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Feelteck Develop Mixed Bill Counter by Own Team

For the history of Money counting , we will find first to only counting the numbers . Later , coming the bill counter machine with the normal detecting functions UVMGIR . Then in Japan and Korea , the Mixed bill counter machine front loading machine been developed . As the time going ,now the CIS sensor technology being popular. In order to reduce the cost of Mixed bill counter machine ,Feelteck developed the back loading Mixed denomination bill counter. Later for more requirement of no stop counting , Feelteck Money the 1 + 1 Pockets Mixed bill value counter.  Feelteck FT-900 is the model Muti Denomination bill counter , it can install more than 15+ currencies software in one machine , and add the sort functions for Face ,Directions and Denominations .In this case , Mixed bill counter improved to a bill counter and sorter machine .

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

How Is the Mixed Bill Counter Machine working ?

The mixed Bill Counter is the machine you can put all different denominations together and give you the mount and detail list , also can SET only count one single denomination .Except normal counting function , Mixed denomination bill counter machine do more work than normal machine:


If you set the Mixed Bill Counter Machine Mode MDC

when you count the mix money like ($1,$2,$5,$100) each one some pcs, the machine will give the amount after counted , also can give you the list of each denominations. At the same time ,the Mixed bill counter machine will stop when meet counterfeit money .




If you set the Mixed Bill counter mode SDC

Its means you need to count single denomination . In this Mode, the Mixed bill counter machine will only normally counting the same denomination money as the first one , and others denomination will be stopped .In this model you will be easy to got the single denomination in hand very fast. In this mode, the counterfeit also be detected when counting .




If you set the Mixed bill counter mode CNT

It’s the normal counting mode, its only counting without any detecting .




When you Set the Mixed bill counter MIX

In this case , if you put some kind of different currencies in the Mixed bill counter machine, it will give result of all the currencies amount . For example , if you put USD ,EUR,GBP ,CNY together to counting , The Mixed bill value counter will should you result , how many amount of USD , how many amount EUR ,how many amount GBP and CNY. This function is very useful for the exchange points .




If you choose the Mixed bill counter currency AUTO

Mean the mixed bill counter machine will auto to recognize the currency counting and give the result .For example , you put USD first to count , the Mixed bill counter machine will give the total value after USD Counted finished . Then if you put EUR without any operation, the machine will Automatic recognize it’s EUR counting now ,will give you how many amount total of EUR counted ,and give the detail list of denomination of EUR.




If you Set the Mixed bill counter to BATCH

After you set BATCH number , like 100 pcs, the Mixed denomination bill counter machine will stop after counted 100pcs ,only when you take out the money in the stock the machine will count more 100pcs and stop.
And For the 1 + 1 Pocket bank grade Mixed denomination bill counter and sort ,it also will BATCH the Total value amount . Means you can set the Mixed bill counter count only 3200 USD , then the bill counter and sorter will only count 3200 USD ,then stop counting .




If you set Mixed denomination bill counter ADD

The Mixed bill counter machine will ADD all the counted quantity ,even after you take out the all the money on the machine and input money count again, the machine never clear the quantity , be adding all the time .


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What’s different front loading and back loading Mixed bill Counter Machine?


  • Back loading Mixed bill counter much cheap price.

Actually the back loading Mixed bill counter machine is invented by Chinese . The main reason make for back loading Mixed denomination bill counter is the cost of the machine is much lower than front loading machine . The spare parts of the back loading is much cheaper than front loading . So after we make succeed to front loading Mixed bill counter machine, we try to make the back loading one in order to reduce the cost , so that we can meet the requirement of the market which is not use in bank ,but need mixed denomination value cash bill counter sorter .

  • Back loading Mixed bill counter is much better for counting plastic money .

With our experience of manufacturing the mixed bill counter ,we find the station electric is very difficult to deal when counting . But as we know there is more and more countries publish the plastic money , like Vietnam ,Australia ,Romania ,Malaysia, Canada and so on .

For front loading mixed bill counter machine ,because of the structure, the roller of the front loading with more Friction, so when the money counting , it will producing more station electric than back loading mixed bill counter machine. Also actually its much easier to add the electric brush in the back loading mixed bill counter than front loading to reduce the station electric .

  • Back loading Mixed bill counter better performance on old and software banknote .

As you know base on the structure of front loading mixed denomination bill counter  , its much more strength when counting . So if you are putting the old or soft money ,the money will be easy to destroyed by the counting rubber . So you will find when you counting the old or soft money in back loading it is counting much more stable than front loading ,in the other hand if the money do not be destroyed ,it also help for the denomination recognize and detecting the counterfeit.


What’s different Mixed Bill counter Machine to normal bill counter Machine?



The mainly different for Mixed bill counter machine to normal machine is the machine can ready the denomination of the currency ,while normal machine only count how many quantity it is . Forced by CIS sensor , the mixed machine can easily ready the denominations give the result of the total amount list and quantity of counted .



For normally bill Counter machine ,normally we use UVMGIR , to detecting the counterfeit .But because of the improving technology of the counterfeit money , many of supper maker of the copy money can make the UVMGIR as the same of original money , so it is difficult the normal machine to detecting the counterfeit money .

So in Mixed bill counter machine ,we use the new technology Image detecting .

We will check the image different under the white light and IR light.

There have two advantages:
  1. As the machinehave been know the denomination of the currency counting money , so we will know exactly feature of the original money . For example if we counting one $10, the system will compare the different areas of the counting money to original Image data of $10, it is much more accurate, because when normal machine detecting it do not know what kind of money counting ,so it also only can detecting as popular feature not the exactly points .
  2. The Mixed bill counter machine,detecting areas while normal machine only detecting the points .

Because of CIS sensor we can get the image of the counting banknote , so we can catch some areas (its include much quantity of points )to compare to the original money . But the normal machine for UVMG, the sensor only can detecting the points which touch the UV or MG sensor .


For after sale service , the Mixed bill counter machine is much easier to the normal money counter as follow:



The counting path of Mixed Money counter machine can be open without any screw .  So when you doing some maintain work it do not need take off any screw . The most important is , when you take off some screws , sometimes you will be confuse to assemble it back as default .


The software update also be very import for money counter machine after service . For normal machine , you will always need to ask the manufacturer to send the special equipment to update the software ,it should by send by DHL or even by sea . At least you will need to wait many days to got the equipment than can upload the software on the equipment to update .


Bill counter always need to new developing because of the new fake money coming not detected or the new version banknote published , for example last years GBP,EUR have coming some new banknote . For normal bill counter machine , if the new money come, if the sensor of detecting do not meet the requirement of the new money it will need to change the hardware ,if you are not  very professional on it , the machine will be no used .But he CIS machine is the one never need to change the hardware , only change the software is ok .And the most import ,we just only need to scan the new money to the U disk , send to us by mail ,then we can update the software .



The mixed bill counter machine actually is the total customized machine .Because of the different currencies feature ,we will need to make different software base on different currencies.

One machine we can up to make 15 currencies in software , it is special for the 15 currencies ,because of customized software base on the currency and denominations , it is much more accurate than normal counting machine for national currencies.

How to add new currency in Mixed Denomination bill counter machine?

If you have a Mixed Denomination Money Counter in Hand , You will find every Machine installed different Currencies list software in the Mixed Money counter Machine .

   If you find the currency you need to installed in not in the list , you will need to ask Feelteck to add the currency in the Mixed denomination Money Counter . If Feelteck have developed the software of this currency ,will update you software within 40 Hours . If feelteck do not have this currency software will need follow steps:

 1.What you need to do if you need to add one new currency ?

Feelteck have developed 100 + currencies in the software , but the new currencies do not in our currencies list , we will need time to develop ,So Feelteck will need MOQ for develop a new currencies . You will need to contact with Feelteck Sales how many MOQ for add the new currency in the software for the Mixed Denomination Money Counter.

2.What you need to do to help Feelteck finish the new currencies software to the Mixed Denomination Money counter .

Step as follow:

  • You will need to send us the full versions which are circulating like follow:

  • Do a excel list with version number and publish time .

3.After we got the image and the list , Feelteck will check with the bank our side, If we can got all the version in our side , we will start to make the software developing , it will need about 15 days to finish the new currencies .

4.If Feelteck can not got the banknote for the new currency in the bank . You will need to send us each version 5 unites each ,or scan the image to Feelteck by our Mixed denomination Money Counter Machine ,each more than 30 pcs ,4 direction .Detail you can check How to Scan Image by Mixed denomination Money Counter Machines.

How to make the CIS calibration on Mixed bill counter Machine?

CIS  Adjustment

When the Mixed denomination bill counter in your hand have more ERROR happened , it maybe it is because of there is dirty in the CIS sensor . So you will need to clean the CIS sensor and make Calibration .After Calibration the multi denomination bill counter will work properly.

Pls kindly check the steps as follow to make the calibration of the Mixed bill counter machine .

1)Step 1, Press “OK” button for 5 seconds ,then put password is press four time of  ↓↓↓↓,   

2)Step2,open the back cover of mixed bill counter ,input the white plastic strip between CIS sensors,then close the cover.


3)Step3 ,select “2.CIS Calibration”,then press “OK”button

Adjust succeed it and finish.

Most of the problem of the more error than normal of Mixed bill value counter can solve the problem by CIS calibration.

Because when you use the Mixed bill counter to count money , it will bring

dusty to the machine. CIS sensor is mainly work on Image Scan , so if there is many dust covered on the CIS , sensor can not work properly .

Owning one Mixed bill counter machine, you will also need to know some points how to maintain it work good, that’s also very important .


How to update the software of Mixed bill counter Machine?

If you have one unit Mixed bill counter machine ,there will have follow reasons to update the software of this machine.

  1. New version banknotes come in your county .

Every country will publish new version banknote after some years .In this case the mixed denomination value cash bill counter sorter in your hand will do not recognize it , But sure you will need machine to count well with the new banknote , So you will need Feelteck to update the new version software to you .

  1. New counterfeit money do not detecting .

The Counterfeit also improved their technology , they study the most of the bill counter or detector technology and make new fake banknote do not detecting by the machines .So in this case you also will need to update the software of Mixed bill counter in your hand to detecting the fake money .

  1. You need to add a new country currency in the software .

All the Mixed denomination bill counter Install the currencies inside default . But sometimes you will need to add a new country currencies which not include in your machine , in this case you will need to ask Feelteck to update the software with the software .

The steps of update the Mixed bill counter as follow:

①About USB:format the USB to :FAT32, and the USB no big the 64G

②About Progarm: no need to set folder ,can not amend the progarm name

There have two USB ports on the mixed bill counter machine, the document named : *****.zpk use to connect to outside/lower usb Port , the document named: *****.bin or LOGO.BMP connect to the inside/upper port .


1)for Image updating ,the progarm name is : “****.ZPK 

Pls download the progarm to the Computer,then copy to a USB,put the USB in the outer port ,then power on the machine

2)for Control updating ,the progarm name is : “system.bin”

Pls download the progarm to the Computer,then copy to a USB,put the USB in the inner port ,then power on the machine

3)for logo updating ,the progarm name is :logo .bmp

Pls download the picture to the Computer,then copy to a USB,put the USB in the inner port ,then power on the machine


How to set the time of Mixed bill counter machine?

If you buy a Mixed bill counter Machine, The first thing , you will need to set the time of Mixed bill counter .

Feelteck set the chines time when machine send out from factory , So if you need to use the print function of the Mixed bill counter machine , you will need to set your country’s time first


Time Setting :

1)Press “OK” button for 5 seconds to enter the following Menu ,password is


“↓↓↓↓“(press  “↓/-”  button) ,choose the “4.Time Setting”

2)the Time setting will appeared in the display,when the figure twinkle,pls press  ↓ “ button and “↑”button to set the date,and then press “OK” butto

n to save it .

After you succeed to set the time of the mixed bill counter ,than you will see the exactly time will show in the receipt if you print .

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