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Modern technologies have improved our way of living and also have made our life easier than ever. These advanced technologies have improved our businesses’ productivity, efficiency and also have enhanced the money counting accuracy. Money note counter machine from FeelTeck manufacturer is an essential equipment of all kinds of business worldwide.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Money Note Counter

Money note counter machine can speed up the cash counting process, and thus you can quickly do with it in a day and get to another job. If you may be thinking of investing in this tremendous FeelTeck money note counter machine and you don’t know where to begin, you should consider FeelTeck note Officeworks machine. By doing so, you will be in a position to finger-out which devices will be the best for your business.

Benefits of using money note counter machine

There are several advantages of using these money note counter machines from FeelTeck manufacturer. Below are some benefits of having this machine in your business.

– Time Saving

The money note counter machine is in a position of counting money faster than humans can do and the machine is able to handle a large amount of money simultaneously. These counting machines can sort a large number of notes within a few seconds and gives the correct results, thus help in saving time because you do not have to repeat. The money manual counting process has several errors, so the cash manager in your business has to recount the money a few times. In a money note counter machine, a money counter machine single count offers the correct results. These small note counter machine has their benefits and does not occupy large space. Therefore they are the best for small businesses.

– Easy to use

The note counter machine is a simple device and easy to use. These machines came with a more advanced program to stop counting and start counting. When the money is placed in this machine, it starting counting and pause when the counting process is done. The user-friendly and straightforward functioning design made these note counter machines famous globally and, more significantly, in the banks. These FeelTeck money note counter machines are designed with the LCD interface that efficiently uses the device.

  • Detection of fake notes

FeelTeck’s money note counter machine is designed with technologies that enable them to detect fake notes. Feelteck note counter device allows the users to detect counterfeit notes while as counting money. This great feature is the main reason why many people prefer using these money note counting machines. Its main work is to identify those fake notes, and these characteristics have saved several businesses from huge losses. This money note counter machine help in preventing fund scams effect in business and the general country economy.

– Accuracy

These Feelteck money note counter machines saving your time in business and giving accurate results. Thus, the chances of making a mistake are equal to zero. In counting cash, these machines enable to separate and count them. These machines count and separate notes individually. Even when the money is bundled together and stuck to each other, the machine separates them and gives accurate result.

  • Intelligent

The generation present of FeelTeck note counter machine doesn’t look just for intelligence but also for stylish too. Several FeelTeck note machines can detect different denominations giving the whole amount instead of simply counting the notes. The process helps to save time. If you have one of these machines, make sure that you keep it in better condition by servicing your money note counter regularly it and fixing any problem earlier to prevent work disruption.


How money note counter machines operate

The money note counting machine has become more popular worldwide and has improved the living standard. Every person wishes his or her money to be counted faster without wasting more money. The money note counter machine is one of the set examples of successive technology. Machine note counting machines make the counting process easier and efficient. The money note counter devicee enable the huge number of notes to lose and fed into a feeder; hence, the engine starts detecting and counting.


How money note counter machine counts

The money counter machine having a counter note and fetches detector, which solves solutions in business lives. These money counting machines help to increase efficiency and accuracy in the output of the business. The money counter devices has very powerful automatic start and stops button, enabling you to use less time during operating. This is a repetition of pushing the note forward and lifting it. Immediately when a note is inserted in the machine in a respective place, the money counter machine automatically counts those number notes and detects counterfeit money notes.


How money note counter machine shows values

FeelTeck money note counter machine enables some extraordinary features to calculate all values notes inserted into the money note counter. The attributes of digitally showing the bills on the screen have made the money note counter machine diverge in its kind. This money counter machine is usable in the places of large cash businesses.


How the money note counter machine detects the fake note

The money note counter machine is a simple working machine that can be mainly used in those cash counting businesses. However, counterfeit note bill affects businesses negatively. Once it detects counterfeit note bills, the money note counting machine will produce some sounds that will inform the cash manager that there is a counterfeit note. In addition, some devices will wait for the user to remove the fake note and then continue with the counting process, while some will dismiss the fake note by itself and place it in the rejected pocket.



In conclusion, it is advisable to pick the most suitable money note counter machine and know and understand how it works. This will enable you to buy the correct device and the one that will last longer. The above information has proven to you how important this money note counting machine. Therefore, visit the Feeltech store and pick the best counting device that will help your business improve productivity. You will always get an accurate total of your money.

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