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Money is the most used and most preferred way of completing many transactions. No deal can take place or be complete without the use of money or just the mention of the monetary value of what is being discussed. Every country has its own denomination and the value of the currency they use. The technology used in printing of the bills depends with the capability of the country involved. This being said it all goes to imply that detection of a fake or counterfeit bill may also be dependent on this factor.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

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Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

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Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

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High speed bill counter

Money is the most used and most preferred way of completing many transactions. No deal can take place or be complete without the use of money or just the mention of the monetary value of what is being discussed. Every country has its own denomination and the value of the currency they use. The technology used in printing of the bills depends with the capability of the country involved. This being said it all goes to imply that detection of a fake or counterfeit bill may also be dependent on this factor.

Some people are able to detect a counterfeit bill just by looking at them or having a feel of their texture. To be able to acquire such expertise requires a lot of experience and contact time with money. As much as those who are able to use this method may claim that it has been of help to them in their many years of being in a certain enterprise. We can all agree that it has its limitations whereby if a lot of money is involved then that might not be possible. You can’t convince me that the time to take every note and checking its authenticity manually is there. First of all the time to perform that task is not available. Plus the customer waiting has no time to stand in line waiting for you to authenticate their money one by one. Time is the most expensive commodity in this world and nobody wants to feel like theirs is being wasted. Plans are time scheduled and delay in one means that all the others are affected as well and as we all know that makes one angry. An angry customer is not one we all want to come into contact with especially when you are the cause of that anger.

The counterfeiters have improved their game and the notes they have come up with are almost similar to the real ones. It’s not easy to differentiate between the two especially when they are new. Keeping this in mind the naked eye will not give you the best result you would have wanted. Taking in such notes will be counting losses at the end the day. One will be lucky enough if the note in question is of a low value. This will make one able to move past that experience and be keen next time as we always say.

This brings me to my question what if there was a machine that would take away all your worries about being duped. One that not only does the tedious counting for you but also makes sure that the bills submitted are of the desired quality. Well that would be nice and business would be run smoothly and at the end of the end no losses would be recorded as a result of taking the fake money or even wrong counting.

The high speed bill counter does that it is able to count a lot of bills at once and is able to also detect presence of counterfeit bills.


The features of the high speed bill counter.

  • High speed. It can count up to 1500 bills per minute. As it name suggests the machine can count a lot of money at once. This ability makes it save time that would be used to count all that amount of money manually. Manual counting is really tedious and especially when a lot of money is involved. The mind also gets tired really fast and this may bring about the slowing of the rate of counting the money. This time may be used to offer better customer care and improve on the services that may hinder the smooth flow of the business activities.
  • Efficiency in value counting. This is such a helpful feature in any machine that is aimed at aiding in the process involving monetary issues. The high speed bill counter can total the number of bills and also give their values by denomination. Counting even as little as 10 bills manually becomes really tedious sometimes as we have to recount it a couple of times to make sure that the total value is the right one. Where one has not just one denomination the process may become even harder as they will be required to first sort them out then later count each denomination separately. As we can see nobody wants to be the one doing that. This machine makes it possible to count the number of bills involved sort them out if the denomination is different and give the total value of each separately. If this is not a deal breaker then I don’t know what it is.
  • It has a high capacity. The load hopper can take a total of 400 to 500 bills at once. This means that one does not need to reduce the bills in small stacks which may also take time dividing the notes especially where a large number of bills are involved.
  • Error and counterfeit detection. As much as the counting process is tedious the main hassle has to be counting losses at the end of the day because of fake bills that were not easily visible during the time of submission. The high speed bill counter has efficiency and no error when it comes to counting the bills. It’s installed with different technology where it uses them to detect the counterfeit bills. The machine not only applies one but it has fused up to three techniques that it uses in the authentication process of the bills at hand. One technique cannot be 100% efficient and its application of the three ensures that only the original bills pass through. To be able to show that a bill is authentic it involves checking the following parameters;
  • Determining the quality of the printing. This is not an easy task especially when the bills involved are a lot and the customer traffic is a lot.
  • Color fibers on the paper. This does not imply that the counterfeit ones do not have them on the contrary they have tried reproducing them and it takes extra keenness to note the difference.
  • Serial number examination. To be honest if you decide to take a survey on how many people note the serial numbers on the money they come into contact. The results will prove that it’s a negligible number know how they are arranged. This goes to show that if all the other parameters are in place and the only discrepancy is the serial number they would fail at that test.
  • The security features. Maybe this is one of the easiest ways and the most we use to countercheck the authenticity of the bills we use. But one technique cannot be really described as full proof to authenticate the quality of a bill.

The high speed bill counter has ultraviolet security thread detection, magnetic ink verification and infrared sensor.

The magnetic ink verification involves the machine detecting the presence of iron contained in the ink that is used on the bill. The counterfeiters have also been clever since they also apply that characteristic on their bill and this fools the machine sometimes. This in the end disproves the efficiency of applying the magnetic detection as the only way of authenticating bills. But with time the magnetic property degrades over time and hence it is easy to differentiate counterfeit when the note has been used for some time.

The ultra violet mechanism on the other hand has been proven to be a hundred percent effective as the counterfeiters are not able to reproduce this effect on their bills. Some countries apply this where the ink they use contain fluorescent matter that is not visible to the naked eye but glows when exposed to some UV light. This application is simple yet effective since unlike the magnetic strip that is visible to all the phosphor in the ink only glows when exposed to UV light and only when authenticating a bill it is mostly applied. Other times there is no need for the property to even be mentioned or applied. It might seem like it is of no use until it is used to save one from undergoing losses as a result of fake money being involved in a transaction they are in. even if one can be able to replicate some features of the real cash it’s impossible to be precise with all of them and this slip is how the machines are able to detect the discrepancy in the bills and call out on the fake one. This mechanism is the jackpot as it is impossible to reproduce the Ultra Violet effect. This knowledge makes the high speed bill counter a  tool one don’t want to not have in their enterprise especially if the clients/ customers that stream in are a lot. If the money flow is also a lot then this machine becomes a basic necessity to strive to have in possession.

  • Easy to use. We can all agree that digitizing of the machines has been one of those discoveries that have helped in simplifying the way some of them work. For the High speed bill counter the same applies. The instructions are clearly written on the buttons and the process is easy to monitor.one can be able to view and choose the task they want at that time with a lot of ease. Using a machine for the first time can be really hectic and sometimes we wonder why we went ahead and purchased it. This is because it usually seems to complicate matters more than they were. This is not the case with the high speed as all one needs to know is clearly indicated and has no complications making it hassle free also.

The reasons to purchase the machine

The counting will be accurate. At the end of the day every business does an analysis of all the days’ transactions and writes down the total. If the Maths was wrong then the error trickles up to the final tally. But if you have the high speed then the probability of having such an error is close to zero. The other one is that there will be no need to redo the addition to get the days total since the machine does that for you.

It saves money. We all know that without 1dollar a million is just nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. This shows that one is important to complete the sum. As a result no quantity is small that its loss will have no effect. This therefore implies that we should all strive to make sure that no amount of money is unaccounted for. Do what we can to ensure we do everything possible to do away with that.

Reduce the risk of losses in your business/enterprise. Every entrepreneur knows very well that any loss whether small or big counts. Small things with time accumulate to become big ones. The fact that you can be able to detect any counterfeit bill early enough is one way of guarding the business from any loss at the end of the day. Let the only thing you account for at the end of the day be only profit and not regrets as you were duped by a customer with a fake note.

The business productivity will increase. The fact that the machine saves on time that would be taken to manually count the bills means that time can be used for other things. As the machine is going on with the process of counting then that time one can do other things. One can attend to any other matter that may require attention this is almost like hitting two birds with one stone. This in turn increases the productivity as the time is freed and the issues arising would be given all the seriousness they ask.

High speed. As its name suggest then the number of bills counted by this machine in a minute or just an hour would take an average human close to a whole day. If there is one thing that is valued apart from money is time. If it is possible to perform a task in a shorter duration of time, with a higher speed and higher accuracy than we would then that’s the way to go.

The specifications they come with means that before purchasing you go through they work and from there can choose one according to the needs and size of the enterprise at hand. None is too small or big that a machine is not available or for one to feel like they don’t need one.


The process of money handling may seem like it is an easy one since it’s not much tiresome as carrying a hoe and heading to the garden to do some farming. That is true since if you look at the physical aspect of it one cannot compare the two. As much as the level of tiredness may not compare, the effort and concentration that goes into the task is what makes it energy draining. One miscalculation can cause great harm to any enterprise that it may take a lot of time to recover. That being said it’s always recommended to employ strategies and ways that aim at reducing any wrong calculations or do away with money mishandling.

We should also make ourselves conversant with the different areas that are checked to verify the authenticity of any bill. This knowledge will make us aware of the ways that a bill can be faked and when authenticating it we will know what to look for. Knowledge is power and whether the money you deal with is not much that should not be a reason to disregard possibility of miscalculation or the existence of counterfeit bills.

Counting money manually is a thing of the past that should not even be considered in this day and age. Having to recount every time we are distracted or we feel like we missed a note and the total value seems to be wrong. Our main aim should always be focused at making sure that every minute we have is well accounted for. Also the time should be used to perform tasks that cannot be delegated or need urgent attention at that time.

Complaining every day that we were conned because someone came in with fake note and we were not able to detect it should also stop. As much as we are experienced in a certain area and we feel like we can detect a fake note without any help. We should also come into terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with purchasing a machine that can be able to ensure that the issue of counterfeit is done with for good in our businesses.

How the machine works.

The stack of bills is placed on the machine the sensor is activated triggering the feeder. The feeding process takes place and the bills are passed on to the second roller that works at such a high speed. The bills pass through one at a time giving the machine ample time to scan each to note its value and also authenticate its originality. This ability is the reason that no fake bill can pass through the machine without its detection.


Before purchasing any machine check for the features that appeal to your business and once you find one that suits all the needs that are required by any business. Remember that there is always a machine that will suit you best.

The high speed bill counter is highly durable. The machine has better parts installed and this reduces its risk of becoming faulty after purchase. This also removes any fear from the person who wants to buy it on its durability.

The high speed bill counter apart from being fast with its function it’s also quiet. As much as the machine will be performing the tasks at hand of counting, we would all agree that the fact that as it is performing the task the level of noise is close to zero.  We all want peace and quiet when working to be able to deliver the best results. And think clearly and rationally especially considering the fact that we are dealing with money.

Businesses undergo through many problems and all they do each and every day is to do all they can to make sure they stay in the field. This being the main thought running through most of business people minds then any mechanism or technology that is aimed at helping with this mission and purpose is welcomed with open arms.

Remember that every coin counts and small things pile up to become big things that may even result to the fall of an empire if they are not addressed when small at the beginning.

In the field of business keeping an open mind to new things and methods are one of those advantages that one can exploit in the game. Connect with others and talk on how to reduce the risk of losses re occurring in the area you are involved in. in the case where you had doubts then they are cleared up after hearing the experiences of others and from then one can make up their mind. This aids in coming up with an informed decision.

The high speed bill counter can be compared to breathing clean and fresh air to a human. It should be taken as a necessity for any business to ensure its success. Especially in this era where many people are hungry for money and power. This means they are not afraid of doing whatever they may feel necessary so long as it gives them the desired results. The saying the end justifies the means kind of summarizes the way people behave. The only preposition that dominates most of the industries and mouths is the ‘me’. With this the criminal behavior of faking money has not been left behind as one of it.


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