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Feelteck Develop Electric Money Counter by Own Team

Feelteck electric money counters are 100% tested and applied for more than 80 currencies. With our more than 10 years of experience in electric money counter manufacturing, Feelteck is recognized as the leading electric money counter manufacturer.

Feelteck offers a wide range of electric money counter for all your needs. Our expertise in the electric money counter will support your requirements including OEM design, hardware, and software. All our electric money counters are certified by international quality standards.

money counter and sorter

Offers reliable final count and greater accuracy. It features precise counterfeit detection.

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Offers fewer jam and can save time money as well as your effort.

mixed bill money counter

Simple, durable, and sleek design. Less time-consuming and easy-to-use.

money counter mixed denomination

Features MG and UV detection of fake bills and money. These are high-speed, high-capacity, and very precise.

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

Feelteck : Your Professional Electric Money Counter Supplier

Feelteck offers unparalleled OEM services. We can customize the software of your electric money counter as requested. We offer one-stop services to all your needs.

We manufacture electric money counters certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE. We export products to Europe, Russia, Ghana, and other countries.

Aside from that, our electric money counters are tested to ensure that these are suitable for 80 currencies. You can assure that Feelteck electric money counters are 100% accurate.

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Feelteck – Your Reliable Manufacturer of Electric Money Counter in China

Feelteck offers a wide range of electric money counter to meet your requirements. We manufacture all types of models for your application. All our electric money counters are offered at an affordable cost.

Feelteck has been operating in the industry for more than 10 years. Our expertise in this field will guarantee you a premium quality electric money counter. Because of the accuracy, high-quality, and world-class performance, lots of customers from around the world have trusted Feelteck electric money counter.

When purchasing electric money counter, choose Feelteck as your manufacturer. We produce electric money counter with high-capacity. These are integrated with pocket-like structures to place your uncounted bills. It also helps in determining the quantity of your money.

Additionally, Feelteck electric money counter features a precise counterfeit detection. With this feature, you can assure that our electric money counter can provide a full performance in detecting fake money and bills.

Moreover, we designed electric money counter with mixed denomination value count. These are integrated with CIS and modern imaging software that helps in distinguishing bill denomination.

Aside from that, Feelteck electric money counters are very popular because of its accurate and fast counting speed. It can count a large quantity of money per minute. These make our electric money counter ideal for counting large amount of cash in your business.

Also, our engineers specifically designed electric money counter with multi-currency features. It can be used for commercial banks, shops, supermarkets, cash-in transit companies, and other business that deals with international clients.

Feelteck electric money counters are manufactured using our in-house modern facilities and state-of-the-art production equipment. Our full production capacity guarantees that we manufacture a world-class quality and innovative electric money counter.

For more than 10 years, we are committed to giving customers the best quality products, excellent services, and competitive prices. We strive to help business save time and error when counting large amount of money. We also offer OEM services so we can manufacture electric money counter with your detailed specification. Feelteck is surely your trusted manufacturer of electric money counter in China!

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Electric Money Counter

With the improvement and the technology advancement, electric money counters become a necessary aspect. These machines make counting large amounts easier. Counting machines assists in detecting instances of the fake bill in the stalk. Therefore, there are various factors that one must consider before buying an electronic money counter.

Weight and The Size

Depending on where you are planning to place your electronic money counter, consider the machine’s weight and size. In case your office is cramped, consider freeing up of various things that are not commonly used. However, you can opt for the digital compact bill counter to fit in the space available properly. If you require a portable machine for frequent movements, consider the lightweight machine. A cumbersome machine may fall, thus causing damage during the move.


The Speed of The Counting

If you are in a business that deals with a large amount of money, you must consider an electronic money counter. With the advanced technology, the digital money counters necessitate bought. This provides the high speed of counting the bills that runs automatically when the money is placed on it. Various money counters have multiple features that usually interchange depending on the speed of counting. This allows different rates that ensure to keep an eye upon the maximum speed. The AB5200 bank-grade bill counter provides the best or the highest rate of counting at one thousand nine hundred notes per minute. Ultimately, whatever you require is to dedicate your pace to rest on the volume.


The capacity of The Hopper

Hopper capacity determines the gauging volumes for the high counting during the calculation of the money. An average bill counter holds three hundred bills in the hopper. Various heavy duties mix bill counters. The AB7100 and the AB7500 automatic money counter usually hold up to five hundred. The reaction of the hopper is an important aspect that requires keen observation. Determine whether the hopper is back or front-loaded. Consider the front-loaded electric hopper as they have a higher capacity. Front-loaded also gives better performance compared to the backloaded hopper.



If your currency deals with the client from the international currencies, consider the electric money counter that determines these currencies. This will make the sorting of the cash to be eased. The speed of the same improves compared to the manual counting. Some of the different counters detect between various currencies at a time automatically. If your electric money counter is not seeing certain coins, consider the preset feature for the task to be performed. This eases the classification of the currencies.


Mixed Denomination

The mixed denomination is a digital money detector. The diverse denomination is one of the most important considerations while thinking about making a money counter. The standard bill counter requires you to sort the money before and classify them accordingly. Automatic money counters automatically detect the funds depending on the bill denomination, distinguishing the bill, and adding it to the total account.


Detection of The Counterfeit

The digital money counter offers the mixed detection of the value. Detection of the counterfeit gives an optional additional factor worth thinking about while shopping for these money counters. With the estimate of the two hundred and twenty in a million, the counterfeit bill in circulation. The digitalization aspect provided by this money counter manages inspection and counting your money. While working for the fake accounts, you require the counter that detects the suspicious notes. The workflow becomes more efficient during the verification of the sum of the bill. Various counters like the AB1100PLUS, AB1050, and AB5800 coming with an optional counterfeit.

The effect must have the inclusion of the magnetic and ultraviolet detectors such mixed value detectors like the AB7100 and AB7500 comes with the combination of the magnetic, ultraviolet detection, and infrared function of detection. If you purchased an electric money detector that does not have these features, you can buy them separately and pair them to your machine. These features are essential in cases of determining the fake counterfeit.


Convenience, Accuracy Counting Bills with A Safe Scanner

If your business runs a vast amount of money, you might experience hard times while counting it using the hands. The manual money counting process is always time-consuming, tedious, and potentially costly. This calls for the electric money counter. With improved and advanced technology, various electronic money counters offer multiple features and functions that save your time, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy. Counterfeit detection and batching improve the speed of the counting save your money by reducing errors.


Desired Features for The Bill Counters

The safescan’s of the bill counter encompasses a wide range of functionalities and capabilities. The twenty-two hundred accurately and quickly stock count that sorts single denomination bills and reports the number of the statements on the piece counting. Twenty-six hundred series includes the value calculation that total the volume of denomination bill stack. The two thousand, eight hundred, and eight five-count the money as they give the value of the single denomination bills stack. These machines allow for the value count, actual counting, face, sort, and orient a mixed denomination deal. All the safescan’s assist in distinct counting features and the batch numbers that maximize counting efficiency. Varying levels of the detective capacity of the counterfeit mostly depends on the selected machine.


Operation of The Counter Bill

Once you have placed a stalk of the bill on the machine, the stock bill activates the sensor, thus triggering the feeder in the roller. The feeding process of the roller takes account therefore, it successively passes on to the second roller that operates at high speed. It contains side-mounted friction that a flange ensures only one bill fed on the machine at a time. Fanning wheel causes outward spacing of the revolution, thus scanning using an optical sensor that counts every account individually. The process allows the determination of the bill’s value through a feature attached to the counterfeit.


Back Versus Front Loading Machine

Both counterfeit machines contain the feature that loads hoppers at the topmost part of the machine. The main difference between the back and the front-loading machine is how the bill orientation is placed on the hopper. The front-loaded machine requires placing the bills on the upper horizontal stack. The accounts are placed flat with either the facedown or face-up. The backloading hopper allows the accumulation vertically. This involves identifying the face forward and backward or the side. The front-loading machine allows bill addition while the machine is still counting. It counts at a very high speed compared to the backloading hopper, giving a fully automatic money counter. You must wait until the cycle ultimately moves through in the backloading machine before more bills are added. These machines relatively slow compared to front-loading machines.


The Degree of Detecting the Counterfeit Bills

Various bills offer different levels of determining counterfeit detection. The fake detection level requires the type of the business and amount of cash handled. The series of the automatic counting machine twenty-two hundred and the twenty-six hundred machine series offer the unique detection of the counterfeit. It uses three or four detections of the counterfeit, magnetic, ultraviolet, infrared, and bill size. The best counterfeit detector like the twenty eighty-five-SX and twenty-eight eighty-five-S giving the highest counterfeit detection. The process allows advanced seven points of the fake detective ability adding various sensors like the color sensors or the infrared. The magnetic and the ultraviolet features the distinct features that are most common among the electronic money counter.

Magnetic Detection- Many countries implement the use of magnetic detection in addition to ultraviolet detection on paper currency. A money-counting machine equipped with magnetic detection scans the bill for the magnetic characteristic through the iron traces in ink. Magnetic detection is effective, along with the present drawbacks. However, some of the counterfeits have improvised various ways of using inks of the magnet on printers to fool these detectors. The property of the magnetism degrades over constant use and as time goes. Therefore, the real money that is used for a long time identifies false counterfeit.

Ultraviolet (UV) Detection- Countries like the UK, US, and Canada use inks that contain ultraviolet fluorescent phosphors on their paper currency printing. The US five-dollar bills and the vertical florescent are not detectable using the naked eyes but brighten while exposed to the UV light. UV is one of the features that determine the counterfeit bill incorporated in various money counting machines. It has affordability, simplicity, and effectiveness. It is difficult for UV features replication but impossible. This detection method is an excellent method of detection considered effective one hundred percent.

The Weight Based Counting Bill

The highest accuracy of the fully automatic money counter like the electronic money counters six thousand one hundred and sixty-five or the six thousand one hundred and eighty-five. This indicates that the bill counter of the bill is based on their pure weight. The added advantage is the ability to allow the counting of the coins. The precise of the cells load and the electronic combined with the detailed database of the currency and coin weight. This results in a versatile, practical, and accurate counting scale of the machine. Following the scale prompts that place each of the denomination on the platform of the plate.

Ensure that you watch the total on each of the displayed items, thus running the total. These money scales are ideal for businesses using registration of the cash that worth counting after every shift or day. Find out about various scales that operate on multiple websites. This will allow you to have transparent and sound decision-making before buying your machine. You will have the chance of getting your desired size as various weights of the devices provided. Different manufactures give different machines depending on your desired features.


How Does the Electric Money Counter Work While Counting the Bills?

The process of counting the money is fast on the electric money counter. This ease counting of the large amounts of the capital. Various techniques of calculating cash are essential while adhering to the maximum production. Either the automatic or manual production method is used in the process of counting the money. The method speed of the operation speed depends on the installed features. Various techniques necessitate allowing of the electric money counter that one can opt for.


Comparison Between the Manual and The Electronic Money Counter

Fully automatic money counting machine fast compared to the use of the hands. They handle a different setting that allows handling of the vast amount of cash. The electric money counter enables you to distinguish the mixed denomination. With the improvement of technology, fake money is widely spreading, and some of it closely resembles real money. This becomes difficult for you to distinguish between actual and counterfeit money using the hands. Operation of the electric cash operates if there is electric power. Minimal human labor is required on the electronic money counters. The efficiency of the manually operated machines hinders counting person accuracy and their moods.

Electric money counter is essential, as digitalization has brought about the machine depending on the price. Other devices have various settings that allow the sorting of fake money. Some of the machines allow separation of the denomination. The efficiency of the electric money counters relatively high, fast, and efficient.


Clearing an Electric Money Counter

An enormous business or a company on drawing the thousands of stacks in terms of the cash daily. The small team allows the need of the helping hand. This makes the currency counter for the advantage of the required handle of the money effectively and efficiently. Electric money counter makes the difference on the operations upon the scale. It allows the process of counting to be unrestrained upon your customers, thus try for another task. The automatic money counter provides for fast and accuracy depending on the means of the team by spending less time recounting and adjusting the mistakes made.

It would be best if you determined the automation purpose of the machine to ease the task. The advantage of the device is the order of the working. Adequate precautions are taken on the currency counter to allow the extension of the lifespan of your electric counting machine. Ensure that you clean this machine regularly and disinfect it. Close inspection is also necessary to fix the worn pout parts or the greasing of the moving parts. The following tips allow for the complete maintenance of the counting machine.


Maintenance Tips of The Currency Counter

Even though you deal with the counting machine before, ensure that you get in touch with the current devices. Many automatic counting machines are essential in the fast operation of the machine. These newer models contain various updated procedures that differ from one manufacture to another. Fewer troubles encountered while using the device the way they meant to use it. You shouldn’t incorporate various features that the manufacturer never included. You need to determine keenly the features that you desire your counter to have before the actual purchase.

Determine the paper clips, coins, rubber bands, and the hidden staples attached to them. The items might, as a result, damage your machine and shorten or interfere with the operation of the device. The digital money counter allows for the turn off the machine while not in use. The step proceeds up to the lifespan of the machine according to your desired setting. Always wipe the feeder and the output hopper, trays, and the stacker after every use or even daily on the high traffic sessions. Always use lint-free, clean, and dry cloth. Between various users, keep the machine covered to prevent getting dirt or dust on the parts of the device.

The following provides the best electric money counter from which one can choose while buying the machine.


  1. G-Star Money Counters Technology

The G-star electric money counters operate up to two continuous hours while counting over a thousand bills in a minute. It works quietly using magnetic and ultraviolet sensors that reduce the level of noise. You can load a statement from the back of the machine in any direction. The rate of detection of counterfeit rates highly. This assures more excellent reliability and accuracy on the final count. The machine stops on reaching the counterfeit preventing it from incorporated from the total amount. LED display easy-to-read allows the easy and quick reading to the total number of the bills the stalk holds. The machine hardly calculates momentary bill numbers on the stack. If the momenta bill incorporates, it will not indicate the total amount of the bill loaded.


  1. Kolibri Money Counter

Kolibri money counter efficiently counts thousands of bills per minute using ultraviolet detection for the chain, half, counterfeit, or the double bills. On the straight path of the bill, give you fewer jams provided you load the statements correctly. It also saves your effort and time. It features automatic stop, start, and error clearing functions. It assists in using the batch mode while counting the ten, twenty-, twenty-five-, fifty-, or one-hundred-unit bills. Kolibri counts quantity bills and not the momentary value of the accounts. It comes with a one-year warranty in most cases. The guarantee allows you to work with it for the first twelve months. This gives you peace of mind, as you will know that the machine is replaced or repaired in case of anything.


  1. Domains Money Counter

Simplicity and the affordability of the domains portable money counters count to six hundred bills in a minute as it promised. The useability eased at zero point eight six portable and compact. This makes it ideal for the individuals or the businesses looking for the less time-consuming, convenient poker night. Add function allows addition count where necessary, where the machine works with most of the paper currency. For the best accuracy and performance, bill inserts are pressed and flat pressed. The plug is plugged into the electrical source or powered by the four AA batteries while prepared. This money counter only provides the counts of the bills inserted and cannot detect different statements.


  1. HFS Bill Money Counter

This product gives you a portable and non-potable money counter. The HFS money counters count most currency types up to nine hundred bills in a minute. The display shows the bills count. This features magnetic and ultraviolet counterfeit detection money alerting you on the detection of the fake account. This includes automatic stop-start and function clearance along with the batch, ads, and self-examination functions. HFS bill money counter intends on counting bill numbers that are sorted through the machine. It does not add it detected, or the bill’s denomination added to the engine.


  1. Carnation Mixed Denomination Sorter or the Counter

This CR1500 automatic money counter sorts the banknotes by orientation and denomination. It includes a reject pocket for suspected counterfeit bills. The reject pocket allows the machine to continue counting despite detecting the counterfeit as the fake account placed in the reject pocket. It provides easy fitting on the desk, or a counter, or the table for easy use and access. CR1500 provides different currency counting, especially the four currencies in the dollar, United States, euro, Canadian dollar, and the British pound.

The CR1500 captures the serial number on each banknote counted. Information printed and stored out exported to Excel file or CVS suitable for keeping the record. This includes batch, add, printing, and reporting functions. Updating the software through the SD card USB slot for the available updates is possible for this machine. Due to the high value of this money, countersigning upon any delivery becomes essential.


  1. Cassiva 6600 Bill Counter

This is a small money counter machine, especially on small businesses. It provides the highest loading of the cassava 6600 grade on the business currency on the grade counter that counts to fourteen hundred bills per minute. The bill holds up to four hundred bills in a minute. The statement holds up to four hundred bills depending on the batch mode, including the total mode accumulation. This displays the dual LED display. Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors used for the original bill ensure that the machine does not allow the inclusion of the counterfeit on the total money counted.


  1. Cassiva 5520UV Bill Counter

This provides an excellent option to the fully automatic money counter speeding through thirteen hundred bills per minute. The time reduction requires the speeding of your cash. The machine uses ultraviolet technology that searches for the security mark in each of the bills, thus detecting any counterfeit on your stack bills. The ValuCount features the high-resolution display of the LCD that shows both the total value of the dollar and the number of the accounts. Select single bill denomination loaded. Be assured of the mix in any other denominations for an accurate count.


  1. Therapeutic Money Counter Elite

The therapeutics money counters elite works more than six continuous working hours counting twelve hundred United States bills in a minute. The machine contains a very high detection rate. When the device detects counterfeit bills on your stalk currency and the other money does not alert. LCD bills number. This switches the machine to the energy-saving mode-allowing save on electricity. It is essential for the forty-five-day money-back guarantee. Thus, return the device any time within the not regarding the reason.

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