coins on the hopper capacity.
  • The capacity of each coin drawer usually ranges between fifty to three hundred coins.
  • The batch usually presents three-digit numbers on the LED display.
  • For the count of the numbers on the process of the display of the device, it displays four LED digits.
  • Effectively and efficiently operates on the alternating power source ranging between two hundred and twenty voltages per fifty Hz and one hundred and ten per sixty Hz.
  • The average consumption of power is more significant than forty-five watts.
  • The device’s dimensions are usually three hundred and forty-five by three hundred and six by two hundred and sixty millimeters.
  • It weighs three point nine kilograms.
  • The maximum speed on the counting machine is two hundred and seventy coins per minute.

To ensure that the product is in the proper working condition, ensure that you inspect it regularly and handle it with a lot of care. If the cord of the power supply indicates a sign of damage, stop using it and contact the desk of the customer care service from the manufacturers.


Operation of the Machine

  • Before you start the process of the operation of the device, ensure that you place it on the level surface and then turn it on.
  • Set your preferred batch. Process of the batch setting, each channel needs the expected locations. Each channel needs the settings scheduled from zero to nine hundred and ninety-nine.
  • To select the channel, press the SET key and the BATCH key and then press on the plus and the minus key to adjust to the preferred batch number.
  • If the channels come with the channels set on zero, the machine automatically stops the media even if the drawers are full of the coins. However, the track stops if the STOP or START button is pressed or no cash drops through the channel for the next twenty seconds or less.
  • If you want to set all channels to zero, press the minus button for seven seconds.
  • It is essential to consider automatic memorization of the batch number.
  • For the process of counting the coins to start, press the STOP/START button. Press on the same key for the function of the calculation of the cash to stop.
  • If you desire to check for the report of the process, press the REPORT key on the standby device. It follows each channel’s information. If you are done and feel satisfied with the results, press the c button to exit the checking procedure.


The Care and the Maintenance

If you desire to operate any of the processes of the maintenance procedures, switch off the device and turn it off to avoid the occurrence of short-circuiting or related issues. If a foreign material enters into the unit like the hopper, it causes a jam or even damages the team’s operation process. Ensure that you adhere to the maximum level of precaution to remove the objects that might enter the hopper. Therefore, it means the occurrence of the material open the cover at the back of the machine and removes it. If the coin causes the jams, use the finger to turn the jammed currency upwards. Ensure that you then allow the coin to fall through the proper channels. Suppose the device turned on after a given period of dormancy. In that case, it usually undergoes the self-testing process in which there might be chances of error messages.

One of the most common errors is EA that indicates the blockage of the sensor. Press on the stop button, unplug from the power supply, and then remove the back cover. If the process fixing of the error needs effectiveness, turn the tray using your hands. Ensure that you see the covering of the glass. If it looks dusty or dirty, clean it using a soft woolen towel. If the error keeps on appearing, it means that the environment in which you are operating the device contains a lot of dirt and dust. The dust sticks to the inner parts of the device. The situation can effectively cope with by transferring the device to a more ventilated environment.

If there is the E1…E8, the counting sensor experiences blockages from the smallest to the most extensive channel size of the diameter. The occurrence of the E9 means that the running sensor is blocked. If you sufficiently clean the device, operates it in a properly ventilated environment, and adhere to the measures instructed by the manufacturer. Still, the occurrence of the error does not cease. Look for assistance from the customer care desk for the guides on the further instructions for the fixing of the occurred errors.


Coin Separator and Counter

Decision-making on the purchase of the coin separator counter is a wise idea as the device is one of the most improved versions in meeting your financial needs. It comes with the latest technology for the practical process on process of the operation. In the package box of the device, ensure that it comes with the following tools and equipment.

  • The device that you ordered for
  • Power cords
  • Eight cups of the coin or more according to the type of the machine
  • Prescribed cleaning brush
  • Spare fuse
  • Warranty card
  • A guide for the quick installation process

Before you set up the device, determine the amount of the voltages authorized by the manufacturer and then connect it to the connector at the back of the device on the main outlet of the machine. Turn on the device as the cord of the power face the backside of the device. In the process of the self-testing processes, it gives the wait message on the display screen. If the device displays zero packs over zero point zero zero, the separator is ready to count the coins.


Coin Redemption Machine

The solutions related to coins facilitate abrupt stops of the banks to calculate the cash to their customers. Redemption encourages the improved level of the advantage to the opportunity profitability. It comes on the attraction of customers, thus improving the traffic status for the increase in the profit to the links related to the national banks. It increases benefits the maximum increases the level of the profitability reduction on the cost of the services related to the banks’ services. The coin redemption machine improves the status of speed and accuracy. It gives the overall packaging, thus providing for the value and convenience to the customers.


Best Factors You Need To Consider Before You Buy the Coin Redemption Machine

The management of the coins and the coin-counting machine are some of the processes that usually assist in the drawing of the customers to your business premises. The device is essential for the application to the business but comes on the added convenience to customers getting the services from the machine. A rough look on the coins looks as if they are alike, but the reality is that they are very different. Determination of the difference on the coins assists in the improvement level of the accuracy staff workers and the customers.


Counting Accuracy Technology and the Methodology Variations

Kiosks usually appear the same, but they differ in terms of the level of accuracy. Sorting of the coins is done according to the size. It guarantees the status of the speed in the count of the coins as the accuracy adheres. The relevant wear and tear mismatch leads to the coins getting to the wrong slot and thus the occurrence of the possible jam, leading to the delays, counts inaccuracy, and frustrations to the customers. Most of the modern applications of the machine come with the addition of the sensors actualizing, detecting, and measuring the metallurgical properties of the coins. Accuracy of the cash and the amount of the jams minimizes.


Safety and the Capacity on the Increase If Mutually Exclusiveness

The bags in most of the cases are hefty and not efficient. On bag can weigh highly, thus adding burden to the staff, possibly leading to the discomfort and occurrence of the injury. It increases the level of inconvenience as it interrupts the customer services and the status of the business’s workflow by retrieving the bag of the coins securing it in the vault. Large bin capacities instead of the loads assist in the increase of the ability of the device. Providers of logistics usually facilitate the switch of the bins. It eases the processes of the internal staff holding the burden on the heavy lug bug of the coins. The level of the interruptions of the customers minimizes the approach of the available device.


Determine the Quality on the Level of the Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance of the machine retains the accuracy of the device. Regular cleaning of the machine assists in the reduced level of maintenance cost. An adequately managed program of the service assists in the necessary, thus keeping the unit of the device frees from the foreign materials to improve the reliability of customers. Maximize the enabling availability of the machine by providing the device’s performance timely on the pickup of the coins. This process minimizes the occurrence of unnecessary interaction on the staff. Another essential factor is connecting real-time and the transaction to process full monitor and troubleshooting on the related level of the issues. In addition, the occurrence of the problems increasing points before more significant matters occurs. They improve on the issues on the accurate monitor of the time. The non-headache firmware and the security update without remotely schedule on the call of the services offered by the device.


The Speed and Convenience on the Staff

In most cases, the customers’ requirement keeps on changing and the demands of the online banking by the application on the growth of the mobile application. Customers usually crave in-person along with the in-branch services. The most excellent percentages of the customers prefer using the bank that has a higher number of the physical presence for the survey of the goMoxie. A related financial institution comes on the higher role as the customers require advice on holding the money. They are also excited about the instant services from the bank. The coin redemption machine eases the social distance by limiting the level of the interaction and minimizes the personal presentation of the customers to the bank branch.

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Verification of the track record
  • Freed staff time
  • Additional changes to the redemption offer


Training and the Support of the Device

The partners of the coins provide for the ongoing staff training processes on the remote and the onsite places. For the reporting and the reconciliation, ensure that the automatic and report thus supports the logistics of the branch. Maximize the real-time accountability and visibility from the partners in case of variations. The following are some of the management that you need to adhere to.

  • Field support
  • Branding
  • Capacity
  • Customizable features
  • Expert account management
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