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Bill counting machine is one of the devices that appeared because of the science to ease money counting. The types of bill counters that have developed dramatically improve the design of the money counter machine. In most cases, the statement counter usually ranges between the complex and the simple money counter. These machines typically perform note-counting tasks at high speed and the average speed. Some of the bill counters usually utilize the image sensor in the machine’s currency detection process. The feature amount of the number of the votes counted in the method of the detection of the counterfeit runs at a very high speed. The device of the bill counter has a costly application in various areas like the banks, money exchanges, and market merchants.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

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Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

The process of the manual counting and sorting of the money is not only time-consuming by tiresome. The role of any other business is securing the time usage by maximizing the little time that they have. If the corporation transacting a high amount of cash performs the counting of the bills manually, the truth is that much of the time is spent counting the money collected. To be sure of the records of the accounts, employees counting and recounts the money. To some extent, they call their colleagues to maximize the process of the bill depending on methods. However, with much commitment, the possibilities of errors in the operations of the bill counting manually are very high. The process of the use of the hands faced the challenges of the occurrences of the mistakes. Despite the profession, level in the techniques of the manual counting, human is prone to error.

The processes of the occurrences of the errors call for the application of the bill counter to ease the methods of the counting of the money. Many machines have been innovated for the processes of the improved bill counting. The current market provides a variety of bill counters that assist in the operations of the money calculations. A mixed denomination bill counter makes the sorting and the counting of the money fast and convenient. The processes of the operations as quick, accurate, and effective as possible if the bill counter machine adds on the function of the calculations. Time is money, and once you secure a minute, it means that an additional advantage is added to the process of counting the money. The mixed denomination bill counter application can occur in many places like government agencies, banks, restaurants, retail shops, stores, and businesses that need cash counters.

Most people tend to ignore the contribution of the mixed bill counter, feeling that the devices offer or come with complications. They also determine the amount of the money invested in purchasing the mixed denomination bill counter. However, the expense of the device comes with a countless number of advantages to the users:

  1. The device receives any amount of the money in whichever combination.
  2. Before counting the bills, you do not have to resort as the device sorts according to the required denomination.
  3. Some of the advanced brands facilitate the counting of both coins and cash.

In counting the money, the device enables the detection of the counterfeit on the bill, thus allowing the user to remove the bill in question. Therefore, the idea of using a bill counter for the determination of the total value of the bills is old-fashioned. Therefore, there is the need for the application of the device with the capabilities of counterfeit detection.

mixed bill money counter


The Process of The Mixed Denomination Bill Counters Functioning.

Most of these machines are simple to use and need less or no training in the operation process. They can operate either on the battery or on attaching to a reliable source of electricity. According to the structure of the mixed denomination bill counter machine, they can either offer a portability nature due to the lightweight and the small size. All the people handling a high amount of the cash need the device for the eased process of the sorting, counting, and authenticating require investing on this brand of the money counter machine. The level of the technology applied in the process of the bill counter construction is very high, thus accurate and more effective. Despite the complication of the features added on the bill counter machine, the device’s operation is fast and instant.

You only need to place the bills on the hopper of the mixed denomination bill counter, and the process of the calculation starts if the bills are placed in the proper position. The counter pulls the bills individually through the unit fast by recognizing the denomination, thus placing it right. The individual detection of the money process is facilitated by the color image sensor that comes with the device. This allows for the detection of the features of the notes like the serial number, watermarks, and the year of the printing, among the other similar characteristics. The counting process in the bill counter is determined by the number of the time the rays in the beams of the light in the internal parts of the money counter interrupted. The interruption of the beams of the light in the counting process facilitates the total number of the bills counted according to the individual denomination of the money.

Some of the brands of the mixed denomination bill counters apply the backlight technology to detect the counterfeit bills by the function of the bill’s illumination. These devices have the component of the symbols of the florescent that are printed on them. These features assist in the processes of distinguishing the genuine note from the counterfeit bills. The black light can either reflect or be absorbed in the process. If the light absorbs in the bill, the area of the imprinted symbols starts glowing or appearing black, thus an indication of the actual bill. If the blacklight, however, is reflected, the area around the florescent starts shining. A different denomination glows differently according to the respective printings. The fake bill does not respond to the reflection, or the absorption of the light is subjected to the bill. Therefore, the device raises the alarm to notify the user of a suspicious note in the unit. The message of the error indicates on the screen display.

The central importance of the application of the bill counter is easing the process of manual bill counting. The process, therefore, facilitates the counting and the determination of the genuine of the bills minimizing the occurrences of the errors of the miscount or the chances of the rejection of the bills deposited on the banks. The level of the accuracy of the bill counter does not compare to the manual processes of the counting and sorting of the bills. The level of the occurrence of the counterfeit minimizes with the detectors that have tested and proved the high level of accuracy. Thus, the fake note usually spots on the first occurrence in the process of the accounts processes. The chances of the multiple applications of the counterfeit detectors in the mixed bill counter machine are very high as they improve on the device’s accuracy. This proves an accuracy of approximately ninety-nine-point nine percent of the counterfeit detection.

Operation of The Coin Counters and Sorters

In any occurrence or business operations, there must be handling of the coins in the processes of the business transactions. Therefore, investing in coin separators is a wise idea as they allow for the practical techniques of the calculations and the record-keeping functions. Some of the mixed denomination offers the counting and the sorting of the coins and the counting of the cash or the paper money. They allow for the detection of fake coins in the determination of the bills’ genuineness. However, for the people depending on the things like debit cards feels like the idea of counting the coins old fashioned. The businesses like the suppliers in the vending machine, restaurants, and the quick stop stores holding a high amount of cash require investment in the most effective, accurate, and efficient way of counting, sorting, and detecting the money.

The coin separator machine usually accepts the ranges of the coins from the different sizes. At this point, the separator usually happens to pass through effectively. Most of the devices, in this case, allows for the allocations of the coins on the holes according to the size of the coin. In the case of the American currency, the spots of the coin separators arrange according to the dimensions of the different coins, from the smallest size of the coin to the most prominent cash. The sizes of the coins are quarter, nickel, penny, and dime. The dime is the smallest of all the coins. It, therefore, drops fast as the smallest hole opens fast. Quarter waits as the size of the hole opens, as they are the most significant coins. They cannot fit on any other measure of the spot due to their size. In the process of the movement of the coins, a different currency usually goes through separate coin separators.

In more advanced brands of the coin separator machine, they facilitate the counting, sorting, and detecting for the counterfeit. This process reduces the save on time and the utilization of the manual techniques of counting the coins. Most of the advanced versions of the coin separators facilitate the denomination determination by weighing the coins passing through the process of the counting unit. At this point, the argument has it that different coins weigh differently. Therefore, the weight determination of the cash the weight of the respective coins determines the total value of the calculated coins. Most efficient versions of the coin separators facilitate the detection of the coins applying the beam of the light in the unit of the counting of the coins like in the process of currency counting. If the light rays are interrupted, the coins are detected for the value and the denomination. Every time the light is interrupted, the value of the denomination determines and if the coins are genuine or not.

Currency Discriminator

Currency discriminators as applied in the mixed denomination bill counter machines is a device that invented to ease our lives in counting and to sort the money according to the denominations. Any brand of the mixed bill counters machine targets facilitating and making the time more efficient. In most cases, the devices are applied in large enterprises like national banks. However, the technology invented the devices capable of utilizing on the small businesses or individual ownership. Due to the high level of advancement in technology, each day comes with the invention of the new and more improved brand of the mixed denomination bill counter that ease and effects on the utilization of the time. Mixed bill counter loads with the capabilities of counting, sorting, and detecting the counterfeit of the loaded bills within a brief period. These devices assist in maximizing the time to the employees as they can handle other tasks in the business, thus maximizing the time in the development part of the business.

money counter mixed denomination


The Structure of The Mixed Denomination Bill Counter Machine

The most common versions of the bill counters are the single denomination bill counter machines. These machine brands require the user to presort the money and place it on the device for the separate processes of counting. However, technology has invented a new brand of mixed denomination bill counting machines that allows for loading the batch of the money on the device regardless of the denominations. It comes with incorporating the color image sensor technology that facilitates sensing of every bill passing through the unit. The recognition process follows each bill recognition according to the unique features and then tallies for the total amount and the number of the bills, and the denomination passing. Some of the bills that might not recognize belongs not to currency and thus placed on the reject bin. The suspicious notes never add to the total amount of the genuine notes.

Detection of The Counterfeit

On top of the color image sensor technology, the mixed bill counter facilitates the practical processes of determining the fake notes. Suspicious note detected in the functions of the bill counting places on the reject pocket as the process of estimating the actual bills proceeds. In addition, the color image sensor is also used along with the other counterfeit detectors to improve the level of the device’s accuracy. Some of the detectors commonly used in the bill counter machines are magnetic MG, infrared IR, ultraviolet detection, and other technologies.

Other Features

Depending on the brand of the mixed denomination bill counter machine, the possibility of the additional features is high and usually comes in a wide range. The range allows for the user to make a sound decision in the process of the purchase of the most suitable mixed bill counter machine.

Multi-National Bill Counter with The Value Counting

The brand facilitates the counting of the bill from the different countries in the form of the batches of the mixed denominations. However, you can opt for the settings of the desired countries and adjust the select countries according to the type of denomination you hold.

money counter and counterfeit detector


The Process of The Loading of The Device

The most common process of loading the bill counter with value counting is the front-loading capacity. The device facilitates the addition of the bills in the process of counting the previously loaded stack. It is also easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface for a high level of convenience in bill counting. However, other processes of loading the bills other than the front, which is the back, up, and down processes. They facilitate the sorting of the bills and the counting of the money, thus giving an organized report at the end of the process.

In all the orientation functions, regardless of the up or down, front or the back, they facilitate the feeding of the bills in the hopper capacity of the mixed bill counter machine. The device always reads the first bill passing through the unit as the determinant of the desired orientation of the bills. This allows for the other bills differently oriented to sort out to the reject bin for the further process of the inspection. Therefore, all these processes are applicable where each of the methods applies to the individual mixed bill counter machine.

The Main Parts of The Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

If you need to purchase the device, it is wise for you to look out for the following characteristics: the version of the same is many, and the possibility of getting fooled is high. The simply mixed denomination bill counter comes with the following features facilitating the ease in the utilization processes.

  • Control panel
  • Impeller
  • Stacker
  • Preset sensors
  • Power switch
  • External screen jack
  • Counting grides
  • The bill thickness adjustment screw
  • Power outlet
  • Handle
  • Auto start sensor
  • Feeding roller
  • Preset sensor
  • External display

How to Operate the Display and The Panel?

Restart Key

The key uses in the process of the operation of the device on the following ways. First, if there occurred an error in the counting of the bills, the key resumes counting with the deletion of the error. If the user needs to clear a number displayed in measuring, determine a new money counting process. If the function of the counting is freshly starting, the button offers tremendous importance.

UV Key

The key activates by pressing on it after pressing on the CF key, thus facilitating the passage of the notes with the properties of the ultraviolet. If a note detects it as not having the properties, the device sorts it to the reject bin as the process of the counting proceeds.

IR Key

The process of infrared detection is activated with the press on the CF and then IR key. The machine facilitates the passage of the single notes in the unit. In case of the detection of the chain notes, the device stops the process of counting. This allows the user to remove all the money from the stacker returning it to the hopper for the recounting.

MG Key

The activation of the magnetic key facilitates the detection of the notes passing with the capabilities of magnetism. If the note does not have the properties of the magnetism, it sorts out for further inspection.

DD Key

The key usually facilitates the exceptional size of the note detected along with the counting. The first note to detect determines the dimensions of the notes to be selected in the counting and sorting of the money. If the note-passing through the unit is minor or more significant than the determinant bill, it sorts out as the process proceeds.

CF Detection

The process of counterfeit activation facilitates the passage of the actual bills only. The method activates by the press on the CF button followed by the UV, MG, IR, DD, and the CIS. A device might come with a combination of all the features or either of the features. The parts are the improvement of the level of counterfeit detection and eradicating the occurrence of the fake bills in the counting of the bills.

Clear Key

The button facilitates the clearance of the information portrayed in the process of the counting of the bill. If the desired amount of the batch achieves, then the key enables the support to come with the new bunch.

Batch Key

If the button is pressed, the occurrence of the batches like the ten, twenty, twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred or any other batch displays on the screen. Thus, it facilitates the infinity and the selected presentation of the batch number in counting the bills. If the hopper runs empty and the desired or the set batch is not complete, the device emits a beep sound to add the bills. If the money adds, then the bills proceed to fill the bunch in the stacker.

Auto Key

The process of the auto function activates by the press on the AUTO/MANUAL button. It facilitates the auto processes of the bill counting if placed on the hopper of the bill counter machine. The device needs not the pressing on the start as it operates automatically. Therefore, the process of the auto process of the bill counter is fast and precise.

Add Key

If the add button activates, the process of the bill addition keeps alternating. It allows for the accumulation of the high number of bills in the counting of the bills passing through the operation of the counting of the money. If there occurs an error in the counting of the capital, the removal of the error allows for the addition of the bills in the bill counting process. If there is a freshly added amount of the bills in the stacker, it adds to the previous total amount of the bills counted, and the current adds to the other until the target amount of the money is achieved.

Speed Key

The speed of the counting process in the mixed denomination bill counter and sorter varies around nineteen hundred, twelve hundred, one thousand, and the six notes in a minute. The range allows you to determine your most effective speed in the process of counting the bill. This depends on the amount of money you desire to count at a time. This effect on the desired number of the bill needs to calculate at a given period. The setting of the speed facilitates the effective rate per minute.


Display of The Counted Number

This facilitates the reference of the number of the bills counting as the display process occurs on the screen of the device. In addition, this allows the user to determine whether the desired number of the bill is achieved in counting bills. If the target amount is not reached, the bills add to the unit, and then the process proceeds until the desired amount is achieved.

Display of the batch number this process allows for the view of the optioned number of the batch on the screen of the mixed bill counter machine. It will enable the user to view if the set number of the bill is either right or wrong. Thus, they can make the necessary adjustments if need be.

Key Precautions

To maximize the utilization of the mixed denomination bill counter machine, there is the need for the proper measures of the care and the maintenance of the device. If properly handled and installed, the assurance of the extended service period is very high as the chances of the repair and the replacement of the unit minimizes. If you operate the device on the open areas, minimize working the mixed bill counter on the direct exposure of the sun’s rays.

They usually interfere with the detective rays, thus improper functioning detection of the rays like the ultraviolet ray. This leads to the minimal level of detection of the counterfeit on the bills passing through the unit. In the process of pressing on the operating keys, do not use sharp-pointed materials like the tips of the pens as they may cause operational interference. The pointed tool causes the dislocation of the button. Finally, minimize the chances of the multi-wiring on the single socket as it causes overloading of the device, thus ending with severe electric shock cases.

For maximum safety in device utilization, ensure that the plug of the three-prong grounds on the building for the adequate supply of power. In addition, ensure that the power cable that comes with the mixed bill counter utilizes attaching the device to the source of the power. Finally, if you desire to move the machine from one position to another, make sure that you unplug it first from the start of the power. Avoid placing objects like the hair, a piece of cloth or loose clothing, or even the finger around the moving part of the device.

These objects might stick to the motor causing the jam or the failure to count the device’s counting. In severe cases, the occurrence of the breakdown results. Avoid spilling the drinks or any other type of liquid on the device, especially in cleaning. Maximize the cleaning using the dump piece of the cloth or the specialized components of the sponge. In case of the repair and the maintenance of the device, use the tools specialized by the manufacturer to minimize the processes of the improper techniques.

The Operational Procedure of The Mixed Denomination Bill Counter and Sorter

In most cases, the device facilitates the counting of the banknotes. However, some brands count the coins along the process. If the machine activates, if the letter 0 indicates on the display screen. Suppose the device sets on the auto mode of the operation, the process of the operation appears automatically. However, taking caution on the hygiene of the notes placed is essential as the detection process is never proper, and the level of the accuracy of the same is usually deficient.

Thus, the chances of the passage of counterfeit bills very high. If the device comes with the ADD mode, the activation of the mode is essential for the bills to keep on adding. Add facilitates the determination of the total amount of the bills transacted within the period. Activation of the batch mode promotes the organized placement of the bills in the desired portions. The amount of the batch ranges between one and the nine hundred and the ninety-nine other than the preset number of the values on the keypads of the tens. If the desired pack is achieved, the counting stops for the collection of the bill.

The Precaution Measures

In handling the mixed denomination bill counter machine, the user needs to cautious about the processes they operate or place the bill on the device. The following are the safety measures in the process of the settings of the notes for the function of the counting to occur.

Minimize the chances of the damp and the badly stained notes in the counting of the banknotes. Before you place the note on the hopper for the counting, ensure that no foreign material like the paper clip, pieces of the papers, or the dust mixes on the bunch of the note about to count. Next, determine the wrongly folded notes by properly straightening to avoid the occurrences of the jam or the tearing in the process of counting. Finally, for the very new pieces of the notes, minimize the level of the bricking as the notes stick on each other because of the ink used in the printing process. At this point, consider flexing and blending the stack before placing it on the hopper.

The Suitable Process of The Note Alignment on The Hopper

For the practical process of the note’s alignment, the long and the short edges by tapping on the stack. If not cautious about how the notes arrange, the occurrences of the error result at the end of the process. In most cases, sensors apply for the function of the counting of then mixed bill counter. They usually operate following the construction of the optical structure. Therefore, the dirt, dust, and the pieces of the paper result in miscounting.

Consequently, it is essential to adhere to the cleaning measure on the device regularly for accurate results in the counting of the bills. In addition, always ensure that the hopper and the stacker are clear from the accumulation of trash, pieces of papers, dirt, or dust. These objects might enter the device, causing the malfunctioning and the wrong delivery of the information on the display screen.


  • turn off the machine and then clean it
  • avoid using chemicals and detergents in the process of cleaning the device
  • in case of operational failure, consider the authorized service center or the local dealer before performing and adjusting methods.
  • Adhere to the proper adjustment procedures for the appropriate functions of the working conditions and the accurate detection of the counterfeit bills.


In the operation of the mixed denomination bill counter and sorter machine, error messages occur due to such factors as the malfunctioning of the counter and thus have different ways of fixing. These error codes include E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E10, and E11. The leading causes of the error codes are the dirt, breaking of the right or the left sensor, loosening of the disc code, failed sensor in the hopper, the broken stacker, powerful ambient light, or the ultraviolet light, and the very loose front display connector. The errors are fixed by the replacement, tightening, or cleaning of the sensors, lowering the ambient rays of the light, and tightening the connector.

The other alarms likely to be detected include EE1, EE2, EE4, EE6, EE8, EEH, and EE9. The leading causes of the occurrences of the warnings are the detection of counterfeit bills. These include the reflection of the UV by the fluorescence, a fake bill without the magnetism properties detected, detection of the half or the broken bill, broken right or the left sensor, the counterfeit bill with different location of the magnetic properties, the wrong measure of the bill width, occurrences of the double or two bills, and the bill not aligning to the IR technology. In most of the alarms raised in the tallying processes, removal of the first bill assists in fixing the error and then resetting the device. The removed note might be fake, half note double, or the broken note. Cleaning, replacing, and tightening of the unit minimizes the future occurrences of the error.

Adjustment Processes of The Screw

Due to the transportation and the extended period of usage, the screws of the mixed bill counter loosen. This occurs with the passage of more than one note in the counting of the bills. Also, the bill might strain in the processes of counting, causing tearing or jam along with the counting unit. This leads to inaccurate readings on the screen display. If the screw is very loose tightening it in the clockwise direction until the desired size of the gap is achieved. For the very tight holes, adhere to the anticlockwise direction adjustment. This loosens the unit minimizing the occurrence of the tearing or the friction on the counted notes. If the rubber band of the mixed bill counter wears out, just flip, and use the other side of the same purpose.


Operational Related Problems

In the counting and sorting of the mixed denomination bill counter, there are occurrences of inaccurate readings on the screen display. At this point, determine the following factors in the operation process of the device.

  • If there is no supply of power, determine the secure connection of the power cord, the blowing of the fuse, and whether the power socket is put on.
  • The power unit might be on, but the unit does not function. The causes of the issue are the dirty sensors on the hopper, thus clean using the brush. Ensure that the sensors on the hopper align with the mainboard connection. If the belt is too loose or too tight, adjust it to the preferred size of the bills counted.
  • At some point, the process of counting might result in the wrong counts. Consider turning the screw to the clockwise direction, thus increase on the level of the friction. Cleaning the counting sensor is also a wise option. Determine the condition of the rubber bands by interchanging the sides or replacing them with new ones.
  • The wrong level of the detection of the available features. This situation is determined by adjusting, cleaning, or replacing the adjacent sensor.

Cleaning Procedure

Before you perform any process of cleaning the mixed bill counter machine:

  • Switch off all power supply sources.
  • Disconnect the device from the power.
  • Remove all power cords from the device.

The process of the disconnection minimizes the chances of the occurrence of electric shock or short-circuiting. The operation of the cleaning of the machine does not alter with the correct positioning of the optical sensors or the detectors.

  • Optical Sensors Cleaning

All sensors in the machine need though cleaning using a soft brush. This removes the occurred pieces of the paper particles, dust sticking on the transmitters of the light, or the sensors receiving the rays of the light, thus maximizing the level of the detection of the bill counter machine. The process of cleaning optical sensors is recommended after every session of the counting or daily activities. On the glass parts of the bill counters, use a soft piece of cloth soaked in the alcohol.

  • Periodic Cleaning of The Inner Parts of The Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

The recommended mode of cleaning inner parts of the mixed bill counter machine is once per month. In the process of the actual cleaning process of the mixed bill counter, unplug the device by lifting the device’s top cover to gain easy access to the interior parts of the same.

  • Other Essential Recommendations

Avoid maximumly operation of the mixed bill counter machine on a very dirty, dusty, or experiencing solid rays of the sunshine. To guard the device effectively from such elements, use the recommended plastic cover if the device is not in use. Also, if the device is not used for extended periods, unplug the appliance from the power supply and switch it off.

Safety warning on the maintenance of the mixed bill counter machine

On all the device’s performances, adhere to the proper installations of all the units. Ensure that the feeding gaps are fixed adequately according to the sizes of the notes to be counted. Adjust the speed of the counting process if need be and maintain the detection of the counterfeit bills. Suppose the device aims at specific denomination settings, preset the device, and ensure a proper function of the operation of the machine.

  • Before you switch the mixed bill counter on, ensure that it safely connects to the supply of the power source and is correctly installed.
  • Store the device in a properly ventilated and dry place away from the intense rays of the sunshine
  • Avoid placing the device from the required fields of the magnetism and the Hertzian interference waves.
  • It must range between one hundred and ten volts and two hundred and twenty volts for an adequate power supply. These ranges may raise or lower a little along with the ten percent. Very extreme supply, either very low or very high, affects the operation of the mixed bill counter machine.
  • The ratings of the fuse of the suitably mixed denomination bill counter are usually two amperes over the two hundred and fifty voltages. The rate is fixed thus cannot be reduced or increased.
  • About eighty percent of the problems related to the device operation usually result from the occurrences of dirt and dust on the machine. Regular cleaning, therefore, maximizes the processes of the functions of the mixed bill counter machine.

Warranty Period

Some of the mixed denomination bill counter machines come with a warranty of three years following the date of the purchase. In operation and the utilization of the warranty period of the bill counter machine, the following conditions must adhere to.

  • The three years warranty starts from the date of the original purchase of the mixed bill counter machine. This warranty only applies to the original buyer. The claim of the contract must have clear proof of the purchase.
  • Warranty limits the defects of the materials or quality. It does not apply to the damages on the handling of the device, insufficient level of maintenance, general misuse of the machine, and mixed bill counter machine on the shipping processes.
  • The warranty never extends or covers the losses of the miscount’s calculations failure or the failure to detect the counterfeit bill. In all the conditions and the environments, the warranty does not guarantee the accuracy of the bill counter machine.
  • Warranty allows for the replacement of the damaged or worn-out parts of the device that fails to operate within the warranty period.
  • All the warranties authorize on the returns on the writings and the properly approved forms that usually include the packages of the prepaid returns.
  • All the approved warranty returns through the addressed channels of the customer care units. Also, the user can opt for the call to the office for more guidance in the device operation process.
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