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The manual sorting process and the calculation of the coins, in most cases, faced the challenges of making errors. It is time-consuming as the operator tries to count and recount the cash to record accurate record keeping. In most cases, the person involved in the process finds themselves looking the second or even the third party to certify the sum of the coins counted and sorted. Therefore, this calls for the investment in the coin sorting and counting machine. Making frequent trips to the banks for the change does not provide the solution while dealing with many coins.

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Coin Sorting and Counting Machine

attending or determining the coin counting service leads to the frequent counting fee. If you pick a reliable coin sorter, you gain the quick and effective counting of the coins. However, some of the questions you find coming to the mind are the speed of the machine and the denomination it supports. If you require the device to keep you around the home or minor personal processes, there is no need to determine the machine’s performance. However, if the device meant for business or company purposes, accuracy, reliability, and speed are essential factors to consider.

Factors to Consider While Determining the Best Coin Sorting and Counting Machine

When it comes to purchasing the coin sorter and counter machine, all needs of the people differ. The differences come on the types of the currency, frequency, and some versions come on more improved ability according to the case at hand. While looking for the best electric or battery-powered coin sorter, determine the intended purpose of the device. In case of the need for the battery-powered device, they are smaller and portable. Portable batteries are the best choice for mobile coin sorters and counters. Powered by the battery does not mean that you pick on any of the devices you encounter. Therefore, prioritize the intended use of the coin sorter and counter depending on the device’s convenient features. Determine the following buying guide to make the sound decision on the best model of the device that suits your requirements.


Instead of the high investment on the expensive money counters, determine the main reason that leads you to the desire to buy the device. Look for the different manuals and read from the various customer reviews on the coin and sorter display. A good body made of metal offers a perfect option, but the complicated types of plastic perform well. Determine the durability for the improved reliability of the selected device. Let the amount of money you invested in the machine cater to the type of device that meets your financial requirements.

How Often You Count the Coins

This is one of the logistic aspects of the frequency use of the device. If the machine you intend to invest in needs the yearly sorting and counting of the money, look for the less digitalized brand of the money counter. Determine the durability session accompanying the device. If you count the coins daily, weekly, or monthly consider investing in the device that comes with the additional digitalized features. These factors assist in the much saving on the effort and the time on the continuous usage process. The speed and accuracy of the device are some of the main factors for the efficiency on time. The digital monitor track facilitates the total value of the coins and dollars as a huge saver to the life of the overall accounting procedure.

Sorting Of the Uncommon Denomination

Most of the devices facilitate the sorting of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. However, if you usually handle the other denominations like the half dollars and the dollar coins, ensure that you come up with the machine version that allows for recognizing these denominations. Getting the brand of the machine capable of sorting the fifty-cent pieces comes with the additional level of the coins, which is very difficult. It would be best to have the shell out of various currencies on the severe coins or the cash. However, the brands of machines come on the reasonable investment of the budget that assists in sorting the dollar coins or the half dollars. The possibility of getting the device is high, although they are more expensive compared to the regular coin sorter and counters.

Type of the Currency You Desire To Count on the Device

Some people, in most cases, require sorting of the currency based on the United States currency. Depending on the company’s location, near the southern or the northern borders, your needs for the coin sorter might differ. This needs for the Mexican or the Canadian currency sorting. Like the coin sorting and counting machine, only a few devices facilitate the same unless you desire to invest in a professionally graded sorter. Look for the pick that enables the different purposes like sorting, counting, and wrapping the coins.

The Capacity of the Coins

The factor on the selected coin sorter and counter capacity usually assist in determining the exact amount of the coins that counts at a time. If your business calculates the coins only once per day, look for the type of device that accommodates three thousand coins simultaneously. However, for the smaller loading of the coins and you do not feel the urge of the slow process of sorting and calculating the coins; consider the brand that usually holds a few hundred per session. For the large enter prices, it is crucial to consider the high capacity counting and sorting device to minimize the occurrence of the jam or the delayed service to the customers. Remember, the faster you serve your customer, the higher the chance of returning for the service as you win their trust.


The Speed of the Counting

The improved level of the thought output of the device needs for the larger electric powered device. If you hold a high amount of coin outflow, you need to determine the device that efficiently and effectively deals with the workload at a commendable speed. The high speed should not resolve the primary concern of the selected device. However, the machine that calculates the coins at the rate of like the manual process is not suitable for the application on the business regardless of the size. The high-speed process of counting releases you or your employees for the other tasks around the office like sanitization or customer care services. If you need to minimize the occurrence of the error by twice the calculation of the coins, the speed factor is very crucial.

Additional Features and the Durability of the Device

The device’s durability is another essential feature worth consideration and the most suitable place you desire the sorting of the coins to take place. Some of the devices that come with moving parts in most cases are prone to breakdown, thus interference with warranty. A machine that fails the one-year following the normal process of usage marks the wrong decision. In addition, a device that fails to operate without prior notice of what went wrong on counting and sorting means a worse decision.

A device that assists you in wrapping the coins helps in maximum saving on time. You require a device that comes with the wrapping effect on the capacity of the machine. In addition, determine the amount of attention that the device requires while counting the money. If you are required to calculate a high amount of the coins, let us say you need to sort the nickel filled on the jar. You will have to remove the calculated change due to the fast process of filling up the nickel counter. However, if you do not require counting wrappers, determine the brand of the device with your favorite features in mind.

Automatic Coin Sorting Machine

The coin sorters are some of the modern miracles that assist in the process of change calculations. They emerged to improve the manual operation of counting the coins and ease the using the local counting service. Most of the brands of coin sorting and counting machines come with automatic and manual options. The speeds and the sizes of the machine differ depending on the selected device. If you hold a high amount of coins, you need to invest in the advanced version of the coin sorter machine. The brands are more expensive but come on the improved level of sorting technology that improves the accuracy and speed.

They have a digitalized monitor that keeps track of the value and the volume of the coins. If you count a small amount the cash, you have the chance of getting a less advanced manual counter that gets the job done timely, although it is less accurate and the speed is a bit lower. This leads to the question of the best brand of the automatic coin-sorting machine. Despite the coin sorters coming as brilliant inventions for the convenient distribution of the change, not all devices serve the promises. This needs keen research before the process of the purchase of the device. A perfect option for the coin sorter requires sticking to a trusted manufacturing company with a high reputation, commendable work experience, and reliable work experience.

Essential Feature

The following features allow for sound decision-making on the most suitable or the suitability of the device. They assist in the standout of the machine bought.

  • It is a business-grade sorter and counter
  • It comes on the one-touch button for the stop on the full tubes
  • Come wrappers comes on the purchased machine
  • Displays for the different quantities of the coins on the process of counting and sorting
  • It usually dispenses the sorted and the counted coins on the tubes and the trays
  • It usually comes on the one year warranty


  • It meant for the bigger businesses
  • It looks nice on the desirable design
  • Denomination of the coins displays on the screen
  • Can use the tray, tubes, or the both
  • It comes on the one button in the process of the operation


  • Very expensive but the quality worth the price
  • The deficient speed on the sorting but precise and accurate

The Best Overall Coin Sorter Machine

Most devices facilitate the multipurpose as they offer for sorting, counting, and rolling the coins. It comes as a unique feature for the best sorting machine. It is usually an electronic facilitating for the exact and quick sorting process and the additional impressive reputation on the backup procedures. Although the device is not a cheap model on the market, it comes with exceptional accuracy, speed, and durable or long-term reliability. The brand operates like the other sorters. All you need is to pace the change on the hopper or the top tray, press the start button, and the device starts counting as it filters the coins on the respective slots. The model built by a company specializing in the equipment used to handle money. The device meets the professional standards for a straightforward process of use by any business level or private ownership, or even homes.

The device’s hopper usually holds two thousand coins per session, thus the largest capacity of any coin sorter that competes with the device directly. The high holding capacity means that there is no need for the frequent refilling of the device compared to most models that usually hold eight hundred coins or less, thus needing periodic refilling. This device serves as the booster to the places that operate at fast paces by sorting at around three hundred coins per minute. It easily differentiates the different denominations of the coins except for the half dollar. Most importantly, it gives accurate sorting and calculations. On the other hand, the comments indicate that less than two percent of the customers usually complain of the incorrect readings of the device.

As the coins sort through the device, the leading LED display on the front of the device usually provides the preservation of the resultant track of the coins. This facilitates viewing the numerous metrics, which generally include the total value of the cash and each breakdown process on each type of coin. You can opt for the presetting of the machine for the notification on the achievement of a given metric. You have the additional advantage of dispensing the coins on the paper wrappers or the coin bins. If you have ever dealt with the coin sorter, you have an idea of the amount of work in the process of dispensing the coins on the paper wrappers. This brand successfully nails the aspect by filling each of the rolls without any issue. If the registration fills up, the device usually paused for the addition of the paper wrapper.

The devices offer the best alternative to the hands or the manual process of sorting and counting money. It provides a silent atmosphere in the counting process. It does not come with usability issues as opposed to the other brands of the machines. Therefore, the quiet functioning platform of the device comes with the high reliability and efficiency completion of the job. The factor is scarce on the everyday brands currently found on the market. However, the model is higher expensive compared to the related models. However, if you might determine the level of convenience it comes with, it is the most incredible version of the decades.


Important Notable Features

  • Offer the range of the sorting between three hundred and three hundred and twelve or more per minute
  • Hopper capacity holds more than four hundred coins at a time
  • For the additional level of convenience, the device comes on the sixteen coin wrappers
  • Operates smoothly along with the anti-jam technology
  • Facilitates for the counting of the dollars with the bright LED display screen
  • It comes on the double row for the sorting and counting of the coins, thus the improved speed
  • It comes on the one year warranty period


  • Easy running of the coin sorter
  • The machine properly made
  • No incidence of the stuck of the coins
  • The size of the hopper capacity offers the constant feeding
  • Accompanying wrappers facilitates the easy carriage process
  • It uses a low level of the electricity


  • The process of learning the operation of the process, but once you know and get equipped with the knowledge, it becomes easy.
  • Complains about the misplacement of the coins but is usually rare

The Best and Cheapest Coin Counter Manual

Suppose you are not looking for the advanced version of the coin sorter. The manual offers the simple version of the sorting machine that assists you in getting rid of the pile of the money you handle. Compared to the discussed brand, it is slower and smaller than the top pick but offers the performance of the job perfectly. The original design aimed at personal use thus does not provide the job’s performance like the previously discussed model of the machine. The machine’s hopper usually holds more than two hundred coins sorting for one hundred and fifty per minute. It easily distinguishes the average coins but cannot recognize the dollar coins or the half dollars of the United States coins. Therefore, eliminate that before you sort if possible.

It has a manual sorter meaning that you have to turn to the hand crack for the change filtration. Its crack usually operates perfectly but requires gentle handling. It allows for the hand turning of the damage as fast as possible and, if need be, force it if it is stuck. It calls for good patience as it cracks and gets your change effectively and efficiently. If you find yourself feeling snag, turn on the reverse of the crack or give the little jiggle; thus, proceed as usual. It performs on the highest level of reliable accuracy at the low cost of the building. The average level of accuracy is approximately ninety-five percent accurate, according to the customer reviews. The degree of the performance of the job is commendable if you do not require paper wrapping. The system of the wrapping not advanced compared to the other brands. At some points, it does not fill the correct amount of the coins.

If the wrapper is filled with about fifty pennies in the normal process, it is likely for you to get it getting about forty-eight. However, if the wrappers removed, you see through the correcting tube if they fill to the top, thus the guarantee of the right count. You need to roll the papers later manually. Therefore, this is the best coin counter for the intended purpose and the home operations. If you usually count the coins after six months and desire to get a low-cost device to speed the sorting process, you will not go wrong with the brand. However, if you calculate the money more often, determine the type of machine with more advanced features on the options in the market.


The Best Value

This brand operates on the electric connection and patented anti-jam technology for the best coin sorter option. The brand offers a perfect opportunity compared to the previously discussed. It comes with automatic sorting and reliable features at a commendable price. The hopper capacity of the device holds eight hundred coins. The pace of the sorting occurs for over three hundred coins per minute. It comes on a digital display that maintains the track of the coins and the dollar count. Despite the device coming on the best model on the line, it provides the average coin sorting. However, the aspect does not break the deal as you do not need the ton either. One of the perfect and particular aspects of the model is the variety of tubes that suit every coin type. Most of the brands come on a single tube for each coin sorting. If the tube fills, it calls for emptying before resuming the sorting.

This type of machine offers four tubes for the specific type of coin. The device moves to the next tube if one filled up. The engine is the motion penny wrapper filling to the top before the tube gets the coins. If the tube filled, the device recognizes the seal, thus pauses, pushes to the next available tube, and starts the filtration process easing the operator’s intervention until all tubes fill. The method of dispensing the money is usually perfect on the wrappers. The only disadvantage of the machine is frequent reports on the event of the jam according to the customer reports and reviews. This one of the challenges in fixing the occurred jam because although the device advertises on the anti-jams feature, it does not perform as it claims in the advertisement. However, the good side of the device is the accuracy offered is reliable for an average of ninety-five percent of them, according to the report of customers or users.

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