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Most people who usually transact a high amount of cash typically find it hard for the regular count of coins. The calculation of the money and especially the currency in most cases consume a lot of time, providing a lot of labor. Investing in the coin counter machine offers the best solution for significant businesses, minor businesses, and applications at home, thus minimizing the manual processes.

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Coin Sorting Machine

The Coin-Sorting Device Operational Procedures

The device made to sort the coins provides for the random processes of the cash to the separate bins and the tubes of the different denominations. The count sorters very explicitly designed to the currency on the often issuing to the same sized coins from the other values. Most sorters do not attempt the counting as most of the cash value passes through the device.


Coin Counter

The coin counter is the device with the counting and sorting for the coins at the same time. There is the counting of the presorting on the cash from the same denomination and the sizes. A typical coin sorter and counters the presorted coins that similarly size. In most cases, there is a flat bowl perimeter. It has a hole at the edge of the bowl that is only a spacious holding of the wide acceptance of the coins. The coin either passes through the beam of the light on the counter machine. The currency pushes through the spring loading of the cam by only accepting one coin at a time. The device provides an excellent standard of the coins counter to sort and count the speed at the three hundred coins per minute.


The Process in Which the Coin Counters Operates

The application processes of the coin counter devices are more innovative than you may think of. Most of the latest brands of the appliance provide for the sensor technology that instantly identifies and counts each type of coin that passes through the device as it measures and identifies all coins passing through the device. Some of the machines use the dual-sensing optical system, which remembers each size of the coins. The device counts the coins as they drop in the exact tray cup and stores the maximum total amount of the counts done on the machine’s memory.


Operation Processes of the Coin Counter Sorting the Coins

All the coins from every currency come on the special, a unique sized diameter and thickness measure. Instead of the manual processes or the separation of the coins, investing in the machine eases the whole process. The digital device comes on automatic sensors and rotating disks for the practical identification of the bases of the coins at the same size. The coins then funneled into separate cups for the receiving of the sorted coins.


Operation Processes of The Coin Counters Through the Weight Bases Determinations

If you might look at the coins using the bare eyes, they might appear similarly sized or weigh the same, but the fact is that this is not the case. Most of the coins are differently sized are weighed. In the high precision process, the money counting scales use the finely calibrated loading of the cells that weigh several coins at a time. The loading cells apply the signal that calculates and measures the weight of the coins. They match them up with the coin and type of the denominations recorded to the memory of machine. The end of the process provides for the instant reading of the total amount of the coins calculated.


Buying Guide for the Suitable Coin-Sorter Machine

If you desire to buy the right and the best model of the coin sorter machine, consider the following factor before the actual process of the purchase of the machine if you need to get the device that will effectively and efficiently cater for your financial requirements, keenly adhere to the following factors.



The price of the coin-sorting machine differs according to the additional feature composing the structure of the machine. In addition, the quality of the device needs to the varied cost of the device. Purchase the sorting device, maximize the depth of your budget and look for the features that meet your needs.



According to the device’s efficiency, the story of the machine’s efficiency depends on whether you need an automatic or a manual coin-separating device. In most cases, the computerized version of the coin counters operates on the electric currency through a high loading capacity. Most of the applications come from the battery systems of the power supply for the manual coin sorter. If the device operates automatic processes, maximize the machine that does not encounter occurrences of the jams. Hole in the counting of the coins, the structure of the digitalized coin counter facilitates the auto-recovery of the same. It improves the reliability of the device. The process might not maximize the efficiency level as would desire but maximizes on the throughput minimizing unnecessary errors.


The Level of the Frequency of the Coin Sorter

In selecting the coins sorter, determine the frequency you need to count and separate the coins. In addition, the average amount of cash that you usually handle determines the frequency of the using this machine. According to the device’s purpose, the device’s frequency varies regardless of the business or the household application.


Speed of Counting

The speed device runs to determine the suitability degree in the application processes. The speed of calculation and the separation of the coins measure in terms of the rate per minute. The efficient device saves a lot of energy and time.


The Sorting and Counting Volume

If you need a device that counts the coins on the daily operations of the company uses keenly, determine the volume you desire the device to handle on the daily application of the machine. If you want to invest in the best product, look for the device that facilitates a high volume of money loading capacity over a short period.


The Durability of the Device

If you want to minimize the maintenance cost, look for a reliable device in terms of durability. It reduces the amount of money that you invest in the process of repairing measures.


Efficiency, Effectiveness and the Accuracy

The level device serves you in reliability at the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy; thus, the effort and the time will not waste through the manual processes of the certification as in the case of the manual applications.


The Sorting Types Available

Most of the counting machines come with different modes of counting and sorting coins. The devices vary in terms of sorting the batch, free process of the sorting, or the denomination sorting on the total and the individual counting of the denomination display.

Determine the factors and select a change on the rolling device for the counting and sorting needs. Ensure that you compare the aspect and the price on the scope of the usability to make sure that you maximize the maximum utility on the available period of the service session.


Types of the Typical Coin Sorter Machine

The following list is composed of the best types of coin separators that deal with the needs device to apply the machine.


The Two-Row Coin Counter and Sorter Machine

It is one of the fastest versions of the coin counter. It comes on the improved technology that adds advantages on the processes of sorting coins according to the proper thickness and sizes of all denominations that are available. It is capable of sorting money up to three hundred and twelve coins per minute without interruptions. It sorts the coins into the wrappers allowing for the easy transition to rolling and wrapping of the coins.



  • The hopper of the machine facilitates the holding of the four hundred coins at a session of the one function of the device’s holding.
  • The easy wrapping process with FS-2D provides for the sixteen coins wrapping for the four every type of the coins separating device.
  • Two rows for counting and sorting all denominations
  • Sort two preset coin denominations like the quarter, penny, nickel, and dime.
  • Applies the anti-jam technology, which provides precise internal sorting and counting of the coins
  • The device is easy to use and move from one place to the other.
  • Enhanced and efficient counting of the value
  • Provides the onscreen report for the total number of coins, overall amount and the value of the dollars
  • The best means for the transition converting loose change to the cash


  • Highly overpriced
  • Only compatible to us dollars
  • At times, the value and count of the coin differ at the same load

Automatic Coin Sorter

The latest version of the automatic coin sorter and counter facilitates the device with four different colors. The digitalized machine reduces the sorting of the coins from the US automatically on the various tubes. The product usually measures nine point five by six-point one by six inches. The measurement eases carrying and handling functions. The coin sorter and the separator come on the dedicated end for the insertion of the coins. They also have control buttons for the effective sorting of the different denominations.


  • A coin of the different denominations separates through four tubes.
  • Operates under the power of the AAA batteries
  • A suit all ages of the users
  • Efficiently turns the coins through a twist-off lid that is very easy to operate to retrieve the cash.
  • It comes on twenty wrappers of the coins.
  • Made of the ABC plastic body for the lightweight on the body and resistance to the breakages
  • The guarantees of the back money offered by the device are usually one hundred per cent.
  • Applies a high level of technology addition of the digitalized clock on the bank jar for the organized group of the storage of the coins
  • Modestly priced


  • Occasion occurrence of the jams while counting and sorting the coins
  • It does not offer the efficient application of the bulky coin sorting and counting
  • The batteries do not include on the package of the coin separating device

Motorized Coin Sorter

The innovative version of the coin counter device operates efficiently and quickly. To proceed, you need to pour the coins into the hopper and determine for the sorting of the available denomination like nickel, pennies, dime, and nickel. It is highly powered by batteries weighing about twenty ounces. It measures seven by eight by ten inches for the easy processes of carrying and operating. The device’s price reasonably prices and provides adequate services according to the level of the labeled instructions.


  • Effects and accurate, quick stacking of the coins
  • Have an overflow tray for the collection of the excess coins
  • Efficiently operates without coin wrappers
  • Additional two wrappers
  • Operate on the two c-grade batteries
  • The process of the wrapping speeds up
  • Supports the maximum of twenty coins at a time
  • Priced reasonably


  • If the coins overload, the device usually depreciates
  • Chances of the occurrence of the jams are very high
  • Batteries are not included in the package. You have to purchase them separately.

Cassida C100 Electronic Counting and Sorting Machine

This device operates effectively on counting and sorting the coins up to two hundred and fifty coins per minute. The speed of the sorting and counting of the on the device is facilitated for the money in terms of the mixed denomination organizing and sorting it on the separate boxes.


  • The device comes on the digital multifunctional LED screen display for up to seven digits
  • Provides for the addition of the large buttons that affect the eased process of the control
  • The upper hopper usually holds a maximum of one thousand and six hundred coins
  • The drawer of the currency usually carries a maximum of nine hundred coins
  • The device facilitates the counting of all coins
  • Provides accurate dollar value recognition on each the denomination
  • Effective and efficient money batching for the resettable range
  • It comes on the resettable preset range of the batch
  • The interface is usually easy to use
  • Operates on the four modes of the counting of the coins
  • Made on the metal and the plastic for the improved durability
  • Reduces the workload significantly


  • There is no availability of the coin tube
  • For the extended use, the level of the accuracy of the device reduces

Coin Counter, Sorter, Wrapper and Roller

This brand of the device is one of the best in sorting because of the raised level of efficiency. The design of the machine facilitates the different denominated coins. It is one of the best business-grade machines easing the process of cash rolling professionally. The operation on the dedicated buttons for the counting thus becomes highly simplified, setting the batches and setting the results. The device can collect coins in a large tray or dispatches them directly to the coin tubes attached to the boxes for the collection.


  • Accurate recognition of the denominations individually
  • Tightens the process of wrapping through the attached plastic tubes
  • Similarly, denominated sorts and counts efficiently range three hundred and fifteen to three hundred and forty-five per minute.
  • The mixed denomination of the coins sorts at the rate of two hundred and twenty units per minute.
  • The details count the results in the value and the numbers through the screen LCD
  • The printable counted coins report
  • The upper hopper capacity has one thousand and one hundred coins.
  • A large tray of the capacity of the coin ranging between one hundred and twenty to four hundred and fifty units
  • Come on the single touch settings for the collection to the tubes and the trays.
  • Trays or the wrapper coins customized for mixed usage on the single sorting process
  • Overfilling minimizes through the function of the auto-stop settings.
  • The device is ideal for use in the subway, banks, and supermarkets.
  • Priced reasonably


  • Bulk in dimension and design
  • Occurrence of the jam while operating
  • The sale of the product does not include the coin wrappers

Electronic USD Coin Counter and Sorter Machine

The sorter and the counter machine efficiently sorts two hundred and seventy coins in one minute. It prices moderately and facilitates the business grade on the automatic processing of the sorting and counting of the coins. The processes of the use of the device require that you only put the cash in the hopper, and the machine starts if they sense the money after pressing the start button. If you start counting, sorting, and wrapping the coins, set the pause as you desire.


  • Holds the maximum of the five hundred coins
  • Provides a rapid rate of the sorting
  • Offer the option to select between wrapper and bin for the collection of the sorted coins
  • It comes on the wide LCD of the total value of the value counted and the sorted coins according to the denomination
  • It has a foldout handle that holds up to thirty-six preformed wrappers for the collection of the coins
  • Attachment of the coin sensors for the improved sensing accuracy
  • Provides a control panel that is easy to touch
  • It comes with the tubes and bins that attach to it
  • Have a collapsible handle
  • If the container gets full, the device stops automatically
  • Operates on transparent batch mode for the continuous sorting and counting


  • Occurrence of jam as the pennies sorts
  • Requires frequent loading due to low holding of the hopper capacity

Goplus Electronic Coin Sorter and Counter Machine

The brand sorts an average of three hundred and thirty coins per minute. The device contains a large capacity for holding the amount of cash. It is one of the best types of coin counters and sorters on the market. It comes on the quickened process of counting and sorting thus displaying the value on the LED screen. The device comes on a user-friendly control panel facilitating effective control as you activate your suitable setting processes. After you purchase the machine, set your favorite batch for counting and sorting of the coins in the order of half.


  • Operates on the batch and the free counting modes
  • If you want to count the batch, you need to preset the limit of the count and the automatic settings if the process completed.
  • The report process allows you to read the individual tray value count.
  • The hopper holds a maximum of five hundred coins for sorting.
  • The slots usually hold one hundred and fifty coins each.
  • The efficiency of the bank tellers is improved.


  • If heavily or overloaded, it causes the jams
  • No provision of the coin tubes to the product

HFS (R) Commercial Electronic Coin Counter

The device operates as the coin and change sorting and counting device. It enables the operation’s convenient process maximizing the efficiency level when the amount of the coins comes on the bulky bunch. The machine aimed for the sorting of change applies an innovative design of the frame, making the counting and sorting of coins accurate and quick. The black and grey interior designs facilitate the complement of the interior décor. It meets the daily business needs for the counting of the coins as it serves the sorting processes, thus meeting your financial requirements.


  • Adds four sorting boxes to add after counting and sorting
  • Easy to operate and use
  • It can use on the free batch and count modes
  • It comes on the simplified settings option for the presentation of the coin counting
  • Accessibility of the counting results option at ease
  • Made of the long-lasting, durable plastic
  • High accuracy


  • Occurrence of the jams in the processes of the counting and sorting of the coins
  • Reduced efficiency on the areas with a high level of the humidity

Pyle Automatic Coin Sorter Counter Machine

The brand of the coin sorter or separating and counting machine easily operates and efficiently sorts the US coins. It has a clear LCD screen for the result of the process. It needs few steps for the effective control of the buttons facilitating for the free batch and counting. The display contains the total value and the batch value as set by the user. Effective at processing the sorted coins, the mixed denomination to the separate coins


  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Sorting of the coins separates to the separate trays
  • Holds higher than five hundred coins at a time
  • Easy to read the total value of the cash after the coins separate
  • Compatible with all currencies found in the US
  • Made of the durable ABS material
  • Runs an effective counting speed for the coins higher than two hundred and sixteen coins per minute


  • Smallholding trays
  • Occurrence of the jams in the process of sorting
  • The pack does not have the roll attachment

Offnova Hardaway Electric Automatic Coin Counter And Sorter Machine

The device operates on the electric sorting and the counting machine supporting easy counting of all denominations on the US coins. It comes on the spacious hopper at the top allowing for the holding of a higher volume of money at a time. You only need to pour the bunch of the coins and press the start button. The device comes on the moderate capacity for the loading capacity packing on the modest pricing, thus the popularity among the customers. A minor frame eases carriage and ensures fast and accurate processes.



  • Dispenses the counted and sorted coins into the trays or wrappers of the coins
  • Operates on the three different modes of batching, adding and counting
  • The control buttons ensure that the machine runs accurately, counting the number and the value
  • It separates coin-counting speed to three hundred and thirty per minute to the same denomination
  • The LED screen display for the instant results
  • Provides for the loading capacity of up to the ability of five hundred coins at a go
  • The degree of the individual tray is one hundred and fifty coins
  • Precise coin sorting with a minute difference like the half dollar and dollar detection
  • Addition of six trays for the collection functions


  • No inclusion of the wrappers
  • Frequent occurrences of the jams at the processes of the sorting and counting at applications the extended use

Ribao CS-10S High-Speed Portability Coin Sorter and the Counter Machine

The brand of the machine determines the type of the counting and sorting innovative machine designs, suitable and portable for the applications on the business. The device usually provides a high holding capacity on the uses, thus improving the loading version. It gives additional advantages to the users who hold a high amount of money. Enhances the features that facilitate the sorting of the coins and the machine sorting on the international markets.


  • The loading capacity of the device is two thousand coins
  • The speed of the more than one thousands and eight hundred coins per minute
  • Replacement belt, tube connector, and cleaning tools ease the management and the operation processes
  • Counting and sorting of the coins a per the customizable thickness and size
  • Have the five digits for the counting on the capacity display
  • Two years guarantee, after-sales, and engineering support
  • Improved durability


  • Highly overpriced
  • Attachment side causing jams
  • Rolling and wrapping functions and not available

The Overview of the Coin Counting and Sorting Machine

The device can separate and calculate the various denominations of the coins irrespective of the weight and the form. The transporter system usually picks on the cash from the hopper system to capture the images of the coins from the camera and then provides photos in the library of the pictures on cash vision on the machine. The sorting unit facilitates the coins to the respective bins according to the coin denominations identification. The interface of the user components indicates the total value of the calculated coins as it performs other actions at the same time.


Importance of Your Investment in the Sorting and Counting Machine

The type of device you desire to invest in will determine the kind of service it provides, like denominations detection according to the brand of the machine you purchase. If you choose to buy the weighing scales, you will handle all coins from different denominations as it determines the weight and the form of the device. There is the transporting channel running from the hopper through the camera’s zone and then drops to the area of the sorting. The machine vision system has deep learning for the based machines to the designs on the capture of the images of the coins illuminating the dark field. It effectively captures through the camera, storing it on the library of the present pictures of the cash on the systems of the computer.

The hopper system allows for the loading of the coins allows the loading of the cash that needs to sort. The process then directs the coins to the rotating wheels. The sorting unit enables the separation of the coins to their respective channels according to the identified denomination as the system recognizes it. The user interface compartment indicates the value of the total coins desired to count as the other actions defined later on in the claims. Some of the widespread shares on the coin sort and count device include the following factors.

  • The use or application of profound learning principles that identify denominations of the coins irrespective of the weight and form
  • Counting and sorting of the coins from the different denominations
  • Timely identification of the damaged or fake currency and separates it to the reject bin for further inspection
  • Counting and sorting the tokens used on the transit or other applications and the denominations of the different denominations
  • Facilitates for the introduction of new coins to the system without changing the hardware as it only needs an updated software system enabling for the connection to the internet systems
  • The operator determines their suitable bins according to the desire to place the coins from the different denominations. The process of the separation processes made of the convenient interface or the software app
  • Allows the use of the multiple choosing bins for the similar denominated coins
  • The device is made of the connected wheel for the standard electric connected motor mounted upon the structural chassis

There are compartments for the transportation device that space at equal intervals and the diameter of the wheel. The process facilitates the picking of the coins from the hopper area through the area of the camera unit. The unique structure of the coin sorter enables the individual selection of the cash at a time. The additional rubber conveyor-finishing belt or a similar means provides frictional contact to the pick-up of the coins against gravitational force. It comes on the metal proximity sensors or the other means that detects non-metallic coins deemed fake. A piece of additional triggers information on the sensing for either non-delay or delay on the camera captures the image of the coins images if they reach the zones of the camera.

The claims of the sensors also provide information to the camera to capture or skip the captured image detected. Some of the applications come with the added reject bin, while others do not have the unit. If the brands that have the extra pocket, the fake coin rejects on it as the sorting and counting of the proceeds of the currency. These brands are very fast, as the counting process does not have to stop. If the device does not have an additional pocket, it stops if it detects the fake coin. Therefore, if you are looking for a machine operating at high speed, look for the one that additional pocket.

How Counting Device Improves On the Level of the Efficiency

The businesses that usually invest in the cash-counting machine have one thing that they typically share in common. They are much more efficient automated than the tedious manual process, which in most cases comes with many inaccuracies. Although automation processes currently are not competitive retail markets. You usually provide the employees the needed time to perform a beneficial activity that only functions on applying human efforts. Automating the manually operated task, like counting and sorting the cash more productive labor, usually results from that does not require intervention strategies thus eased. If you might keenly analyze the benefits of the technology, you understand the number of advantages that the device comes with and thus frees much of the valuable time. The whole process enables for the focus on the challenging tasks in the other areas of the business.

If the company embraces the automation process of investing, the quality of the services it offers does not compare to the one that performs manually. The cash management technology is incredibly essential for most businesses that accept cash as the means of payment, regardless of the size or amount of the money it transacts. The processes along the business streamline, the loss of the cash minimizes, improves the level of the security, and makes the employees more effective and efficient. The methods of handling technology implement quickly as there are no complex installation interactions with the departments of the IT departments. The processes of the use are easy and intuitive to use.


The Level of Accuracy Improves With the Application of the Money Counting and Sorting Devices

The amount of work to your employees minimizes by automating the human or manual application process in the counting coins. The device reduces the man working hours for the Performance of the task. It is a huge timesaving option as it allows for the Performance of the duties like the driving spending or sales time with the customers. The amount of time your employees would count and sort of the coin spent on the other services like the sanitization processes and customer care unit. In addition, your customers timely served, thus improving the reliability of the usefulness of your business. Remember, customers are the main reason for the opening and the operation of the company. Therefore, winning their trust leads to an additional advantage to the business as you assured of their coming back for the services.

The counting of the strapped bills and the rolled coins facilitates the multiple denominations of the rolled coins at a time. If the device detects foreign material or a fake currency, it notifies you timely. At the same point, if the roll of the coins has fewer or more coins, the device provides the notification report immediately. Before the actual notification of the suspicious information, it saves time by spotting the discrepancies that can lead to the loss. The review on the screen facilitates the critical aspect of the quality of the rolled coins. It saves time, as you do not have to add the coins manually at the same time. Application of the counting and the sorting machines provides for the strapped bills from denominations for both fifty and one hundred of the quality straps. If the device completes the counting of the money or runs short, it usually sends out a warning message for you to determine the actual amount of the collected bills.

Provision of the spot audits and change disputes as some of the machines operate on lithium-ion batteries like those used in mobile phones. It, therefore, means that the device is easily portable. The portable coin counter and sorter machine determine such factors as the lightweight and the handle comfortable carry-grip, thus allowing for maximum security, as the device does not fall easily. Perfect Performance and registration processes of the device are usually accessible spots at the auditing processes of the change to the occurrences of the possible disputes. There is no need for the shut down on the lane for the accounting processes. If the device carters for the less common denomination, it means an additional advantage if you invest in it for the coin solutions. If you count a high amount of coins manually, you will likely experience a high level of inaccuracy and inefficiency. The processes on which you opt for the manual counting of the money needs investment on much of your time and the possibilities of making errors are very high.

The machine uses the simple keys to maximize the processes of the coins’ weighing processes, thus making a rare appearance on your till. The weighing machine applies for the old and worn-out notes and the damaged coins effectively. For the ripped taped bills, the weighing of the same occurs as recommended using the drop and pinch method of a maximum of twenty accounts at a time. The processes facilitate the calibration of the device and therefore learn continuously. Validation of the safes and the banks occurring manually automates at ease. The functions of the recounting of the money, cases of the manual operations, are minimal if the money-counting machine applies. It facilitates the weighing of the recommended straps on the safety to ensure no bill is removed. Most commons errors usually occur on the money counters minimize at the end of the calculations’ calculations on the money.

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