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The currency counter machines are one of the best magic machines that FeelTECK science and technology have produced. Various types of currency counter machines have been developed to enhance the cash management process in businesses. There are currency counters that are more complicated than the others. Some of these simple currency count machines can be operated by cash managers even with training, and this is because they are simple to use. The complicated ones are currency counter machines that need some training and skills to operate. Currency counting machines perform counting bills at an average speed and a high rate in currency counting. Some of these FeelTeck currency counter machines use image processors to identify the account. The detection features technologies are for detecting fake bills running at high speed. FeelTeck currency counter machine and techniques are expensive and applicable in different fields like currency exchanges and banks. Currency counter device are one of the best equipment every business should have. It is a machine which will manage your money in the best way possible.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Currency Counter

Most of these feel tech currency counter machines enable a significant improvement with high technology in a microcontroller unit. This has made this machine to be more applicable and useable in our life today. It is imperative to know that the latest currency counter version fully uses sensors and a microcontroller unit. FeelTeck currency counting machines arms at a lower cost; therefore, they need a currency counter to detect fake notes that entirely use a microcontroller unit, ARM cortex –M 4 -32- bit. These currency counters are more advanced and improve business productivity.

The currency counter mechanical parts consist of a roller having these rollers. This has some continuous pattern on rollers that enable the movement of those rods at a certain fixed speed. Machine lesser receiver and transmitter utilized to identify the currency by starting and stopping the counting of each bill. There has always been an application of MG, UV, and IR amongst many other vital features that the prominent role is to detect all counterfeit notes when the counting process. This enables the total results to identify on an LCD screen as your currency counter machine stops sorting the tabs if the device detects any fake note. FeelTeck currency counter machine has a very high counting speed that fastens the counting process. These machines will give you more accurate counting results in the counting process and detect any counterfeit currency. The feelteck currency counter machine is a good investment and is a machine your business should have. This machine protects your money and business and also saves more time for you.

Theory Behind FeelTeck Currency Counter

The currency counter device’s primary purpose is to simplify money counting on a loose collection and also the piles of those notes. The currency counter always aims at bill counting or note checking the status of your currency. FeelTeck currency count machine does count letters and a technology that enables them to detect whether the notes inserted in it are genuine or fake notes on the design of advanced techniques of detection technologies and scanning techniques.

The very first FeelTeck currency counter machine was simplified the money counting process and make everything easier. This counter machine leads to discovering a very smart currency counting machine and machine that quickly detects counterfeit bills and manufactures high speed and counters that can handle colossal cash counting duty, enabling a suite of various customer needs.

These currency counter machines from feelteck manufacturers have a high-performance level and can be used by small business owners and large enterprises like stores and banks. With the incredible innovation and machine advancement in technology, your currency counter machine has emerged, which enables different ways of printing notes, therefore detecting counterfeit notes. The main aim of this is to separate fake messages from real money.

The first application of counterfeit note detection uses light UV rays for detection. The primary detection aims of UV light detect the types of ink which are only visible by UV light. Because this method had a low speed, there introduced NI-IMAQ. This one uses the polarization that depends on a principle which your currency is not designed with paper. But do not doubt the currency counter machine FeelTeck is planning for their customer because they are the best in the market. FeelTeck manufactures the best currency counting machine with fake note detector, this will ensure that the money flowing in and also out of the business are real. You won’t go any lose because of fake currencies.

Guide on choosing the best currency counter for his or her business

Currency counter machines are the most reliable and valuable machines in the money counting process. This currency counter machine shall assist you in counting your money accurately and do it every fast to avoid any money loss, thus reducing the business loss. There are various types of currency counter machines available today that are manufactured by feelteck company. Here is the best guide and tips that shall assist you in picking the suitable currency counter machine.

The first thing to consider whenever you are finding a currency counter machine is your budget. Ensure you pick the device that will serve all your business money counting issues and fits your budget well. Always ensures you consider the money you want to use for the purchase. If your money is not enough to buy the currency machine that will help you solve all your money counting issues, then wait a bit to have enough money to buy the suitable currency counting machine. Purchasing a device may be meant for a small business, and your business deals with a colossal capital count every day means the device won’t serve you in the right way. Therefore, you better find more money and buy the best widget for you. No need to rush and end up purchasing the wrong currency counting device for your business. You can buy a cheaper device, but that machine won’t help your business development; you know that cheap is expensive. You better select a machine that will give you a good service for a long time rather than buying a currency counter machine every year. Trust Feelteck manufacturer, and they will sell the best currency count machine for your business.


The more advanced feature a currency counter machine has, the high cost it is. Most of those feeltech currency counters can be afforded by many businesses, including small businesses. If you find a complicated currency count machine that will handle multi-currency and mixed denomination counting, you have to put your budget a bit high. These counting machines are more expensive compared to devices dealing with a single denomination. Most of these basic FeelTeck currency counter is not costly, and they are worth their prices. The machine is not overpriced; FeelTeck is a trustworthy and transparent company.


Key features to reconsider when purchasing a currency counter device

Counting speed

The currency counter machine’s counting speed is crucial to check when buying a currency counter machine. The rate is determined by the number of notes the machine counts in one minute. One of the best things about the FeelTeck currency counter machine is that the speed adjustable and also has a good range. This can relate well with their price tag; those with high speed are more expensive than low rates. Therefore, currency counter with high speed and are more accurate is the best machine you should go for.

Sorting Function

Another critical factor is the batch function that enables the case manager to predetermine how many currencies the currency counting machine must count before the device automatically stops. Note, this function is utilized to build stacks of the same number of money and also can be utilized along with an ADD function. More advanced currency machines give an alternative to count by face or even orientation. Always ensure your currency counting machine are in good condition, and it is functioning well to avoid any counting mistake or even rejection of real money.

Report On-Screen

Modern technology has made it easier to produce currency counter devices that provide an on-screen report showing the exact breakdown of counts and the value of your money by denomination. As a result, these counter machines can tally the importance of notes while also rejecting counterfeit and suspicious notes.  This feature is a crucial feature that helps these feelteck currency machines be more helpful today. This is a great add-on feature, particularly for those businesses that handle large numbers of mixed currency notes.  This report on the screen is significant because even two cash managers keep all your business money records clear.

Compatibility with Printer

It is also good to buy a currency counting device that is compatible with a printer. This will simplify and allow the cash manager to pull out detailed on-screen reports and print a copy of the counting result as a receipt.

Hopper Capacity

This is like a pocket of the currency counter where unallocated currencies are inserted. Hopper is one of the critical things to look at whenever you buy a currency counter; this feature determines the number of bills you can count at ago. If your business deals with a considerable number of notes depending on every day, you have to look for a currency counter with a big hopper capacity. Most business owners pick the currency counting devices with significant counting front load hoppers that are more convenient than the machine with a backloading type.

Another critical fact to check is the machine with high feeder capacity than a carrier capacity. That implies you can place more bills in your machine’s hopper than a tray for a counted money can hold.


Fake Note Detection

You have to consider whether you will need a currency machine that will detect counterfeit notes. If counterfeiting is crucial, you have to buy a currency counting machine with good and advanced counterfeit detection technologies. Typically, these FeelTeck currency counter machines use MG, IR, and UV lights to detect whether a note is genuine or fake.  Generally, currency counter machines with these counterfeit detection features are more expensive than others, but the device is worth the money. This is because they do a great job of preventing fake notes and thus securing your business. In larger firms like banks, where huge money transactions are done daily, the currency counter machine with counterfeit detectors is critical. This is because they simplify the money-counting task as well as help in detecting counterfeit bills.

International Currency and Discriminators.

These FeelTeck currency counting machines are meant to come into the business and fasten the money counting process. To make these currency counter machines faster, they have a feature that enables them to detect currency from different denominations. These counting machines are called discriminators, and they are typically much costlier than the regular currency counters. But they do save much time, especially businesses counting a considerable amount of money. Some FeelTeck currency counters can detect international currencies as well as separate the small-sized notes. If your business mainly deals with more than one country, you have to go for a currency counter to detect various denomination bills.

Add Features

Most FeelTeck currency counters are designed with various additional features to cater to all money counting needs. For example, some feel tech models are designed with an external count display, enabling more than one case manager or person to see the running counts. This great feature is suitable for situations when the money teller is counting currencies for his or her client. In addition, currency counters mainly aim for massive money counting operations frequently come with a dust shield to detect debris and dust away from an operator’s face. These additional currency counter machines’ features are essential and help the machine work effectively and efficiently.


Currency counters come with a loaded flat or loaded standing up by stacking currencies on the currency’s side. Currency counter that allows stacked currencies are known as horizontal feeders, and that machine that accepts bills on edge are known, vertical feeders. A horizontal feed enables the cash manager to stack more currencies in the hopper and diminishes when the money counts a considerable number of currencies. A vertical spread is more effective and sufficient enough. Ensure that your machine’s feed is clean and well maintained to avoid any miscount or dust entering your currency counter machine.

Rejection pocket

Most of these FeelTeck currency counter comes with one pocket and others two pockets. The currency counting devices with just one bag have to stop whenever a counterfeit bill is detected to be removed by the cash manager. Then after the fake account is taken away, the machine continues counting. The currency counter operator removes the currency before counting commences.

On the other side, those currency counting equipment with two pockets operates by themselves. These machines remove the counterfeit bill automatically once it is detected. Then, it removes the fake note and takes it to the second pocket, also called the rejection bill. This currency counter device removes the counterfeit note and continues to count the rest of the bills. This continuous count add-on shall cost an extra price, but it shall save your business much time; if you find a high-end currency counter with all the above-discussed features, visit FeelTeck manufacturer. Here you will get the best and well-functioning currency counting machine. This counting machine performs very well and lasts for a very long time, and you get the one that fits your budget well.


This warranty enables you to return your currency counter machine To the FeelTeck manufacture for replacement before the contract expires. Most feelteck currency counter machines come with a great warranty, which shows that Feelteck manufacturers have enough confidence in their products. It’s always good to check on the promise to be aware when you can take back the currency counting machine if any faulty happen.


When selecting a good currency counter machine, it is critical to research ahead before buying the device. This will help you make the right decision, and you won’t regret the purchase. Make sure you pay for the best FeelTeck currency counter machine that will solve all your money needs. Also, know that the low-cost device may be cost-effective, but they may not solve all your cash counting issues. For example, some will lack fake note detection technologies and thus causing business losses. But also, purchasing the costliest currency count machine does not guarantee you high performance; ensure you check the features well and pick the one that is good for your business. Finally, select the perfect currency counting device that will sort and count your money as quickly as possible.

As it always has when anything else, it is usually good you determine and set your budget aside before purchasing a currency counting device. Again, as identical with the other purchases, the more the price, the good and more advanced counter you will get, and the more durable currency counter you will receive. Thus, you can expect low performance from lower-price machines, and they might also lack features like fake note detection. Hence, set aside a budget that will help you get the best currency counter machine in the market for your business. Take your time well and pick the currency counter machine to give you the best money counting services ever. You can also check the customer reviews who have used the equipment before and also what they are saying.

Benefits Of Owning A Currency Counter Machine

A vital part of a successful business is accounting for each of your assets. Most the most crucial aspect of every company in the world is money. Compared to other elements that you have, liquid cash means it may be used instantly. Having clean and accurate cash records shall give you the key and vital information to make the right decisions for the business. Using a currency counter machine is the best equipment to have all your business record kept well, and all are accurate.

A currency counter is like a pair of glasses. Without a currency counting machine, you may still get an excellent idea of the money to spend you have in your business, though the detail is blurry. You can have some cash managers count the money manually. Still, humans make many errors, so that this mistake may lead to a significant loss to your business after every business year. These inefficient and inaccurate records can harm your business and lead to poor business cash management. Using a currency counter machine ensures that you shall have a transparent image of what is happening in your business and how every note of you is used.

Just how much you require a currency counting machine depends on the number of cash entering and out of your business every day. If your company operates it operational online, then no needs to buy a very complex currency counter because the amount of money that will pass through your hand is not that much. However, you will need a currency counter to count and sort the small amount of money you will receive from customers who will prefer meeting you and doing the business one on one. For any business that you as the seller interact with customers, you need a currency counter. The vast the amount of money flowing in and out of your hands, the more advanced currency counter machine you need.

Every business owner wishes they had more time, mainly when operating a business, and having a currency counter machine is an excellent way to offer that critical time. Many companies often handle large numbers of cash flowing in and out of your business as great as having a time-consuming job of counting money at the end of every day. Owning a FeelTeck currency counter shall add more great values to the business, and your business will be secure and well protected.

When done manually, the mistake in the money counting process might appear trivial to you, but those errors that seem minor can cost all your business. Therefore, you should not hesitate anymore, especially since cash errors are hazardous to any business. Buy this excellent currency counting machine, and all will be set for you. A FeelTeck currency counter device eliminates all those mistakes. Here are some of the top reasons why you should have a currency counter in your business.


Currency counters are designed in different shapes and sizes. A small currency counter machine that is accurate and portable is suitable for small businesses and tax drivers. If your business handles many cash transactions every day, you should have a currency counter to reduce all the money counting mistakes, making this process stress-free for you. For example, suppose you need to separate the significant amount of notes and those more small amounts. In that case, there is the best currency counter which will handle this for you; again, this is another crucial aspect of hassle, enabling you to have an easy time knowing the total result will be accurate.


Time-saving is essential in every business or any institution, the less time a business operation takes, the more business productivity. Instead of taking the whole day counting your money in your business, you better buy this great feelteck currency counter machine. This machine is a much which will save 90 percent of the time manual money counting do take. In addition, the counting process will be faster than ever. Speed, as said, is easily determined by the number of bills a currency counter machine can count in one minute perfectly accurately, giving you time to handle other business operational.


Every currency counter machine is meant to give you a peaceful mind and a stress-free money counting process. FeelTeck currency counter machine does not only ensure you of accuracy but you shall be alerted whenever the device comes across a counterfeit bill. FeelTeck currency counting machines are designed well with high technologies, and thus, they are the best brand to buy.


The setting of Currency Counting Machine

The currency counter device is designed to count the bills and as well as detecting fake notes. The entire system designs at control microcontroller units based on an ARM processor. Thus, currency counter equipment enables the packing of your cash in various bundles. The roller, which usually comes with penises on continuous patterns and rollers, allows for a constant move of rods. The rate at which these rollers move rods at a particular pace; therefore, notes count at very high speed and therefore rely faster on manual counting processes. The rate at which the rollers move enables a direction of your cash at a similar pace. Thus, these rollers allow for a movement of the money bunch. This facilitates a sign of a single bill one after the other continuously and at a very high rate. Ann added a feature to detect the number of currencies that pass to the front of your currency counter machine.

For a machine to detect a counterfeit bill, fake note detectors are installed in a currency counter machine that determines typically it. The UV detectors utilized to see a counterfeit note builds on a printer or even a copier. It enables the productions of an image on the surface of the paper. By using those UV rays installed on top of the article, this is detected very fast. The authentic currency prints on an optical fiber. These papers used in making fakes bills are also thicker than those whose genuine notes.

  • The proposed system of a currency counter machine
  • Structure of a hardware
  • Also, the hardware structure

A proposed system of FeelTeck currency counter should have all the following parts. All of these features are essential in the currency counter structure.

  • MicroController

This part is the one that plays a role in controlling all the operations which happen in your currency counter. The teensy 3 points 2 microcontrollers have a tiny bit of arm processors controlling and managing all the functions.

  • Counter Circuit

This is usually a user-friendly interface that enables managing all the operations and allowing you to read the counting results. It is designed on a digitalized screen, a button for resistor, pushing, and an IC CD4033.

  • AC Motors

This system is designed on a motor on an alternating current that enables rotation of your currency in the counting process and detection.

  • Mechanical Parts

It’s composed of rollers on rods that come on a continuous pattern. These rollers enable the movement of all rods at a specified and also fixed rate.

Optical Sensors

These optical sensors are the one which is responsible for detecting of each note which passes through the currency counter machine. It tells and alerts all suspicious messages by either stopping or even placing the fake notes in the rejection pocket for further check-up.

  • UV Light and Detectors

The UV rays of light enable the machine to detect all fake notes and suspicious notes in the money counting process. This feature is a key one because it will save your business from losing money.

Process of an Algorithm of a Currency counter

The algorithm currency is designed out from the use of C++. This accompanies an integrated development environment used in a program of uploading in an MCU.



The currency counting machine system from FellTeck has been tested and also approved for a money counting process. The counting process is determined by mixing all the counterfeit bills and the actual tabs on the currency counting machine’s entrance. First, the currency count machine started the operation of money counting and detection of all fake accounts. Then, the machine paused to collect all your currency, and the money counting process went on. The primary idea determined the capability of your currency counter machine differentiating all the distinct features in the coins.

Most FeelTeck currency counter machines are designed on a preset feature that helps in determining the kind of denominations you really like to count. However, some feelteck counter devices come with the complicated part that helps calculate different types of denomination currencies. This feature is also determined by the size of your business and the type of money the company manages every day. For tiny dimensions of a firm, one can utilize an ordinary currency counter machine. A well-designed and advanced currency count machine from FeelTeck manufacturer will help your business and make it more productive. Ensure you select the device that will serve you well and the one that fits all your needs.


The user manual of a currency counter device

This currency counter machine part comes with critical information based on all safety measures and operational features of your feelteck currency counter machine. You must read and understand it very well, and if needs be, preserve it for your future references. One of this machine’s parts enables Feelteck information indicated by the currency counter machine preparing process. These currency counter machines from Feelteck are the best to use, and they are user-friendly. The machine help in assisting in saving much time and also eliminating all kind of errors that occurs when counting money. FeelTeck brand enables you to add all the total by batching a needed amount of bills on different piles.

All of these features stated comes with different quality of detecting counterfeit notes. This brand utilized multiple currency-changing units like the banks, groceries, gas stations, car washes and bars, and many more businesses. FeelTeck currency counter machines fit all kinds of business sizes and are all aimed at accurate and efficient money counting bills.

An essential point to consider

Using the feelteck currency counter machine, the following kind of best safety precautions must adhere to better maintenance in the counting process. Kindly note that it is not good to use this currency counter machine in the area where you keep liquids like the water.

Ensure that your currency count machine is not plugged on power when cleaning the machine. Instead, clean this currency counter using a damp piece of dry cloth or use some accessories designed to serve the purpose of cleaning it. Keeping your currency counter machine clean will facilitate it to perform its duties effectively.

Prevent all the disassembling of your counter to avoid all kinds of risk to electrical shock. This is because disassembling leading to exposure to better safety risks and also the harm voltages. The incorrect process of a reassembly leads to electric shock on a subsequent utilize of the appliance.

If your counter machine needs maintenance and repair services, take the device to a skilled and qualified technician who will repair it for you. Avoid repairing the parts by yourself do avoid making mistakes, and make the issue worse. It will be good for you to visit a reputable and competent person in that field.

Consider the utilize of a power cord that is supplied with this unit. Make sure you plug the machine counter-power cord in the wall outlet. Avoid by all means removing a ground pin from a cable of power. If this power cord is not correctly, the danger of fire or any other serious injury may result.

Make sure the currency counter machine is installed on the flat surface. Reduce the uses of a currency counter machine in areas that experience high humidity, temperatures, or even smoke. This excellent condition diminishes the opportunity of the level and also the speed of the currency counter device.

According to feelteck design of currency counter machines, they are all meant for use on an adequately ventilated field for an efficient and effective device operation. Ensure that your counting machine stores away from direct rays of the sun or strong magnetic fields. The exposes of your machine to those two will interfere with the currency counter devices sensors detect fake notes.

Currency counter machines from feelteck manufacturer company vary in terms of features and models, and they may also change to the latest models. Thus, it’s always good to go through the given manual before you start operating your best counter machine. If you have any problem using the currency counter machine, you can always reach out to the FeelTeck customer care service team. This team is always available to serve and help all feelteck customers. They always assist the customers, and the help is free of price.

Here are some of the things you should do and not do with your currency counter machine

Don’t place any object on top of your currency machine- Ensure that you do not place any item like pins or paper clips on your currency counter machine.

When inserting the currency notes in your machine, ensure that you take away the rubber bands, paper clips, hidden staples, or any other thing that could be between the notes.

Do not let water or any other kind of drink enter your currency machine because it can harm your appliance.

Ensure you switch off your currency counter device after work. Doing this will extend your machine life.

Use the lint-free, dry cloth to wipe away all dust from the machine’s hopper, stacker, output trays, and feed after finishing your money-counting task.

Do not place any coin in your note currency counter machine unless the machine has coin counting features.

Lastly, cover your currency counter with a clean material like cloth when the machine is not used to avoid dust from going inside your device.

The above are some of the simple maintenance that should be done to the currency counter machine to assist with maximum efficiency and serve you for long. It is your responsibility to ensure you look after your currency counter machine after every use. After all, you bought it y=using your money, and you should ensure that it is safe and well maintained.

Setting time and date

Always ensure you disconnect your currency counter machine from power if the device is not in use.


Tips on How To wash Currency Counter Device

Cash is one thing that makes life more beautiful and is essential in all of us. We need to learn how to manage the money we have well. Sometimes we make mistakes when counting the money, and these mistakes can lead to a significant loss; also, these miscalculations affect all our expenses for the days in the future. That is why all businesses in the world need a currency counter.

Sometimes you end up counting incorrectly, and you have to start counting from the beginning over and over again until you measure accurately. This action burns a ton of time that could have been used for different exercises. To address this problem, successful organizations and businesses are using ATMs that speed up the verification cycle while preventing human error.

As you may know, an ATM is a machine, mechanical or electronic, that verifies cash. They usually give full control over all species or determine explicit partial metrics for pooling and capacity. ATMs are typically used in banks, workplaces, businesses, and ATMs to decide how much money customers keep.

These currency counter machines work very hard continuously without rest. This makes these machines lose their efficiency with time due to poor maintenance. Dust, debris, and dirt also can make your currency counter machine jam frequently. Also, a few other common issues are false reading of fake notes, rejection of banknotes, and the like. If you need your currency counter machine to operate efficiently for a very long time, then you have to know how to maintain and clean your currency counter machine well.

Reason Should You Wash Your Currency Counter Machine

If you use your currency counter machine every day, you can clean your machine thoroughly once a week. And if you use your currency counter machine occasionally, you can clean it 1 to 2 times in one month. Additionally, you must also ensure you wipe your currency counter machine with a clean, dry cloth after every counting process to the weekly or monthly cleaning. Doing the above things will help your device to serve you for a long time.

Learn How To Clean Your Currency Counting Machine

Here some of the best ways you can clean your currency counter machine. Select the best one and the one that fits your device well.

Using Compressed Air

These ways to wash your professional currency counter machine. Ensure you unplug this device and also blows out the dust, dirt, and debris from the machine’s canister and then other machine parts of your currency counter machine. Next, read all the manual guidelines on cleaning your currency counter machine, and you will find the cleaning tips from a manufacturer to prevent severe machine damage. Lastly, ensure that you maintain a few inches of space between your currency counter machine and the blower to avoid any moisture getting in the machine.

Use Of Cleaning Cards

This is another efficient way to ash your best currency counter device. Using a cleaning card specifically designed to remove debris, paper dust, ink residue, and any kind of dirt in your currency counter machine.

Additionally, these great cleaning cards also assist in washing the machine’s metal plates, machine’s rollers, and then the lenses very well. Here is how to use the cleaning card.

  • Insert this cleaning card in your currency counter machine the same way you insert your banknotes and then run the counter.
  • After some minutes, please take out the cleaning card and clean them with a good and clean cloth and also take it back to the machine and rerun the machine.
  • Repeat that process several times until you see no added mark on the cleaning card. By doing so, you will have removed all debris and dust in your currency counter machine.


Understanding Currency Counting Machines


Money is valuable and getting it right is always important. Without a proper calculation of how much money is available, it is easy to lose money without knowing it. Counting cash is usually the way the money is settled, and a small amount can be calculated manually. However, for large amounts, it is advisable to use the expertise of a Currency counter. Man is capable of errors, but it is not the same with the currency counter he has created. Verily, man has created Currency counting machines that can work more precisely and faster than he can. In places like banks, schools, colleges, or even hospitals, vast amounts of money are deposited and withdrawn.

Counting them correctly is a great challenge, and therefore they have Currency counting machines that count numerous folds of money in a few minutes. The cash is placed on the cash counter, which then quickly counts the banknotes and displays the number of banknotes fed. These machines also have a part for counting coins. The Currency money counter uses load cells that identify the coins based on their weight. Various algorithms are run to keep the count as accurate as possible. Counterfeit banknotes are a threat that can rip off an economy. Several people are involved in such scams, and some work very carefully without getting caught creating counterfeit bills, which in some cases may appear as good as the originals at first glance. These counting machines can also detect whether there are counterfeit banknotes in the bundle to overcome this problem. Banknote counting machines reduce the time it take to professional Currency count money because they can count thousands of bills in just a few minutes. Whenever a fake note is detected, the loose banknote money counting machine will sound an alarm and temporarily stop counting, which will be restored at the user’s request.

Depending on the size of the company or organization, the Currency counter can be purchased. Small businesses can opt for tabletop models that comes with a great fake note detector. These machines can feed several hundred bills at once. The speed at which the notes are to be counted can also be set, as can a complete error detection system that delivers the most accurate results. Larger organizations that need to count bills use a giant Currency counting machine, some of which have multiple feeders that can calculate the bills at incredible speeds. The output stacker on these machines is generally huge to hold the amount of money to be counted.

These Currency counting machines also automatically start and stop for those who don’t want to start and stop manually. The right money counting machines are available online for every business. Find out the best deal available, and you shall be able to gets what you wants.


Role Of of Currency Counting Machine in Business.


The currency counting machine is seen as one of the virtual machines in the business. I’m sure you saw this car in a bank. You may need to realize that this machine gives you better accuracy to check a lot of money. This article will advise you on the capacity and activity of this machine.

If you are now familiar with the FeelTeck currency metering device, you may find that this machine can count coins and paper. This gadget will be helpful in a business that requires consideration of money, such as a store, server, and so on. This article will be valuable to provide a decent and accurate calculation.

Some groups may think that this gadget is just a cash counter. However, it would be best if you realized that this has more capabilities, given that different organizations are promoting this car to make it multi-practical gadgets.

If you are eager to buy a FeelTeck currency counter, there are several essential aspects that you should consider. For example, you can buy a FeelTeck meaningless banknote counting device, or you can get a bigger, more modern size with more plan attractions.

This article will give you some things you should see about the most critical moments of the car. This car has different sizes. You should buy an essential engine for a more significant business. Please buy a counter without nonsense.

Characterizing your requirements and needs is the main thing to consider before buying a FeelTeck currency counting device. This device is suitable for counting up to 1,300 invoices at any one time. If you have a large business, you will need a significant engine. Constant counting is the most favored element for a counting machine. You should also consider collecting and counting the groups that will meet your currency needs.

You should find a fantastic FeelTeck borrowed counter with fake identification. This element will identify the monetary forms that use attractive, measurable, and brilliant demands. This component will help you reduce your business misfortune.

The next thing the entrepreneur will consider This presentation will show you the different types of data you need to know about your FeelTeck currency counter. If you need a larger and larger LED screen, you’ll find it easier to navigate.


FeelTeck Portable Currency Counter Machine: Best Choice for a Small Business


A currency counter is a device that will help you calculate cash accurately. This car is generally in a bank. The bank should use this machine to help them get the correct calculation to stay away from beatings, given that numerous cases have been given most of the time.

Many companies and banks combine coin and bill counters. It will be great to have a portable countertop machine. This device can be moved from one point to another. There are different types of countertop machines that have very affordable prices.

This portable device is the best choice for a small business. It is a good option for a small office. If you don’t have ample space to save your device, you can buy a portable currency counter machine for your niche.

You can have various options in the market from many companies such as Royal Sovereign, Carnation, and Angel. These companies offer different types and functions at competitive prices. In addition, you can check the product specifications to decide which product will be the most suitable for your needs.

You can also find other office supplies for your needs, such as a table and filing cabinet, but if you need the best device to count your cash accurately. You must have a currency counter machine. The advantage of a portable device is that you don’t need to provide ample space.

If you want to buy this device, you should also consider the product warranty. It will be beneficial if you have any issue with your best currency counter device, you can quickly figure out the problem. Features and warranty are essential factors in choosing a suitable machine. You should also consider the reputation of the business. A good company should have good customer service and a durable product.


Use Money Counters As Productivity Solutions


One of the keys to the success of any business or financial institution is to be as efficient as possible. You might have a solid business plan that works hypothetically, but you still find the money slipping through the cracks. Without using equipment that will help you control and track that money flow, Fortunately, money counters and other equipment are cheaper and more advanced than ever.

Cash is difficult to control, especially when dealing with large amounts of it, but a money meter can tell you exactly how much you have. Currency counters help you know the exact amount of money you have available. This information can be crucial in making future decisions about that money. Money counters are now also equipped with counterfeit detection. The sooner you can identify counterfeit money, the better.

Rather than processing large sums of money, many institutions check instead, and a check processing machine can improve efficiency. When statstatements are handwritten, they are difficult to follow and may contain errors. Not to mention that writing and signing checks by hand take the time that you or your employee could use for other things. A check processor will write and sign your bills, saving you time and mistakes.

Employee payroll is another area where change can be lost, but a time tracking tool will ensure that you pay the correct amounts. Not keeping each employee’s time at work can cause you to pay employees for work they haven’t done. Another risk is that mistakes can happen, and you end up not paying your employees what they deserve. Time tracking will allow employees to track their arrival and departure, and also you shall be capable to understand exactly how much you owe them.

These currency counters, check processors, and time tracking solutions are just a few of the many amenities we are fortunate to have at our disposal. These ATMs will prevent your business from leaking money.

If you are in a business where cash registers keep ringing with coins, having a currency counting machine can a worthwhile investment. These machines are readily available and very reliable. Found in banking institutions and business organizations that rely on daily counting from currency counters, these machines were launched long ago as an innovative effort to help employees calculate the correct amount depending on the accuracy of human counting. There are several types of currency counting machines that can count coins as well as banknotes. You need to invest in the option that best suits your needs.

Why why you need it?

You might want to ask why to invest in the best currency counting device when you can easily assign the job to one of your employees. Well,l, the answer is simple. Even when you give work to an employee, there is no guarantee of zeroYour employees could end up betraying you in terms of tabulation. This could prove fatal to your business in the long run.

Is it expensive?

Currency counting machines are accurate and yet very affordable. Therefore, when you calculate long-term returns, it turns out to be a worthwhile investment. Plus, the most significant advantage of currency counting machines is that they get the job done in seconds without compromising the accuracy of the result. In addition, it is a one-time investment that can count in several currencies.

Personal counters are also available

If you think you are dealing with small amounts of currency and don’t need expensive currency counters, you can always invest in a personal coin counter. It’s not a very big investment and still does the same job with equal precision. Incredible, isn’t it?

Clear LCD screens

Currency counting machines are installed with transparent LCDs by FeelTeck engineers, so you don’t have to rely on a third party to tell you the actual number. This saves time and also improves accuracy. In addition, there are several types of currency counting machines that have a built-in memory that automatically stores the last number counted.

Who can use it?

An ATM is ideal for banks, credit unions, retail stores, and even pawn shops that handle routine cash exchange. These machines are easy to maintain straight for a great investment, making them an extremely reliable option for business people.

Combat counterfeits with a note currency counter

Why do you need a note currency counter

Any business that deals with large sums of money can benefit from the efficient use of a note currency counter. The machines are designed to count notes quickly and accurately, requiring little effort on the operator’s part. However, these machines have become even more helpful when it comes to identifying counterfeit bills.

How to identify counterfeit bills

All businesses should take steps to diminish the danger they face from the counterfeit banknotes. The great way of doing that is to recognize them before clients accept them. If a counterfeit is recognized during the transaction period, it may get rejected, and also the business will avoid losing cash. There are some ways to detects bills. Using the detector pen or even a scanner is a way to verify whether a note is genuine manually. Close inspection should reveal that handwriting is elevated slightly, and the more recent banknotes must have crisp quality. Holograms and print quality may be used like identifiers, and also other features.

Identify fake notes with a note currency counter

Manual identification of a large number of banknotes is time-consuming and inefficient. It also increases the risk of human error. Therefore, using an automatic banknote counter with integrated counterfeiting detection is a great option. Some FeelTeck models have even up to 6 means to detects if a banknote is real and is able to sort and count letters quickly. They detect using the UV and also the IR sensor, check the MG stripes, and then measure very letter’s thickness and also the banknote’s size. An alarm shall will sound to inform you when a fake note has been recognized. The currency counter machine shall stop counting to make the suspect’s message easily identifiable. Quickly running tickets through a device when accepting money shall also make sure that the right amount is collected and everything is genuine. At most, this shall add some seconds to the time of the money transaction. Taking seriously to guide the business from fake bills is a key step in securing your business profits. A banknote currency counter may help you, as good as offers different of other key features.


Value Counting process using a currency counter machine

The receipt counter will therefore collect the receipt number by class. This is tracked by ascertaining the value of the set and then giving the amount. Each name must be selected independently. Thus, to start the receipt counter, press the ADD button. Use the console to place the collection you expect to check, between one and one hundred dollars. If this classification is completed by changing to the truck, click on the next category. It would be better if you have a counter to work with. Suppose the counting of this category is over and distribute the next category in a similar cycle until the cash is checked completely. Click the “Report” button to see the full number of tickets and the value of the title card.

For a cool name based on a target counting machine, consider the term required to rely on the name controller. Then, at that point, place the banknote on the shelter. The total number of rating estimates and orders that appear on the display screen after counting requests. Multi-sector trait counting is performed by pressing the ADD button. Choose the ideal value from the voucher counting machine to check the rating or the numeric keypad. Place the invoice to be included in the stowage. Remember the denomination you decided to select while paraphrasing the above course for the banknote counter settings. All things considered, from the number of names you need, press the PRESS button, the amount of orders, the value of each character, everything that appears on the display. Leave the Estimate Value screen by pressing CF.

Select another arrangement of banknotes on the container to start the counting reaction. Follow the previous method for this number of bids. In the execution of the royal lead, it is now and again possible to see the fatal error, its causes and the proposed arrangements. In any case, an error code appears when the receipt is damaged, blocking the receipt counter. This is because the container voltage is too high. Along these lines, decompress by rotating the thickness controller. This changing tool is located at the back of the bill counter and moves clockwise.

Another thing, a fatal error occurs when the receipt from the gadget is rejected; Thus, the error tool appears. This error caused by the container voltage is too low. Next, select a specific load by rotating it clockwise. The change tool is located at the back of the counter. Finally, rework the Receipt Inventory Scale as you go through the business cycle, so the problem doesn’t occur anymore.


Counterfeit money is an evolving problem – find out how to protect yourself


Counterfeit money is still a developing issue in the United States. Organizations and individuals are almost certain to lose money more than at any time in recent memory due to accidental ownership of false orders. Part of protecting yourself from succumbing to fake money realizes what makes the bill real.

For most retailers, the solitary line of protection against counterfeiting is the teen representative who’s expensive to spot but has no clue what to look for. Few, however, have optional insurance to expect officials to investigate petitions; Filmmakers who, regardless of their pre-pubertal stage, have no idea what they should be looking for.

The guarantors do not repay the misfortunes identified by the forgery in view of the fact that the holder of the document is responsible for deliberately managing the currency he recognizes. Even more disturbing is the hypothetical conviction that organizations, including banks, that send counterfeit money will not be held responsible.

The best course of business to ensure itself against “procrastinating with the [homemade] receipt” is to use a unique counterfeit cash counter. Banks have them. When making a large withdrawal or changing a comprehensive check, ask the employee to use the teller instead of his fingers. No matter if it sounds trivial, it is less complicated than trying to recover fake assets.

Moreover, every company should have a counterfeit identification capability to ensure that all paper money being exchanged is cash and not just paper. Then, depending on where it is purchased, establishments can purchase cash counters for less than one of the most typically counterfeit banknotes.

Verifying the device does not require more effort compared to the administrator. Therefore, representatives and moderators can give up on the imagining that they are aware of how to identify a fake. Thus, buying a cash counter is not trying to double down on counterfeiting.

mixed money counter


Why should you use a money meter?


The best currency counters have been around for quite some time in the form of banknote counters. However, technology has evolved considerably over the past few years, and the demand for professional currency counters are increasing. The question many ask is, “Why would I want to use a money meter?”

Money is dirty. He is often old and has gone through many different pairs of hands and sat in many additional pockets. Banknotes contain germs, dust, narcotics, and other harmful materials. Managing large sums of money regularly is just not healthy.

If you’ve hand-counted money ever, you know it’s a long and tedious process. Hand counting money also introduces the element of human error. Hand counting money is time-consuming and usually incorrect. A stack of banknotes hand-counted by two different groups of people will almost always give different results.

Professional currency counters almost eliminate the element of human error. They count invoices quickly and efficiently in seconds. Many professional banknote counters are capable of measuring thousands of banknotes per minute. Considering that a person can only trust 100-200 bills per minute, it will save time considerably. Some meters also include air filters and dust covers, which help keep the operator healthy.

One factor almost impossible to detect manually is counterfeit money. Due to the increased use of high-resolution printers and other counterfeiting techniques, visual detection of counterfeit money is very difficult. Many banknote counters now include features such as magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) detection. Both of these detection methods can detect the magnetic ink used in invoices and the ultraviolet properties of legitimate invoices.

Counterfeiters are currently using innovative devices, for example, high-target shader printers, to earn counterfeit money. They even bleach lower denomination banknotes and reproduce higher denominations on dyed paper to avoid some low-end finds. In 2006, the Secret Service detailed that 54% of counterfeit money was printed on computerized printers, as only 1% of cases were ten years ago.

The Office of Engraving and Printing has implemented many security features in currently delivered graphics, such as watermarks, advanced logo shading, microprinting, and attractive inks. However, there’re a some things to check while approving the receipt. Beautiful Detection, Magnified Detection, Watermark Detection, UV Detection, Light Reflection, and Ink Detection.

The first American banknotes and many uncommon monetary standards are printed using a speck of attractive, unusual ink. This ink is new only for actual bills. Organizations and people who can identify this ink can access the locators. These reagents are applicable.

Zoom is a more conventional and less complicated approach to fighting counterfeit cash forms. This generally includes some sort of amplification tool to break down the tiny finer details on the first bills. This technology is increasingly being tested for counterfeit requests for its use due to the ability of high-target printers to reproduce exceptionally detailed images.

The watermark usually includes a backlight that lights up a face or other image inside the bill. This is a straightforward way to check joints and requires a bit of adventure. However, because bleached banknotes reproduced from higher sections are used, watermarks may be available anyway on counterfeit banknotes.

Bright beams include dark light. This light will illuminate a yellowish-green bar found on most monetary standards. Unfortunately, this UV tape cannot be re-created but may be available on dyed recycled bills.

The pen is perhaps the most popular locator. These pens use an arrangement of iodine that responds to the starch found in most paper. This makes a bleak imprint. Since the coin does not contain this starch, no effect will appear when applying the ink. This is a viable strategy for distinguishing counterfeiting, but it will not work for dyed bills reposted.

How To Pick The Best Currency Counter

The best currency counters have become a necessity for every business. They play an important role in saving time and also help in detecting counterfeit banknotes. Currency counters come in different types and types – they are manual or automatic. Money counters include bill counters and coin counters.

With these machines, you can count the number and value of banknotes and coins at a breakneck speed. Some money counters offer the option of selecting the rate. They are so fast that they can count up to 1,600 tickets per minute.

The currency counters supplied with a large LCD and front-loading are mainly used in banks and other financial institutions. Currency counting counters – in addition to counting money, they also detect counterfeiting. Some meters have a multiple counterfeit detection feature that includes the latest MT detection to help identify professional counterfeits. You can adjust these currency counters for different currencies and various bogus detections to meet your needs.

These counters can also detect the size and other ideas of counterfeit bills and coins. There are automatic counterfeit detectors in which you can check banknotes in any direction. Some counterfeit banknote detectors also have multiple detection functions and automatically reject suspicious banknotes and only display the value of genuine banknotes. There are currency counting counters that offer multiple forgery detection with mixed banknote value counting. Counterfeit detectors are ideal for banks, shopping malls, hotels, airports, currency exchange offices, and large businesses. Currency counters commonly used in large enterprises and banks give the value of the individual denomination and the total of banknotes.

In addition to these, there are many other types of currency counters available in the market. But if you are finding for the great quality currency counters and other security products, visit Simple Security, a Sheffield-based security solutions provider that offers a wide variety of security equipment.


Let Professional Currency Counters Do The Counting For You


Counting so many banknotes and coins is often tedious, and counting usually ends badly and must start right off the bat to ensure accurate counting. Suppose you are facing this problem in your daily life as well. Given all this, you can save yourself the difficulty and stress of counting cash, and you should use cash counters as they are ideal for counting money accurately and quickly.

Cash counters are so fast that they can check thousands and many banknotes in an instant. Coin counters are ideal for running a business, a factory, a bank, or a gas station. Regardless of whether you are a housewife, you can accurately calculate cash. Money counters save you a lot of time counting money and allow you to get accurate metering faster than manual metering. Money counters can also approve your requests and recognize counterfeit banknotes imaginable, thus protecting you from any misfortune. In addition, some money counters may help you check for unknown stamps and coins. Cash boxes are of different types, and the most popular is equipped with ultraviolet (UV) position and magnetic detection (MG).

You can track the best quality counters in Simple Security. Memo counters additionally offer many imitation discoveries while calculating appreciation. In addition to cash counters, you can purchase other security items from Basic Security, such as security lockers, raised mirrors, cash counters, frames, spas, CCTV cameras, barriers, and more. Direct security also offers free shipping at your entrance, and interestingly, their security features are moderate and solid.

Money counters are an absolute must for organizations and stores because they accurately check banknotes or coins, which helps identify counterfeit monetary standards in the shortest time. In addition, it is reliable and saves you time without worrying.

FeelTeck is a hardware expert and has the best coin counter available. Following collaboration with the global cybersecurity innovator and later as a business development manager in a real security organization, he chose to make a productive organization by joining his meetings to provide customers with an absolute security arrangement. In addition, the organization produces, supplies, and maintains customized security frameworks.



Feelteck is the place to go and get the professional currency counter machine that will handle your business money in the best way possible. FeelTeck has the very best currency counter machine with fake note detectors that are more advanced and are designed with the latest technologies. So do not stress your mind anymore. Get an excellent FeelTeck currency counting machine, and all the money counting and fake notes issues in your business will end immediately. Ensure you check the machine’s feature to make sure you get a currency counter machine that will handle your currency in the best way possible. FeelTeck has customer care services. This team will help select the suitable currency counting machine with a fake note detector. With this device in your business, you will be assured of better cash management.

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