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A digital coin counting machine is a device that is widely used at the bank and in many businesses. This electronic change counter can count as many coins as possible in a few seconds. Thus it has more benefits, especially in the financial field than one thinks. The coin counting machines comes in different sizes depending on amount of coins you are counting in your business. The electronic change counter machine can be in a position to serve for series of customers who do their transactions directly through the coin. Digital coin-counting has solved a lot of the complicated coin sorting issues. The coin counting machine can also be used in the bank because of its high speed and no issues in coin counting. Also it counts accurately well as efficiently. With a digital coin counting machine, it develops the capability in software structure design and provides customized services.

FT-C10 is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-30C 60C 90C is the are the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter

FT-C30 is a single currency coin sorter, automatically sorting out different face value of coins

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Digltal Coin Counting Bank

The digital coin counting at the bank shows the blanking of the counting of each coin, and when it stops blinking, it will stop counting altogether. You should change the way you are adding your cash, make sure that you has being removed the lid, and when adding the coin to the bank, remember to attach the lid press the add the coin button until it finishes counting all the coin that you has being added. To speed up this process, you should display up and hold down the Dutton.

Different coin counting machine

We have different coin machines which work in other activities in businesses. Those machines are…

  • The coin sorter

A coin sorter is that device that deals with a random collection of any coins into a separates tube or even bins for the various denomination. The coin sorters are different depending on the coin of other countries because each nation has its size of the coin for various values. When some count is attempt during sorting, most of the coin sorters are connected with a on-screen that display up the number of the coins that has passed through the machine. Thus it saves time to the business counter and can do other business operations. Also, this digital coin machine is accurate because it shows each count immediately after the coin passes through it.

  • Coin counter

This is a machine that deals with both sorts and counting coins at just the same time. This device can measure those coins of the same size, and it uses a bowl with the flat spinning disc at its bottom that normally displaces coins around a bowl perimeter. This edge of this bowl is big to holds one coin at a time. The coin can move either in the light beam counter or been passed through the spring-loaded which only accepts just one coin one after the other. Thus, it is more accurate when counting coins in business and saves time because it counts as the leading coin within a few minutes.

The coin counting machine is well more than you think because it identifies and counts each type of coin that usually passes through it. And is capable of remembering all the size coins that count them when they are dropping to the collection cup and then been stored all the values as money.


The digital coin counting machine is used in businesses particularly it is used primarily at the bank and in big retail business. Its simple look is easy to operate, and the coin counter machine provides an easier and faster way to deposit coins from your customers. At the just same time, it saves much time because many coins are convenient during operation. This machine has high speed and can also store a big number of coins. This makes it improve the working efficiency in the businesses. Customers can receive a receipt after they have completed the transaction. The coin counting machine is reliable and easy to use in business operations, thus brings more benefits to your business.


We have some of those things that you should do to maintain this coin counting machine. Like for instance you should clean the device with a slightly damp cloth never soak or submerge it in water. Then the machine should be stored in a cool area and that is not exposed to the direct sunlight.


When using this coin counting machine, they save business through time saving, money, and headaches caused by human coin counting process. When purchasing a coin-counting machine, you should consider the following things: the device’s speed will help more in time-saving and also the amount of coins that the machine is sorting per minute. It should be able to sort several coin denominations at once while selecting those that are foreign and the one that is damaged. Also, accuracy should be considered because the coin counting machine works in accuracy in businesses. This shall help a lot in diminishing the losses of money in those businesses. This can be done by proper maintaining of the coin counting machine and repairing the machine after been damaged. This will ensure the coin counting machine counts accurately.


The benefit of using a coin counting machine in the bank

Save time this is by counting more coins, especially when humans try to count your coin manually. Also, human beings get tired, which can cause repetition during counting and end up making more mistakes. With this digital coin counting machine, the speed will always remain the same accuracy will remain high. And these time savings will help your employees to handle the coin counting process easily and they won’t get tired.


Also, the device has a superb accuracy when counting manual way; it isn’t accessible to maintain the accuracy even though it looks easy to measure it. A lot of concentration is being required, and much time is being used. It’s easy to forget when doing all these manually, and this can end up causing a large amount of money being lost and also take much of time


The digital coin counting machine also reduces the cost losses. This is by been more accurate compared to a human coin counting.  Even if we trust the workers in our business, they also make errors, no matter whether the error is intentional or not; those mistakes always happen. Having this digital coin machine in your business gives your employees easy time.

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