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In determining the best money counting machine, the level of counterfeit detection should be the first thing to consider. The story of the fraud raises calls for the improved mechanism of the detection. Among the essential factors to believe in the device’s purchase, the ability of the device to detect and count the money is the most crucial. The level of the counterfeit detected using the various features in the process of the detection of the same. These features include magnetic, ultraviolet, and infrared.

money counter and sorter

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mixed denomination money counter

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FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

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Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Fake Money Detector and Counting Machine

The fake money detector and counting machine facilitate counting and detecting the money placed on the device simultaneously. Some of the applications allow for the incorporation of magnetic field detection properties. Most of the currencies around the globe facilitate the incorporation of magnetic properties in the process of printing. If the note passed through the field, the attraction takes place. Although the fake currency does not fake the properties of magnetism, it is possible, for instance. However, the location of the counterfeit bill’s magnetism differs from the real money.

Some of the devices facilitate coin detection with the application of the property of magnetism in the process of the detection of money. If coins pass through the process or the unit of the counting of the note counter, then the different fields of the magnetism detect. Most of the various currencies around the globe come with the properties of magnetism though they differ from one country to the other. In the faking of the coin, the property is a bit easy compared to the different approaches. Most of the metals used in the printing of the money come with the properties of the magnet.

However, one of the disadvantages of magnetic detection in the machine counter is that it wears out with time. If you compared the properties of the magnet in the new and the old bill, it differs a lot. New notes react very well if exposed to the magnetic field. As the note wears out, the level of the detection lowers. This makes them completely worn out note not to respond to the area of magnetism. The actual note at this point appears as a counterfeit due to wear and tear processes. In addition, the operation of the printing of the money, whether real or fake.

Fake Currency Machine

The war against counterfeit has been proceeding since the currency was invented. The level of faking raises with the improvement in the status of the technology. The process aims at the come up with the cash that resembles the real ones. Roman coins in the early years were made of less clipped or valuable metals. This meant that the small piece of silver and gold was clipped from the cash and retained by the counterfeit money printers. In the effort of uprooting the fake bill, Abraham Lincoln came up with the secret service that assisted in separating the unit of the operation under the treasury department in the year eighteen sixty. The system allowed for the detection of the bill that circulated, composing a third of the counterfeit on all the accounts spread to the whole country.

Over the recent past years in the century, the face of counterfeit money reshapes due to rapid technological developments. The printing process aims at hardening the operation of the fake note identification processes, thus a complex production of the same. One of the main methods of the counterfeit compartment uses the incorporation of ultraviolet fluorescent materials on the printing of the currency’s paper. Ultraviolet rays allow for the detection of the specific links on the bills appearing on the proper wavelength of the ultraviolet rays of the light.

Implementation of the successful features on the national currency offer for the two-fold pieces of the national currency. In the first step, allow for printing the money using the inks that are sensitive to ultraviolet. The United States engraving and printing bureau utilizes ultraviolet UV fluorescent light phosphorus, which relates to the specified ultraviolet. It produces a reaction if passed through the fake money detector and counting machine as the feature remains hidden. It views well under the light on the standard conditions of the lighting. If the ink is exposed to ultraviolet light, the note changes its appearance, and thus, the human eye sees it.

This indicates that the imprinted ultraviolet light design of the security on the genuine money is not visible on the bare eyes. This appearance changes drastically while placed on ultraviolet light. The change usually produces an impression of the fluorescent easily visible for the human eye. The printing of the materials like the money adopts widely adopts due to the high ease of the implementation processes. Also, the paper used in the process of currency making, ultraviolet inks apply in the operations of passport security, credit cards, social security cards, traveler’s check, casino chips, and other essential documents.

Application of the ultraviolet UV detection for the security feature improves on the value due to the highly volatile materials that get corrupted easily, primarily if the counterfeit used the commercially available printers on the digital function in the inks while printing the fake notes. However, more advancement on professional printing volume usually utilizes the more expensive processes for the printing equipment. These handles a complex challenge on the technology inherent in the printing of the volatile compounds of the ultraviolet.

To improve the effectiveness of the security feature, the counterfeit security feature allows for the detection of the emitting of the ultraviolet rays or the light at the right required wavelength, thus widely available in the places handling a high amount of the cash transactions like the national banks. Moreover, with the current advancement in technology, the counterfeit bill needs no use of the ultraviolet light-sensitive inks for the printing of the fake currency if the bills try to pass on the places where the testing of the UV never performed.

Application of the ultraviolet UV detection of the counterfeit currency comes on very many added advantages on the respective business. The devices of currency detection using ultraviolet offer the least solution in the processes of the solution that assist in combating fraud of the counterfeit. The machines are easy to use as they are readable from the human perspective. For the detection of the bill, you only need to place the bill under the light of the ultraviolet UV. The genuine bill glows under the security feature, meaning that it is not fake and valid for use in its economy.

On the other hand, some of the businesses allow the manual processes of the cash and the coins due to the high level of reluctance in adopting the Fake money detector and counting machine. The sensors allow for the application of the ultraviolet as a screen of the security of the money as they depend on the employee’s level of the transaction, tellers, and the cashiers who assist in currency screening of the funds. The ideas of the business’s owners and the managers are that due to the oversights that are not intended or the poor level of the training, the possibility of the counterfeit passing through the detection unit is high while not detected. This creates a belief of the difficulties for the employee accuracy in identifying the counterfeit bills on the total value of the money.

The replication of the ultraviolet security feature on the bills is not an easy task and thus very difficult but possible. Some of the bills passing through the security unit of the testing are coming up as counterfeit. Therefore, with a straightforward training process on the low-cost techniques, the ultraviolet UV detection of counterfeit money offers a practical approach for most businesses, especially the small ones that cannot afford extensive security measures but highly susceptible to fraud and counterfeit. This guide, therefore, intends to improve the level of the security of the currency. It reduces the threat of fraud, thus protecting the amount of money transacting around the business.

Fake Currency Checking Machine

The fake currency checking device is the most commonly used security feature on the cash around the globe that apply ultraviolet of the fluorescent phosphor’s inks or the embedded. If exposed to UV light, these inks or fibers usually emit a glow. If the inks view the standard conditions of the lighting, they remain hidden. The application of the method of currency protection widely uses due to the reduced level of the expense. The implementation of the same compared to the other advanced features is very easy. The security features of the ultraviolet locate on most of the global currencies.

Application of the fake currency checking machine assists in identifying the front of the latest euro of the fifty-bill banknote. There are usually some stars on the euro flag. The small circles and the stars generally glow yellow on exposure to the ultraviolet lamp. In Northern Ireland and Scotland, there is the complication of the things on the process. This is because most of the banks in both regions usually issue their banknotes. All of them are valid legal, and tender, thus accepted across the border. However, this means that any person who handles the cash around the area has more tasks to cater for in the familiarization with the security features locates on the individual banknote.

On the others like the ulster banknotes usually incorporate most of the ultraviolet security features that view only on their websites. For example, a keen inspection on the front of the English bill of the euro fifty, banknote under the excellent quality of the ultraviolet light the number fifty appears in the bright green and the red. Also, the motion thread usually appears bright green, and in most cases, the red and the green dots are generally visible on the back and the front of the note. The other part of the note usually appears dull as contrasted. According to the history of the increased level of counterfeit, dollars from the united states have been the most counterfeited currency globally.

According to the research conducted by Abraham Lincoln through the secret service, in the process of separating the unit under the treasury department, he was determined to eradicate the circulation of counterfeit money. The practice identified that more than a third of the money that circulated the state was phony. This fraction keeps on rising as the current estimate of the fake money is that ten thousand is usually fake in the bunch of the one billion. On the latest bill of the fifty dollars note, a clear security thread embeds on the note.

If it exposes to ultraviolet light, it usually glows bright yellow. Therefore, the process of the replication of the ultraviolet security on the money is impossible. Some of the notes that authenticate by the ultraviolet rays of the light still indicate the counterfeit. One of the frequently used methods in the fake process is taking the genuine inspection on the low denomination banknote by bleaching it and then reprinting with the desired higher denomination placed on the same.

One of the most significant challenges in the process of the application of ultraviolet light for the procedure. The method of the verification of the bills is dependent on the user. This facilitates identifying the exact location of each of the ultraviolet features on every note and how the note should look like. On some of the digital currencies, ultraviolet detection fools the detection process due to the bleaching of the notes. If you use the automated detection of counterfeit money, ensure that the device facilitates multiple fake detection measures.

Currency Checking and Counting Machine

In the counting of the currency, the user needs to apply the cash checking and counting machine. The device facilitates the detection of the quality of the banknotes that pass through the unit by determining the machine thickness plus the machine quality of the paper in which the bill is printed. Most of the high-quality equipment used in handling the cash adds a few to the detection of the counterfeit on the money passing through the device. Some of the technologies include the following.

  • Intelligent code detection ICD
  • Infrared IR
  • Magnetic thread MT
  • Magnetic ink MG
  • Contact image sensor CIS

ICD Intelligent Code Detection

The technology assists in determining genuine or fake money through the searching of the hidden code on the security thread of the banknote. If the user needs to determine the dollar of the one hundred notes, without the intelligent code machine detection, choose investigation of the bill against the rays of the light. You observe the dark appearance of the line, usually evidence on the same. The symbol of the money and the value indicates as the tiny lettering along the stripe. The exact process usually occurs if the device of the detection is applied on the bill.


IR Infrared

In most cases, the infrared is usually visible using the human eye. The paper used for the printing of the money has the infrared ink IR. The ink requires a scanner that usually renders for the visibility of the infrared using the bare eyes. If subjected to the infrared light rays, especially at the front of the specific banknote, there is only the emerald. However, on the right side of the main image, the silver stripes are usually clearly visible. On the back of the bill, only the numeral’s value on the horizontal of the serial number is typically visible on the exposure to the currency checking and counting machine.

Magnetic Thread MT and The Magnetic Ink MG

Some of the applications of the national and the central banks usually apply the technology of the ferromagnetic ink on the serial number of the currency along the magnetic thread that usually weaves around the paper that generally prints the money. Attachment of the magnetic detection on the currency checking and counting machine facilitates the handling processes of the cash, thus identifying the authenticity of the scanned coin for the traces of the magnetic inks on the letterpress and the patterns of the threads of designs throughout the banknote.

Contact Image Sensor CIS

The sensor allows for the reading and the capture of the banknote serial numbers. The software on the currency checking and counting machine then assists in verifying the genuineness of the serial number. It then determines the thickness of the paper, size, and quality. Therefore, the detection of the counterfeit bill depends on the high level of the determination of more checks. However, the rate of the counterfeit is determined by the level of investment applied to the device. Therefore, you will get what you paid for as the cheaper the detectors, the less the check it performs, thus minimal reliability.

mixed money counter

This means that the expansion of counterfeit money is very high, thus the need for the large sizes of the business investing on the improved means of detection. The rate of the sophistication of fake notes advances with the technology. Determine the quality of the document that prints on the excellent quality of the office and the home processes of the printing compared to the thirty years ago. The high amount of time, effort, and money spent on the government and the bank, thus developing a specified new process. For the feature’s protection on the currency, the more advanced level of the obstacles placed the business and the counterfeit notes, thus improving your overall defense level.

Always make sure that your employees or the staff acquire adequate training on the feeling, tilt, and look method in the processes of identifying the banknotes. There are some tools that currency checking and counting machine like the POS like the electronic note checker coming with the many or the multiple verifications making it a good idea. In the detection of the counterfeit on the bills, apply for the improved level of the accuracy for the money you handle. If you desire the use of the ultraviolet rays of the light, buy a good quality indoor setting in a darker environment of the indoor. Very strong or direct rays of the sunlight hinder the verification of the quality of the money passing through the unit of the counting of the bills. In addition, if the bill counter is placed near a place that prone the device by interfering with the magnetic detection, like the strong magnetic fields, the detection of the fake bills is hindered.

Currency Note Checking Machine

Each day dawns with a top level of improvement in the stolen money’s story through the pen compared to the money taken by the forceful application of the guns. High fraud rates result from the increased level of counterfeit bills as the current technology avails for the personal scanners, computers, and color copiers, thus attaining the quality produced paper printing the money or the currency. As a result, the yearly budget of the business or the government usually suffers a high level of loss to the billions of dollars. The total amount of the counterfeit bills detected in the fiscal year on the nineteen ninety-seven was very high in the currency of the worldwide appearances.

Therefore, this calls for the improved level of the application of the fake money detector that assists in simplifying the instrument of fluorescence. Furthermore, it eases the identification and verification process and the currency identification through the security thread along with the background of the bill’s fluorescence. Moreover, the fluorescence intensity is used to detect the power of the aging and the manufacturing currency reproductivity.

Currency Counting and Fake Note Detector Machine

Our living on the highly improving technology, as a great place of daily existence, especially on most parts of the world. The level of advancement shares with the criminals, making it a hard place for daily survival. This has assisted the criminals in the acquisition of the benefits that come with the raised level of the technology, taking the story of the economy to the high levels of losses. For us to step ahead of the acts of the increased level of the crimes, there is the need of the implementation of the device that assists in the processes of the currency counting and fake note detector machine that appears with the raised level of the counterfeit detection technology in the methods of the printing of the money. This ranges from everything that requires renovations, from the micro-printing and the watermarks to the holograms and the plastic threads. Commonly and affordable security methods of the detection of the ultraviolet counterfeit or the detection.

The main reason for the addition of the features that aid in detecting the quality of the banknotes in places like businesses, banks, or government agencies. The equipment usually assists in the process of distinguishing between the real and the fake notes. The effective achievement of the detection is because of the incorporation of the detective device. The devices differ and usually range from one to the other in terms of the quality and the incorporation of the counting and the detective units. The range usually allows for the sufficiency of all sizes of businesses. Money counters are applied to the company for the improvement of accuracy. The device’s accuracy never compares to the manual processes of the counting and detection of counterfeit bills.

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