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A mixed currency counting machine is a counter machine that can discriminate between various denominations of currency and finally give you the total amount of bills after counting. In simple words, this machine has the capability of measuring different denominations of money. This multi-currency counter operates by identifying, counting, and also can detect fake bills. Thus it increases cash counting accuracy and also saves a lot of time for you. Mixed currency counting machines have batch, sort, orient, and facing features that enable bill counting processes to be more accurate and effective.  Some of these composite currency counters come with one pocket, while others come with two pockets configurations. Despite that slight difference, both models have many similar features and have the same purpose. Two pockets model continues counting even after detecting a counterfeit bill. It automatically removes the fake bill and puts it in the second pocket, also known as the reject pocket.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

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Mixed Currency Counting Machine


The Technology used in this bill money counter multi-currency cash counting machine is excellent. Technology is making things easier for us because of the device discovered, which are simple to use and save a lot of time. This also helps our companies and businesses to improve production. For instance, these mixed currency counting machines are doing a great job in various companies like banks and many other companies, especially those that deal with vast amounts of money.

Mixed denomination currency counters allow the users to quickly load a batch of currency into it regardless of the denomination. This counter machine uses color image sensors to detect and scan every bill that passes the device while counting. In addition, this multi-currency cash counting machine has currency recognition software. This software then detects every bill’s denomination and sums up the totals for the numbers and amount for every denomination in that batch you have placed in the machine. Finally, the currency acknowledged as proper denominations are taken out and placed in the reject pocket.

Mixed currency counter features

The features of this multi-currency value counter depend on the model of the machine. Mixed currency counting machines offer an extensive range of features. These features include.

Multi-National Currency Counting: This feature enables the cash manager in your business to counts batches of mixed denomination currency from various countries. These ultra-sophisticated systems can identify every denomination for every supported bill. This kind of mixed currency counters fits the big business, big banks, big restaurants, and currency exchange businesses.

mixed money counter

Front/Back and Up/Down Sorting: This machine feature allows the user to feed currency into this mixed currency counting machine regardless of the orientation, be it down sorting, back, or front. The bill money counter multi-currency cash counting machine shall read the exposure for the first currency in that batch and then sort out the rest of the coin that does not match the first orientation.

Reporting: Offer various alternatives for reporting money counting results. Many of these mixed currency counting machines can also be connected to printers or computers to record and print the report.

Counterfeit Detection: Color image sensors currency recognition technology that allows for mixed denomination currency counting offers users an efficient way to remove all fake bills. As I have mentioned earlier, all unrecognized statements are taken to the reject bin. This feature is mainly utilized in combination with other counterfeit detection means built-in mixed currency counter machine that includes magnetic, ultraviolet, infrared, and many other detection technologies.

Mixed currency counting machine and sorters

This counter machine counts, sorts, authenticates and scans the mixed denominations to more than 1000 banknotes in just one minute. Despite the primary purpose of this machine, this machine helps in maximizing the counting of money. A multi-currency counter can perform the counting task within a short period. The fastness of this mixed currency counting machine enables you to maximize the other business functions. In addition, this counter machine improves the money counting accuracy in that you even don’t have any doubt after the machine counts your bills. However, when buying, you have to consider portability, size, warranty, and other critical factors among these money counter machines.

Learn how Can Mixed currency counting machine improve your business.

A mixed currency counter can streamline every aspect of cash handling where you deal with diverse denomination bills every day. In addition, this machine is significantly faster and can counts thousands of currency in just one minute with extreme precision, taking out all errors from the counting process.

The resultant machine efficiency lasts for long over a conventional, by human counting way. The machine is entirely accurate, and the likelihood of errors is almost zero; this is because FeelTeck mixed currency counting machines are designed with modern technologies and the latest features. The cash counting exactness may enhance the traceability and safety of your company transactions. These counting machines protects your business from fraudsters because it is more secure.

That large business mainly purchases reliable mixed currency counting machines. Mostly the banks because these devices can count a high volume of currency in a very few seconds. This multi-currency counter has made cash handling to be an easy process for us. It comes with various utilities for the company, so many businesses are using this machine to improve efficiency, boost the business’s client services, and reduce losses. If your business deals a hefty bill every day, don’t stress yourself anymore on matters concerning money handling. Buy this virtual machine all cash handling issues will be solved.


Maintaining Your Mixed Currency Counter

The lasted mixed currency counting machine from FeelTeck has some modern technologies and more advanced features. These multi-currency counter has updated procedures, and FeelTeck has a unique setup. Here, you will get the best bill money counter multi currency cash counting machine, improving your business cash handling process. Always ensure you read and understand the operational guidelines from the manufacturer before using the device. Then, you won’t have any issue when you use this cash counting machine the way it is supposed to be used.

Do not place any foreign object or anything on the mixed currency machine. This implies checking all currency to make sure there are no paper clips, coins, rubber bands, or even hidden staples that may be attached to money. These objects can damage your mixed denomination currency counter.

When this multi-currency value counter is not in use, always remember to turn it off. By doing this, you will prolong the life of your mixed currency counting machine. Always wipe down the output trays and the machine feed, stacker, and wipe down the hopper after using a relatively clean dry cloth. Keeping this mixed currency counter covered between the machine operates to avoid dust and dirt from entering the machine parts.

When to clean your mixed currency counter

You must wipe your mixed currency counter machine after every use, but you are not supposed to clean it frequently thoroughly. It is advisable to clean the insides of this mixed currency counter once a week. If you use the machine more often or insert a massive batch of money in the device, you can fully clean your machine once or two times a week.

The main question is, how do you clean your multi-denomination currency machine? Some signs tell you that. These signs include absolute bill rejection, inaccurate totals, discounts, and batch backups.

How to Start Cleaning

Canned Air

You start by cleaning your mixed currency counting machine with canned air. Ensure you follows the can’s direction well. And it is good to note that improper use of canned air can damage your mixed bill counter machine.

Standard great practice and safe way ensure you unplug your mixed denomination counting machine before you start the cleaning process. Then use a canister to blast all the dust from the machine’s surfaces. Finally, ensure you blow the air in all machine openings to eliminate all the dirt, dust, and debris from the machine sensors and rollers.

Cleaning Card

The most efficient way to clean a mixed currency counter machine is using a money counter cleaning card. This cleaning card is designed to remove debris, dirt, ink residue, and paper dust. It also cleans the machine feed paths, metal plates, lenses, note recognition, and rollers. Using this cleaning card is straightforward. You insert this card in the multi-currency value counter like just an average banknote. Then rest and the card will perform its duty well. It will go through the multi-currency cash counting machine just like a bill cleaning it quite well. These cleaning cards are primarily moist, and as they tend the device, they will be marked due to the dirt cleaning. Run this cleaning card many times until you see no additional mark is added on the card. This will tell you the cleaning process is thorough and your machine is clean. So discard that card after using it, and next time when cleaning, use a clean cleaning card.

FeelTeck Mixed Currency Counter

FeelTeck has several technology engineers for electronics, hardware, software, and PCB, keeping developing this mixed currency counting machine from FeelTeck. They also ensure your mixed currency counter is tested well by collecting many country’s money worldwide. This is because the multi-currency counter requires arranging this test in original bills.

When you purchase a mixed denomination currency counter that counts value, that implies that mixed currency counter requires having a CIS sensor and Technology; FeelTeck is a reliable and trusted manufacturer. Visit FeelTeck and get your best Mixed currency counting machine that will fit your large business. This machine will allow you to live a stress-free life because it will handle your money correctly.  FeelTeck keeps working and ensuring that the customers get the modern mixed currency counter advanced with the latest Technology. They design, manufacture, and develop the best and most effective diverse money counting machine globally. A mixed denomination currency counter will help you meet all your cash management needs. FeelTeck manufacturer shall ensure they have tested your multi-currency counter well and then sort by the original of the country you come from to ensure the machine is operating 1000 percent perfect before shipping or sending the machine to you. Immediately after sending the device you want and its specification, FeelTeck will take over from there to ensure you will get the machine you desired to have in your business.


Difference between standard currency counter machine and Mixed currency counter machine

Counting bills takes much time when done manually by human beings, especially when dealing with a massive amount of money. Currency counters are of significant help as the machines are not faster but also more accurate. The device, as mentioned earlier, is suitable for areas dealing with a massive volume of money transactions.

There are various FeelTeck mixed currency counter machines that you can select the one that suits you better. Two commonly known types of money counter are standard currency counter and mixed currency counter machines. Although the two machines are straightforward and user-friendly, need little training and some other similarities, there is also some difference between the two machines.

We all thank the Technology nowadays this money counter machine can detect counterfeit bills. Mixed currency counter machine and standard money counter machine are integrated to more Technology of detecting fake notes. It also enhances speedy operations and reliability.

Mixed Currency Counter Machine Vs. Normal Currency Counter Machine

One can easily differentiate between these two machines. To help you pick the best machine for your business, we shall factor out some aspects that determine the two money counter machines. Below are some factors that are used for comparison.


The standard currency counting machine is mainly used in supermarkets, shops, and other small businesses that don’t deal with a massive volume of money every day.

Mixed currency counting machines are primarily used in big firms, big businesses, and large institutions dealing with heavy-duty money management work every day. These businesses are like post office, banks, and hospitals. First, this mixed currency counter shall require heavy-duty, and then it will arrange the currency in various denominations, not just the total number of the money it counts. This bill money counter multi-currency counting machine is simple to calculate a single denomination automatically; this will help the cash managers save a lot of time doing all the money arrangement jobs.


Standard currency counter counts only the number of the currencies which are estimated. It shall detect with a UVMG, double, and also half note. This commonly mixed currency counter is suitable for many coins in the whole world. You only need to pick UVMG detecting or not, base on your banknotes features.

Mixed currency counter, the software is designed based on the currencies, shall need to create every coin one software. This composite money counter shall display the details of the denominations list and also the amount.

Also, there is some difference in detection technologies used for mixed currency counter and standard currency counter. A mixed currency counter machine is the currency counting machine that counts the value and detecting with a UVMG; most of these assorted money counts come with an image of IR, Green, white, and red light. This makes it a supper detecting money machine, enhancing the detecting instantly after the modern fake notes come.

Functionality and Price

These regular money counter machines and the mixed currency counter machine vary; the standard currency counter is cheaper than the mixed currency counting machine. If the customer worries much about the cost and deals with a small amount of money, the best machine to go with is a standard currency counting machine. But if your business deals with a heavy volume of cash, you don’t have to worry about the price to ensure your money is managed well. Go for the multi-currency counter. This machine is much advanced and suitable for counting with amount and denominations. If you can afford this mixed currency counter machine, buy it because it is the most reliable.


Mixed currency counting counter is far much simple to use. This is because the user of the machine can sort this machine by just single denominations. This means when you are counting bills, you will need to arrange a single denomination with the bundle, then this type of machine shall save much of your time. Moreover, you don’t need to pick by a manual for the denomination; this mixed currency counter machine shall assist a lot because it will automatically sort out all kinds of denominations.

Hopper Capacity

Most of these regular money counter machines are 300 pieces in the hopper capacity, mostly back loading. So you shall need to insert the bills in its back to count.

When it comes to mixed denomination currency counter, most have 300 pcs, and if you connect the external ears, the machine has 1000 pcs. So you shall have an easy time inserting the bills in the front and count more currency at the same time.


The standard currency counting machine uses a counting sensor UVMG. This means the device will count the number of pcs it depends on detecting UVMG sensors.

A CIS sensor is added with an image light with an RGB for the mixed currency counting counters. This CIS scans the images of the cash notes by this machine, and the software work on that image by various lamps, work to recognize those denominations and also detect the counterfeit bills by a different idea which is under the lights, so this way catching sensitivity is more compared to that of regular mixed currency counting machine.

Software Update

Base on various detecting sensors of the regular currency counter machine and those of mixed currency counter machine. It shall be different once the modern currency version is published.

The standard money counter machine was counting currency using UVMG sensors and mentioned earlier. However, if the modern currency is published with no magnetic feature, this classic currency counting machine shall have no use because it won’t detect the newly published money.

The mixed currency counter has a CIS sensor in it. These sensors, as mention before, scan the image of the notes and also detect by the idea. So when the new version of currency is published, these mixed money counter shall just be modified its software based on the notion that the new version will be having, then the machine will recognize this denomination. And also, remember FellTeck will not be left behind. They will use those images to detect the new money version by green, red IR light, and blue. So this means the software update of this multi-currency cash counting machine is more advanced than that of a typical currency counting machine.

Pros and Cons For Mixed Currency Counter


This counter machine can count the sum of all stack bills of mixed currencies. It can also find and also add the value of every account to the sum value.

A mixed currency counting machine can sort a pile of unsorted and diverse notes of a specific bill.

This machine can orient the banknotes by removing notes which are not aligned similarly with the others.

Feelteck mixed currency counter has counterfeit currency detection features. This money counter machine uses the modern and latest Technology to detect fake notes.

The counting speed of this machine is fantastic and can save you 90 percent counting time.

It gives more accurate count results.


Most of these mixed currency counting machines are costly. Still, you will be assured that this machine is worthy of that price because it will save your business from significant and often losses and enhance efficiency. In addition, when this machine is used correctly, it will improve your business productivity significantly.

The machine can’t calculate the value from the mixed pile of different currencies


A mixed currency counting machine is a fantastic money counter machine. This machine is the best for large business and companies which deals with a large amount of money counting every day. The device has many benefits to the company and is worth your money. Visit FeelTeck money counters manufacture and select the best-mixed currency count that fits your budget as well as your business cash requirements.

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