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The money counter safe provides the main factor to the business experiencing a high flow of cash. The time consumed on human counting thus reduces the possible errors. The machine also assists in detecting counterfeit bills.

The unique aspect of these machines is that they distinguish between different bills. The degree of accuracy is very high. These are among the many of the other functions that the device offers. They developed first in the nineteen twenty, where it admitted as the more primitive in assisting Federal Reserve in increasing their efficiency. They at first designed to create the bills and never had the specifications of noting different denominations. However, analog machines have been evolving on the implementation of the microchip. The current devices count faster, report the denomination difference, and detect counterfeit at much ease.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

The panel we have patent for design

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Money Counter Safe



The High-Performance Banknote Processing Systems

G+D provides a scalable solution for cash in any area and all sizes in reliable and efficient banknotes. The high precision of sensor technology forms the primary system. Functionalities and the range of the banknote processing on the G+D system are individual and diverse depending on their operational requirements. This brand suits the commercial cash centers and central banks regardless of the size, the bank’s branches, casinos, bank offices in retail, where it offers outstanding efficiency, reliability, and security in any processing step ranging from the assessment of the banknote to sorting. In addition to this, all systems are precisely featured with a high-end sensor, a long-life cycle. This includes the broad range of the services, scalability, and ease to use to ensure a ratio of the benefit or the cost on the first rate.


An Own Team Feelteck Develop Mixed Bill Counter

The money counter has been known for counting the value of the money. With technological development, various features are developed that assist in the development of counterfeit detection. They also assist in sorting currency according to their respective denomination. This has innovated the magnetic, infrared, and ultraviolet detectors that come with the machine. In Korea and Japan, the mixed bill money counter on the front loading has been developed. This has assisted in the CIS sensing technology being popular. To reduce the combined bill, the money counter minimizes the cost.

Therefore, feeltech money, a one plus one pocket designed for the mixed money counter for the bill. The feeltech FT-900 a multi-model denomination to count the bills. It can easily install more than fifteen currencies on the software on the machine. The machine adds the function to sort functions on the denomination and the face directions. This, therefore, leads the mixed bill counter to the improvement of the bill counter and sorter machine.


How the Feelteck FT-900 Mixed Bill Counter Usually Operates

A mixed bill counter is a machine that can facilitate different denominations together. It gives you a detailed list and the amount of the bills placed on the counter. According to how it is made, you can count either a single or many denominations. Accepts the counting of the normal functioning at ease in the mixed denominations for bills money counter and does higher work than the normal functioning of the machine.


Setting the Mixed Denomination Money Counter for The Mode of The Machine MDC

While counting the mixed denomination, this might be like the one dollar, two dollars, five dollars, and the one hundred dollars for each similarly packed and arranged one. The machine assists in giving the amount of the cash to be counted. It also provides the list of every denomination accordingly. The mixed bill counter money counter stops immediately after meeting a counterfeit bill. This allows you to remove it before it enters the revenue and allow for the counting process to proceed.


Setting the Mixed Bill Counter on The SDC Mode

This indicates that you only desire to count only a single denomination currency. At this mode, the mixed bill counter will perform the counting function typically. It measures the same denomination of the money as in the first one. In the process of counting, the other denomination will have to be stopped upon the detection. The model allows for the easy single denomination at hand in the fastest way possible. The mode enables counterfeit detection as the counting process takes place.


Setting the Mixed Denomination for The Count Mode of the CNT

This offers a normal counting mode to the machine. This does not require any counterfeit or foreign denominations as placed on the counter.


Setting the Mixed Bill Counter on The MIX Mode

This setting allows for the placing of various currencies in the mixed bill counter machine. It will enable you to get the results of all amounts of the amount on the money placed on the counting device. A good example is when you decide to put a GBP, USD, CNY, EUR to be counted together, the mixed bill counter will allow you to get the results as indicated. It will enable you to get the amount of the cash individually. It is very appropriate for the instances of the exchange’s points for the functioning process.


Setting the Mixed Bill Counter on The AUTO Mode Detection

This setting allows the machine counter to automatically recognize the currency you are counting, thus giving you a relevant result. This can be achieved by placing the USD on the first count, and thus the bill counter gives you the total value of the USD that has been counted. Then you can set the EUR with no operation. This machine recognizes that the placed bill is EUR in the process of the count. You will come to realize the amount of the EUR as counted. This allows for the detailed list of every denomination of the EUR detected on the mixed bill counter currency.


Setting the Mixed Bill Counter on The BATCH Mode of The Count

After you have set the batch number on the currency, like the one hundred packs on the mixed denomination, the bill counter will have to stop upon reaching the one hundred pack as it has been set. This allows you to take out the pack to continue operating to the following one hundred collections. For the instance of the one plus one pocket of the bank-grade on the mixed denomination counting and sorting and counting the bills. The machine will also batch the total value of the whole amount. This indicates that the mixed bill counter can only count three thousand and two hundred of the USD. The bill counter then sorts and counts the thirty-two hundred of the USD as it stops upon the counting process.


Setting the Mixed Denomination Bill Counter on The ADD Mode of The Count

This mode allows the mixed bill counter to add all the quantity added is counted automatically. After taking all the money from the money counter and thus the input, money recounts the bill placed on the counting process. This mixed bill count never clears the quantity even though the process of addition keeps repeating all the time.


GUV 20 Handheld Ultraviolet Backlights Detector and A White Torch for The Light

This is a portable ultraviolet black light detector or a hand ultraviolet lamp. It is a handheld ultraviolet blacklight counterfeit for the money detector GUV-20. This detector uses the ultraviolet lamp to check on various documents by protecting the ultraviolet-sensitive sensors. The feature usually verifies a hidden security feature. It impacts the slight resistance that is small enough to be in a position of fitting in any pocket. The detector operates on four AA batteries though not included. The prices of these detectors are preferably low, along with the detection of counterfeit. The main feature of this detector is that it can verify the hidden element of the security on the passport and the banknote check security strips, and the watermarks.

The quality of the paper is also determined on the security highlighted on the document alteration and thus stains suitable detection on the overall banknote world, VISA cards, bills, ballot, cheque, and identification cards. Provides ease oil sludge check on the carpet using ultraviolet lights. This gives a straightforward assessment of the animal secretion like the dejecta,urine, and the puke through the ultraviolet light.


The Following Are the Other Examples
  • Biosystem money detector NP-888- (with a double ultraviolet lamp)

  • GUV-2038 ultraviolet lamp currency detector

  • GBS-3500 two-pocket non-stop currency counter and sorter


Money Counter Safe and Counterfeit Note Detector

The machines that usually detect the quality of the money are the most significant aspect in maintaining safety in the company. It reduces the cases of counterfeit money and saves on the time spent by the workers in counting the money. Due to the conditions and wide range of these bills were torn, ripped, stuck together, washed, and crumped up. This leads to tedious counting of the bills. In addition, more than two hundred million counterfeit notes usually circulate in the united states. Therefore, the best money detector includes ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection capabilities. This spots the fake money at ease before being counted among the revenue.


The Degree of Accuracy of a Money Counter and Detector Machine

In the present time, we look for the most effective ways that save our time and lead an easy life. If you usually run a business that handles a large amount of cash, you can do the same easily by one of the most specific items. If you consider investing in the counting machine, you will save your employers time and be counted as the one hundred accurate all the time. It gives you the peace of the mind that no human error is incorporated in the process of counting. The process takes just a fraction of seconds with a high accurateness.


Important Fact Regarding the Zzap Note Counters Safe
  • They process more than twenty thousand euro in less than thirteen seconds
  • Most of the note counters are usually ready for the polymer
  • It can count mixed and the single denomination in the low quality of the notes
  • Comes with a warranty of three years
  • It has been certified by the central bank
  • Provides counterfeit detection up to ten-fold

You should find out the accuracy of the money along the counter. The following are the sample of their most effective methods that assist in saving your time to give greater priority to the rest of the business. The double detection is built on most of these machines. If the different banknotes are fed together with the releasing, this machine stops automatically to allow you to get the information. This will enable you to stop and separate the note for the device to restart and give you the correct readings.

The electronic double note detector works through the infrared sensor as analyzed by these machines. The banknote counters contain in-built counterfeit money with the technology of detection if any fake note runs through devices, making one keep alert. This technology work in many ways like infrared light, ultraviolet, metal thread, size detection, serial detection, or magnetic detection. This machine gives you the confidence of an intelligent banknote counting; thus, you will not fall into the hands of the counterfeit thieves.

The detector has a technology that helps in the counting machine to detect notes weight and count it. The coins and the banknotes always have simple weight in their original circulation. Sometimes, these notes collect grime or dirt, making them a bit heavier. In addition, coins have small pieces that cause wear and tear. Numerous mathematics along the counting machine maintains the correct calculation of the money.

This machine has a memory like a table supporting denominations and the currencies in bundles or loose forms. This allows you to count a range of banknotes and coins in seconds. This allows your time to be saved from being in a position of focusing on the other parts of your business. The counting of this machine ranges from six hundred notes to one thousand nine hundred notes per minute. The speed is very high, and no human labor can achieve the same. According to the calculations done, ZZap counter counts mixed denomination is twenty-nine times higher than the manual calculation on the notes and fifteen times manual count on the coins. For the effective counting of the letters, they need to be flat placed. Heavy creasing or folding will end up bringing about issues in the process of counting. The new brands of the notes tend to stick together in counting compared to those that have circulated for a while. Therefore, consider fanning the money through the counter for some time to be in a position of overcoming the issue.


Choosing A Suitable Money Counter Safe

Before one purchase either a manual or an electric money safe, there are various factors to consider. This will help one come up with the highest quality money safe and make a sound decision. A money counter safe is among the most helpful tool you can have or will ever have in any business. They give you peace of mind as they are very accurately structured, and their operation speed is very high compared to manual counting. On the first inspection of the counting process of these safe, you will note that counting error drastically reduces giving an accurate result. The reliability of these machines upon the detection of the counterfeit is higher than we can do.

  • Functionality and The Price of The Machine

Functionality and the machine’s price are among the most important factors for one to consider. The counter must be in a position of doing everything that you need it to do for the benefit of the whole business. However, you should avoid going for something that spends much of your money and, in the end, comes up with under fictionality. Due to the expectation of the machine to be in a position of making your life easier, the selected device should be easy to use. Therefore, consider choosing between the manual and the automatic machine in this case.

The counter selected must sense denomination value and scan them along with the counterfeit detection technology. The mixed denomination counters or the value counters contain image software to determine the denomination of a given bill. This suits the counting of a passed bill. If your cash is usually unsorted, the machine provides the best option for you to consider as they perform the same with much ease. Stackers and the sorters contain multiple numbers of the hopper capacity. They therefore count and arrange the bill according to their denomination.

  • Useability of The Machine

The money safe selected should be easy to use to the maximum. However, the more features the machine has, the more likely it is too challenging to operate. Thus, a complicated machine can work as a simple structured one. Although the addition of the features leads to more complications of the devices, they should provide the best useability. This is the case as the machine needs a few buttons to count the machine. This assists in telling the machine the currency or the denomination to be used or the bills that you require to be sorted and how.

Therefore, the factor of determining the ease of the money counter use depends on the interface of the user. However, if you are afraid of personally trying out the machine, move through the reviews placed by various customers. You will come up with the comments where some will complain or show how the usability of the same. Therefore, it should have an easy-to-read LED display or LCD to simplify the useability of the same to the maximum.

  • The capacity of The Hopper

A hopper is a structure that looks like a pocket where you place your uncounted bills. It can also refer to as a tray where the uncounted accounts are set like the hopper. The importance of the hopper is that it determines the amount of money that can be sorted each time. The basic models give two hundred bills in a basic model to the many of the sufficient ones. A money counter had the two hundred bill, and a counting speed of a thousand bills per minute allows you to add more money five times more. Removing and counting the money takes some of your time. Therefore, consider a bigger hopper capacity in this case.

currency sorter

However, if your company does not handle large size of money, consider a small-sized hopper as the big one does not have much of the importance. Other models have higher feeder capacity compared to the carrier. This indicates that you can make more bills than the tray can hold. Therefore, in such a case, consider removal of the bills before the stack is completed.

  • The Degree of The Counterfeit Detection

This form one of the most significant features of any counting machine. Not all devices contain this feature, but it is crucial. Counterfeit identification manually time-consuming and very tricky. Therefore, for you to be a hundred percent true, then no counterfeit passes, you will have to check on each of the bills, which is quite cumbersome. Among various features essential in the determination of the counterfeit are ultraviolet, magnetic infrared, among others. In the recent past, the United States currency paint on the ink usually grows on the ultraviolet light. The process is simple but ensures that counterfeit reduction. However, a fake stripe is generally placed on the fake money, making it appear an accurate bill.

The print of the magnetic ink for simple detection can easily verify an actual bill and detect the counterfeit’s reliability. However, the same can be faked, but the fakes wear out, thus degrading very fast compared to the real money. The process of degradation makes the ink lose its magnetic power.

Infrared detection is another method that is, however, the most negligible factor anti-counterfeit method. The process is effective as it relies on the link that can either be reflected or absorbed by the infrared detectors. These methods are very rarely used but, in any case, they are incorporated into the other sensors.

  • Detection of The Mixed Denomination

A mixed denomination is one of the most expensive bills that counters the image sensor of the color and an advanced image software that helps determine every bill. It is essential for a company that experiences mixed denomination. These types are the most accurate forms compared to any other bill counter.

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