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Support to more than 80 countries ,more than 50 famous brands choose Feelteck.

Feelteck Develop Mixed Money Counter by Own Team

As the mixed money counter need much more advance technology, Feelteck have  18 technology engineers , for hardware , Electronic ,PCB ,and software ,keeping developing.

For make sure your mixed money counters 100% tested ,Feelteck collect more than 80 countries money in hand , because the money counter mixed denomination need to arrange test in original currencies .

So when you buy  money counter that counts value , its means the machine will need have CIS sensor and technology ,its very hard for most of Chinese money counter machine manufacturer .Feelteck keep to work this technology more than 8 years , now Feelteck mixed money counter machine have been tested with more than 100 customers from more than 80 countries .

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck : You Valuable Mixed Money Counter Supplier

If you need resell denomination Mixed money counter Feelteck is the best choice of Chinese manufacturer .

Feelteck is one of the leading mixed money counter factory,who design, develop and manufacture by own team ,we can support you best technology ,service and competitive price.

Feelteck can meet all your requirement mixed money counter  software ,hardware and design . If you need OEM we can design packing ,logo all by our team, you just tell you ideal is ok.

Feelteck will test all of your Mixed money counter and sorter by original of your country ,make sure the machine is 100% perfect before send out to you .

Send you requirement detail to us now !!

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What is the difference between the Normal Money Counter Machine and the Mixed Money Counter Machine?

Counting or sorting money takes time if you do that manually. Money counter machines are helpful as they are not only quick but accurate too. They are used by government agencies, banks, churches, retail stores, restaurants, and every prominent place that has a high volume of physical currency transactions.

You have multiple kinds of cash counting machines that you may purchase. Essentially, there are two types of options you can choose from, i.e., Normal Money Counter Machines and Mixed Money Counter Machine. Although both are simple to operate, require little training, and portable, several differences distinguish one from the other.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can use these machines to detect counterfeit bills. They are now integrated with the advanced counterfeit detection process. It enhances reliability and speedy operations.

Normal Money Counter Machine vs. Mixed Money Counter Machine

You can differentiate easily between the two. To help you understand and select the best one suited for your purpose, we will differentiate between the two on multiple factors. The factors used for comparison are:

  • Application

Normal counting machine , most use in the supper market ,shops , where do not have heavy duty cash arrangement work .

Mixed money counter most use in hospital ,post office , or bank .First it will need heavy duty ,and also its arrange the money in denominations , not only the number of the count money .Its much easy to sort the single denominations by automatic ,saving much time to do cash arrangement work.

  • Functionality

Normal money counter is count the number of the counted currencies . it will also detecting with UVMG ,double and half note .its suitable for most of the currencies in the world, only you need to choose UVMG detecting or not ,base on the feature of your banknote.

mixed  money counter, the software is develop base on the currency , will need to develop each currency one software . The mixed bill money counter will show the detail of the list denominations and also the amount .

And also for detections , mixed money counter machine is the money counter that counts value and detecting with UVMG, most import it with Image of white ,IR ,Green and Red light . so its be supper detecting , can improve the detecting immediately after the new Counterfeit money come.

  • Price & Functionality

The price also very different , the normal money counter is much cheaper than mixed denomination money counter . When the customer is care much about the cost ,and do not work very heavy cash arrangement work ,normal money counter will be the better choice .

Mixed money counter machine cost much than normal , but it have advance of counting with denominations and amount .So if you can accept the cost , its will be your most suitable choice.

  • Ease of Using

The Mixed money  counter is much easy to using ,because you can sort it by single denomination. So when you count the money ,need to arrange the single denomination with bundle ,this kind of machine will save you 90% times. You do not need select by manual for the denomination ,the mixed bill money counter will help you automatic sorting out all the set denomination.

  • Hopper Capacity

Most of the normal money counter machine is 300 pcs in the hopper capacity , and back loading. You will need to put the money in the back to count .

Mixed money counter machine , most have capacity of 300 pcs , and if you add the external ears ,it will have capacity of 1000 pcs . You will be much easy to put money in the front and count more money once time .

  • Technology

Normal money counter ,use the counting sensor UVMG sensors . So it will only can use to counting how many pcs it counted with detecting uvmg .

But for mixed bill money counter machine , we add the CIS sensor , with have Image light with RGB . The CIS sensor will scan the image of banknote by the machine , and our software work on the image by different lights ,work for recognize the denominations also detecting the fake money by different image under the lights, so it will be much more detecting sensitivity than normal.

Software Update

Base on different sensors of normal money counter and mixed money counter .It will be much different when publish the new version currency .

The normal machine is counting detecting the uvmg , so if the new money publish without Magnetic feature ,the normal money counting machine will no use for detecting the new publish money .

The mixed money counter have CIS sensor inside ,which scan the image and detecting by Image . So when new published version banknote come , we will modify the software base on the image of the new version , then it will recognize the denomination ,and also Feelteck will use the Image detecting base on the new version ,by Red ,Green, Blue color and IR light .It will not the most import the new publish version have MG feature or no have .

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