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A money counter is a magical device that emerged to ease the counting and sorting of money. Most of the current machines offer accuracy of one hundred percent accuracy in the counted bills. These money measuring devices comes in a wide variety of price and quality. FEELTECK FT-900 is one of the best examples of a reliable and intelligent money counter and sorter machine. It comes with applying the sensing technology of the image and the application of the optical inspection. This application allows for recognition and the discrimination of the different denominations. Money counting machines specially made to handle the cash and count it either through manual operation or automatically. The mode of the operation of the device depends on the model of the procedure set by the manufacturer.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Money Counting Machine

In some cases, Money counting machines are designed to allow for the counting and sorting of the bills placed in them. The device provides for the effective and efficient organizing and separating of the cash and then counts the total amount of the money as required, thus keeps it in the required bundles. There are many places where the money counting machine applies, like in the money lending companies, casino games operators, banks, retail shop holders, restaurants, vending companies, various stores, churches, home operations, and any other instance that allow the handling of the money high amount of the cash. Most of the current Money counting machine detects the automatically and counts the balance. However, some devices operate in manual mode, where one has to press the start button.

The Money counting machine facilitates the authentication of the bills that move to through the unit. Some of the advanced version of the device allows for the count of the coins and the cash that moves through the money counter machine. Some of the money counters feature comes with a permit for sorting in terms of fitness, denomination, and cash orientation. These money counters allow for the management of the cash with the minimal manual intervention of the operators. Despite the minimal manual operation of the Money counting machine, it gives a reliable and accurate result. At this point, the device facilitates the efficient tallying of the cash and then arranges the balance into manageable bundles.

The brand of the money counter that facilitates the counting of the sorting usually comes on different types but reduces for the sorting of the coins or the banknote, and in some of the cases, it might allow for both of them. The banknote money counter and sorting machines allow for the optimum management of the money counted money by sorting and organizing them accordingly in the bundles as required. The coin counting machines facilitate the different applications according to the size, thus separating the amount of the placed balance.

The advanced or the automatic money counting machine usually deals with the coins or the cash, thus handling the high amount of the money simultaneously from the different denominations. Most of the money counters differ in terms of the counting speed the holding capacity, among other factors. These distinct factors allow you to make a sound decision to purchase the most suitable and appropriate brand of the machine. The more the device’s features, the higher the price and the higher reliability it is in the operational process. If the selected Money counting machine is of high quality, it is likely to be more expensive. However, the expense of the device offers a higher service period compared to the cheap brands that require frequent servicing in most cases and might not be as durable as the expensive ones. The simple money counter can be costly according to the features that the manufacturer incorporates in making the machine.

Operation of the Money Counting Machine with the Sorting Unit

For the entrepreneurs frequently operating the transfer of the money like the debit or the commercial banks sees the concept of the applying the Money counting machine as old fashioned. The idea of banknote sorting and the coin requires a unique structure of the device. The sorters allow for the procedural operation of the money that runs through the unit of the counter. You can place the funds from the different denominations on the device. Thus, the money puts on the machine, thus recognizing, sorting, and validates the money according to the specific features required by the operator. The sorting of the coins applies to the enterprises that hold a high amount of cash in the form of the coins.

There are many places where the process or the application of the coins sorting mechanisms applied like the banks, casino gamers, money vendors, and such businesses. The machine allows for the coin sorting mechanisms according to the coin’s denomination, size, and value. In most cases, the coin counter and sorter machine facilitate the operation of the sorting process according to the size. In the counting of the coin, the device allows for the placement or the dumping of the cash to the different holes, gaps, or openings accordingly. The sorting done by detecting the magnetic property of the coin as in most of the money; the degree of the magnetism of the magnetic property differs though slightly.

All coins are made of different metals. Thus, the use of magnetism is a good idea in the sorting of the same. Magnetism allows for the dimensional determination of the various coins placed on the device. This machine, therefore, allows for the identification of the cash according to its value. In places like the United States, coin counters and sorter have holes that usually facilitate the separation of the coins according to the respective sizes. These sizes identify as pennies, dimes, quarters, and nickels. In the machine operation process, you have to place the dimes first as the quarter waits for their slot. This is the largest coin that will not fit any other sizes of the gap but the biggest or the largest.

These counted, and the sorted coins then transfer to the respective groups. Some of the coin sorters usually identify the different denominations of the cash through the value calculation based on the weight determination. The detection of the coins is a result of the coins’ presence interrupting the beams of the light and then selects a suitable place for the categorization of the currency. This followed by the addition of the coin to the rest amount of the total cash. Different coins sorted and counted according to the coin-specific type. Most of the advanced and effective coin-counting machines usually operate the same way as the standard money counter machine. This allows the use of the beams of the exam native lights.

Efficient Use of the Money Counter

The paramount importance of the money counter machine is assisting in the improvement of the efficiency and the accuracy in the process of the cash handling of the money. Compared to the manual handling of the coins that are highly prone to the sloppy organization, errors on the accounting, money missing, and this is especially the case as the money might carried without much care. Money counters and the sorters assist in eliminating such related errors and mistakes in the highest possible way. One of the most effective ways of counting the sorted money is through determining how the counter outlines the process of the operation in the process of estimated and the sorted money.

In such places as the banks, the tellers instructed to sort the counted money. The processes do continuously until reaching the specified limit for the daily activities. The policies assist in maximizing the process of organizing. In most cases, money counters and the sorters usually apply well in the places likely to hold a higher amount of cash transactions because they hold a high amount of cash. Therefore, they require a more advanced tool to improve to assist in the improvement of efficiency. Some of the operations give the money counters that are connected to the cash recyclers. The recyclers assist in keeping track of the money rotating in the money counter machine.

Some of the advanced money counting machines comes with incorporating the feature that allows for the detection of the counterfeit. The mechanism of counterfeit detection improves the efficiency of the device. The ability of the device to detect and discriminate the old notes is available in the current market. The process of sorting the counted currency facilitates the deposit or the storage of the organized money. The method enables the organized categories that are easily manageable that allow for the streamlined accounting process of the deposit. This process requires trained personnel with adequate information based on the operation of the money counting and sorting methods. The user needs to be equipped with the skills to fix issues like error identification in the device operation and dealing with the jam.

Authentication and Sorting Of the Money Using Automatic Money Counter Machine

The structure of the money counters sorter design in a way that facilitates the different characteristics. This means that some of the version allows for only counting and sorting of the money. However, the advanced versions provide for the authentication of the details of the cash placed on them. Therefore, the sorting in terms of the value, denomination, orientation, and fitness follows counting. These features facilitate counterfeit detection at some points. If you desire to place the cash in the device, you do not have to separate according to the denomination, as the machine can perform the task. At the end of the whole process, the device allows for the organization of the denomination and the orientation of the cash.

Application of the Magnetic Detection for the Counterfeit Bills

Magnetic detection of some of the devices allows for applying magnetism, ultraviolet, or infrared detective features. For the methods to work effectively, the money in both coin and the note, form all has the specific parts that the detectors look for in the detection process. An excellent example of the detection is on the currencies made of iron that easily attract the detection by the magnetic field. In the operation of the printing of the cash, there are the features of the magnetic ink that comes with the money. Therefore, on the exposure to magnetism, real money is highly attracted by the magnetic field. However, the property of the appeal reduces with the period that the note lives. This means that new notes strongly attracted by the magnetic field compared to the older notes.

All the countries usually print the money using the properties of the magnet or the ink that is highly rich in the ink, thus very susceptible to the field of the attraction. If the money as exposed to the magnet area, they usually produce a signature that reveals the genuineness of the capital. The old notes as detected, but the detection level was shallow compared to the new one. This is the case as the iron usually wears out after some time. If your company needs the replacement of the old notes, this machine is of great importance.

  • Ultraviolet Detection

Some of the application of the money counter machines comes with the detection capabilities using the rays of the ultraviolet. It is another good option in the determination of fake notes. The method best applies to the type of denominations printed by the compassionate ink to the ultraviolet properties. The use of ultraviolet rays assists in the identification of the note orientation as they reveal specific symbols and watermarks. The note orientation sorts and determines bypassing of the ultraviolet beams of the light along with the note. The ultraviolet method also refers to as backlight detection. Ultraviolet is the most common method of counterfeit detection. In most cases, the printed paper comes with the properties that use the brightening properties on the fluorescent exposure to the ultraviolet rays.

  • Infrared detection

This process of detection uses infrared light in the determination of the genuine currency placed on it. At this point, the money prints of the features that sense the infrared rays. Using infrared as borrowed from Canada, the United States, the UK, and various western countries. Infrared technology is one of the applications that prove the efficiency in the process of counterfeit detection. In addition to the color image sensor and the scanning software, some of the money counter sorters usually assist in the arrangement of the cash according to the type of the currency and the different denominations. According to the design of the currency sorter, it can sort the money in terms of information identified on the note. A perfect example is detecting the color image sensing technology. This process makes the process of sorting effective and more efficient.

The Factors to Consider While Buying Money Counter Machine

  • Size Of The Business You Holds

Despite the wide range of the money counting machine your company or the business can choose, the manufacturer always gives a wide variety to choose from in the wide variety of the money counting devices that avails in the current market. You require considering the enterprise’s workload, the number of the workers, the size of the business or the premises, and the number of the workers. For one to choose the machine with the best specifications, one needs to consider these factors. The cost of the money counter forms the most significant element the business can ever take. The affordability of the machine comes with the comparison of the function from which one intends for the device to perform.

The national banks require a high-speed money counter machine due to the workload of the business. The machine requires coming with advanced features though it might appear expensive but suits the company. They need to choose the device that facilitates counterfeit detection. The engine needs to sort currency in the mixed denomination. For then small business holding, a simple money counter is suitable for the application. These machines applied in the smallholdings need to be straightforward.

  • Approximate Amount Of The Cash Held

The most suitable money counter machine determined by the capacity needed according to the needs of the business. The availability of many devices creates a perfect platform from which the enterprise chooses the most suitable brand. A business that handles the bills from different countries needs a device that caters to sorting other denominations. However, if your company holds money from the same country, there is no need to invest in the complicated apparatus.

Therefore, coming up with the most suitable machine allows for the efficient and practical process of counting. In all of the operations in determining the best device, it is wise for one to have the range of the price in mind. The automatic money counting machine should come with the capacity to automatically count and organize a high amount of cash at the highest speed possible. The main idea is depending on the money. Despite the fast pace of the operation, some devices accept many denominations of coins and notes.

The most common feature for most money counting machines is the need for the device to hold either the coins or the notes. Some of the money counting machines facilitate the wrapping and the sorting of the cash in the rolls. This arranges done according to the different denominations of the capital. For these activities to run effectively, one needs the application of the automatic money counter sorter machine. The importance of the automated process faster compared to the manual process. In the operation of the fill addition, the process needs to automate for the specific device. A good choice of the money-counting machine allows for any size of the business needs for compatibility within the range of the rolls of the papers.

Size of the Money Counter Machine

During the process of the selection of a good money counter machine, it is wise for one to consider the size of the device. This is another crucial factor that needs considering before the purchase of the money counter machine. If your office does not have adequate space for placing a considerable money counting machine, consider taking the smaller option of the money counting machine. The small machine compacts very well in the highly congested office to avoid the instances of the occurrence of the jam. However, the efficiency of the small money counter is efficient but applies well for the smallholdings. They hold a small amount of the money at a time. This might lead to a delay if the amount of cash required for the device’s holding is high. The small machine can be placed for the teller to maximize the use thus should be placed near. If the device put far away for the teller, they opt for manual operations.

However, if the office has an adequate amount of space or can come up with the required distance, invest in the large money counter machine. This applies well in large organizations. The possibility is that your business holds a high amount of cash. It can invest in a sizeable money counter machine. This is especially the case, as this device will maintain a high amount of money faster and efficiently. A good money counter machine should always offer the best and the most accurate result, thus improving the process of the accounts of the given size of the enterprise.

  • The Speed of the Counting Process of a Given Choice of the Machine

Such places like the central banks dealing with the high amount of cash from the different denominations require a device that facilitates the counting process’s high level. If, on daily occurrences, your business holds a high amount of money, you need a device that performs the same at high speed. If the device facilitates both the counting and the sorting processes, determine the rate at which both activities done. The machine that counts and sorts the money fast best applies to the places that usually hold a lot of the money from the different countries. When the organization faces a high amount of pressure, it needs a fast calculating device to serve faster.

This means that the significant organization needs a device that facilitates counting at a higher speed to retain the customer by winning their trust. The essence of the acceleration is ensuring that the device copes with the measure of the task required. For the high-speed counter machines, they are expensive compared to the low-speed performers. Large enterprises need these devices to ease the workload among the workers or the employees. For developing, businesses or small retail, a device that was counting at the less seed is a good option. In developing the business, investing in the high speed and expensive machine is a significant waste of resources unnecessarily. In the speed determination of the given money counter, determine the unique features that relate to the buyer’s requirements.

  • Multi-Tasking Capacity of the Device

In some instances, you can get a device that performs different tasks at the same time. The study includes the counting, sorting, organizing, and arranging of the counter. Also, consider if the counter connects to the external of the computer, the internal of the computer, or the printer for the report’s development according to the calculations and the recording done. Consider the solution in case of the jam occurrence in the paper money or the coins. This done by coming up with the ways of their control and the preventive mechanisms or measures. If there is a jam occurrence, the user has to deal with the situation very fast by fixing it at much ease as possible.

  • Implementation Of The Technology In Selected Device

With the improvements of the technology, the money counter might appear with the touch screen on the display features that aim to increase the device’s efficiency. With the high-speed moving technology, it is wise for you to opt for the latest version of the machine. This will allow for the more efficient production of the counting process. Also, if the money counting device is a counterfeit detector, move for the latest one for an improved level of accuracy. A fake money developer tends to on improving the features in the counterfeit notes. Therefore, it is wise for you to move to the best-improved version of the money for the effective conquer of the counterfeit.

  • Use Ability Of The Money Counter Machine

Most of these devices are easy to operate, as the keys are straightforward. However, for fast time users, always a manual guide comes with the device at the time of the shipment. The guide assists in the easing of the use of the points that confuse the user. You can also consider the seminar attendance for you and your employees for the guidance tips for the machine and the installation of the device in the correct position. This ensures that the device implements as prescribed by the manufacturer.

  • Presence Of The Onscreen Features

These features improve the use ability ease of the machine. In the primary money counting machine, you will likely get features like the ADD, MODE, START, SORT, REPORT, CUR, BATCH, OK, plus sign with an upward arrow and the minus sign with the hand facing downwards. Some of the devices allow for the performance of the operation through a single touch on the screen. This facilitates the carry of many of the activities on the same device. In the case of the utilization of the automatic money counting machine, it starts the function immediately it senses the bills in the hopper. This is a good option if the money counting device requires more cash investment than the manually operated device.

  • Manual Operation Compared To The Automatic Operation Of The Device

Suppose the bills placed on the specified slot, the automatic money counting device immediate tallying. If the device is a manual operator, it waits for the instructions of the start for the calculation process to begin. If measuring the money in the automatic money counting device ends, the calculation process automatically stops. Mechanical money counters assist in saving on the time that would have otherwise utilized on the manual processes. Therefore, the automatic money counting device application is a wise option as it is the improvement of the manual money counting device.

  • Portability Nature Of The Money Counting Machine

If you operate a mobile business, you need to invest in a portable money counting device. According to the structure of the excellent money counter, it designs to facilitate the movement at ease. Most of the brands of mobile money counting devices need to be lightweight and small. The two factors assist in the proper application of the device, thus maximizing the use ability of the same. If a cumbersome and large device invested in, the likelihood of not using it is very high. This is because the weight, in most cases, becomes uncomfortable and thus less utilization of the machine.

In most cases, the handling of the cash comes from different denominations. This fact calls for therefore calls for the mixed money counter machine for the practical process of sorting. Most importantly, an excellent portable device needs the application of a reliable servicing battery. As the name indicates, portable counters need frequent movements from one point to the other. Therefore, determine the best and the long servicing of the battery to facilitate the use in any location at any time.

The Difference between the Money Sorting and the Money Recyclers

As the name implies, these brands of machines facilitate the sorting function of money. The money places in the required categories. Depending on the structure of the features and the brand of the machine, it sorts according to the required currency and the denomination. Therefore, you only have to place the mixed money in the device in either the coin or the cash form. The sorting process usually comes with the bundles of the fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, etc. Although producing the total value of the money might result, the prominent role of the sorting device is to come up with the device that facilitates the specific organization in the given categories for ease in the reference.

A currency recycler generally performs the task of counting the currency. The device facilitates the mixture of the counter and the sorter in the same settings as the machine. Most of the currency recyclers come with the detection abilities of counterfeit notes. In case of the occurrence of the fake note, the device reacts in two ways. The machine stops and produces a beep sound for the operator to remove the note for further inspection. In the second instance, the device comes with the extra pocket known as the reject pocket. If it detects the counterfeit bill, it places it in that pocket for further inspection. In the application of the reject pocket, the device does not stop the process of the calculation.

The main difference between the currency sorter and the recyclers is that currency recyclers usually serve as the vault of cash in a storage unit. Currency recyclers can dispense the money from the overall holding company of the device. This is especially the case if one requires change or the topping up process of the given till number. It offers advantages in terms of sorting, counting, and dispensing cash. This minimizes the manual methods of cash counting, detection of counterfeit bills, or the manual dispense of the change. The currency recyclers are essentially important in the places of applying the money counting machine that performs overall processes of the handling of the cash.

Reasons Why You Need To Invest With the FEELTECK Money Counter Machines

FEELTECK is not a new term in the field of financial marketing processes. It has been around for almost a decade in the industry. It bases in china with highly reputable marketing for the high-quality machines producing in the market.

  • Quality Guarantee

The main reason for your investment in FEELTECK is the degree of the quality of their products. These are the best brands of machines that your company needs to invest in. the quality of the machine produced by the company is of the highest quality in the current market. The materials used in making these devices are of high quality, thus delivering the best brands of machines.

  • User Friendly

The features used in the process of the money counter machines are user-friendly. The features of the FEELTECK that are currently available in the market facilitate usability ease. The machine’s designs suit every buyer in the market. If you desire to develop the device that efficiently serves you, these brands are then the option for you to go or invest in.

  • Versatility

The process of money handling requires a device that performs many tasks at the same time. This is why you need to consider the versatility of the machine as a critical factor. FEELTECK money counting machines allow for the performance of many activities other than only the purpose of estimating the total value of the money. The brands of the device facilitate counterfeit detection, a critical aspect of any business. The machines allow for the calculation and the determination of the foreign currency and the banknote batching. This is what it meant with the versatility of any device.

  • Affordability

FEELTECK produces a wide range of manual and automatic money counting machines at an affordable price. Despite the high quality of the products, the pricing of the FEELTECK money counter is very inexpensive to any user at any level of the business. This has achieved by the measures of the company in the marketing and the production, thus making a reasonable production cost. These benefits are there to suit and maintain customers. The supply of the money counter machine achieves in more those eighty countries in the whole world. Therefore, it is effortless for you to get the brand of the device without straining a lot.

Types of the FEELTECK Money Counting Machines

FEELTECK are reliable dealers in the solution to the money counting machines. It established in the year two thousand and four at the Pingyang factory of the FEELTECK and the FEELTECK in the Wenzhou imp and the cooperative limited. Due to the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the device’s products, it has increased in the development of science and technology-related enterprises. The products from the FEELTECK usually cover a wide range of the field like the office supplies, equipment of the finance, and these products range from the money counter, bill counter, and money counter machines, banknote sorter, the banknote binder, and the money detectors. Therefore, they have modernized the company for the production of the latest devices with the holding areas of ten thousand meters squared. This follows equipment of the advanced facilities along with the output of the initiative team members.

Money Counter Machine

Out of the excellent reputation of the company and the reliability of the services offered, they have supported more than eighty countries with the money counting machines. The first invention was the back-loading device. Later there was the renovation of the more advanced device on front loading. The front-loading device proves the more advanced level of efficiency. Value mix counting machine with the capabilities of the back and front-loading device later evolved. The front-loading device currently sells for four years since the improvement of the model. Some of the value mix money counting machines has changed due to the advancement of speed adjustment measures. These improvements assist in the further satisfaction of the customer’s needs and preferences. If you need clarification regarding the devices, the customer care unit is always there to answer and help you out.


Note Sorters

Within the period of the recent five years, FEELTECK Company keeps on developing new banknote sorter. The company is indeed one of the most reliable suppliers of money sorter machines. This lead to the acquisition of the ECB based on the model. The company has a wide range of agents acquired in the recent past like Swiss, Germany, South Africa, India, and Mexico. The devices allow for adequate high-quality care and the availability of the software. This leads to the success in the innovation of more than thirty countries for the software of the currency sorter those tests well in the bank.

They also allow for customizing the required software requirements for the tested device, thus improving the currency software. The machine has a high ability of counterfeit detection using infrared technology. If a fake bill detected, it placed in the reject pocket, and the sorting process proceeds to put the genuine bills in the stacker or the big bag. Counting and sorting operations take place continuously in a more convenient operation and thus saving time.

Money Counting FEELTECK FT-2100

FEELTECK FT-2100 popularly sells in Asia, like Malaysia in Thailand, the most minor and intelligent brand. It has durable hopper steel made of the firm and a robust and stable quality product. This brand facilitates the colorful display where you can choose blue, red, golden, and customization of the color requirement. To get this brand of the device, you need to have the FEELTEK agent in your country for the connection to avoid chances of you getting the duplicate.

Characteristics of the FT-2100

  • Optional application of the magnetic detection
  • Optional addition of the ultraviolet detection
  • Half, double, or the chain note detection
  • Applies to most of the currencies in the world
  • Automatic stop, start, or cleaning processes
  • Has a batch or the add function
  • Counts the bills at low noise

Money Counters FT-2060

The model of the FT-2060 money counters comes with an LCD. In the case of the alarm, it changes to a red color to quickly identify the user.

Characteristics of the Model

  • Optional application of the ultraviolet detection
  • Optional installation of the magnetic detection
  • Changing of the display to read on the alarm
  • Comes with the half, double, or then chain note detection
  • Comes with the add and the batch functions

Mixed Value Counting Machine FT-3800V

The brand comes with two color image sensors. It efficiently approves the detection and counting process of the USD, GBP, and EUR. It facilitates the printing of the serial numbers of the same currencies in connection to the respective printing devices.

  1. Money Counter Online FT-501

FEELTECK FT-501 popularly sells in Asia like Thailand, Malaysia. It comes on innovative, the small steel, and the hopper stable and extreme quality. It is one of the fastest speeds in counting the in the whole world despite the small size in which the machine comes with. In the counting process, the device can measure the speed of two thousand packs of money in a minute. This allows for a smooth stop in the completion of the whole process. The rate is just commendable for the holdings that deal with the high amount of cash.

Features of the Money Counter Online

The counterfeit detection is the function of counterfeit detection; the money counter online comes with ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic detective features. Ultraviolet or fluorescent detections are the sensitivity that adjusts by using the panels in the specified buttons. Magnetic detections apply the use of the magnetic fields to which the bills are exposed. This sensitivity adjusts through the controllers found in the system of the panel. In the process of infrared technology, the bills passed through the rays of the infrared light that either absorbs or reflects the light. If the beams are absorbed in the note, the area with the infrared property appears black.

The brand also comes with the auto start mode of the counting of the method in the process of counting the money. You only need to place the money in the hopper at this mode, and the device will automatically start the operation of the counting process. In the completion of the placed stack of the money, the machine stops rotating.

The other model that the device comes with is the manual process of counting. Put the money in the hopper; press on the RESTART button for the machine to start counting the bunch of the money placed on the hopper of the device.

The Threes Function.

  1. an optional application of the stop function. This function facilitates the running of the device by the press on the RESTART button.
  2. the function of the emergency stop function. If the bunch of the banknote gat is stuck, the unit facilitates the automatic stop of the counting process. The emergency stop reduces the security of the power board and the motor.
  3. the function of the efficiency stop. At this point, the machine performs the stop process in a manner that is organized. If the device is set on the batch mode of the operation, no note remains in the unit of the batch in the machine. The pieces of all the notes placed on the device stay in either the hopper or the stacker.

The Front-Loading Process of the Hopper

The process of the front-loading of the device allows for the determination of the hopes capacity of the device. In most cases, the device might indicate the five hundred packs of the new bill and the three hundred packs of the old bills. The stacker, in that case, receives the capacity of two hundred of the average of the amount held. Always the old notes heavy and thicker compared to the new ones as they have a high accumulation of dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

The Additional Functions

If the device is set on the ADD mode of the function, newly added money adds to the previous total amount of the counted bills. Even if the funds removed from the stacker, the other process keeps on taking place.

Batch Function

In batch mode, the device needs to preset the desired number of the bills that you require the device to count. To achieve the preset number of the statement completed as set in the batch. Suppose the money takes out of the stacker, the counting process proceeds.

The Two Sheets or the Chained Note Detection

If the device detects a chained note, it stops producing a beep sound. The level of the device’s sensitivity can effectively change using the standard buttons found in the panel of the device.

Size Detection

The size detection of the money counter device depends on the first note to pass through the counting device as the standard determinant. The smallest width that can detect in any money counting device is the difference of the two millimeters. The adjustments can effectively do on the panel’s buttons.

Double Note Detection

The process also known as the notes stuck together or the paper thickness determination. In the process of this function, the device produces the beep sound the moment it detects the double message for it to removed or taken out of the system. Some buttons assist in the adjustment of the model.

Half Note Detection

If the device comes across a half note, it stops giving a beep sound. This facilitates the removal of the money from the stacker for the process of the recounting to take place.

The Cover of the Dust

This facilitates the cover of the device in case not utilized. High accumulation of dust limits the level of the detection of the sensors.

There is also the inclusion of the customer display on the process of the device display features. This allows for a quick check on the device’s features.

Bill Value Counter FT-1000

FEELTECK FT-1000 is the minor type of portable mix value for applying the banknote counter in the whole world. It effectively uses the Turkey currency through the supply of battery power.

The Features of the Machine

  • It is a front holding or feeding machine
  • Comes with the half, double, or the chain note detection
  • Ultraviolet magnetic UVMG detective features
  • Applies for most of the current currency found in the world
  • Provides for the automatic stop, start, and cleaning

The Value Money Counter FEELTECK FT-900

Buying the FEELTECK FT-900 gives the reliable and intelligent banknote sorter that applies optical inspection and image sensing technology to recognize the bills and discrimination of the denomination. It has been involved in many countries where it has proved the efficiency.

Standard Features of the FT900

The following features come with this device and have proved efficient and uniquely reliable for applying the many countries, thus a good money counting machine.

  • Two-color image sensor technology that includes the infrared detection
  • Presence of the reject pocket for the continuous process of the counting
  • Provides a value image sensor for the counter
  • The device facilitates the three-currency recognition technology
  • Provides a mixed denomination note counter counting
  • Promotes for the function of the counterfeit detection strengthened by the ultraviolet, magnetism, and the infrared
  • Offer the authentication of the face of the banknotes placed on the device
  • The mode of the feeding of the currency that the device comes with minimizes the level of the occurrence of the jams
  • The process of counting comes with a low level of the noise

Bill Value Counter FT-500C

This brand of the bill counters for the value counting process of the banknotes with the ready software of Swiss. It has tested in more than fifty countries, thus proving the brand’s efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Comes with the three-D detection capabilities
  • Front loading of the feeding
  • Comes with the half, double, or the chain detection
  • Applies to all of the currencies around the globe
  • Automate on the stop, start, and cleaning

money counter and counterfeit detector

Banknote Value Counter FEELTECK FT-500B

This brand developed following the mix of the Israel money. After the machine in the process of functioning was determined, it offered effective results in detecting the Israel money.


  • Color image sensor and the infrared detection
  • Offer for the value counter using the image sensor technology that recognizes up to ten different countries.
  • Have the function of the authentication strengthened using ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic detection.
  • Has a high system of feeding capacity that minimizes the chances of the occurrence of the jam
  • Counts at a low noise
  • CNT mode usually activates through pressing on the MODE button and then selecting the CTN mode where you can switch on the batch and add or either collection or adds.
  • The press achieves SDC mode on the mode then selects the SDC. The method facilitates the count of the single denomination currency. The system takes the first note as the determinant or the benchmark. If it meets other denominations, the device stops the counting process.
  • MDC mode achieves on the mode button and then selecting MDC mode. The mode facilitates the determination of the value of the bills in the mixed denomination. If you desire to consider the details of the counting, press the REPORT button.

mixed money counter

Reasons Why Your Money Counting Machine Is Giving You Trouble

Like any other device, the money counter is prone to such issues like wear, faults, and tears. This is the possible reason for the devices giving you trouble most of the time. The problem with most of the operator does not have an idea of what is happening with the machine. This leads to the assumption of things moving in the right ways, which is not the case. Therefore, certain aspects guide you if the device is not in good working condition. One of the most notable features is the reduced calculation speed. If you notice that the excellent money counting device has been reducing the rate over time, the likelihood of the issue in the device is very high. However, the most important thing is your knowledge of the factors that are likely to cause trouble.

Poor Maintenance Measures

Poor maintenance is one of the primary reasons your money counting machine gives you issues or trouble. This caused by the fact that most people who do not invest in the maintenance measure of the device. All manufacturer recommends for the proper standards of the maintenance of the machine. Then recommendations need that the machine maintenance of the daily basis. Therefore, this is the main reason why your device is giving you issues in the operation process, as you do not adhere to the standard measures of maintenance. For a more extended period of the device service, consider the function of rescheduling the program in the care process, and the likelihood of the positive changes is very high.

  • Overloading Of the Device

Overloading of the device automatically leads to the occurrence of trouble and misbehaving of the device. According to the design of the money counter machine, they design for holding the particular limit of the workload. If the load as exceeded, you are likely to have issues with the performance of the machine. Determine the maximum number of hours the money counter machine is supposed to function, ensure that the limit unexceeds. Most of the standard money counting machines operation for five continuous hours. This period should not exceed. If the device is not used, remove it from the power source to avoid cases of overheating.

  • Repair and Maintenance

Although the money counter machine digitalizes a lot, there many mechanical parts that usually require automatic repair. This calls for frequent repair and maintenance to improve the good working condition of the device. If the significant parts of the device get damaged, then the machine’s overall performance is greatly affected. If the device is already giving you problems in the operation process, consider repairing the parts. If the damage is severe, replacement comes as the best option.

Buying a Money Counter Machine Online

When many people think of the online purchasing of the money counters, they usually think of it taking a long time for the request to process and get the desired product. However, this is not the case. This is the most straightforward method of purchasing the money counter machine or any other product that only takes you a few seconds. The device depends on the preferences of the buyer. There is also a wide variety for you to choose from in terms of the store and the types of the machines. If you are a first-time buyer online, the following are the few things you need to consider the process effective.

  • Determination of the Best Quality Brand

Before you move to the market for the purchase of the machine, some of the issues you need to adhere to like the brand. Many companies usually build money counting machines, but not all of them produce good quality. This calls for the extensive research as you consult from friends and the relative for the best brand. This minimizes the chances of your fall in the hands of low-quality counterfeits. Determine the most reputable suppliers in the market for the best result of the brand.

  • Choose a Store Wisely

The store from which you will get the device is another crucial aspect for you to consider. The importance of determining a good store is because; the counterfeit product gets their way in the market between the manufacturer and the suppliers or the retailers. In the process of the online purchase of the product, determine the manufacturer in the first place. This will assist in addressing the authenticity issues on the money counters online. If the process fails you, choose the purchase from authorized dealers like Walmart and Amazon, as they usually get the product directly from the manufacturer. Then create a permanent account with the manufacturer to assist you in getting ready for the shopping procedures whenever a need arises. This assists in the frequent asking of the question to clarify the product, thus easing usability.

  • Actual Process of Buying the Money Counting Machine

Your selection of the brand and the store calls for the procedure of machine buying. The process is straightforward, as you need the login into your account through email and start the course. Most online stores offer a variety of payment options from which you can choose. You need to click on the desired item, pay for it, and deliver it to your shop. This is the quickest process of online purchasing the online buying of money counting machine that is very simple and straightforward.

The Mixed Money Counting and Sorting Machines

As opposed to the standard money counter machine, a mixed money counter and the sorter machine improved in the specialization of the features. The brands come with specific characteristics that assist in their standout. The following are the device’s main features that prove its superiority over these brands of mixed money counting and sorting machines.

  • High Speed of the Counting

The speed of counting the mixed money counter helps stand out from the same as the other machines. This high speed as achieved due to the progressive nature of the device. The engine allows for over a thousand notes counting. Although the machine comes with a higher rate of counting money, the speed of these brands is extremely, very high.

  • Hopper Capacity

In determining the most suitable money counting machine, it is crucial to look for the hopper capacity of the device. This determines the number of bills that the device holds at a go. This gives a precise estimation of the money that the device accommodates at time. The device can be front or back loading. The front-loading is user-friendly and offers a higher bill counting capacity compared to the back-loading device. Front-loading provides better performance as it facilitates a continuous process of the bills counting as the bills add to the machine’s hopper. The front-loading is better than the back-loading device as they are faster and thus more expensive.

  • Multitasking Counting Of the Different Currencies at the Same Time

Comparing between the ordinary money counter that counts only the local currencies, these machines calculate the cash from worldwide and have proved the efficiency. You need not presort the money before placing it on the money counting device to perform the task effectively and efficiently. The mixed money counter designs structure at automatic counting of the foreign currency as it organizes according to the respective denominations. This reason facilitates the service of the international customers. In whichever denomination the bill is, the device enables the count and detection of the fake from the bunch.

  • Different or the Mixed Denomination Counting

The sorting in the money counter machine makes the mixed money counter more superior counter than the typical money counter. If you frequently handle bunches of the funds that need sorting and counting, the device facilitates the performance of the task at high speed. They are not the kind of devices that requires the presorting of the currency. You need to place the money in the hopper, and the counting process takes place, allowing you to get the actual total value of the capital.

  • Superior Detection of the Counterfeit Notes

Detection of counterfeit notes is another incredible characteristic that comes with the mixed money counting machine. The design of the machine counting more than one currency proves their extreme level of powerfulness feature. They detect the fake notes in all of the currencies placed on the hopper of the device. They come with the higher detection of counterfeit money like the magnetic MG, ultraviolet UV, and infrared detection properties.

  • Operation of the Mixed Money Counter Machine

The most exciting fact about the money counter is that there is no mechanical part of the same machine. All of the modern money counters usually apply the beam of light under the bills. They also have a sensor that sits at the top of the currency. It counts and records every genuine bill that passes through the unit. There are set of rollers that usually pull the money through the sensors counts and the tallies. The device allows for counting more than one thousand bills in a second with the highest accuracy ever achieved with the other versions. The machine’s level is approximately one hundred percent accurate and cannot compare to the manual processes.

The money counting machines allow for the detection of the individual bill passing through the unit. The possibility of the process achieves by the sensor light that passes through the bill. The process scans the telltale surface markings of the monetary denomination of the stack. Some of the improved versions of the money counter machines indicate the number of the notes and the respective currency, and every bill denomination. The device minimizes the time spent sorting different denominated accounts on a large number of currency notes in the required denominational batches. It saves on the time and the effort that would otherwise utilize the manual process of the manual processes in the high amount of cash. The feature is significant on the enterprise requiring a frequent change to the customers like in the supermarket settings. The method facilitates the effective presorting of the money into the required denomination of the currency.

It comes with a feature that facilitates counterfeit detection property. It has a feature that allows for the effective detection of fake bills through individual scanning of invoices. If a counterfeit as detected, it placed on the reject pocket. The variety of the money counter machine operates at the different levels of the counterfeit detection measures. The diversity of the money counter facilitates the diverse group of the pricing. Compared to the other money counters, these brands of machines are costly. The high price as caused by the advancement in the software of the imaging. Color image sensor assists in the determination of the denomination of every note that passes through the unit.

The most basic and standard way of detection is by using magnetic detection. The method applies to all of the currencies around the world. The paper used in banknote printing usually prints in ink that is rich in iron. The iron printed note gives characteristics effects if exposed to the magnetic field. The method indicates a high level of efficiency to most of the currencies, thus a reliable process. However, if the note wears out over time, leading to the magnetic detectors not detecting the bill, it appears as if it is a fake note. This is one of the disadvantages of the magnetic method of counterfeit detection.

Another method of counterfeit detection is using the ultraviolet detection. Most of the countries apply ultraviolet features in the printing of their currency. The process of the detection involves the bill exposure to ultraviolet rays. The light makes the bill grow, revealing the hidden stripes or the watermarks on the note. The method of ultraviolet detection is superior compared to magnetic detection. The reason is, very few counterfeits pass the unit on the minor occurrences. The technique, however, faces a high level of ultraviolet-sensitive inks on the current markets.

The other addition of detection is using the infrared. The UK, Canada, the US, and half of the western countries adopted the method. The bill prints on the ink that is very sensitive to infrared light and ultraviolet rays. It is the most effective and expensive method of counterfeit detection.

Coin Counters

At some point, you might find the cash you hold is in the form of coins. In this instance, you need a coin counter. You can get the type of machine that sorts and tallies your coins effectively or counts the presorted coins. The coin sorters usually use a coin counter on the tray on a disc that spins for the effective distribution of the coins. It happens to pass at a time. The coin counter allows a large amount of cash on the different sizes. One coin passes through the hole at a time. The coin sorter separates the coin according to the denomination of the different sizes. The modern versions of the coin counter machine are an optical sensor that specifies the measures of the specific cash. These versions use a single hole in the process of the point entry.

Some of the devices determine the number of the coins by weighing to decide the coins sorting and the counting in a very appropriate process. The brands of the FEETECK coin counting machines are ideal for tallying, counting, and sorting coins in the mix of the exchange. An excellent standard coin counter count three hundred coins per minute or even more. Examples of the businesses requiring coin counters include casinos, banks, department stores, arcades, among other companies that hold a high amount of cash. Most of these businesses cannot operate without using the coin counters due to the bulk of the work.

How the Coin Counting Machine Works

The coin counter uses various mechanisms in the sorting and tallying of the bills. The coin counting machine operates on the automatic or manually. The manual coin counter uses the weight and the size of the different coins to distinguish them. Every coin in the world has a specific thickness, diameter, and weight. Compared to how a person determines the difference in the coins, machines come with sensors that automatically sense and thus identify different currencies. The basic coin counters usually use the rotating disc on their separation process and then funnel them in the opening. The process assists in the effective dispersing of the coins on the separate receiving cups.

The coins can calculate using their different weights. This leads to them having a unique and precise scale to measure the weight on the sensing scales. The minor levels of the grams determine the importance of the coins. In addition, the difference in the weight is not easy to be distinguished manually. They usually apply the calibrated load cells highly accurately and weigh a high number of coins simultaneously. The cells depend on the electric signal that allows precise calculation of the weight of the coins. The effective determination of the exact weight for the matching values with the currency and the denomination preserved in the machine’s memory. The resultant records of the importance in most cases are similar to the actual amount of the coins or the total value.

Some of the other models of the advanced coin-counting device usually apply the modern method of the sensing systems in coin counting. The sensor usually identifies and counts every type of coin individually by passing through the counting machine. Improved efficient versions use double optical sensing technology that usually identifies and measures the exact denomination of the currency by comparing it with the recorded information. The coins that typically pass through a beam of light typically give the information to the sensors.

The moment that the machine experiences an interruption of the light beam, it recognizes the type of the coin, and thus the calculations take place. Some of the coin counting machine models usually applies the cam loaded on the spring that allows the single coin to pass in the given time. Other versions use magnetic detection to identify different currencies. Each coin possesses unique magnetic properties as they are made of different types of metals. This makes distinguishing the other coins easy on the exposure to the field of the magnetism, thus a straightforward process of determining the foreign currencies.

In the determination of the coins’ reaction to the magnetic field, coin counting machines allow for the conclusion of the dimensions of the coins. This leads to the practical determination of the types of coins, denomination, and value of every currency detected. The process of the matter and the denomination detection as achieved by the machining process of matching the results of the pretested values in the memory of the machine. However, the most common use the various sizes of the holes to separate coins on the different spots. This achieves the differentiation in terms of the other denominations of the coins.

The United States of America uses coin counters that have holes that arrange according to the sizes of the coins. The arrangement starts from the smallest to the largest. The system is standard among the coin vendors or in the coin vending machine. For the American, coins ranges in size according to the different denomination as dime, nickel, penny, and quarter. The holes arranged in a process that allows for the smallest coin that is the dime, to fall in the smallest and the biggest, which is the quarters, to fall on the broadest gap.

Types of the Coin Counting Machines

Coin counters design to fit the needs of the business in any range or the size and the related establishments. The machine applies in most of the establishment that holds the money regularly. In the construction of the device, the manufacturer tends to determine the difference in the level of the establishments, thus designing various models, grades, and designs. Depending on the type of business, the coin counter can be either bank-grade or business-grade.

Business Grade Coin Counter Machine

Manufacturer adheres to the hustle of the business environment. The design at the maximum utilization of the continuous use in retail or a smaller business. The bank-grade strategies for the counting of the coins in large amounts. The design of the bank-grade methods at operating around the clock without cases of failure. This allows for cater of the large amount of money involved in the process. Large casino enterprises apply the bank-grade coin counter to handle their large amount of money effectively.


Money counting devices are magical devices that appeared to the economy to improve the counting processes of money. The level of the accuracy of the machine never compares to human operations. They perform the task efficiently and effectively over a short time. In addition, these devices have a high level of counterfeit detection that usually assists in the raised level of accuracy. Due to the improvement and the advancement in technology, many current money counters for multitasking. Manufactures has also produced devices that favor their customers taste and the preferences. The devices range in size, shape, materials used in the construction process, and durability. For the device to serve you for a more extended period, it is essential to adhere to the safety measures as prescribed by the manufacturer.

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