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The process of sorting the money is vital in a place that deals with a large amount of cash daily. As we all know, money is the heart of any business enterprise and thus determines its failure or success. Therefore, we need money counters in our currency exchanges, banks, arcades, stores, and restaurants, among the other places that usually handle a lot of the money. These places require machines to make the process of change and the cash effective and efficient. The money sorters come in different structures, sizes, and prizes.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

mixed denomination money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

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Mixed Money Counting Machine

Counting function of the machine of the professional money counter, brands offer a good example. Various warnings are supposed to adhere to in the process of the operation of the professional money counter. The brand complies with the specific part that is the main part on the rules. Therefore, the operation of this mixed money counter. Subjects specifically to the following main conditions. Most of the mixed money counting machine cannot cause harmful interference in the process of the operation. They accept and must accept any of the received interference, including the ones that can cause operations that are not desirable

mixed money counter

The structure of the device allows for the counting of the different currencies like Canadian dollars, us dollars, Mexican peso, among many more. The ability of the counterfeit ability of the mixed money counter facilitates detection of the suspected bills.

The Main Parts of This Mixed Money-Counting Machine

  1. The banknote feeder
  2. The handle
  3. The cover
  4. The control panel
  5. The display
  6. The banknote-receiving wheel
  7. The banknote holder
  8. The vertical adjustment screw
  9. The power cable socket
  10. The fuse
  11. The external display socket
  12. The power on and off button
  13. The count button
  14. The ultraviolet UV button
  15. 15.The magnetic MG button
  16. The ADD button
  17. The BATCH or the BAT or plus one button that facilitates the function of the batch
  18. The BATCH or the BAT or minus ten buttons for the function of the batch
  19. The reset button
  20. The sensor of the feeder
  21. The right and the left sensor counter
  22. The received sensor


The Function of the ADD

The ADD function facilitates several batches of the banknotes placed on the mixed bill counter machine. When the LED light on, it indicates that, the ADD function has enabled. Therefore, the total of the current batch adds to the previously placed set, thus remaining on the screen display for the addition of the following collection. Even if all the bills removed from the holder of the banknotes, the total balance usually remains on display. The addition keeps on taking place until the statements reach nine hundred and the ninety-nine plus one, where the display usually resets to zero. This allows for the setting of the batch. If the ADD function not reset, the total of the newly placed bills runs to zero.

The Function of the BATCH

The batch function is vital while setting the limit of the BATCH. When the batch function BAT or the minus twenty presses the two hundred displays on the preset screen display. The setting of the batch depends on the preferences of the user. For example, pressing on the BAT or the plus two, thus increasing the limit of the pack of the two. In case the display preset sets at zero, then the function of the batch is disabled.


The Function of the Counterfeit Detection

Most of the mixed money counting machines comes with two features of counterfeit detection abilities: magnetic MG and ultraviolet UV detection. This allows for the setting of the desired fake detection option. According to the amount of the counting requirements, it provides for the adjustment of the level of the sensitivity. If the mixed money-counting machine comes across the counterfeit note, it beeps and stops counting. The suspicious note places on the top of the device, and then the RESET button pressed to continue the process of counting.

  • The function of the ultraviolet UV detection

To activate the ultraviolet mode, press the UV button. This starts if the UV LED is on; thus, the UV function is therefore functioning. The function, therefore, facilitates the mixed money counter detection for the ultraviolet feature of all the counted banknotes.

  • The function of the magnetic detection

The mode of magnetic detection activates with the press of the MG button. If the MG LED turns on, then the function of the magnetism is active. The machine facilitates the checking of the magnetic inks on all the banknotes that pass through the device.

Chances of the Troubleshooting

It would be best to make sure that there is nothing on the hopper and the stacker before the counting process occurs. If the device turned on, it undergoes a process of self-testing immediately turned on. The dirty sensors or the blocked banknotes cause most of the error codes. Therefore, you need to determine the banknote jams and use the specialized brushes to clean the sensor. After you are done with the jams and the cleaning processes, press the RESTART button for the process to begin.

The Feeder Adjustment

If there is no smooth feeding of the banknotes or there is no accurate counting of the banknote, there is a need to adjust the vertical screws. The screws can be adjusted either in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The direction depends on whether the counter is highly loose or excessively tight. This is because the clockwise direction tightens while the anticlockwise loosens.


Instructions for the Maintenance Measures

If the room temperature is exceptionally very low, like below fifteen degrees Celsius, allow for a short warm-up period before the banknotes’ placement. Ensure that the machine operates in an adequately ventilated room. Place it away from the strong magnetic fields and the intense rays of the sunlight. Avoid applying the oils on the rubber parts of the machine to minimize the malfunctioning of the device. Ensure that you clean all sensors and the magnetic head using a brush once a week.


Most of the mixed denomination money-counting machine like the carnation enterprise allows for the free process of the operation without any artistry or the material interruption on the normal working condition for a period of the one-year or the twelve months from the date the device purchase. If the device fails or proves defective within the warranty period of one year, the user advised contacting the customer care service from the carnation enterprises at the earliest point of the notice of detecting the defectiveness. The early notification improves on the convenience of the replacement. However, the warranty of the carnation enterprise limits under the following terms and conditions.

The carnation enterprise allows for the most of the money counter machine defects in the artistry and the materials under regular use for one-year use from the date the original buyer purchased the device. If the valid claim appears within the warranty period on the discretion, carnation enterprise or the service representatives will perform either of the following to the malfunctioning mixed denomination money-counting machine. These brands usually offer the repair service at no cost or the charge and exchange the defective part with a new one. The device’s customer is usually responsible for to and the fro of the defective device for the repair. Carnation only caters for the repair services and not the transport cost, and the payment has to do before.

In addition, carnation does not warrant the error-free operation of the unit. If the device falls defective within one year due to the failure of following the instructions as indicated on the user manual, carnation is not responsible for the same. The warranty of the device does not apply to the damages or the defects to the unit that result from

  • The wear and tear
  • The lack of the regular maintenance
  • Intentional or the accidental physical damage
  • The leakage of the batteries


The damages that result from

  • The tampered with
  • Disassembled
  • Repaired
  • Serviced by the third party rather than the carnation enterprise or their representatives

The warranty does not cater to the parts usually wear or tear, like the wheels, rubber bands, and belts.

Along with the several examples of the brands of the money counting machines vary and appears on different mode of the structure to suit your financial needs. comes on the two pockets for the discrimination of the currency. This is a powerful, professional, value sorter and counter. It comes with the reject pocket that allows for the continuous process of counting without stopping at detecting the counterfeit. The suspicious note, wrong denomination, or the face placed on the reject pocket for further inspection as the counting process proceeds. The brand of the Mixed denomination money counter comes on the user-friendly interface, various modes of counting, and intuitive panel control. The above features come from the in-built detection of the counterfeit and an improved performance level.

Important Safety Note

For the entire operation and the benefit from this mixed denomination bill counter, you have to adhere to the following safety measures. Adherence to the safety precaution makes the device not require unnecessary repair.

  • The product operation on the following safety precautions that very basic improves on the process of the procedure.
  • Please avoid the use of the device in places that usually prone it to liquids likes water.
  • Ensure that the device is unplugged from the source of the power before washing it. Wash the machine using the soft dump piece of the cloth or the air duster in the process of cleaning the device
  • Maximum avoid the hypocrisy of the unit to minimize the risks of the electric shocks, dangerous voltages, or the safety risks. The subsequent use of the wrongly reassembled unit causes an electric shock.
  • Always make sure that the operation of device with the power cords supply. Ensure the proper plug of the power cord on the appropriate grounding of the wall outlet. Minimize the use of the ground pin of the power cord. If the appropriate grounding is not adhered to, serious and severe injuries like, the fire can result.
  • Before the device starts the operation process, ensure that it placed on the flat or the leveled surfaces. Please avoid using the device in areas with high levels of temperatures, smoke, or humidity as they interfere with the operation process of the device.
  • The design of the device allows for indoor activities in a place that is adequately aerated. In the site that you opt for the use of the device, avoid the areas experiencing a high level of the magnetic field and the sun’s intense rays. These features interfere with the proper operation of the detection of the mixed denomination money-counting machine.
  • If the mixed money-counting machine not used for a long or extended period, disconnect from the power cord outlet on the wall to allow for the cooling process.
  • Double pocket for the discrimination of the currency
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • Power cords
  • White paper cards or the calibration sheet

The speed of the counting of the mixed denomination money-counting machine usually ranges along with the eight hundred, one thousand, and one thousand two hundred and two hundred bills per minute. The hopper capacity of the bill counter is five hundred bills with the stacker of the two hundred bills. The approximate weight of the mixed money counter machine is about ten kilograms or twenty-two lbs.

The Power-Up Process of the mixed money counter machine

Make sure that the hopper is empty. Attach the power to the cable of the energy in the rear part of the money-counting machine. Plug the on the three-prong outlet. Turn on the switch located on the back part of the counter for the on position. The machine undergoes a process of self-checking. If the device portrays the letter zero, then it is ready for the function of the operation.


The Loading of the Bills

For the minimal chances of the jams of the bills, maintain a proper speed in the operation process of the bills. Ensure that the bills load correctly on the hopper. Maintain the neat placement of the bills neat stacks before placing them on the hopper. Avoid placing the extremely dirty, wet, folded, spoiled, foreign materials like the bands and the clips curled notes. These cases lead to the malfunctioning of the machine. Ensure that you adjust the size of the hopper that is slightly wider than the individual bill in the stack of the bills. The adjustment assists in the correct feeding of the bills in the unit.

The Feeding Gap Adjustment

In the shipment process of the mixed denomination money-counting machine, the adjustment screw loosens. In the normal tear or wear, the operation leads to the loosening of the feeding screw adjustment screw. The loosening of the adjustment leads to the error of the device like the DD or the DB. The feed gap is the actual bill height of the feed path turned on according to the thickness of the bill thickness individually. An extensive level of the feed gap leads to the high experience of the DB and DD errors. The error allows for the passing of many bills, like more than one bill, in scanning the bills. very tight feeder gap produces the strain in the scanning process and might lead to the tearing of the banknotes. The tight holes also lead to the occurrence of jams.

An Exemplary Process of the Adjustment of Feeding Gap

Turn off the mixed money-counting machine. Put the rollers in a position that does not allow for visibility of the dark color of the rubber teeth visibility. Turn the kick rollers on the process of positioning the rollers.

mixed money counter

Place the rigid and crisp enough bill preventing the bend on the procedure of the adjustment. This allows for the placement of the bill lengthwise, that is, the left or the right side. On the point of the placement of the bills, guide the bill in between the inner rollers allowing for the step. Allow for a moderate level of resistance in the process of the front and the back of the rollers. The size of the width of the gap allows the one bill to pass per one count. The narrowness of the opening allows for the slight friction and tension in the pull of the bills. There various instructions that are supposed to adhere to in the process of the screw adjustment to make the most suitable feeding gap of the bills counted.

  • Make the two-dot adjustment that facilitates turning at a time and then reset after a given period.
  • In case of the very loose feeding gap, consider tightening the feeding gap in the anticlockwise direction
  • For the very tight feeding gap, loosen it by turning it in the clockwise direction
  • A very fast feeding gap makes the resistance against the bill feel very strong, and this may lead to the tearing of the banknote

For the processes of the experience of the high amount of the DB and the DD errors or the jams of the multiple errors, consider turning the adjustment screw in the right direction for the two dots for a given time. After the adjustment process, retest the functioning of the device to be sure of the proper performance. If the hardships in feeding the bills or the counted bills torn, turn the device two dots to the left side as you determine the unit’s functionality. The process should proceed until the desired size of the feeding gap achieved. In the operation of the screw adjustment, turn the screws into smooth movement, as the screws are very sensitive in the version of the Kolibri signature. Therefore, overturning of the screw might lead to the overshooting of the proper gap recommended. Determine testing the size of the opening using a bill on every adjustment turn.

The modes of the operation

  • The Manual And The Automatic Mode

If the mixed money-counting machine immediately turned on, it defaults the AUTO modes by displaying the A on the home screen. The mode allows for the automatic counting of the device. If you desire the device to operate on the manual mode, consider the press on the MENU button where you select the MANUAL /AUTOSTART. Using the start button, select the MANUAL by moving downward on the main menu on the CLEAR button to make the START button validated. Practical settings will lead to the checkmark display on the selected mode, thus indicating effective locations. For you want to go back on the home screen, double press the menu button. If the chosen method was the manual, the letter M displays on the home screen. The manual mode operates only if the START button is pressed. The AUTO mode regarded activated by moving back to the menu.

  • The Mixed-Mode Of The Count

If the device turned on, it indicates the default mix mode. The critical way is the process of counting the bunch of the mixed denominations. Place the mixed bills on the hopper where the counting and sorting of the accounts take place as the bills move from the hopper to the stacker. If the hopper gets empty, the mixed money counting machine stops counting. Count completion allows for the total number recording in the device. At this point if you desire to read the report, press the REPORT button. If the mixed money counter was set on a different mode and you wish to operate on the mixed-mode, press the MODE button continuously until the MIX display on the screen. Resetting is essential as the Kolibri signature preserves the previously used mode.

  • The Face Mode

To achieve the mode, ensure that FACE appears on the screen. The face method facilitates sorting depending on how the bill’s face placed, either facing upward or downward. The first bill detected from the hopper determines the orientation of the bills to collect on the stacker. For example, if the face of the first bill faced down, all of the bills facing down end up on the stacker. The bill that is facing up, therefore, ends up placing on the reject pocket. The total value and the number of the bills displays on the home screen. With the completion of the operation, the press on the REPORT button views the detailed report. Suppose the device preset on any other mode determine it until it appears on the main screen. The setting is essential as most of the Kolibri signature allows for the memory preservation of the last used mode.


  • The Orientation Mode

The ORIENTATION’s achievement is availed by pressing on the MODE button until the ORIENT display on the main screen. The mode facilitates the counting of the bills according to one of the four orientations. The first bill detected on the hopper determines the orientation of the bills to count. Therefore, if the bill that passes the hopper does not appear as the first bill, it placed on the reject pocket. At the end of the process, the total number and the bill’s value indicated on the home screen. If the orientation function completes, you can determine the recorded report’s view by pressing the REPORT button. If the device preset on any other mode, and you want to operate on the orientation mode, continuously press the MODE button until you achieve or the ORIENT indicates on the main screen.


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