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All kinds of businesses worldwide dealing with money every day need a modern note counting machine to use and do the money counting process faster and efficiently. A note counter machine makes the end of the day cash handling easier and ensures that no business money is missing. These cash note counter machines are used in the banks, but they are also used in all kinds of business. Especially if your business is dealing with a lot of money, it is good to buy this note counting machine from Feelteck manufacturer, and all your bill notes will be counted accurately. Remember counting your bill notes manually is a very tiresome task and can take the whole day just counting money, and the chance of making errors like miscount is also high.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Feelteck FT-400 shows the information with very clear LCD display

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

Feelteck FT-1001L the machine

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

FT-2060 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Note Counting Machine

Note counting machine is a crucial device and will help you count your business notes, and it will take very few seconds to calculate a massive number of notices. But when counting manually, you can’t manage to count the same number of notices using the same time. These note counting machines can be used anywhere you are dealing with the big amount of currency notes. It is a beneficial machine to any business. Many people have invested in this machine because they have come to know how important the machine is. Note counter devices are worth buying.


Remember, note counting equopment are not just used to count notes; they also have some other uses like detecting counterfeit notes and sorting notes. As per the reports from various parts of the world, there are so many fake currency cases in our markets today, and it is hard for humans to differentiate between counterfeit notes and genuine ones. That is why these latest Feelteck note counting machines are manufactured to help you and your cash managers or your employees detect fake notes easily using these devices. This is a main benefits of buying a note counting machine with counterfeit note detector features. This means currency note counting machine will save much time for you and at the same time keep you from any fake notes.


In the FeelTeck manufacturer store, you will find various note counting machines that will fit different kinds of business. Ensure you look at the features of each device well and select the one that fits your needs well. The type of note counting machine you will pick depends on the kind of business you own. If you have a large company dealing with a tremendous amount of notes to count every day, you will need a machine that will give you the best service and a more durable one. Go through various customer reviews and videos explaining how the device operates to know what suits you well.


 How To Know That You Need A Note Counting Machine

It is suitable for every business dealing with liquid cash every day to have this incredible machine in its company. It is not a must that you invest in a note counting machine immediately after starting a business; some things can force you to the wall and see you need that machine. If you have any cash handling cases every day, you get your note counter device from FeelTeck company, and all your issues related to money will end immediately. For instance, if there is a case of miscounting your business money now, you better get this machine. Also, some employees may be taking advantage of this by counting notes slowly so that no other responsibilities will be given to them. You can get a note counting machine, and just one case manager will be enough to handle your business money. All other workers will be assigned new duties, and this shall help your business grow.


Additionally, your business might lose a lot of money due to entering fake notes without knowing. Remember, note counting machines are not meant to count notes. They also have other responsibilities that they can do. For example, they will ensure no fake note will enter your business by detecting it when counting cash notes. This note counter equipment from FeelTeck are designed with modern technologies, and they can see fake notes easily and then notify you so that you can either remove it or the device will remove it by itself and continue counting.

You can also see that your business is making a lot of profit, and in the evening, when counting these notes, it is tiresome. To avoid taking much time and this tedious job, you can buy one note counting machine and solve all these issues. Having the great note counting machine in the business shall ensure you get the correct amount of genuine currency notes as quickly as possible.


To ensure you have a smooth note counting process visit Feelteck manufacturer and get the best note counter equipment today. You will live a stress-free life because all the errors during money counting in your business shall come to its end. So many business owners have got depression and other diseases. Remember, money is one reason many people get stressed and high blood pressure and eventually end up losing lives. That is why you should invest in a note counter machine, and all will be good for you and your business.


What To Do Before Buying Your Note Counting Machine

If you make up your mind that you need to buy a note counter machine, the first item you require to do is to determine how much your business is counting every day. Go through your business account records to see the number of notes that come in andalso out of your business. Next, find the averages of all the records, especially the latest records. This will help you understand the number of notes your business is receiving and giving out in a day. By doing this, you shall know what kind of note counting machine you need in your firm or company.

The second thing to do is visit the Feelteck website to see the various types of note counting machines available in the store. Go through the features of all the devices you see there and select some that you think will fit your firm or business well. When selecting this equipment, ensure you pick the latest note counting machine because the newest device is more advanced and features rich.


The speed of a note counter machine depends on the amount of currency notes the equipment can count in one minute. Then go and find some videos explaining how this machine operates and the speed that each holds. Also, you will need some basic skills on how to handle it and what to do if an error occurs. After watching these videos select the one that seems good to you from the list you have. Finally, remember to look at the note counting machine that is simple for you to use.


Then find some customer reviews. Here you will get some customers who have used these machines before saying how good or bad the device is. You will read all the thoughts of the machine you selected and then decide on which one have good reviews. You can’t pick a machine that many customers are complaining about the services they got from it. Always ensure the note counting machine you picked has positive reviews from one client and several coming from various countries of the world.


After doing all the above, you shall ends up with a list of few note counting machines. Then from there, you can visit the actual feelteck manufacture company store if you are near it or call the feelteck customer care services team to ask for more guidelines. If you see the store or even contact the team, you will explain every machine you want. They will take you through the features of every note counting machine in the store. This company is good because they will first ask you the size of your firm or business and tell you the best devices for you. This is especially when you are confused about which note counting machine to buy.


Then you will be given some note counter equipment that will do well in your business and their prices. Compare them and the budget you had set, then purchase the right one for you. If you are making the purchase, the online feelteck manufacturer will test the machine’s functionality before delivering it to your address. This is to make sure that every part of the  note counting machine is operating as required. When you visit the store, it is a must to test the note counting machine you choose to make sure everything is good.

mixed money counter


How Do Note Counting Machine Operates

Almost everyone in the world knows that there is some accurate machine in counting notes, and they do so at a very higher speed. These machines are now standard in all kinds of business like banks, shops, hotels, and the likes. If you wonder how this machine operates, I will take you through every step of how the machine works. To start, these note counting machines are more advanced and are designed with modern technologies to ensure they give you accurate results with few seconds. These technologies enable it to determine the value of the currency notes easily and quickly. When buying the best note counting machine, it’s good to ensure you buy it from a feelteck manufacturer. This is the very best company producing the best currency note counter equipment and other types of money counting machines. Also, ensure you get the one that suits all your requirement and also your budget.


Here is a guide on how to note counting machine work

  • Working of the note counting machine

It is effortless and straightforward how this note counter machine is used. First, the case manager or the person operating this machine needs to deck up the notes to a designated part of your note counting machine. Then you switch on the machine. The machine will take it from there and do all the rest job for you. You will get your note counting results in few seconds, and they will become make accurate. These note counting machine may all seems similar, but you will be shocked to find that the mechanism in each machine is different from the other machine. These machines are designed differently, and some perform better than others. Read here the description of the various machines that note counting machine operates. Read them carefully and pick the one that suits you well before making the purchase.

Note’s Dimensions

The dimensions of notes are one aspect one can use to determine whether your notes are real or fake. Note’s measurements of a fake note are different from that of actual notice. The dimensions of note categories are different from one another. Thus a note counting machine will detect the sizes differentiates between the notes flawlessly. Note counting machine works mainly because they determine the predefined note’s dimensions and then group them accordingly. This means a note counting machine can use this note’s measurement method to detect counterfeit notes when counting.

Checking Note Special Ink

On top of the size of the note, another way to distinguish between different messages and whether they are real or fake is by using ink. The special ink is another excellent way one can detect whether a note is real or fake. If you are there and you are not sure about size dimensions, you can use ink to tell you the genuine notes from your money in your business. This ink will react differently when the notes are exposed to UV light. This what most of feelteck note counting machine uses to detects the genuine and also fake notes.

Notes’ Code

All notes in all places in the count have different codes printed on them. These codes make a difference between one note and the other and make it possible for a person to differentiate between real and fake notes. Feelteck note counting device distinguishes between these codes on the notes and then categorizes notes accordingly. Different signs on the notes and their code make it easier for the note counting machine to organize them easily.


The above three are the most used methods these note counting machine uses to operates. By determining the value of a note, these feelteck note counting machines will of good benefits to your business. Select a note counting machine that runs using the mechanism that will work well for your business. Doing so will make life easier for you.


Features To Recheck On When Purchasing A Note Counting Machine

The buyer guide is here to guide you when buying a note counting machine, especially when you are confused about which to pick. Here we shall discuss the features you will have to check when purchasing a note counter device. It is always very critical for you to recheck all the machine features and consider the machine’s critical elements. By doing this, you will end up going home with the best note counting machine, which has the best features in the market. Buying guide helps so many customers looking for note counting machines because there exist so several note counting machines available in our market today.


Let us now discuss these features that one needs to look at before buying a note counting machine in detail. Note that every element is essential as the other does, but it is an excellent for you as a buyer to know and understand which feature matters a lot than the other. The price of these currency note counting machines keeps on going up depending on how the device is designed and how advanced it is. Therefore, it is essential for you to also look at the cost of the machine before making the purchase. Remember you can access all the machine’s details from the manufacturer’s website, including the price and everything else you might need to know about a particular device you can gets from the internet. Here are some features to recheck at when purchasing a currency counting machine.


  • Counting Option

Always start by looking at the counting option of a machine before anything else. This is the very first thing to recheck at and note three types of machine counting options.

The first note counting option is the one that displays the amounts of currency notes inserted in the machine.

The second machine counting option is the mixed denomination bill, and this shall display the number of notes inserted in the machine and the total value of invoices.

The third and last counting option is bill sorter, and this has multiple trays to separate all denominations into a specific tray.

  • Type

There exist two primary types of note counting machines. The first machine is the portable note counting machine and the electric-powered note counting machine. Let us discuss each machine in details


Portable Note counting machine

These types of note counting machines are generally small compared to the other standard counting machine, and also their speed is a bit low. Portable note counting machines are lightweight and can easily be moved from one point to another point. They are manufactured in a great way that they can operate using replaceable or rechargeable AA batteries. This means you can use this type of machine even if you do not have electrical power. The device is more affordable, and anyone can afford to buy it. They are not advanced as much as the other electric note continuing machines. But this doesn’t implies the device does not operate well. They are the most suitable note counter machine for small businesses and those where the owner must keep moving from one working place to another point.


Electric Note Counter Machine

These counting machines are most suitable for business which do not move from one place. That means they are ideal for situations like banks and big companies or any other interaction with less movement. Electric note counting machines can only operate when the device is plugged into an electrical power source. This means the machines cannot use batteries to handles. Electric note counter tools are usually bulky compared to portable ones, which means moving this machine from one place in your business to another place is tiresome work.  Also, the speed and general functionality of electric note counting machine is total high compared to the portable devices. These electric types have note-advanced features and can handle a considerable number of notes at high speed. Therefore, these are the best note counting machines for big business, which deals with extensive note counting per day.

money sorter machine


  • Fake Note Detection Mechanism

All the modern Feelteck note counting machines are produced so that these machines can determine whether a currency note is real or fake. But remember to look at this feature keenly because some note counter machine does have these counterfeit note detectors. Keeping in mind how these fake notes have affected many businesses currently ensures that the note counter you are picking has this feature to avoid losing your business due to entering counterfeit notes unknowingly. A note counting equipment with these features will be an added benefits to your business. The device will give you accurate results, but it will ensure you get genuine notes and remove fake notices for you. Therefore, this machine will save your business from these counterfeit notes that have affected so many companies in the whole world. Several ways will be used in the device to ensure no way fake currency notes can enter your business. These sensors can also detect torn notes, half notes, double notes, and damaged notes. That is the reason it is crucial to ensure the note counter you are about to buy for your firm has this feature.

  • Speed

The speed of a note counting machine is another crucial thing a buyer should consider. The rate of a note counter is determined by note’s numbers the device can counts in a minute. You have to choose the average number of notices that flow out and in your firm or business every day. This will help you determine the machine speed that you need to have in your firm. The high the speed of a note counting machine, the more time this machine will save for you. Many feelteck note counting machines have a rate ranging from 800 notes per minute to 1500 notes per minute. But there are some note counter devices which can measure an enormous number of notices than 1500; it will be upon you to decide here. Remember, the more the speed of a note counting machine, the higher the machine’s price. Always pick a note counting machine with an excellent rate to ensure that you do not use much time managing this process.

  • Hopper Capacity

You, as a buyer, should always be aware that the capacity and size of the hopper matter a lot when it comes to note counter machines. Different note counting machines have various sizes of hoppers. If you don’t know what a hopper is in a note counter machine, it is a pocket structure in those machines where the person handling money inserts the notes. Suppose the machine’s hopper capacity is small and know that it will take you more time to count notes. This is because the big the size of a hopper, the more notes a machine will hold at a go. This means a device with a big hopper will ensure the notes counting process is faster than the one with a small hopper. Therefore, select that machine with a big hopper, primarily if your business handles many notes in a day.

  • Software Updates

Currency notes may change at any time, which matters a lot when the notes are changed. Government can change the rules concerning notes any day, and you, as a buyer you should ensure you buy a machine that accepts software updates. This will make sure you don’t buy a note counting machine after every change from the government. Ensure you invest in the latest note counting machine that supports updates of software. Investing in the note counting machine which does this will be worth your money. You must be capable of updating a note counting machine with only one click of the update software once the government makes some changes. This implies that you will update the note counting machine you already have rather than buy a new one.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is the primary reason many business owners buy this currenc counter machine. FeelTeck note counting machines are the best machine to purchase. These devices give one hundred percent accurate results. Without accuracy in a note counting machine and detecting fake notes, that machine is of no use. Therefore, ensures that a note counter device you are about to make a purchase has the best accuracy ever. Select a note counter machine with good user reviews about currency notes counting accuracy and detect fake currency notes.

  • Noise Level

Money is one of the critical aspects of our lives. We do work and open a business to make more money, and therefore when it comes to matters related to cash, we always need total focus. For example, when you are counting, cash is good for you to concentrate on your counting process very well. That is why a note counting machine with no or less noise is the best one to go for. This will enables you to go on doing your work undisturbed. An engine operating quietly will always ensure you have peace of mind and the chance of making any mistake is zero.

  • Ease To Use

Always ensure that the machine you picked is a user-friendly machine as possible. Research more on how the device operates and watch videos on how the machine works. If you need to save much time and reduce counting errors, you might need to choose a user-friendly and straightforward note counter machine. However, it is not a must you go for a complicated machine that will give you a headache every time. A simple device that serves you well and can speed up the counting process and detect counterfeit notes is all you need. Buy a note counting machine that you will understand easily with less or no training required.

  • Added Features

Some FeelTeck note counter machines give more services than counting notes in the batch only, and they can sort currency notes by orientation, denomination, and face orientation. It is good to look at the added features machine haves to know what added value it will bring to your business. FeelTeck note counting machines are designed and produced by very able engineers to ensure that every counting process in your business is performed smoothly and give the best services to you. These note counting and checking machines are meant to help you so much by saving save time for you and your employees to handle other business operations. The sorting and counting notes task will all be done in few seconds for you by these best note counting devices from feelteck manufacturer company. They have the best experience for many years concerning the production of all kinds of note counting devices.


The above are some of the features that a professional note counting machine should have. First, ensures that the counting device you are about to buy is in good condition and is working correctly. This will help you pick a machine that will serve all your needs.


How To Care For Your Note Counter Machine

A note counting machine is a solution to all your note counting issues. But it is good for you to know that you has to take good care of your machine to ensures that you get the best accurate results. If you maintain your machine well and this machine will assist all your workers in being more productive than ever. A well-maintained note counting machine will permanently remove all money counting errors that occur in your business, and you will be assured of 100 percent accuracy. Also, you may rest knowing that this note counter machine will operate its function well and detect all kinds of errors that might occur during counting notes.

Note Counting Machine Maintenance

Even if you had used a note counter machine before, it is always good for you to see how the latest device operates. These machines are more advanced and are designed with modern technologies to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the device. A newer feelteck note counting machine holds updated things, and also various types have different setups. Always ensure you read the instructions in the manual give and operate your device as directed without ignoring any guidelines. This will help you use the machine the best way and how it is supposed to be used. The manufacturer’s manual will always give you tips on what to do and connect your note counter machine with other compatible devices like the printer and many others. Also, you will be directed on how to plug in your note counter machine to the electric power source to avoid any damage coming from any mistake.


Always ensure your note counting machine is used correctly that it was meant for by the manufacturer. Do not start using your note counting machine to do other things that it won’t be able to handle. For example, if your device was meant to count notes only and cannot support coin counting, then do not count coins using it. However, there is some machine that can do both coin and note counting. Always ensure you do not overload your device when you are counting your notes. If, for instance, your machine’s hopper can only hold 500 notes, do not exceed those notes. Avoiding all the above mistakes will always ensure that your device operates correctly and is assured of accurate results.

Do not place any foreign items on or in your machine. This means you have to be assured that it is between your notes, and also, you haven’t set any items like pins, coins, hidden staples, paper clips, or even rubber bands attached to your notes. This kind of object can harm your machine terribly and interfere with the functionality of your note counting machine. Always recheck well and ensure that there is no object between the notes you need to count.


Place your machine in a good and secure place where no one can steal it away from you. Placing your machine will always be assured that your equipment is safe from people who may be having deviant minds. Also, if you place your machine badly that someone can access it readily, someone can take away the money that might be in the machine’s pocket without you knowing. So always you find a secure place to put your cash note counter machine. After all, you have invested in this machine; it’s your duties to take care of this machine by securing it. Also, ensure that the place you will place your machine is clean to avoid dirt and also dust from getting in your machine. Always cover your note counter machine to prevent the collection of dirt and dust. This will keep your machine ever clean, and you won’t be having so many issues with maintenance and repair. And you won’t be required to buy another note counting machine because yours will be secured from thieves.


Always ensure your machine is off and unplug it from the electric power source when you aren’t using it. By doing so will always prolongs the life span of your note counter machine. Wipe down the machine feed and also output trays, stacker, and hopper too after every use. You can wipe your device using a clean, dry cloth that is dust-free. Keeping your machine clean and off when it is not in utilize will be assured that the equipment shall give you services for an exact period.


Maintaining your note counting equipment will always ensure that the device is effective and its efficiency is good. Also, you will not need to repair your device after every year because of any breakdown because the machine will always be in good condition. It is for your good to keep it safe and well to ensure it functions as required. A well-maintained note counter equipment will give the excellent accurate note counting results, and it will count a considerable number of notes in just a few seconds.


Is Your Note Counting Machine Clean?

While note counting machine enhances the business process, they usually get dirt and dust like any other equipment. The dust in the air and dirty notes can quickly enter your note counter machine, and it is upon you to ensure the device is clean to get a good results from it. The grime does not go away quickly by itself, but it shall build up in some time if a device is not well cared for by cleaning and wiping after use. A dirt note counter machine cannot have operated well and will always give you errors after every note count. Dirt, debris, and dust shall always affect your machine’s efficiency and reduce your expectation, and may result in miscounts and jamming. A not well-maintained machine is likely even to reject actual bill notes and give false-positive fake signals.


Every business owner should always think about how to maintain their note counter machine. It will be good if you had a perfect routine of how to upkeep his machine well. Foy your note counter machine to offer you the correct results, then you must give it the more attention and the care the machine deserves. Read more about the best ways you can maintain your note counting device to a good best results.


How Often Should A Note Counter Machine

It is always good for you to clean your note counting machine whenever it is dirt. You can have decided to clean the entire cash note counting machine once a week. To carry out a detained machine cleaning will regularly always ensure the device is in a good state and it won’t fail you in any way. If your machine is heavily used to count many notes, you can then clean your note counter machine at least twice a week. On top of washing your device, you have to ensure you wipe the dust and remove all kinds of objects that can lead to any type of dirt in your machine. Also, covering your device after use will constantly remind you that your note counting machine is not exposed to dust in the surrounding. Regular cleaning shall also assist remove any object that can harm your note counter machine, and these machines are like pins and the likes that may find their way in your device accidentally.


The sign that will show that your currency note counting machine needs to be cleaned is a miscount of notes or gives an inaccurate total. Bill rejection, batch backups, and unnecessarily fake note alerts are also other signs that will tell you that you require to clean the machine. Regular maintenances of your note counting machine will prolong the machine’s life and also helps your device to serve you in the best way possible without any mistake.


Also, it is not a must you clean your machine once or two times a week. For instance, if you are not using your device, you can clean it once a month and ensure it is kept in a spotless place. Or else if you are using your machine so much every day, you can decide to clean it more times than the said times. Simply clean your note counter machine whenever you see that it needs to be cleaned.


How To Take Care Of Your Note Counting Machine

Below are some critical tips on how to take off your note counting machine

  • Follow all operation procedures

To ensure that you take care of your currency note counting machine well, you have to use it in the right way that the machine was meant for. Following all the given standard machine operation procedures will ensure you do not overload your device or even use your engine in the wrong way. Also, provide all your employees, especially those dealing with cash counting, to understand every step one has to follow when operating this counter machine. When a device is used correctly, it will last for wrong without any breakage, thus reducing maintenance costs.


You don’t have to worry so much about how you will understand how to operate your machine. FeelTeck note counting machines usually are straightforward to use, and one needs just little skills to know how these machines work. With little knowledge that you may have and the manual guideline, you will operate your machine well without any problem. A well-used note counter machine will give you the best result ever, and you like the services it will offer to you.

  • Remove Foreign Object

A foreign object can harm your note counting machine badly. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to ensure no harmful thing is in your machine pockets and feed before you start anything else. These object can be place in your machine accidentally a worker and leads dangerous harms to the device. That is why it is suitable for the cash manager, and you or any other employee who wants to count some notes have to inspect this machine and ensure nothing like pins, paper clips, staples, or any rubber bands is in the device. Also, examine the notes you want to count and also ensure nothing is in between the notes before inserting them into the machine.

  • Turn off the machine

Whenever you are done using this note counter machine, switch off the device without forgetting. This is most that this machine fails to do. You should always ensure that your machine is turned off when it is not in use. For example, monitors and making sure your employees using the device have switched it off and plugged it out from the power source after finishing the daily money counting process. Putting your machine off when it is not in use will prolong the life span of your device.

  • Clean Machine’s Parts

Consistently ensures the feeder, output trays, and machine hoppers are clean every time. You can wipe them with a good and clean dry cloth. Remember you have invested your money buying this note counter machine; therefore no need to keep it dirt. Consistently ensures that it is in good condition to get the right also from it.

  • Cover You Machine

After a hectic day, closing your business always ensures you have covered your machine well with a clean cloth. Remember, after buying a note counter machine, and you must protect it and keep it well. Covering your device will prevent any dust or dirt from entering the engine. The best way you keep your machine the best way is to serve you and do so for a very long time.

  • Use cleaning cards

A cleaning card is a good way to ensure you clean your note counter machine. It is inserted the note counter just the way you insert a note. Then after inserting it, you switch on the device. This cleaning card will clean the machine. After some time, stop the machine, and take the card out. It will come out dirt and full of stains. Please clean up the dust, take it back to the device, and repeat the process for quite some time. Do so until when you will see no added strain on the card.

  • Compressed Air

Always ensure you blow out all the dust in your note counting machine by blowing compressed air in it regularly. This will always ensure your device is clean and is in good condition.


Seeking Professional Help

The tip can prolong your machine’s life and increase its efficiency, and sometimes times will come when you need to call for skilled help. For example, when your machine knockout shows wrong totals or brands false-positive counterfeit despite the care, then you should seek the help of an authorized technician. The critical care will be maintained and also change parts if needed to replace the problem. Maintenance should be done 2-4 times a year by a technician, depending on an intensity of usage.


Cleaning your note counter machine is a process that should be handled with care to ensure you don’t interfere with the machine’s operations. A best-cleaned note counter is more functional  and efficient. It shall enhance the business productivity and save you cash because a note counter machine will always protect your investment. Use the above-given tips to ensures that your device is well maintained and is taken care of well.


Benefits Of Investing In A FeelTeck Manufacture

It’s the best money counter machine manufacturers in the world. Many customers worldwide have bought note counting machines from FeelTeck and what they all say is that it is the best manufacturer ever. The company has good customer care services, and all clients all always happy when they are served well. Note counter machine manufactured b FeelTeck is of good quality and will last for a long. This is because FeelTeck engineers use the best material and the latest technologies to produce their products. Once you buy a note counting machine from Feelteck, be assured of the best services ever, and you will always get the best and accurate results.

mixed bill money counter


FeelTeck has been in the industry of manufacturing cash note counter for more than a decade. This has enabled them to give out the best currency note counting machine because the manufacturer engineers have the best and enough experience. They have good sales and a well-designed note counting machine that fits all kinds of business in the world. They have note counting machines that are good for small businesses and manufacture note counting machines suitable for banks and other large companies.


FeelTeck company limited has invested so much in the best engineers, enabling them to give out the best note counting machine in the whole world. These engineers are in a different department. Some are experts in the software of these note counter machines. Some engineers deal with the note counting machine hardware and those who deal with PCG development of these counting machines. These professional engineers make it easier for the company to manufacture the most reliable cash note counter devices. Having all these excellent and highly skilled personnel among other experts in various areas, Feelteck has turned out to be the company you and everyone else would wish to get their note counting machine from.


The counter software is used for more country currencies. FeelTeck manufacturer produces note counting machines that can be used in any place in the world. This is one reason that makes this company more trustworthy and why business owners from various countries in the world order their note counter devices from this company. It is a company that you can trust and be assured of good services from the note counter machine.


FeeLteck has the best customer services that any customer would like. They guide you on the best note counter device for your business, especially if you’re confused about which one you should buy. Feelteck has various national currencies that test the machine if it is working as expected. Once you make an order, the company will use these notes to test whether the device is functioning correctly. Here they will make sure that the machine is supporting your currency. This will help you because you may be buying a machine that does not keep your money. But trust me, feelteck note counter machine support currencies of many countries, but it is always good to ensure it does so to yours before shipping.


FeelTeck note counting and checking machines are designed in the best way possible, and all are feature-rich. In addition, FeelTeck ensures that they customize all kinds of software to ensure you get a machine that will meet all your needs.


FeelTeck ensures that they give the best and all their note counter devices are of a good standard. The machine passes Rohs, CE, EMC FCC certificate. They manufacture note counter machines but have various kinds of money counting machines in their stores. And all are designed with the modern technologies ever.


FeelTeck engineers design the machine you want as you want. They make some changes in the machine’s software and then test with your original banknote currency to ensure it is working as you wish. As a result, Feelteck is the most reliable note counting machine supplier.


Feelteck manufacturer has helped so many businesses

Businesses who have bought note counter devices from FeelTeck have liked the machine and always get the best services. These machines have made their business more productive, and no loss occurs due to miscounting or counterfeit currency notes. Buying a Feelteck note counting machine is a good way to prevent and safeguard your business. This machine is fantastic and always ensures that the money is handled well in the right way.


FeelTeck as the best note counting manufacturer has attained to OEM more brand. This is an added advantage of buying a note counter from this company. If a customer needs an OEM with their brand or even makes the packing of his product meet all the Amazon needs, feelteck will always support all customers.


FeelTeck produces the best and more advanced note counter machine always. This is achievable because they have a large team of technology that enables the company to meet all customer needs. Different note counting buyers come with other ideas on what they want their note counter to look like and what they should have. It takes more advanced and skilled personnel to meet all that customers want. This is one of the great benefit that make Feelteck more popular, and many customers like it. If a customer wants to add a currency to the machine’s software, the feelteck team will do so within a few days. If there is a new note counting machine, it will only take a maximum of three days for them to have it on the market. Those are few benefits that make feelteck one of the best note counter manufacturers in the whole world.


Feelteck is the place to go and get your note counting machine. Remember, they have various kinds of note counters like mixed note counting machines and the like. All of the feelteck note counter machines are of good quality, and they are affordable.


Feelteck team is always available to all their customers at any time. You can reach them with complete contact. If you buy a note counter equipment from Feelteck manufacture, then be assured of the best quality ever.



Benefits Of Buying A Note Counting Machine

This counting machine, as we had mentioned earlier, is used in all types of business. That counter is suitable for a small business, and there is those counters ideal for large business. Therefore, it depends on how is your business in term of size, and it must be considered when buying a note counting machine. Business owners use this counting device due to the benefit it has. Note counter has proven that it is an essential tool for every business in daily operations. For example, every day when you open your business in the morning, you hope that you will get customers that day, and thus you will give out money to customers and receive money from the customers. Because you are dealing with money every day and want to serve more customers before you close your day, you have to get a note counter to help you count these notes as quickly as possible. Here are the benefits of using a note counting machine.

  • Saving Time

Automatic note counter devices count a large number of currency notes in a very few seconds. This is something a human being can’t manage in few seconds. If you are counting your notes manually, you may take a lot of time to serve one customer. But this machine comes in to help you save time even to do other business operations. It can handle a massive number of notes in just a few seconds, thus increasing your business’s productivity. Once you are done counting your notes using this device, there isn’t need to recount; recounting will be a wastage of time. Just one quick count is enough, and it is all that you require to get your results.

Furthermore, a note counter machine can be placed where you can easily access to count your notes. Putting your device on an accessible site will also save your time. Buy this note counter equipment from FeelTeck manufacturer, primarily if you handle many currency notes every day. You will notice a difference in productivity because the machine will do an excellent job for you.

  • Easy To Operate

Note counting machine from feelteck manufacturer is a straightforward machine that anyone can operate without even any training. This is a significant advantage of using a note counter because you don’t require to be taught how to use it. It comes with a manual guideline that guides the new user on how to work with the machine. These note counter devices come with an automatic stop and start. The user has a touchpad, which they use to control the machine. When you insert notes in the feed, the equipment shall start automatically also stops whenever it is done counting. This machine is designed in the simplest way possible that any user will even operate it without any problem. The straightforward function of this note counting machine offers an excellent user-friendly interface. Most of the latest note counting machine comes with features that make them easier to understand. They have a touchpad and an LCD that enable the users to scan the results.

  • Accuracy

The accurate result of the money counting process matters a lot in every business. This is the main reasons why business owners buy a note counting machine. Manual note counting is prone to several mistakes like miscounts and many others. For example, a cash manager can mistakenly double count or count two notes together as one, which may lead to a significant loss in your business. To avoid all these errors, a note counter machine will do better by eliminating all these mistakes. A note counting machine will give you the best and accurate result after counting your money, and it will do so using the least time possible. It is sporadic for a note counter machine to make an error. Additionally, this machine operates to separate currency notes and count them. Even the soiled notes, older notes that can be stuck together shall be measured by the note counter machine individually.

  • Convenience

Note counting device shall always bring ultimate convenience to the machine’s user.  Some note counters are mobile and also handy, enabling the cash manager to lift them and move them to places where they want to carry out their counting process. Most of those portable note counter are more convenient because they can even operate using AA batteries. This means you can even use them in the places where you have some power issues. Furthermore, you can get a machine suited to a particular currency note, with some note counters giving different modes for some specific operations. These shall include machine’s function such as accessible mode, batch mode, stamp mode, and also check method, among many others. Feelteck note counters are designed in a way that they are more convenient to the customers.

  • Counterfeit Currency Note Detectors

All the latest note counting machines from FeelTeck manufacture are designed with the ability to detect fake notes. These machines are saving many businesses in the world because counterfeit currency notes are everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, after stealing by giving and depositing counterfeit notes in the ban, many thieves cases are rising every day. This is why as a business owner, you should have a tool that can quickly detect fake currency notes.


Some fake notes are printed so that naked human eyes won’t be able to detect and know whether the note is fake. These scams have researched and understood how people look at a note and detect whether it is fake. And therefore, when printing these counterfeit notes, they ensure that they have printed those images and words almost similarly to actual notes. This makes it hard for even the cash manager in the industry to identify a fake note. To avoid all these risks of accepting fake notes unknowingly, it is high time to get a note counter device from Feelteck manufacturer.


A note counter from this reliable company is designed and made with the latest technologies. This makes it more simple for you to know the fake note quickly. The newest note counting machine is advanced and has more than fake note detectors, making it hard for a fake not to pass. Once this machine detects a fake note, it will produce a beep sound to alert you that there is a fake note in your money. Some devices will wait for you to remove the fake notice to continue with the vote-counting process. At the same minute, others will extract the fake not by itself and then go on with the counting process. The note counter which removes the fake note has two pockets where the second one is called the reject pocket.


These note counter machine detectors detect fake notes, but they can also see unusable notes, torn notes, and any half note inserted in your note counting machine. This fake note detection ability is a significant reason many businesses have this great machine from Feelteck manufacturer because it saves firms and companies. You know that even a single fake note will affect your business profit, and therefore, you have to brock all possible ways that can make them enter into your business.

  • Intelligence

Best note counting machines from FeelTeck company are not just elegant and also stylish, but these counter are pretty intelligent also. They perform their duties very well and with no errors because they are well designed and manufactured. These brilliant note counter understand its operations, perform self-examinations, and inform the machine’s user when any problem arises. Some of these note counting machines can even identify the currency of different denominations. They give you the total number of notes by counting the currency notes.


To enjoy all the above benefits of a note counting machine and improve your business performance, invest in feelteck machines that are reliable and produce reputable brands. Even though some of these note counter machines may seem costlier, they are worth buying because you will be saved. They shall offer you the best cost-effective benefits and additionally convenience over a long time. So buy a feelteck note counter machine that fits your budget as well as your business needs.


Fake Note Counter Machine

Everything in this world has a fake duplicate, especially nowadays. After an original product is launched, scammers always wait a bit and immediately give out a fake copy. This is so bad because many customers are cheated and end up buying a long product. Thus you should always be aware that there are several fake note counters available in the market today. So be wise enough to identify a fake note counting machine and a real one.


Fake note counting machines are mostly cheaper as compared to a simple device. Also, you will notice that there are slight differences in features the machine is holding from the one you know. That is why it is always good for you to do some more research about the best note counter machine you want to buy for your business. The study will enable you to understand how an original note counting machine operates and the like. The functionality of a fake note counting machine is different from that of an actual device, but you requires to be keener to know and identify the difference. Mostly fake and real note counting machines have the same appearance unless you have used an original before. You won’t be able to know the fake one by the appearance.


To avoid buying a fake note counter machine that will serve you for few days. Visit the most reliable company that can help you get the device you want to have in your firm, the feeltech manufacturer company. When searching feelteck manufacturers from the internet, remember that some fake feelteck websites also exist. After stealing your money and even after making the purchase, you will never receive your machine; therefore, you better call the actual feelteck manufacture and confirm if you have any doubt.


Once you buy a note counting machine from a feelteck manufacturer, be assured that you will never regret it. They have the best note counters, and all are original, and no customers have ever complained about feelteck note counter machines.


Note Counter FAQs

  • How are accurate note counting machines?

Feelteck note counting machine makes the business owners experience flawless when counting notes, and also it assists with improving the business productivity. When buying a note counter, you will find many notes depending on machine alternatives. This makes it hard for you even to pick one for you, but the team will always help the customers. Choosing an excellent note counting machine is very important because it will identify fake bills and inform you. The functionality of an intelligent note counter is of high performance. The most fantastic part about an intelligent feelteck note counting machine is how accurate they are. These machine works very fast and always give the best and precise results after note counting process.


Additionally, these note counter performs a double count with excellent speed. So these feelteck note counting machines are always very accurate, and a single note count is enough to give you accurate results. But if you doubt the impact, it is always good to count your notes for the second time to ensure that what you got for the first time is correct. But be assured that when using a note counter machine from a feelteck manufacturer. Even if you repeat several times, your results will remain the same as the first one.


Consistently ensures that you have maintained your machine well to make sure that it has good efficiency. This will enable it to operates well and give you accurate results consistently.

  • Is Note Counter Device Worthy Your Money?

A note counter machine has several benefits, some of which we have discussed earlier. Thus it is a machine that is worth buying, and they are not overpriced. Furthermore, this machine even reduces the number of people handling money because a single cashier is enough to manage all matters concerning money in a business. Unless the company is big enough and is taking a vast number of currency notes in a day, then you as the business owner can decide to have two or more people handling money issues depending on how many notes enter in and out of your firm or business.


One single note counting machine can reduce many people handling money and thus reduce the salary that you are paying all those cashiers. As a business owner, you understand that you have to reduce the expenses and reduce the number of cashiers that will save the money you are paying them as a profit for the business. Due to that reason, you can confidently say that this machine is worth buying. Also, the device will save much time for you and keep your business from counterfeit currency notes. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore to get your note counting machine from feelteck manufacturer.

  • Can note counter device counts coins?

You can count coin machines and get a note counting machine to help you estimate the letters. Few note counting machine have these feature, but usually have a different design and mechanism to count and sort out coins. These machine are effective, though you need to ensure that your counter equipment is used in the right way. Do not insert coins in the hopper where you are supposed to place your notes. If you needs to count both coins and notes using the same machine, then know that there are some note counter options but the price of these machine is a bit high. If you don’t deal with so many coins, you need to spend your extra cash buying such a machine.

  • How to operate a note counter with no error?

To start using a note counting equipment, you usually have to insert the money on the right. Inserting currency notes in the best order that they are supposed to be and ensuring that nothing is between them will help you have a smooth counting process. Once you have inserted the notes well and the machine plugs in the power source, press the starting button. The latest note counter small screen will show you the number displayed. To avoid any confusion, ensure you put the counted notes in a specific place to avoid measuring them for the second time. Doing so will always ensure your counting process is error-free.

  • Where to start if you want to buy a note counter machine?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself because many customers wonder where they can start or guide them through the buying process of the suitable note counting machine. The first thing is to value the number of notes flowing through your business, and that will help you know and understand the type of note counting machine you want. Then if you have a friend who owns a business like yours and has this machine, you can ask them to direct you to feelteck manufacture and get your note counting machine. If you are the first one in your circle to buy this machine, then do not worry. You can visit feelteck manufacturer company actual store or website, and be guided on where to start.



You have learned more about the note counting machine. Always follow all the above guidelines when buying a note counter. You have also known the benefits of investing your money by purchasing this machine from feelteck manufacturer. They are the best manufacturer for the latest note counting machine, and their counter is more advanced. Latest note counting equipment are designed with modern technologies that enable them to detect fake notes quickly, and the speed of this machine is fantastic.

Due to the availability of several types of note counting machines in the market today, this makes it hard for you to choose the best counter for your business or office. Still, I feelteck the team is always available to help you in choosing process.

Now that you have learned more about these counter and the features you should always focus on when buying, it will be even easier for you to select a machine that will suit your business well. All you have to do before buying is to understand the kind of machine you want and what to look at in a note counting machine. Pick the device that matches 100 percent with your requirement and also consider your budget as well. Remember, price and quality are two critical aspects you cannot ignore when buying any product. What you should be assured of is a high-quality feelteck note counting machine that will serve you for an extended period. These machines are durable because they are manufactured using the best material in the market. Save your business and much time with a good feelteck note counting machine. Get yours today, and all cash handling errors and problems in your business will come to an end.

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