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The machine aims at self-service in handling the cash by providing quality reliability solutions for your coin deposit. It is an upgraded model of one of the most digitalized versions for cash deposit solutions. It provides for the update and reliability at an affordable price. According to the customer reviews, the coin deposit machine proves best in applying the technology and the latest version. However, the product has spread to most parts of the world. The most common aspect that contributes to the popularity rate is the high level of accuracy and performance. It has commendable work experience where the latest version designs to meet all current and future needs of the customers and the challenging market demands. The device improves performance on the different coin cleaners and facilitates coin acceptance, maximum downtime through the CAM.

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Coin Deposit Machine

The technology facilitates the continuous self-service life when you require the device, especially at a busy office. They provide for the intelligent planning in the process of the new opportunities created. Application of the device assists in the adequate release of the employees, thus improving profitability in the customers’ consultation. It can apply to the national banks or the retail shops. The level of the performance can use on small, medium, or high amounts of coin circulation. It adds robust sensor connectivity and technology. According to the formation of the machine, it applies a high level of reliable and accurate sensor that usually assists in counting and identifying deposited coins. If the device detects a damaged, foreign, or fake currency, it beeps and rejects it.

For the maximum utilization of the machine, consider utilizing the trays by fitting them with the shutter. The version comes with the online software for ultimate connection with your preferred network. Online account connection facilitates the online deposit of the customer’s coins to whichever place they are. It suits the customers who opt for your services and finds it hard to access your physical store or bank. The receipt for the transaction is always processed timely. Services offered by the device are quality and outstanding. The components come on the accessible modular. Both software and the hardware are simple for the replacing or servicing by the employees. It comes on the detachable dodge for the software storage, configuration, and memory information. If there is a need for the replacement, the smooth switch to the dongle achieved.

The machine is lightweight, compact, and easy to install. The process of adapting the coin deposit machine services is done by selecting the cabinet color and plastic trim and then utilizing the graphics possibilities. According to the reliability of the machine’s technology, you gain a minimal amount of the advantages of the ownership cost. The practical process of making the coin deposit is achieved on the following procedure.


Preparation of The Deposit Bag

For the practical process of the preparation of the deposit bag, follow the guidelines below. There are three types of deposit, note deposit, essential deposit, and coin deposit. At the deposition of note, only notes are contained in the warranty, and the same case applies to the coins. On the essential promise, you can consider coins and the small number of notes. At the last step, seal the deposit on the safety bag that contains the deposit and the cash slip. You can determine the placement of the warranty on the single deposit bag. Each load must come with its deposit slip and the cash mark on the same bag. In the second step, every safety bag composes of an individual number. Consider saving the number on the deposit bag until the money counts and becomes visible on the company’s account. You were protecting the number very crucial as it assists you in any question related to the deposit. The inquiry on the promise addresses your active bank account.


Notes and Coins

Place the note according to the value by using the rubber band on the different bundles. The orientation of the letters is not vital on the preferred bundle. Rubber bands are the most common things that are applied in the process of bundling the notes. They cannot interfere with the proper functioning of the coin deposit machine. If you use other items like paper clips, they may damage the interior units of the device. Do not fold or roll the notes as they are supposed to be as straight as possible. If the notes are not straightened enough, the possibility of them torn is very high.

However, if you desire to make the essential deposit where you choose to deposit both coins and the notes, the maximum amount of the coins you should consider is fifty pieces. Use the small plastic bags on the arranged pieces, placing them in the deposit bag as the notes put on the deposit slips. In the placement of the money on the counting machine, ensure that the coins places separately from the notes and d vice versa. If you put the notes and the cash together, coins might hide in the bundle of the notes, thus destroying the counting machine. If you desire to deposit many coins that are higher than fifty pieces, ensure that you accurately prepare for the deposit of the coins. Most of the machines do not allow for the note deposit on the coin machine.


Filling the Deposit Slip

Filling the deposit slip is an essential step in the money deposit process that needs not be ignored. If you complete the filling function, ensure that you save one of the copies until the effective crediting of your company.

  • The account number of your company
  • The branch name of the company
  • Value and amount of the notes
  • The weight of coins
  • The overall value of the prepared deposit
  • Enter the message or the reference number in which must not exceed thirty-five characters

The Marks on The Prepared Safety Bags

The step follows completing the money you desire to deposit into the bank account.

If you complete the deposit, ensure that you seal the bag accurately and carefully. The properly sealed safety bag cannot interfere easily without the visible marks on the attempts to tamper with. Before you send the parcel, write the name of your branch and company as the sender’s name and the bank account you intend as the receiver. If the misplacement or not deliver to the right place, add the phone number, including the deposit date. These data are not very essential and thus optional. The bank accepts the deposit, determines the seal, and considers the intact safety bags’ level.


Improved Level of The Profitability on You and Your Customers

The coin deposit machine comes on the self-service life on the user-friendly and mechanical design. The device usually maximizes customer service by allowing a smooth deposit of the coins. They also make the exchanges of the currency by generating value for the company and the clients. The essential part of the machine is that it allows for the effective conversion of the idle coins on jars and piggy banks to the products that are brought to your bank. The coin deposit machine facilitates the self-service as constructed and developed to ease the considerable labor that would otherwise cope manually. The process in which the device is made suits the amount of money that you desire to deposit.

The machine facilitates the smooth guideline on the money deposit with the pictures that ease the whole procedure. While count and the deposit are completed, the customer receives a secured receipt with a detailed indication of the coins counted along with the total value. The processed receipt is used as a means of payment of the bills. It equips with the barcode for the eased price on the counter checkout. If the customer does not require receipt needs the cashback, determine the fee on the amount deposited to add payment or payout on every transaction deposit.


Importance of Investing in The Coin Deposit Machine

There are numerous advantages on the proper meaning of the device’s application on the customers and the owners or the operators. The following list comprises some of the factors that led to the application of the machine.


In-Store Services for The Effective Exchange

At the current state of finance, the circulation level of the coins is higher than the recent past years. The situation, therefore, necessitates investing in the coin deposit machine for the counting and the sorting processes. The clients receive their preferred in-store services for the exchange. The process, therefore, facilitates the maximum benefit of the retailers from the prospect of the business.


Maximum Attainment of The Profit

After the coin deposit, customers receive the receipt usable on the shops for the means of the fee structure according to the amount deposited or collecting contribution added to the margin for the sold goods through the receipt. The process facilitates for earning or addition of the money to your bank account. In addition, the creation of the in-house source of the coin contributes to the substantial saving processes of the purchased coins.


Maximum Satisfaction to The Customers

After converting the idle coins on the jar or the piggy banks, the customers gain a given advantage. You also collect your desired items from the supermarket or the store.


Maximum Visibility Locally

Coin deposit machine, especially one that orients to the self-services, provides the unique opportunity to position and market to the desired retail shop to the base of the customers. Through clear and clever branding and word of mouth, the device achieves the destination for the coins in the whole community. The quality of the services offered improves through the application of social media for the addition of the new members to the business that ends up as your customers. The addition of traffic enhances the profitability of the company. Improved level of the reliability, accuracy, durability solutions from the manufacturer of the coin deposit machine

Most of the leading chains of the supermarkets and the actual supermarket store, convenience stores, and kiosks in most parts of the world consider the added advantage to their coin generation. It usually increases satisfaction to the customers in the stores’ expansion profits and the turnover. The coin deposit machine facilitates one of the effective methods of export worldwide. According to the local experts, the services and sales handle to improve on the expert security by providing their customers with the device that smoothly and efficiently function on any size of the retail environment.

The improvement occurring in the level of the technology, there are various inventions of the coin deposit machine operating by the touch on the screen if you need the services. Therefore, if you are new to the different touch screen use processes, this guide aims at maximum assistance in the process of the options and layout. Also, technology provides audibility on the tactile keypads to guide the customers with low vision. The keypads on the ATMs are applying if you desire to enter the amount you want to withdraw, deposit, or transfer, or while entering your PIN, especially on the touchscreen versions. At the end of the reading of the article, you will learn about the withdrawal of the cash, determine the balance of the account, cash withdrawal without card’s currency, and an effective way of making deposits.

You will learn about some of the options and prompts and the locations of the buttons on the touchscreen. The hyperlink on the guide assists the effective familiarization process with the step sequences according to their appearance on the ATM screen. There are also indicators for the components of the ATM-like the keypad and the slot of the cards. Therefore, for the quick, effective, and confident use unit, determine the guidelines keenly.


Importance of The Audio Feature

The unit is very crucial for the customers with the challenge of the cues of the touchscreen.


Getting Started

Making yourself familiar with the ATM components is very vital before the actual use. Most of the latest technology comes with the models of the machine with the touchscreen. It means that the buttons on either side of the screen function less previously used for the selection. If you want to select on the screen, softly touch on the screen using the tip of your finger. If adequate, it indicates welcome marketing, or the screen message thus shows the readiness to use. You will also view both cards with less deposit and card-less cash buttons. For the cardless deposit, you will use it if you have the capabilities of the deposit and thus needs enabling.


Receipt and Card Slots

On the right of the atm, the screen is narrow, raised, and comes with the horizontal receipt slot labeled as the transaction record for the dispensed printing of the receipt. The slot ridges as it recesses inwards. Consider the card insertion on the space of the ticket if prompted. The raised numbers on the card should be on the left side as they face upwards. If the atm is ready for use, the card illuminates.



The location of the keypad is centered of the self in front of you directly, just like a phone. It comes with raised dots while the 0 is at the center of the button key at the center, the letter one on the left side at the top, while the number five locates at the center in the second line. On the right side, there are the function keys on the column. The following provides the order from the top.

  • Clear as identified by the letter x
  • Clear through the vertical line
  • Unused blank button
  • Enter by the circle

If you desire to cancel the transaction, you can perform it by pressing on the clear key. The clear facilitates the clearance of the input.


Coin Compartment

Most of the ATMs accepting the coins come with the unit that facilitates acceptance. It is usually a separate box with a touchpad and the display screen with the panel separation. The feature of the coins locates at the base of the box, tilting upwards at an angle of forty-five degrees. It comes on the plastic squire at the center opening if there is a need for the coin insertion.


PIN Entering

If you are ready for the transaction, insert the card as the numbers at the left face upwards to the illuminated slot of the card. The atm reads the card and then displays for the entry of the PIN. If you make a mistake, cancel the process for the return to the card. If you desire to clear the transaction, it facilitates the re-enter or repeat of the PIN entry. If you enter the PIN, press the enter button.


Selecting Your Suitable Means of The Transaction Using the Home Screen

If the process of the pin entry was effectively done, the home screen enquires on what you desire to do. Most of the ATMs come with four columns with four rectangular-shaped solids on the white raised buttons written with the black text. If the ATM facilitates the money deposit, five buttons are arranged from the top according to the following procedure. If you desire to determine a given option, tap on the button using your finger.

  • Cash withdraw
  • Deposit making
  • balance account
  • mini statement
  • money transfer

For the non-customers of the bank, there is no indication of the mini-information and the fund transfer.


Back Button

Most of the ATMs come with the arrow pointing to the left, facilitating the return to the previous screen. It is located at the left, halfway downwards. It is a solid white circle with a black arrow at the center.


Determining the Balance on Your Account

After selecting the account balance, consider setting the account from the screen’s display at the home screen. The options indicate the solid white buttons are written using the black text as displayed on the column at the center as they arrange from the savings, cheque, credit, and the linked account from the top. If the account selection process was effectively done, the screen indicates that ‘we are preparing your statement. The ATM will then process your request.


Printing or Viewing the Balance on The Account

If the account’s balance is ready, the screen indicates a display of account balance first place. The balance is hidden for privacy and the protection of the information. If you want to view the balance, tap on the large grey panel at the bottom of the center of the screen. The touch on the screen facilitates views on the button on the grey at the forum. It leads to a clear picture of the eye icon in the solid white circle. If you feel satisfied with the idea of your information, tap on the panel to hide it at the right. The hidden icon comes with a closed eye in the solid white circle. Tapping on the print button facilitates printing the paneled information and comes on the icon of the receipt on the solid white ring. If the function of the print of the account balance was practical, the display screen indicates thankyou and that your balance on the account was effectively processed.

The screen comes on the three other options placed on the balance of the information: the home, withdrawal, and return card. Home comes from the solid circle that has the symbol of the house, taking you back to the home for the change or the selection of another transaction. Withdrawal is a solid white with the character of the dollar, allowing you for the withdrawal from the account. Return card is the yellow circle with the card’s sign providing for the transaction end, thus returning your card.


Withdraw of The Cash

For the practical process of the cash withdrawal from the account, the following three approaches should be adhered to.

  • Choosing your suitable account
  • Selecting the amount, you desire to withdraw
  • Determine receipt confirmation and option for the withdraw

If you have selected the withdraw of the cash from the home screen, it asks you for the selection of the account. Determine the amount of the money that you desire to remove. At this point, you use the keys to enter and then press enter button. In addition, you can opt for the selection of alternatives on the column at the right of the screen. The process is followed by the passage of the option to the receipt and the confirmation of the withdrawal. Before the device process, your request for the amount you desire to withdraw the device facilitates verification of the process.

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