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We all know that when it comes to money it’s the most sensitive topic that one can handle when it comes to business. If you don’t have enough capital in terms of money then there’s no way you will have a business to run let alone start something regardless of how your idea is noble or how it’s going to help in bringing new changes in the world. That’s how money is important to any business survival and success from its inception to its duration it will stay afloat. With this in mind am sure we all agree therefore that money has to be handled with such care. No matter how much one loves doing math one thing that’s for sure is that the level of concentration and accuracy depreciates with the level of hours one has been doing it. This here is the reason why there is the possibility of an error in counting when a person is subjected to that task over a long duration of time. The best time for one to perform any calculations is usually during the morning hours when the brain is still fresh and is open to any challenge. This being true it’s clear that, that is anywhere close to impossible in the real world. A business runs as long as possible some are 24/7 and as a result there are transactions going through the whole time. The only thing they make sure is that the person who was in the day shift will be replaced by another one at night but that’s all that they can afford to do. So about your mental tiredness one just has to deal with it until their shift is over. Trying to complain about the hours is taken as an indication that you are tired with the job and that might lead to you being fired and replaced. We all know the Darwin’s theory of evolution where its either you learn and adapt to survive or you’ll be replaced plus forgotten.

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Dollar bill counter


Understanding the importance of money any business person knows that even one small coin or dollar counts. This means that handling of money should be done with so much care. To avoid any headache that can be brought about by mishandling of money and that’s the one thing that can make one go crazy literally. Let’s use this hypothetical situation, saying in any day in your business when you are doing the days total you realize that at least ten dollars are missing or they were fake, in a week that equals to seventy dollars, in a month that is approximately three hundred and ten dollars a year that amounts to four thousand and thirty dollars, this just counts the losses that comes from money issues not adding up the others from other economic factors. Am sure you agree with me that’s not a realization you would like to wake up to and realize that the reason why your business was failing was all because of errs you could have avoided. This is where machines that have been built to help in money issues come in. the one we are going to focus on at this instant is the dollar bill counter.

From the name itself it’s clear that it counts the denomination of dollars and it counts it in bills. If that’s the currency you deal with then this article is made especially for you. Agreeing that no more errs that comes with money handling is going to be the cause of losses to our businesses lets continue with this journey we have just started with you.

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Features of a dollar bill counter

  • Easy to use. We all know that one thing that everybody fears is using something that’s really complicated. Nobody wants to seem as if they don’t know what they are doing or as if they don’t own the apparatus. For example have you ever been left in possession of someone’s phone in a serious meeting and then all of a sudden it starts to ring, first of all it’s a model you have never come in contact with so when you try to do the way you silence yours it doesn’t work, you try for sometimes and it attracts all the attention to you and the only thing you can do to it is turn it off or some extreme cases you remove the battery. That situation is usually really embarrassing, and trust me no one ever wants to find themselves in a similar situation. With the dollar bill counter that’s unlikely to happen as its build in such an easy mechanism and once you purchase it would feel as if you have been using dollar bill counter for a long time.
  • It’s efficient. Machines yes just like human beings are sometimes prone to errors resulting to malfunctions in their systems. Any physicists would argue that no machine is 100% efficient accruing to other external factors. That being the case the dollar bill counter is efficient in its work and so far no errors have been recorded. Dollar bill counter machine has undergone a series of tests to test this feature and all have come out negative. So this means when buying it you are assured of the best results one could ever as for. Wrong counting will be a thing of the past once you will come into possession of this machine. The only totals you will be adding up will be the correct ones and no more giving out more money to clients as a result of human error.
  • It’s authentic. Authenticity is a factor that’s really important when it comes to any business from the products they sell to the money they take in and give out to its clients. Times are hard and everyone is doing all they can to survive.  Some take measures that are not conventional and this includes producing fake bills. This producing of fake bills remains to be the highest form risk that most business falls to. By use of eyes it’s not easy to recognize it and no matter how much experience you’ve had with money one still falls prey to these criminals.  To avoid having to deal with this issue the dollar bill counter comes with a counterfeit feature that is able to spot out any counterfeit bill. When it is counting the bills and come into contact with a fake bill it stops counting until the bill is removed from the pile. This will therefore make sure that no fake bill will be able to be added to the total count and one is able to detect it early enough. Just like any other person who produces any products the counterfeiters work in the same way such that they go advancing the technology that they use to produce their bills. This therefore makes sure that it’s easy to confuse the fake bill for the real one just by looking at it with your bare eyes. Just like they are advancing their techniques the government also devised ways to make sure that the counterfeiters don’t win in this game. They came up with other form of technology that is not visible to the eyes only a certain machine can recognize the disparity. This disparity is the one that the dollar bill counter sorts and makes sure no fake bill passes through.

  • High speed. Time is always of the essence when it comes to anything. The more you time you can save doing one activity mean that there will be some left to do another one. This allows one to perform different activities over a short duration of time. Counting a lot of money takes a lot of time. Especially when it comes to doing it manually. The slow speed is attributed to the fact that one has to be sure that their count is accurate. The machine can count an amount of bill close to a thousand bills per minute. This means that once you put the money in the hopper one can leave the machine running while they engage in other activities. We all know that no matter how fast one is there’s no way one can count a thousand bills in a minute and still be correct checking every other factor.
  • Accurate and totaling. Have you ever started counting money and then when you reached the middle you forgot the total count and had to restart all over again? How did that make you feel? Well if you are like the majority then am sure that would have really been disappointing. To be honest no one wants to begin something, get to the middle then make a mistake and then have to start all over again. First of all it’s really time consuming because it means the time that was taken is now rubbed off in a way but in reality time was still consumed. This is not a mistake one has to be ready to make when a client is involved. Time is something a client ever wants to feel like theirs is being wasted. To avoid this time wasting the dollar bill counter has you covered. It’s accurate in that even after counting that much amount of money it never gives a wrong number nor does it ever get in the middle and forget the count. In addition to this it keeps the total of all the bills that goes through its system. This is such an advantage as we all know the hectic part about money handling is getting the total count of all the bills that’s needed.
  • Its digital screen makes it easy for one to follow the process. The screen shows the total of all the bills that pass through. This is one of the mechanisms that actually make it easy to use. The screen also shows the numbers in a font that is easily visible to any eyes even at a far distance so even the client can be able to follow through the process.
  • The ability to handle bills regardless of their condition. After bills have been passed over from person to person they are bound to grow old and lose their original form. This therefore means that they lose their original texture and in some other cases they get torn in the process. This makes the bill to be in such a condition that they appear as if they are not in any good condition. This condition should not worry you because this machine is able to count them even in this condition. We all know that in this condition it’s easier for money to cramp up and even counting it by hand is such a hassle. They are too soft and the hand is not able to handle their condition and as a result it’s easier for one to be overlooked or forgotten.
  • The dollar bill counter machine is also durable in that it’s not easily prone to any malfunction. This being said it comes with a warranty that removes all the worry about the malfunctioning happening to your piece. Let’s be honest it’s just in our human nature that we always like something that helps to relieve the worry we have over the items we purchase having a timeline where we can use it without worrying about the cost when it malfunctions. That worry is known and the dollar bill counter is no exception and to make sure you don’t worry about it we have that covered. Whether the machine is fool proof there doesn’t lack some errors and to do make sure the err doesn’t fall on your side we make sure a window is given to cover that error.
  • The dollar bill counter machine is also portable. This function ensures that even if the business you have currently are being carried outside no worries since you can carry your machine with you. There’s no window to ensure that an error arising from has to occur regardless of where the business is being carried out from.
  • Together with carrying the machine anywhere the transactions are being carried out nobody wants to tire doing the heavy lifting. The dollar bill counter is light and as a result you won’t even feel like you had any package with you. carrying around heavy baggage is one of those things everybody avoids and I have a feeling that’s the main reason many people don’t like going out since this means that all the things that were being used in the building have to be brought to make sure that the activities that were to be conducted inside can still be conducted outside. This means nothing has to stop just because transactions are being done outside the business premises.

The pros of the dollar bill counter

  • The first thing that comes to mind for me is the fact the hassle of having to deal with money manually is done away with. As I said earlier money is an important factor in any business and hence should be handled with care regardless of whether one is feeling tired or they just woke up and reported to work. Money doesn’t care about the feelings of someone it just keeps coming in according to how it’s being brought.
  • The employees have extra time to focus on customer service. We all know how frustrating it is to talk to someone trying to ask about an item and they can’t seem to give you the attention you need as they are engrossed in counting money. As it is said the customer is always right and with this the customer should always be given the attention and service they want when they want. Keeping the customer happy is one of the ways to ensure you stay in business and the contrary also holds true in this case.
  • The productivity goes high. This I would also attribute to the fact the employees are able to put their focus on other matters that need attention in the business. This also makes sure that they are able to spot things that need attention and make them right.
  • It reduces the losses that result from mishandling of money. Businesses are always prone to losses and no matter what we do to try to prevent them from affecting them for example insuring. There comes one that we never thought of insuring against and that’s just how the economic world goes like. This being said some like wrong handling can be avoided by ensuring the modes you use are the latest and are free of the errors that can be made by human.
  • The sizes it comes in are not ones that change the outlook of how your office or place of work looks. To be honest no one wants to have their spaces cramped such that there’s no space to be able to move around. One thing that makes a place look neat and attractive is the fact the way items and files are arranged is in such a manner that they are easy to access. Moving around squeezing in the work area is not such good picture and it restricts movement from one place to the next.
  • It saves on money. First the money that may be used to employ the number of employees that can be able to perform its functions is a lot. Secondly its money worth as it lives up to its function hence it’s not one of those machines that disappoint after buying or don’t work according to the specifications that were advertised before. The money it saves can be used to expand the business or do something else that needs it.

As I earlier said buying a new machine is really scaring and to add to that it’s one that you are supposed to trust to do for you all that pertains anything to do with money. It’s not an easy choice to make since it requires one to risk almost everything. This is because nobody starts a business with the hope that it will fail one day, no, everybody hopes and wishes that the business will grow to become a successful one. This hope therefore means that every action that is taken in the course of that business all has to be to make its working better and make it stay afloat. This being said some risks may seem to be far-fetched because if the item purchased brings about errors then one will have no one else to blame but them.

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I understand your worry and that’s just the worry of any person who has put in a lot in an investment they have made. But let’s also remember most of the things in life have no assurance and all we do is risk and hope that all will be well. Since things we don’t plan for are prone to occur then it doesn’t seem wrong to put your money on something that will be the game changer for your business. All the worries you had of wrong counting and taking in fake bills will be done away with. Remembering that the machine is price friendly and therefore depending on your income one can buy the one that fits into their budget and the money they have.

Don’t say that your business is small and hence you don’t see the essence of purchasing it. One dollar is the one that makes a million a nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. So whether the losses that may be prone to occur in your business may seem like they are trivial they are the ones that can cause the stagnation of your enterprise. With that then it’s clear that there is no small business and neither is there a small loss since they all cause an effect.  We all know the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and therefore to arrive to your destinations small actions must be taken daily to make that come true. The same applies for any business any effort taken to ensure that the business behaves like the big institutions is sure to make sure that it grows to that.

Don’t underestimate your enterprise see it where you want it to be and start acting like you will when that time comes.

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