Mixed Bill Money Counter - Top loading

Feelteck FT-500B is the Top loading  can mix all the denominations together count ,and will give out the total amount, also can check the detail list of different denominations.

Base on requirement from customers ,we are succeed to improved many models Bill bill value counter, succeed to export USA,India,Turkey,and most of Euro countries .

Feelteck software applied to follow Countries:

RMB,GBP,Switzerland,ARGENTINA,BURUNDI,INDIA,UKRAIN,Ghana,MEXICO,Namibia ,Brazil,Peru,Costarica,JP$ Columbia,Moroccan Dirham,XAF,CANADA,TAIWAN ,Australia, Venezuela,Burma,Singapore,CZK,Swedish,Norwegian
Feelteck also be ready to customize your country currency.

  • Detecting with UVMGIR CIS (RGB ,IR)
  • SDC (Single Denominations Count)
  • MDC(Mix Denominations Count)
  • CNT(Only Count)
  • Add ,BATCH Functions
  • USB update and save image data
  • Software for PC communication (Optional)
  • External display (Optional)

Feelck FT-500B  Mixed Bill Money Counter

Feelteck FT-500B is the model can make all the denominations , for example ,for USD, 1,2, 5 ,10 ,100 denominations value together, machine will shows you the detail report for all the denomination how many pcs , also the total amount.

FT-500B can adjust the speed 800/1000/1200 pcs , and up the money front forwarder .


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