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The process of the calculation of the coins on the manual process consumes a lot of time. The operator keeps on repeating the process to ensure that they end with accurate preservation of the data. Time is the main reason for business growth and development. Therefore, you need to invest in the coin machine for maximum utilization of the time as it eases the task. Manual processes are also prone to errors and a low level of accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. This leads to the need for machine application in the process. Most coin machines are applied in the operations of the calculation of the coins. However, in the process of buying the desired device, determine the following factor.

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Coin Machine


If you need the job to be done accurately, look for a reliable version of the coin machine. The level of accuracy offered by machines does not compare to any manual methods of calculation. Most of the devices provide ninety-nine-point nine per cent accuracy.


While looking for the best brand of the coin machine, you must consider the durability and the functionality of the device over all other factors. The apparatus is not the prettiest machine but instead offers a high level of job performance very efficiently. The speed at which the device counts the coins is commendable. It usually reduces the time of the management of the loose change. To get the best version of the coin machine that perfectly meets your needs, determine the features that make the device more reliable.

The Coin Machine Buying Guide

You might get yourself looking for the cheap brand of the device for the best deal or look for the most expensive if the high price offers the best quality. However, other than the device’s price, determining the additional features that guarantee the purchase of the instrument selected.


Durable Dependability

Regardless of the brand of the machine you purchase, you need the type of machine that is highly reliable. It needs to deal with heavy metal for an extended period without failing you. The idea here is the durability of the device. Money counters are made of very many moving parts and the possibility of the regular breakdown if not from the high quality. To save on the maintenance cost, consider the device that is made of durable materials.

Coin Wrappers

You might like the device that wraps the coins. They also assist in the separation and the calculation of the coins placed on the device. The device saves on the time that your employees spend to wrap the coins after counting. However, the added feature requires more attention in the processes of the maintenance of the device. Therefore, consider the device that comes on the properly in-built wrapping unit. This eases the cost of the care but needs more attention for effective service.

The Holding Capacity of The Device

Depending on the amount of money your business transacts, you need the device that performs the task at high speed or handles a few batches at a time. Small batches count at a slower rate compared to the delay of the workflow. Some brands of the coin counter accommodate three thousand coins or more at a time, while others hold a maximum of five hundred coins. The amount of cash you usually have is one of the aspects that guides you in determining the best brand in the purchase process. This assists you choose of low or high capacity according to the volume of the cash flowing in your business.

The Speed of The Calculation

If you need the device that facilitates the higher process of the input of the coins, you need to opt for the counter that performs the task at high speed. However, if you have fewer batches, speed is not an essential factor for you to consider. The small amount of the coins can count faster without the delay of the workflow of the business productivity. A higher volume of coins requires a higher speed to cope with the amount of input. The speed determines the chances of the business getting lower production, especially on the busy or the high cions flow. If you are worried about the error occurrence, a higher speed calculator assists in the minimal event of the same. They usually double-check or go through the coins twice quickly. You need to understand the higher the speed requires higher electric power.

Design and Display

Some counters do not display the numbers on the screen and offer a perfect level of functionality. However, most of the improved counters usually indicate the total of the coins by denomination. This facilitates the review of the progress of the coin counting machine. In double-checking on the level of accuracy, the process is essential as you quickly refer to the amount of the money processed. The device’s design usually varies as some of them come with adjustable diameters to cater to currencies from different denominations. It applies best for the business that transacts coins of different sizes like one’s currency. Other designs include trays for the individual coins that improve the processes of sorting. Other brands add the section for the rejecting of suspicious coins. This maximizes the number of coins that do not fit the system recognition unit.

Importance of The Coin Machine

The coin machine’s need applies to most businesses that usually handle a high transaction of the coins through the high rate of the change accumulation. If the amount of the change accumulates to hundreds of dollars weekly, it calls for the investment in the coin-counting device. The other areas that you possibly get the device are the banks’ restaurants, retailers, vendors, and the casinos that, in most cases, invest in the machines that ease the processes of the calculation and the separation of the coins.


Your Need and The Preferences

The next step in determining the perfect cion machine is the review of the needs of the business. It includes the feature that you need the device to have by making the list that needs guides you in the process of the must-have device. If you deal with international customers and do not feel it is the main reason for the investment on the counter, look for the brand that caters to the currency from your country alone. If the business does not receive a high amount of customer change, look for a brand with a lower coin’s capacity. If you frequently transact the currencies and get a high volume of the purchases, determine the high-speed counter to best suit the process.

Dime Counter

A dime counting machine is one of the most crucial tools you can ever have or invest in. the device is used to reduce the number of errors in the counting and sorting of the dime, thus assuring you of the accurately preserved documents. Related to the accounts. The device assists in saving on your time so that you can utilize it in the other areas of the improvement of the business, like the customer care unit and the sanitization processes. The seed in which the device performs does not compare to any manual methods and is thus very dependable. However, the device serves the counting processes and assists in determining counterfeit bills in a very accurate way. The technology in which they apply is quicker and more reliable.

While determining the effective device for you to invest in, you need to look for the price, function, or role. The device you need to invest in needs to perform all tasks you need to do for your business and few complications that do not assist or apply to your requirements. In determining the device’s effectiveness, you need to look at or less of roles as you choose the amount of money you invest. The core role of the device is to ease the process of counting the money, look for the brand performing the task much more accessible. You should use the selected device with less reference to the manual guide or asking colleagues. You also need to determine if the device performs the task manually or automatically.

Automatic machines are preferred in the areas with a high flow of dimes as the operator will only have to add the dimes as the device affects the calculation process. There is minimal use of human intervention in the process. At the same point, you need to determine the size of the hopper capacity of the device selected as it is equally important. The size of the hopper determines the amount of money the device holds at a time. Not all devices have the capability of counterfeit detection. You need to consider if the feature is essential for you according to the money you usually transact. Another important thing is the level of the occurrence of the mixed denomination. As in this case, you will need the device that caters to these values’ detection.

Coin wrappers with the addition of the coin wrapper tubes

The device usually comes on the red-orange, green, and blue color-coding for the pennies, quarters, dimes, and nickel in that order. The process of the matching of the tube eases along the line of the coin wrappers. The approach aligns with the reliability and the standards of the banks. These tubes are made of durable modelled plastic that serves you for an extended period. In addition, the wrappers are of high quality. These devices usually come on a one-year warranty on a wide variety of money storage and coin management. Some of the applications of the dime counters come with a slot that allows the movement of the excess coins as they indicate if the coins are total. The measure of the level of tubes usually assists in the correlation of the new cash from the mint. Some of the older coin’s diameters generally decrease along with the respective thickness.


Features of The Device

The device usually comes on the extra wrappers along the four coded coin sorting tubes set on the two hundred and fifty-two wrappers exceeding the same price competition of the similar price. Therefore, each of the types comes on sixty-three of the overall number. Ensure that you fill the tubes with the coins as you use the slot to determine the filled-up line. Insert the coin wrapper into the tube above the coins and invert the line to fill the wrapper. Most of the colored features allow for the standardized management of the respective currencies. The matching of the coins with the wrappers is usually straightforward and thus matches the bank’s standards. Some of the types of plastics that apply in the process of the manufacture of the coin tubes. This makes the device serve you for extended periods. As you look for the coin wrappers, look for the type of wrappers made of quality paper to raise their standards.

Slots of the coin indicators usually assist in the depreciation of the excess coins indicating when the tubes are filled up. All the measurements of the heights of coins are measured for compelling correlation with new coins introduced from the mint. The ranges of the decrease in the thickness and the diameter of the cash mean the overflow of money is high, but in most cases, they will either exceed with one or two coins. The decreasing size comes from the period that the coin has been service. The type of product selected comes from several management processes and the additional structure of the storage of the money. Before you settle for the device, ensure that you understand both advantages and disadvantages.

The Coin Sorters and The Counters Tubes on The Color Codes

These are some of the brands of machines that usually affect the amount of the budget you invest. They are made of four colors that assist in the process of complying with the federal reserve colors. The strategic designs assist in easier operations of matching with the respective wrappers. They come on the warranty information that assures you that the tubes meet your financial needs and other expectations. However, if the device does not, you must make the recommendations that you would like the device to have. Most of the devices are made of different materials. The importance of your determination of the type of machine made of the quality materials ensures that the coins are safely preserved. It also assures you of the extended service period of the device with the minimal amount of the repairment cost.

Scan Coin Machine

Most of the coin counter types usually count the bags of the tokens and coins as they assist in rejecting smaller coins from the suspicious denomination. Some coin counting devices lead in sensing to assist in identifying damaged, foreign, or counterfeit coins. These devices are applied in most settings that usually hold a high amount of the transaction of the coins like the back office, retails, and casinos. In determining the excellent brand of the machine, consider the reliability, durability, and long-lasting as they are some of the options for the perfect assistance in saving on time as you sort, count, bag, and verify the tokens and coins. The compact-sized device can come on the high-speed counting that provides several the advanced standard features where you opt for the desired interface for the external control of the device. If you need to calculate the higher amount of the coins at a higher reliability and efficiency, look for the firm device to cater to the process with no strain.


The Coin Solutions

The range of the scan coin comes on the content of the different solutions of the coins. They affect the sorting, counting, and bagging of the respective amount of the coins and tokens as they reject the smaller sized denominations. The devices are known for being the leading in sensing technology, thus coming with foreign, counterfeit, and the damaged coins. The range of the applications of the device moves from the home and the large enterprises.

Counting of the coins needs machines that counts and verifies the number of tokens and coins. The machine operates on the manual settings that identify the thickness and the diameter of the coins. The device eliminates the suspicious, damaged, or counterfeit coins by placing them on the reject pocket in the same process. The machine applies to most of the functions of the coin transaction processes.

Sorting the coins adds to the making of the scan coin that usually brands coin sorters for the effective sorting, counting, bagging, and verifying tokens and coins. The brands of the machines generally offer the freedom to sort and count several currencies simultaneously. Most of the sorters usually include unique electric counting sensor technology, where some of the brands allow for the patented technology of the active process of sorting. It means that the machine usually proceeds to count even if the bag is filled up.

Value counting usually facilitates the quick process of counting the coins from the mixed value with or without separating them. Although it is a value counter machine, it comes with additional features that give the value of the batch. The other element of the electric sensor assures you of the high accuracy in counting.

Sachet coins systems usually take the loose change and package them into the sealed sachets on the standard banking batches. The sachets apply to most entrepreneurs around various markets that rank from leisure and amusement settings to the operators looking for recycling packed coins. Therefore, operators looking to recycle the packaged coins like the back-office operations in the vending, the car packing that eases the banking processes through central processors of the coins in the cash handling functions.

The coin roll dispenser is a virtual device as it assists in easing the cumbersome process of manual handling of the coins. The dispenser saves on the time utilized in the manual functions of similar exchanges. They automate the transaction exchanges, and it is always available to all users. It provides the business with the secure, reliable, and accurate process of the interaction of the high denomination cash into the rolls of the coins.

The Different Features That You Ought to Determine on The Scan Coins

Most of the scan coins usually vary according to the elements in which the manufacturer makes them. According to the functionality of the device, different manufacturers provide devices that offer additional functionality. Therefore, the following are the various features of the scan coin machines.

Universal Verification, Calculation, And Bagging

Most of the scan coin technologies facilitate the separate processes of the adjustments to the different types of diameters and the thickness of the coins. It has the technology of the electric unit of the sensing that improves the accuracy in identifying the damaged, foreign, and fake currencies. The rejected coins then move to the tubing attachment or the holder of the bagging coins and tokens. The process of the rejection of the cash is achieved accurately without the process stops. It makes the process be a highly reliable, effective, and accurate device.

Smart Processes

The scan coin process is other essential in the functions of the convenient delivery of the respective services. The operation of counting the device offers a quiet atmosphere at the calculation of the coins. It has configurable stops and preset or preprogrammed stops for the maximum of the seven different values. It provides the automatic reverse unit for the removal of the jammed coins. Provides the automated processes of the start, stop, and off-sort feature that rejects the smaller coins.

Operates Conveniently

For the improved level of the convenience of the determining device, it must add some of the features that assist in the effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency. A low sound, high speed, and reliable accuracy ease the processes of the implementations on open areas. It has six digits that are very easy on the green display. The sizes of the devices are very compact for placement in any place in which you desire to use them.

Large Memory

The device comes on the unit that eases the processes of the storage of the processed information. The features include the microprocessor-controlled by the non-volatile memory to store all critical data without battery backup. It consists of the three levels of the memories and the total, sub-total, and separate bag count memory.

Money Coin Machine

For the improved level of the banking equipment provider, there are many options of versatile coin-counting devices. The devices are not only capable of accuracy in the process of the calculation of the coins but also highly programmable sorting and batching function. Therefore, the money coin machine unit selects the recognition of the standard of the coins you deserve according to the current needs and preferences. The version where the device is made allows for future changes to meet the requirements of the different customers. The device usually delivers the services at any time you need, especially on the more productive tasks. The most appropriate application is the wall lobby installation process. It allows you to use the front or the rear of the machine according to your preferences. You can look for the style that effectively customizes your desired look according to your company’s graphic profile and décor.

One of the unique features of the scan coin is that it usually offers a system of cash deposit solutions that are availed for the first time. The scan coin usually assists in minimizing the occurrence of locked-up inflexibility of the system. The cash deposit system unit always allows for the perfect way of self-service. The provides unique processes of the intelligent organization releases the staff members and improves on the branch of the customer care. The manual handling of the cash minimizes as the staff members engage in more profitable services that will enhance the output of the business in the consulting roles. The device also maximizes the benefits by providing customer-specific solutions that apply to the banks, supermarkets, and retail stores with high, medium, or low cash flow.


The Common Features

  • The solutions offered are of highly tailored modularity
  • Leans on the investments that proofs on the future of the company
  • The services provided by the device are very outstanding
  • Most of the latest brands of the device are improved on the technology of the scan coin capability

Product Description

The machine usually comes on the unique concept of the modular enabled for the tailored solution that serves for the self-service processes on cash deposit procedures. It accompanies a thermal printer, small footprint, low level of noise as they sort and count, free groups that are very programmable, and vault collection of the coin deposits. The option of the device usually adds bagging either in mixed or separate denominations. The unit Allows easy access to the removal of the coins through the front or back structure of the installation. The customized services are designed for the wrapping marketed to the customer services offered. It Provides the mix out or the mixture in the system. The device also comes on the six bins of the mixed carousel system style and the eight bins of the complete sort style system. The unique modulated program makes the device effective for handling the cash deposit system that avails for the first time. The unit of cash deposit system reduces the rate of lockout occurrence due to the inflexibility of the system.

The Modularity of The Tailored Solution

The cash deposit system provides a perfect process of around the clock self-service. The device usually provides a straightforward way of the unique functions of the coordination by improved level of the customer services. It allows the staff to maximize on other areas from the manual handling of the cash for more of the profitability of the consulting role. The device assists in the maximum production of the benefits that offer the perfect means of the customer-specific solutions mainly for the retails, banks, churches, supermarkets, or the other areas that handle minimum, medium, or maximum cash flow.

One of the essential advantages of the device is that the unit always runs. This means that fewer services call for the most expensive hours, thus saving on money and time. The uniqueness of the modular concept gives you maximum flexibility to determine the features of the machines you currently need and the possible addition of future features. Expansion of the note modules provides for combining the improved winning quality of the coin processing technology on the best solutions for the notes counting and sorting processes. The device offers flexible features at various connections levels, from connecting to the local network full of integrated ATM networks. More improved brands of scan coins come with the technology of the touch on the screen for the full-on the line connection and deposit solutions for the coins and the notes. The device usually maximizes the process of the system of the deposit of the cash to the system.

Coin Calculator Machine

The coin calculator machine usually assists inaccurate processing calculations of the coins and tokens. Compared to the manual processes of the coin sorting and counting of the currencies, the calculator eases the process. However, you need to adhere to the safety precautions that facilitate the chances of injury, electric shock, and risk of fire for the prolonged service period.

  • Do not operate the device for any other purpose than the intended role.
  • Avoid the entry of materials other than the coins.
  • While performing the device, place it on the firm, hard, and levelled workplace.
  • Avoid altering the design and the construction of the machine.
  • Avoid modifying with the electric plug of the device.
  • Avoid operating the device on the damaged power cord or the electric plug of the machine.
  • Place the device around the outlet of the electricity for easy accessibility.
  • Avoid immersing the device in the liquids like the water or allow the liquid to get into the machine.
  • If not attended to for a prolonged period, turn off the device and unplug it from the socket before moving to the storage unit.


Operation of The Product

  • Place the device on the levelled surface.
  • Plug the pronged end to the cord adapter at the side of the device in which you plug into the standard wall unit
  • Insert preformed coin wrappers that are bought separately on the various corresponding tubes
  • Press on the start or the stop button to start the process of the device’s functioning. Allow the machine to run for a short period to clear any error around the counting unit. The session allows you to determine if there is any foreign object or the stacked coin.
  • Add the coins on the machine’s hopper, and sorting the cash to the correspondent tubes starts to run.
  • Press the #/$ button for the effective running of the total amount of the dollars or the count of the individual count view coins. Press on the mode button for the determination of the preferred cash for the process of sorting the same
  • If the tube runs complete, the device temporarily stops the counting and the sorting of the coins. To remove the filled-up wrappers, pull on the edge that is exposed and then remove from the tube. Push the wrapper from the bottom of the tube as you wrap the edges from folding of the device
  • Put the new wrapper on the tube as you place the other coin tube in the proper place of the machine.
  • Press on the start/stop button to reset the data on the filled-up tube on the respective devices as you press the same button to restart the calculation process on the device.
  • If you are done with calculating the desired number of coins, switch off the device from the function of counting coins. To clear with this process, resetting the display usually affects the process.

On the other hand, you can opt for the flat types of coin wrappers. They are one of the standard features that apply to the utilization of the maximum use of the respective device.

  • At this process, allow the coins to fall on the plastic tubes. Avoid placing the flat wrappers on the tubes as the device operate.
  • Remove the tube once full of the coins.
  • Place your index figure slightly at the end of the wrapper as you slide the flat wrapper over the top few coins on the machine.
  • Firmly hold the flat wrapper around the bottom of the float tube. Gently push the wrappers around the bottom of the coin tubes. Tilt the tube for the coins to slide in the wrappers. If the wrappers touch the bottom of the tube, hold it upright and fold the top of the wrapper.
  • Turn the tube upside-down as you allow the coin filled wrapper to slide out and then fold over the other end of the wrapper.

Applying the Optional Printer

Most of the improved version of the coin counting machine comes on the port in which you add the optional printer. If you need the report processed by the device to print, the following steps affect attaching the printing device.

  • Connect both ends of the supplies serial cable on the optional printer
  • Consider the operation processes offered on the manual that comes with three machines during the shipping
  • Press on the print button for the total value printing from the display of the machine

Counterfeit Detection

With the raised number of counterfeit money circulation in the economy, you must determine the device that adds the capability of the detection for the improved level of accuracy. At the same point, adequate detectors come with the latest brands on the coin counting machine. However, the option of fake money detection depends on the preferences of the operator. In addition, the counterfeit detectors usually vary in terms of the level of the expense.

Magnetic Detection

Most of the currencies that circulate in the world’s economy are modes of metals with the property of magnetism. This makes them attracted to the field of appeal. Most counterfeit currencies cannot come up with the cash made of the magnetic property, but applying the same is possible with the current level of technology. One of the worst advantages of magnetic determination on the currency is that the magnet does not detect the worn-out thus acts as the fake bill. Most companies apply the process of magnet detection for the elimination of the old coins or cash from the financial flow.

Ultraviolet Detection

Another common way of detecting counterfeit bills is by using ultraviolet rays. Currency is made of the properties of the ultraviolet and thus pass through the unit of the detection. If the device detects the device that does not have the property, it produces the beep sound as it sorts it to the reject pocket for the further inspection process.


Infrared Detection

This is one of the most expensive types of detection. It is not as common as ultraviolet and magnetic detection. In the detection of the property, the detected currency acts in either of the two processes. These include the absorption of the infrared rays or the reflection. If the glow of the light is absorbed, the area around the infrared property turns black. However, for the practical process of reflecting these rays, the region has the property of the infrared glitters by turning the average color of the appearance.

The commonest detection of counterfeit is ultraviolet and magnetic detection. However, infrared detection is less common due to the high price but equally important. Other methods of the detection of counterfeit bills include the metal thread, thickness, type of the metal, type of the paper and the quality of the materials used in the printing of the currency. Regardless of the type of the material or the type of the counterfeit detector used, look for the device assisting you in meeting your financial needs effectively. Before you opt for the machine to invest in, ensure that you understand what you want and can afford.

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