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A mixed note counting machine is the best-advanced device in the whole world using in cash sorter and counter. This machine plays an essential role in various areas of the world. This machine has a high detecting power, even a super fake of a USD also, it more accessible for this machine to detect. A mixed note value counting machine has been designed in a way that it can see various currency denominations. This means this equipment can handle bills from different forms of cash. This machine is the most suitable machine to go for, primarily if your business deals with notes from various denominations. It is mainly used in banks, casinos, and large companies to handle a lot of money.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

mixed denomination money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

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Mixed Note Counting Machine

Currently, mixed note counting machines are used in the whole world by many organizations and individuals. Even the churches and many other retailers are using this incredible machine to sort and counts cash. Mix note value counting machine helps give a more efficient and accurate sum of your money after calculating. Some of these machines are designed with only one pocket, while others have two pockets where one is termed as a reject pocket. The mixed note counting machine with only a single bag will stop counting once it detects an error or detects a fake message. For this kind of machine to continue counting, the case manager will have to remove the phony note so that the device can continue sorting or counting. Mixed note counting machine with two pockets rejects error or even fake message and place it in the second pocket then continue with the sorting or counting process. All FeelTeck mixed note counting machines are designed with in-built detectors for detecting fake messages.


Facts about mixed note value counting machine technology

The best thing about these mixed master note counting machines is that these devices are not mechanical. Instead, FeelTeck mixed note counting machine uses a beam of light underneath a bill. These machines also are designed with sensors that stay on top of the notes. These sensors record the count of every message which passes through. The machine’s rollers pull the currency bill via these beam of lights as your machine sensor total the counts. This enables multi-note counting machines to count many accounts in one minute, and the results are more accurate. In addition, this counting machine is faster and helps the case manager to have time to do other firm operations.

A mixed note counting machine scans the value of each which passes through it. This is made possible and more accessible by the sensor light, which passes via the note inserted. The sensors scan the surfaces of every telltale mark of the currency denomination inserted in the machine stack. Thus, the mixed note counter device displays the value and tells how much money was in the stack after every counting process. FeelTeck mixed note counting machine shows the amount of money for every currency and denomination of your bills. This means this great machine from feelteck manufacturers saves you from sorting denominations of a significant number of bull notes in the needed batches. Thus mixed note counting device saves your time and effort. This machine is critical to every business that pre-sort money in the registers and companies in the bounder of two nations.

The fake note detection feature of these mixed note counting machines makes them more useful in the banks and various businesses, especially where fund scam cases are many. Mixed note counting machines also hold features that enable them to detect counterfeit notes by scanning every message as it passes through. The device will automatically reject the fake bills. Various FeelTeck uses a different mechanism to see counterfeit notes. However, modern advanced mixed message counting machine cost is slightly higher than other standard mixed note counter machines. Always ensures you buy the best fake note detectors and measuring machine as well. This will make your note counting process more accessible than ever. Also, you won’t occur any less in your business due to fake notes because these detectors in your mixed note counting machine will save you from that. Various composite note counting devices are a bit expensive because they need more advanced technologies and imaging software that will enable the machine to manage the color image sensors, determining the note’s denomination. The standard and fundamental ways used by Feelteck manufacturers to detect counterfeit notes are magnetic and UV detection, which efficiently impacts many nations’ currencies. It is because each country utilized ink that is rich in iron to make and print their currencies. This ink produces a feature signature when the note is exposed to the magnetic fields. This method of detecting counterfeit bills is considered the most suitable. Though there is one disadvantage of this method whereby it is made a mistake by considering the old notes as fake, the iron in the ink of those old notes wears off until time goes by when these machines can’t detect it.

On the other side, ultraviolet detection is another good way of detecting fake notes. Several nations use these ultraviolet-sensitive ink when printing their currencies. Seeing counterfeit notes works by exposing the currency note to the UV lights, making the ink used in printing grow, showing the hidden watermarks or even stripes. This method may be considered more effective and efficient when it is compared to magnetic detection. It is good to note that this machine has been threatened by availability of these Ultraviolet sensitive ink on our market today. A mixed note counting machine may also use the IR detection method; this is a method used in several countries in the world. The currencies are produced with ink which is highly sensitive to IR light as good as UV rays. So it’s the most suitable way of detecting fake notes.

One critical factor to look at when buying a mixed note counting machine or any other money counter machine is the speed. The speed of the multi-note counting machine is determined by the number of notes the machine can count in one minute. The faster the device, the better; always ensure you buy a mixed note counting machine from FeelTeck manufacture because they do ensure all their mix note value counting machines have the best speed ever. All the mixed note depending machine buyers pick the device capable of counting large amounts of money at a phenomenal rate. First, the good thing to look at is the size of your business and the money that flows in your business every day. By doing so, you will determine the speed of the mixed note counter device you will need in your firm. If your company has several customers paying and withdrawing money from it, you better be careful when buying a machine. This kind of business requires a mixed note counting machine with a very high speed. Speed matters a lot in composite value note counting the device because, after all, they were invented to come and speed up the money counting process. If you will be confused about which machine to with, don’t give yourself stress because the FeelTeck customer care team got your back. This team will explain to you every mixed note counting machine they have in their store, tells you the pros and cons for each device then it will be easier for you to know the best one for your business. They will also tell you the features of each mixed note counting machine and how it operates. When explaining to you, the team will explain the exact number of notes each mixed note counting device can counts in a  minute. The above description of each machine will help you pick the machine with the speed that will help you serve all your customers in good time.

Small businesses do not need a super-faster mixed note counting machine. Still, if you can afford a faster machine, it is also good because you will have enough time to do other business operations. If your business is busy and performs several money transactions every day, you will need a mixed note counting machine with a high speed. Also, when looking at the rate of the mix value note counting machine, look at the weight and the machine size. You have to consider the area the device will occupy in his or her business; thus, you do not have enough space to make sure you don’t purchase a vast mixed note counting machine. A small mix note value counting machine is the best one for a small business where on the other hand, large devices are suitable for big banks and large companies.

Hopper capacity matters a lot whenever a person is buying his mixed note counting machine from Feelteck manufacturer. Failing to consider this feature will mislead you and end up purchasing a device that will not serve you maximally. This capacity determines the number of notes a multi-note counting machine can count per cycle. This means the more prominent the volume, the more the note you can trust at one go. Always ensure you check on this, and if you aren’t sure about how large the machine capacity is, then the Feelteck team is here to guide you on which machine is suitable for your business.

The top-loaded mixed note counting machine is where the user feeds the bills to the machine’s hopper from the front of this device. The note placing design makes the composite note counting machine expensive but faster and accessible to place your messages in the machine hopper for counting. Also, it diminishes jams by allowing the counting machine to receive more reminders while still the note counting process is in progress. The bill notes shall be stacked in the compartment in a mixed note counter machine. Then the device will pull each message through your hybrid note counter machine. The bill notes count the number of times the beam light passed via them. It may then detect denomination by just and compare the image of all statements to a pattern recognition way. This way facilitates mixed note counting machine’s fake note detection feature too.


What To Know More About Mixed Note Counting Machine

A mixed note counting machine has become a business tool that manages a lot of money in a day. This multi-note counting machine from FeelTeck saves a lot of time. It enhances the business’ productivity while securing your business from any loss because of fake note cases in your industry. There is a wide range of mixed note counting machines available in the Feelteck market store today. Ensure you read each machine’s features and go through what customers have to say about the machine using the customer reviews; by doing that, you shall get the bet mixed note counting machine that will give you services for a very long time in your business. The most important thing about this type of note counting machine is how it helps the people handling money in your business identify fake notes easily and detect bills of various denominations. Thus, this mixed note counting machine allows the user to insert currency of different denominations because it will differentiate them. Mix note value counting machine comes with an inbuilt sensors scan that scans each note that passes through it then it determines the deal as good as the denomination of that note.

When buying a mixed note counting machine ensures that you get a device that will count your notes faster, give you accurate results, an efficient device, and a machine that you can depend on. The Feelteck mixed note counter machine can also be used to sort money, batches cash separates notes, and discriminate money. This great feature enables the cash manager to remove or add wanted notes, for instance, when the user must draw a fake message and replace it with another one.

The primary purpose why FeeLteck is manufacturing this mixed note counting machine to make the counting of diverse denomination notes easier to save more time possible. Mixing a note counting machine with a fake note detector shall always ensure you get the most accurate results of your bills after every day of work, and the device will help you detect the counterfeit bills in the currency bills. These counterfeit notes can spoil your business and even make your business suffer a lot because of these kinds of losses. Therefore, it is always good for you as a business owner to invest in this excellent counting machine to easier your mixed money counting process. Mixed note counting machines from FeelTeck manufacturer are designed so that the user has an automatic stop and start button. This means these machine starts automatically when the money notes are inserted in the machine’s hopper and then stops ones all the letters in the hopper are counted. This feature makes a mixed message depending device more user-friendly, where most Feelteck machines give touchpads and graphic LCDs. This is a significant and critical factor that makes FeelTeck Mixed note counting machine more convenient and efficient. Also, this feature determines how portable or handy that mixed note counter machine is, enabling cash managers or bank tellers to move the machine from one place to where they want to count the diverse denominations notes. Most of these mixed note measuring machines from Feelteck manufacturer are operated when plugged in the electrical power source. This means they are suitable for situationally working place because they are not portable and do not use batteries to serve. Some of the mix note value counting machine sometimes facilitates various modes like mode, batch, stamp, check mode, and more.

Mixed note counting machines from FeelTeck company are smart and intelligent machines to know and understand the operations system of this machine. They must perform a good self-examination and then give feedback to the cash managers if there is a problem with the machine’s functionality. A mixed note counter device should detect various denominations, values, and other critical aspects of the note rather than just sorting and counting the bills. Another essential feature all FeelTeck mixed note measuring machines have is the machine’s ability to give reports that rates up balancing notes transaction. This feature could assist allows the sharing of information amongst institutions and banks, particularly for credit. Also, a mixed note counting machine enables bill recyclers that give security for your business or company. These machines make sure the cash which is moved to a vault is valued well. Additionally, it makes sure that those notes do not have even a single counterfeit note.

FeelTeck mixed note counting machine comes with inbuilt deep. This is responsible for alerting the user if any issue in the counting or sorting process occurs, such as a fake note or even a jam in your machine. The notification shall assist a counterfeit note for the counterfeit detection features in this machine as soon as the sensors detect it.

Mixed note counter machine from feelteck manufacture gives several benefits to the user that do change the money businesses. Multi note counting machines influence business productivity by always ensuring it offers the best accurate money records. It will only take some minutes for the cash manager to count all the bills and also same time balances one cash drawer, give or even take some more time. Also, counting the till at the ends of the shift is somehow frustrating and tedious. Mixed note measuring machines helps the cash managers of banks and other more significant businesses go through this process smoothly and efficiently. The type of hybrid note counting machine will depend on the kind of business or company you have. Therefore, doing some research before deciding on which mixed note counter machine to buy is very important. Make some specific consideration before making the purchase. Besides just the speed of your mixed note counting machine, you have to consider other important factors like the hopper capacity. Fitness sorting needs particular bank notes to arrive at the required standard. This generally is meant to identify and also remove soiled, de-inked, and even worn-out banknotes. A mixed note counter machine from feelteck manufacturer are designed with all the excellent feature will make the counting process of diverse denomination bills easier for the cash manager dealing with this kind of currencies in their business.

The machine’s connectivity and capability are also important, where this separate screen may be used to display all the money counting information well. A mixed note depending device with direct and fast connectivity shall enhance the machine speed recording process, which builds time for other intense functions like an audit. The information gathered on the mixed note counter machine can be transferred to the printer, external or internal computer in the report form. Your mixed note counting machine must be compatible with your printer to print a hard copy of counting records. Business information should continuously be published and filed in hard copy forms for future references, especially these money counting records. They should be printed and kept in a good way. It also enables the user or you to specify the number of currency notes that need to be bundled and stack, allowing simply money handling. Modern feelteck mixed message counting machines have this on-screen feature that enables them to be used easily when handling several processes, like the selected sorting.

Mixed note counting devices from FellTeck company are designed with some great features. Those features enable them to sort both the new and used old notes while others can even filter dust and also grimes from the senior notes. Using the more advanced (CIS), those mixed note counting machines can detect small information on the currency notes, enabling them to see fake notes easily. Including the earlier mentioned method of detecting that is Ultraviolet, Magnetic, and Infrared detection methods are used to design the detection mechanism of these mixed note counting machines. ON top of the factors to look at like the speed and hopper capacity and the mixed note counter machine code and how many pockets also determine the kind of machine and its value.  And it is not good to go for the cheaper mixed note counting machine because always remember cheap is expensive. Always do some good research and decide which device will serve you well and give a service for a long time. If the money isn’t enough for the best mix note value counting machine, you give yourself more time to ensure you have enough money to buy the device to suit your business and solve all the business cash management issues.

When picking the best fake note detector and counting machine from a feelteck manufacturer, it is always good to ask for tips from the expertise and read what the customers who have used it before have to say about the machine. You have to make sure you pick the counting device which will be the best for your cash handling activities. A mixed note counting machine that costs less money might be good in terms of cost but will end up being a machine that you can’t depend on. This kind of machine first and foremost break up and need regular maintenance, which will cost you more money. Again this kind of mixed note counting machine does not last for long. Therefore, you will need to buy another machine after every year and a mixed note counting machine is a machine you are required to buy once and give you services for very long time.

Every bank and institution has its own specific cash handling needs, and these needs vary totally from one business to another. This is why every business should buy a mixed note counting machine that will suit their needs but not copying what another company has. But FeelTeck is always here to ensure every business gets a hybrid note value counting machine that works.  There are many different mixed note counting machines in FeelTeck store that client can pick one that fits his or her budget and the one that will handle the business the customer owns. These machines are of great help to all business dealing with money in different denominations and handle many money transfers every day. But due to many people preferring using electronic payment methods like credit cards, mobile money is making liquid cash lose popularity in business services. Many people have adopted this behavior is not a piece of good news to the feelteck manufacture of a mixed note counting machine. But know that even when you are using a modern electronic payment method, some customers will come with cash and eventually need a hybrid note counting machine. Therefore, ensure you have this excellent counting machine in your business, primarily if you deal with currency of different denominations. The capability to detect various currencies as good as various denominations makes a mixed note counting device a great invention that most of the world’s businesses have adopted.


Compare Bills With Same Series and Denominations

The first thing that makes suspicion about is the feeling of the notes once you touch them. Most of the case managers who have been handling money for a long time easily detect the fake note by just touching the note’s texture. But doing so, one needs to have a long time experience, and this will not always be accurate. Sometimes, you might be absent-minded and make a mistake of allowing fake notes to enter your business.  Also, sometimes it is difficult for cash managers to count notes of different denominations. This is the reason you always need a mixed note counting machine in your business. This machine will eliminate all these manual note counting errors as well as will be able to counts bills of different denominations.

This is efficiently and effectively achieved by buying a good feelteck mixed note counting machine. Note that bills from various denominations do not look the same, and cash managers might not know the genuine note, especially if she or he has never counted that denomination. A mixed note counting machine is the best answer to all these. Moreover, it is a machine you will like working with. Thus, think of comparing notes that are of the same denomination. Comparing messages to other messages that look alike and date enables the detection of fake bills simple.


Determine the printing quality

If you look at the quality of printing closely, you will note the relative flatness. Then incomplete information offers you a good indication of any counterfeit notes. Most of the world’s print notes use good techniques that offset the digital image and general printing. The commonly utilized equipment uses all sophisticated fake notes that may never replicate. Detects the areas which blurred, mainly to the border of two states. The date appears somehow blurred. The currency shall always be obvious, and also edges are unbroken, particularly on the banks, federal reserve, and treasury seals. These points indicate a sharp tooth point that is short on the genuine bill. Those portraits on the counterfeit bills typically seem blurred, flat, and also dull. The actual note always has sharp images having fine detail. Mixed note counting machines are designed with high technologies to quickly identify these images and make work easier for the case managers. Buying your feelteck mix note counting machine with a fake note detector will count for your bills of a different denomination, and same time, these machines will identify all counterfeit notes. It is a fantastic counter machine, therefore do not hesitates to get your best from feelteck stores.


Color Fiber on The Notes

Counterfeit note tries to make the printing by printing and drawing the fibers in the form. Thus, a keen bill inspection identifies the fake notes. In addition, they enable people to remember printing areas are on top of the phony notepaper rather than parts of the paper like the one in the actual note.


Serial number

You might do all that by checking the serial numbers by looking at them keenly. The counterfeit notes come with un-spaced serial numbers evenly, and they are not aligned in the row. If you happen to receive messages with such serial numbers, check their serial numbers’ similarity. If these numbers are not aligning, then that indicates the note is fake. You can use several ways to detect a counterfeit note; ensure you do more research about those ways. Don’t have any worry because FeelTeck is manufacturing the best-mixed note counting machine that will help in all those issues and doing the process very fast. The note appearances on the bank notes like watermarks, text, links, or even the printing are a few of the intentional protection measures that help cash managers to identify fake messages.

A mixed note counting machine with a fake note detector is the best counting equipment to buy for if you have any issue identifying notes of any denomination worldwide. With this machine, it became more straightforward for cash managers to counts and sort bills of different denominations. If you have any unclear information about these mixed note counting machines, ask the people who already have the device in their business. If even it is possible, you can visit the FellTeck store and see how these machines operate. This will give you an excellent chance to ask more questions and even learn some skills in managing the appliance.

Benefits Of Investing In FeelTeck Best Fake Note Detector And Counting Machine

You can come up with a plan of giving a sound machine that helps guide your employees on how to detect fake notes when counting your money. This mixed note measuring apparatus with a counterfeit note detector enables the business owners to diminish the losses due to counterfeit notes and calculate the currency of different denominations. Much larger business, especially one that accepts currency denomination bills, are most vulnerable to counterfeit notes every day in their business operations.

This excellent mix of note counting machine with a fake notes is the most advanced machine available in the money counting machine industry. This is because this machine is capable of doing any task at once. This machine can detect fake notes, count notes, sort motes, identify bills of different denominations, and many more things this machine can do for you. This counter equipment hall saves your business and you do not have to lose any more money or even take your whole day counting machine. These mixed note counting machines will be able to count mixed denominations of bills simultaneously at a speed. Visit FeelTeck manufacturer today and get the best-mixed note counting machine for your business, and all the cash management problems you have been facing in your business will all be solved.



Mix value note counting machine is an excellent machine that businesses dealing with different denominations every day should have. FeelTeck company produces mixed note counting machines that suits all kind and size of business in the world. Select the one that first your business needs well before making the purchase. Once you complete making the payment, the feelteck team will ensure they test your mixed note counting machine functionality and provide every part of the machine is in good condition. Then after ensuring your machine is okay and also ensure it is the suitable machine you want to buy, they will deliver this machine to you. FeelTeck has the best mix note value counting machine globally and has the best customer care services you will ever get in this industry. Ensure you get you mixed note counting machine from this very able manufacturer and all your different denominations bill will be handled in the best way possible. Using this machine has so many advantages which will enhance your business productivity. The machine’s efficiency is very okay, and you will be enjoying using this machine to count your different denomination notes.

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