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The process of sorting the money is vital in a place that deals with a large amount of cash daily. As we all know, money is the heart of any business enterprise and thus determines its failure or success. Therefore, we need money counters in our currency exchanges, banks, arcades, stores, and restaurants, among the other places that usually handle a lot of the money. These places require machines to make the process of change and the cash effective and efficient. The money sorters come in different structures, sizes, and prizes.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

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Money Sorter

The process of sorting the money is vital in a place that deals with a large amount of cash daily. As we all know, money is the heart of any business enterprise and thus determines its failure or success. Therefore, we need money counters in our currency exchanges, banks, arcades, stores, and restaurants, among the other places that usually handle a lot of the money. These places require machines to make the process of change and the cash effective and efficient. The money sorters come in different structures, sizes, and prizes.

The sorter comes in a simple and elaborate design. According to the denomination, a bank usually separates the coins for the children and thus places the coins on rolls tallying for the exact amount. The process usually assists in the recognition of the precise amount and the simplicity of the money. Various brands of the money sorter come with the capability of coins and the bills separation simultaneously. At this point, you assured of the convenient tool for counting, sorting, and organizing the bills and the coins alike.


Importance of Having a Money Sorter and Counter

The process of the manual sorting and counting of the money is time-consuming and a bit laborious. The process caused by frequent counting and recounting, sorting, and resorting to an accurate recording. This, therefore, necessitates the application and the implementation of the money sorter and counter machine to ease the burden. The device’s accuracy does not compare to any human or manual accuracy, as the use of the hands comes with many errors. The following features indicate the importance of investing.

  • The money counter and the sorter can perform the tasks for the two hundred and fifty per minute
  • It usually displays the value of the coin and the quantity
  • All of the cash from the different denominations are sorted and counted automatically
  • The money counter and sorter can perform the task in less the ninety seconds for one hundred dollars per minute
  • The money sorter and the counter usually display the running of the total amount of the money placed on the device.
  • This offer an automatic stop on the bagging the amount of the banking
  • Suggestions for an extra option of the thermal printer feature.

The counting of the money takes a lot of the time, especially while performing other essential activities. This makes the focus a bit tough as various distractions of the clients or activities require your attention. These distractions lead to the revisiting of the process repeatedly. The coins are usually filthy as many people hold them, and in some cases, the currency might fall on the unhygienic places. These factors necessitate the importance of investing in the money sorter and counter machine. The money counter and sorter can apply any business size to improve the efficiency and accuracy in the counting and sorting of the money. The process of counting and sorting takes place within a short period.


Money Sorting Machine

While determining a suitable money-sorting machine, FEELTECK FT-900 offers the best solution. They offer the best brands in the reliability and the intelligence of the banknote sorter and counter your financial requirements. This applies to the optical use and the inspection of the image processing technology. The device comes with the capabilities of recognizing various bills and thus discriminates according to the respective denomination. The money sorter machine effectively handles, separates, and organizes the cash according to the required bundles and the amount.

These brands of the FEELTECK FT-900 are applicable in the process of the money exchanges, vending businesses, banks, various stores, restaurants, along other establishments dealing with an incredible amount of the currency exchange and the cash. The money sorter authenticates and recognizes the cash that goes through the device. Therefore, the brands offer the money sorting solution in terms of the funds’ denomination, orientation, and fitness. The money-sorting machine is capable of eliminating cash by the use of the hands. The process produces accuracy and reliability at the end of the process. These machines usually perform the task of counting and sorting in an effective technique. It usually makes the operation of the categorization of the significant amount of cash faster and simplified.

The machines of the money counter usually come in various varieties to meet your financial requirements. The device is capable of sorting and counting bills and the coins or does the same process separately. The coins and the bill sorters usually optimize the cash management through sorting, counting, and organizing them accordingly in the bundles. A coin sorter accepts coins from a different denomination and different sizes. The banknote sorter and counter usually come with the capability of sorting, organizing, and counting. It can handle the bundles that of the notes of the different denominated amount of the money. This machine ranges in terms of speed, quality, and capability, among the other factors that determine the suitable brand that best suits your financial requirements for the suitability of the specified establishment.


How the Money Sorter Machine Usually Perform Their Task

For the enterprises that use the frequent transfer of the money by using the electronic channels of the transfer like the debit cards, the counting of the currency occurs in an old fashion. The method of sorting the coins and the banknotes differ regarding the different designs that offered. These sorters and the counters operate using the additional steps in the process that usually runs the cash transaction. The fast process involves placing the other denominated money on the money sorter device. This device assists in the recognition, validation, and sorting of the cash following the required specifications. For the enterprise that holds a large amount of the coin transaction or the changes, they need to invest in the coin sorter to assist in the ease of the sorting process.

The money sorting for the coins and the cash is very applicable for the money vendors, different banking services, retail enterprises, and casinos, among many similar businesses. The coin sorter uses the mechanisms by identifying the denomination, size, and value of the coins. The machines are vital as they offer fast service in an effective process. Depending on the different operations of the money sorters, these operators usually function by dumping the coins in the various channels or the openings depending on the different sizes.

Some of the manufacturers usually prefer the use of magnetic detection in the process of coin detection. This is the case, as coins generally possess a slight difference in the characteristics of magnetism. According to the difference in the metals used in making the different coins, magnetic sorting offers a good option. Therefore, these coins exposed the magnetic field to assist the money sorter in determining the coin dimensions. This makes the determination of the type of the coin along with the value.

The United States of America has a coin-sorting machine containing the openings that allow the process of size sorting in the process. The measures that in most of the cases that usually identify are among the following. The pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters are among the examples of these sizes. In the machine operation process, one will have to insert the dime-sized coins, as the quarter will have to wait for their slot to open and facilitate the process of their sorting. The quarter-sized coins will never fit any of the other sides of the hole besides the biggest, and the least reached.

The coins then transfer to the respective counters leading to the eventual grouping of the sorted coins. Some of the coin sorters assist in determining the specific value and the denomination through weighing thus come up with the total value of the calculation. Among the effective and the efficient brands of the machines operates by using the different beams of the light to assist in determining the coins through the weight determination of the various denominations, thus come up with the total value of the coins.

On detecting the coin in the money sorter, the beams of the lights interrupted, thus determining the suitable and appropriate place to place the cash. Advanced money sorter affects their process along the process of the counting at the same time. This leads to counting the coins after the sorting function and placing it on the spaces according to the specific types of currencies. Some efficient machines operate similarly to the money counters as they offer the light beam for the examination process.


Effective and the Efficient Process of the Money Sorters

The main reason for the purchase of the money sorter investment is improved accuracy in handling the by efficiently sorting it. The manual process of conducting the sorting process is usually prone to accounting errors, sloppy organizations, and the missing at counting and sorting. This is especially the case where the operation of the money sorting carelessly done. Money sorters and the counter can eliminate such instances of the occurrence of the errors, thus offering the most efficient way possible. The most effective process of cash sorting outlines the operation of the machine sorting process. The teller in the different banks requires the sorting device of the money in most of their operations during the day. These processes assist in making the sorting and the counting organized, thus affecting the whole process.

The automated process of money sorting and counting suits large businesses. In other situations, money sorters may connect to the currency recyclers. This enhances the practical preservation of the data that rotates around the machine. Some of these mechanisms come with counterfeit detection features and the discriminative demand of the aged, worn out, and the damaged notes. Money sorters are facilitating for the organization storage and the deposition system of such organizations like the banks.

The practical arrangement of the cash and the coins offer easy management categorization making the process more streamlined. The operator requires proper training and information on the operation of the money sorting. This allows for the careful monitor of the whole process. The operator should fix the sample of the relevant issues like the error identification and the jamming in sorting the currency.


The Appropriate Processes of the Money Sorting and Authenticating

The currency sorter develops with various features where some detect for the counterfeit others sort the money while the others authenticate the cash or the cash in detail. The funds or the coins sorting process does in terms of the value, denominations, orientation, and fitness. These features assist in enhancing the counterfeit operation on the currency that places on the counter. In the process of the cash insertion in the money sorter, there is a need for orientation or the denomination organization of the cash or the coins. Some of these devices of detection machines allow for ultraviolet detection, magnetic detection, or infrared detection. For the methods to function effectively, the cash on the different coins and the notes comes in the other form that possesses some of the specified properties. The currency, in most cases, comes in metallic structures. Thus, their exposure to the magnetic field facilitates an effective process of sorting them for the rest of the money.

Every country prefers printing of their money by using the iron-rich ink that makes money magnetic field thus susceptible to the magnetic attraction. Exposing the notes on the area of the magnetism thus allows the sorting process. This provides the practical determination of the counterfeit bills. The money sorters offer the detection of the old and the worn-out notes due to the power of the iron on the printing. However, the strength of this ink usually wears out over time on the life of the note, thus minimizing the attraction of the magnetic force.

The newly printed notes come with the required signature of the magnetic power. The old and the worn-out notes usually produce the least amount of the signature or do not respond to the magnetism. This is very important in determining the old notes for the replacement of the same. The old notes may cause problems in the further process of the sorting techniques.

Money sorters might, in the other instances appearing with ultraviolet detection capabilities. This assists in determining the counterfeit money in the process. The process is especially effective on the money that prints on the ink that is ultraviolet detection sensitive. Ultraviolet features offer the additional identification of the note orientation through the specific watermarks and the symbols. Notes orientation determines and thus sorting it by the beam of the light passing through the note. This method also refers to black light detection being the highly used technique in most applications. The paper print hardly found on the commercial does not come with the brightening properties and thus fluorescent on the exposure to the black light.

Infrared detection uses infrared light offering the most authenticated method in the process of money sorting. Therefore, the printing of the money applies the infrared-sensitive lights. The strategy adopted by the Canada, United States, the UK, and other western countries. It offers one of the effective and efficient detection processes of counterfeit bills. Besides the advancement in the technology of the color image sensor (CIS) scanners and the software, various types of money sorters devices arrange the cash in terms of the money and the denomination. These devices can design the appropriate sorting of the money depending on the currency to identify the information on the note. The color image sensors make the process of sorting more effective and efficient.


Factors to Consider While Looking For the Suitable Money Sorter
  • Amount of the money handled
  • Counting speed
  • Counterfeit detection
  • The size of the business
  • The approximate number of the customers
  • Portability of the device
  • Size of the device
  • The number of the employees

The amount of the money sorters varies depending on the different manufacturers and your financial requirements. This allows you to have a good determination to make a sound decision. It would be best to determine the machine’s workload before the actual purchase of this establishment, premises size, and workers’ number. These factors allow you to make a sound decision of the preferred money counter as specified features follow. The cost of the money sorter and counter determine the choice made by the buyer. The affordability of the device needs consideration along with the intended purpose of the purchased device.

A large bank requires a fast rate-counting device to ease the workload with the detection of the counterfeit and able to sort the mixed denomination. However, the application of such devices is not essential for small businesses or retails. This call for a less complicated and cheaper device will effectively suit the process. Most of the money sorters are critical in determining the required capacity according to the requirements of the respective business. Variety in the money sorting devices allows for the company and the individuals to make a sound choice for the most appropriate money counter and sorter.

It is importance of finding a suitable device in the practical, bearing the machine’s price in mind. A commercial money sorter organizes the amount of cash regardless of the amount of the money. The best money sorter timely detects a denomination immediately placed on the device. This is a common feature in the coins and the cash counters where the cash wrap in the paper according to the respective denomination. The sorters improve on the speed by allowing for the overall automation process. The process of rolling proceeds in the process of the addition of fills automatically. A suitable machine comes with the compatibility of a wide range of rolls of paper. In the selection process, one needs to consider the size of the money-sorting device.

A small device best suits the small-sized business or the office that has many things. The small size reduces the chances of the jams that might result in the placement of the very large sorter. The small size is essential on the occasion where the enterprise not holds much of the money transaction but keen on the accuracy, effectiveness, or efficiency of the counting and sorting process. For the large businesses, they need to consider a big money sorter to hold a large amount of cash. The big office offers a big part for the storage of the money sorter and counter that affects their transaction and the exchange of the money and the change.

The speed of the money sorter and counter is a vital factor for one to consider before the actual purchase of the device. Large organizations or a company dealing with many cash and a range of currency requires a fast counting device. These environments, in most cases, faced with many customers. If your client receives a quick service, this assures you that the client will come back for the service. Automatic counting or sorting of money is fast, which cannot compare to any manual operation.

currency sorter machine

The fast counting and the sorting machines are more expensive compared to the slower ones. Therefore, if your organization is experiencing a significant workload, consider the fast counting and sorting machine. Small businesses usually prefer going for a device that maximizes the speed. Therefore, buying for a very expensive and complicated will mean a wasted resource on the small business. Go for the brand that does not emphasize the speed of the counting. The money sorter counter functions in the process of counting and sorting at the same time on the same device. The machine allows the organization to handle a large amount of money to count, sort, and organize the cash and the coins accordingly.

Consider the possibility of the coins and the paper money chances of causing the jam in the process for the money sorter to offer the solution. The devices provide the appropriate measures of removing the stuck money in the system of the machine. Money sorting devices allow for the connection to the external or the internal computer or the printer to develop the report regarding the sorted money. Most of the money sorter counter allows for the touch screen features, and the screen display thus increases the efficiency and the accuracy of the money sorting and counting process.

The use ability of the money sorter is a crucial factor worth determination while going for the money sorter. Features offered on the screen allow for easy machine handling as the operations display on the LED screen. One-touch on the money sorter facilitates the operation of the multiple activities where one selects on the sorting, counting, or both. The automation feature allows for the operation of various processes at much ease. The automatic machine operates on the less application of manual the efforts. Some of these devices effectively work on the portability nature and thus uses the batteries. This factor allows for the use of the machine at any place when the need arises.

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