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A currency discriminator is a cash management device designed to assist businesses in enhancing the way they handle cash. It is more advanced equipment than a currency counter, but it’s not as complicated as a banknote recycler. FeelTeck currency discriminator counter options fit all sizes of business. This type of equipment has essential functions like counting banknotes and identifying the difference between various denominations. It has a high counting speed, and it does it more accurately. This machinery also prepares bank deposits. It is a machine which is worth your money. Do not hesitate any more visit the FeelTeck market today and get one for your business.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

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Currency Discriminator Counter

Getting the Currency discriminator counter is an excellent idea because if you place the mixed pile of the bills, this appliance will discriminate between them easily and quickly. It shall then total the amount then provide a more accurate breakdown of the entire amount by denomination. In addition, you can pair the discriminator counter machine with a printer to assist in keeping records also establish the audit trail.

This counter from the Feelteck brand also allows for sorting various denominations into separate pockets. You will sort notes, so all bills are face up with faces pointed in a similar direction. So do not stress yourself on matters concerning cash counting. Get this machine. All will be solved.

This currency discriminator is the preferable and perfect device used by many companies and businesses to manage cash. If you want to upgrade your cash managements in the companies from manual processing to a more modern way, then go for this machine.



If you are considering investing in this machine and you are just wondering where to start. These features will help you make up your mind and decide well. In addition, it shall be straightforward for you to get the best device that will suit your business well by factoring them all in.

  1. Counting Speed Must Be Considered

It seems as if it obvious to consider the counting speed of a machine. Remember, one of the key reasons you are purchasing it is to speed up the notes counting process also to reduce the time utilized to manage the cash. Also, note that high speed is well-matched with high accuracy.

  1. Hopper type and size

The size of the hopper plays into speed with the Currency discriminator. Good hopper size makes the machine work more effectively and efficiently. This is because the fewer times you will stop to place bills, the quick the counting. On the other side, high speed isn’t an advantage if your hopper size is somehow small in that you will be needed to stay there and keep on feeding bills after some time.

The hopper might be placed in various places depending on the currency discriminator counter’s feed mechanism, affecting the size. In addition, some of these hoppers handle bills that are a bit less neatly stacked, which implies you do not require much time straightening up stacks of accounts before you feed them.

  1. Seek out adding features and batch

Some feelteck currency discriminator equipment has a batching feature, which is helpful if you require manually strapping money for a deposit. This device can auto counts up to a certain number and then pause to remove that batch before it continues counting.

Other FeelTeck models can add numbers batches of the bills into a hopper, operating continuous counts, and then providing you the amount total.

  1. Counterfeit detection and Error are helpful features

A cash management device with a built-in error detector can reduce the opportunity of miscounting due to folded or even torn currency, various notes feeding during the same period, or even of the wrong size. These features help businesses detect fraudulent messages and also remove them from others. These features also make a great addition to the loss prevention plan.

denomination money counter



This counter is manufactured with FeelTeck technology to ensure that the user of this machine experiences complete security when using the appliance, especially in a high-volume environment. It is used in businesses like casinos, large retailers, banks, and credit unions. It is a flexible machine while operating and has a heavy-duty construction.

The currency Discriminator counter is designed for reliability and performance. These features combined give the user a practical, efficient counting process.

It is a high-performance machine, currency discriminator counter with a speed of up to 1500 notes in one minute. It is designed well and is meant to provide you with services for many years. Therefore, it is good to consider buying this appliance for your business cash management.

FeelTeck counter system technology reliably and quickly processes each condition’s banknotes from feelteck brand new notes to very worn-out ones. It is a machine which is worth your money.

Feelteck currency discriminator counter has an excellent screening system that shall analyze any note passed through, detecting any note images, denomination, and errors on the messages placed in the machine. This modern technology ensures that the user of this counter has entirely accurate counts from it.  Like the below machine

Good Quality. This machine from Feelteck is tested rigorously to ensure that it offers reliable and good quality services to the customers.



Currency discriminator has a higher cost compared to currency counter. However, it’s often cheaper than other available technologies that manage cash like coin and banknote recycler.

This machine is also somehow complicated to use; it’s not easy to use it unless you have some training. This means it might take some training for your users to operates it effectively. This is because of its increased complexity and functionality; it is also excellent for a more robust service plan for a machine.   This may look like the main reason for the price rise, but it may extend the machine’s life and enhance its value to the business.



The currency discriminator counter from FeelTeck is a machine you should have in your business. It is the best machine for handling cash and does it accurately. It will save effort for your employees dealing with cash counting, and the counter is more efficient than them. Buy your Feelteck currency discriminator counter today, and you will enjoy its services.

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