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A money counter is a device that emerged to simplify the processes of counting and sorting notes. With the improvement in the level of technology, money counters have improved to incorporate sorting the messages placed according to the denomination of each bill. This means that you will not presort bills before entry on the device. The device facilitates the counting and sorting within a short period. Therefore, a note-sorting machine comes as the best technology for counting and sorting. Thus, the model enables usage in various places like the national banks and such sites. Moreover, it has improved the detection of the fake notes that might be in the bunch of the money.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

mixed denomination money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

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Note Sorting Machine

A note-sorting machine facilitates the catering of the money on the different forms of the capital. These devices can apply in many places like the casino, churches, restaurants, banks, and the other sites that usually handle a high amount of money. It can also apply to private and public ownership organizations. These organizations use the device for the accurate processes of the calculation of money. The main reason for using the money counter device is that it improves accuracy compared to manual methods. Some of the note sorting machines comes with one pocket while the others arrive on the two pockets.

mixed money counter

The addition of the pocket on the note sorter indicates the improvement in the speed of the money counting. If the device detects the fake bill, it sorted on the second pocket as the process of the counting proceeds. If the device comes with only one sack, the device must stop counting if a fake note detected. It produces a beep sound in which keeps on repeating until the suspicious note removed. This allows the operator to remove the suspected note for further inspection as the counting of the notes proceeds automatically. However, if the note-sorting machine is set on the manual processes of counting, the user will have to switch on the start button to sort three notes continuously.

How the Note-Sorting Machine Works

One of the essential things is that the device operates on the minimal application of the human or the mechanical processes. Modern machines apply the beams of the light that places underneath the bill. On the top section of the note sorter machine, there are the sensors. It facilitates the counting and effective sorting of every note that passes through the section of the counting. In addition, a set of the rollers facilitates the pulling of the notes individually for the accurate tally of the counted notes. This enables the machine for the count and the high amount of the bills on the high level of the accuracy. It means that the process of the device comes on an incredibly high level of speed compared to the professional quick-fingered person.

Note sorting machines facilitates for the scanning of the value of each of the bill that passes. The accuracy of the machine achieves by the sensors of the light that usually passes along the unit of the device. The scanning of the note performed on the top part of the unit to determine the unique features or the markings on the bill counter. This means that the display screen gives the total number of the notes that passed through and the entire quantity of the cash recorded in the counting process. In addition, some of the improved versions of the note counter indicate the number of the notes on each currency and the denomination for a great amount of the currency notes on the required batches. Thus, it allows for the saving on the effort and time that would apply in the manual processes of counting the money.

Factors to Consider In The Process Of the Purchase of the Suitable Note-Sorting Machine

According to the device’s manufacture, it comes with features that facilitate counterfeit bills on the stalk. It rejects the fake or the suspicious note to the reject pocket, reducing the possibility of the note adding on the genuine notes. Many features determine the effectiveness of the device. However, the main features that one should look for are detection for counterfeit bills. The detection achieved as the individual bills pass through the unit of the counting of the notes. Due to the improvements that occur with the advancement in the level of the technology, there is the need to purchase the latest note sorter machine.


Counterfeit Detection

Many counterfeit detective features can added to the bill counter for improved accuracies, like the magnetism MAG, ultraviolet UV, infrared IR, and many others. Some of the sorters come with the incorporation of these features, thus more expensive. However, although these devices are costly, they are more accurate. In addition, they have the software for detecting the bills passing through, which is the color image sensor that improves the detection of the bill’s denomination individually.

  • Magnetic Detection

The magnetic detection it the most applied method of detecting counterfeit involves magnetic detection, thus affecting the currency according to the respective country. Every country comes with the unique ink of the iron printing of the bills. It then produces the signature if the bill exposed to the magnetic field. Therefore, it is an efficient method of detecting the counterfeit on the notes. However, if the note that pass through the sorting unit very worn out, the device does not see it as an actual bill as the property of the magnetism reduces with time.

  • Ultraviolet Detection

Another common way of counterfeit detection is by adding the ultraviolet feature on the note-sorting machine. Most of the currencies in many countries apply ultraviolet ink on the note added in the note’s printing. The process achieves if the note passes through the ultraviolet rays, thus glows, revealing the hidden marks of the stripes watermarks. The method is more efficient than magnetic detection. According to the research, the bills are passing through the unit. According to the study, a minimal amount of counterfeit usually records. However, the threat to the detection method is the raised number of ultraviolet sensitive inks that have recently emerged on the current counterfeit notes.

  • Infrared Detection

Another common counterfeit detection component is the incorporation of the infrared detection. The method commonly applies to Canada, US, UK, and almost half of countries from western places. Most of the bills printed with inks that sense infrared light and ultraviolet light. It proves to be one of the most effective methods of the detection of fake notes. In the detection of the level of the genuineness of the note, it behaves in either of the following ways.

  • It can either absorb the rays of infrared light if exposed to the field. If the area of the bill covered with the infrared property absorbs the glow of the light, it turns black. Turning of the color around that section means that the currency is real.
  • In the second way, the bill reflects the rays of the infrared light senses the bill. The area around the printing of note the infrared usually glows if exposed to the infrared rays, thus glowing only around the part of the infrared area.

The Speed of the Counting Of the Device

Another crucial factor for you to determine is the speed at which the bill counter operates. In most cases, the high-speed counting note sorter opted for compared to the slow counting speed. If your enterprise usually deals with a high amount of cash transaction, buy the bill counter that performs the task at high speed. However, if the size of the business you operate is small retail, you can look for a slow counting machine. Therefore, in determining the suitable note sorter in terms of speed, choose the size of the business. This is because investing in the superfast note-sorting machine on the small business leads to resource wastage. Next, select the speed of the count and sort the money according to the average amount of money you usually hold or transact within the given period. In short, look for the device that best suits your needs financially; thus, be wise along the process in terms of speed.

The Size of the Note Bill Counter

In determining the suitable size of the preferred of device, look for something that fits the available space in your office. If the office has adequate space, select the sizeable machine and put it in the open space. If your office comprises many things and gets difficulties placing the device, look for the note-sorting machine that fits the public space. In addition, if you can create for the length of the preferred note sorter, ensure that it placed near the cashier as failure to which the cashier prefer the use of the manual processes in sorting and counting of the money. Calculating and sorting the cash is prone to errors, minimal speed, and therefore most of the time consumed in the counting and recounting of the money. Therefore, the note-sorting machine should fit at ease on the available space around the cashier to maximize its use. Also, ensure that the added device does not cause congestion or crumping in the office.


The Weight of the Machine

In most cases, this factor affects the portable note sorter and counter machine. This is the case, as most mobile entrepreneurs in the movement processes from one place to the other require something that can moved from one point to the other at ease or with minimal or no strain in the movement process. The heavy machine might accidentally fall, thus interfere with the warranty of the device. In addition, if your employee’s works with minimal supervision and you buy for them a very heavy bill counter, they will opt to use manual processes instead of straining to move or relocate a very heavy note sorter. Therefore, if you desire that they maximize on the note sorter, look for a lightweight device for an improved level of accuracy.


Most of the note-sorting machine varies in terms of the price. The prices of the machine rely on the sum of features that comes with the sorting engine. If the device comes with several features, then the probability is that the machine’s price rises compared to the simplified versions of the machine. A more improved or advanced device is usually expensive compared to the precise note sorter machine. However, a costly machine is usually more efficient than the cheaper brands.

Hopper Capacity

The size of the hopper determines the number of bills the device holds at a time. This allows you to choose the quantity of currency that the device counts at a go. The process of the hopper comes in either front loading or back loading.

  • The Front Loading Hopper Capacity

Front loading is one of the most convenient among the users as it has a higher capacity to count the bills. In placing the tab on the front loaders, the bills can face either upwards or downwards. As the process of counting proceeds, one can add bills on the hopper. You do not have to wait to complete the bills on the hopper for the addition process of the money. It is a high-speed and efficient method of cash counting processes. If the device is sorting the bills on the unit, it determines the orientation of the first note. Therefore, if the first note faced downwards, all notes facing downwards sorted as the ones facing upwards rejected.

  • The Back Loading Hopper Capacity

To feed the bill on the back loaders, you need to place the facing forward or backwards. To add the bills on the device, you need to wait to complete the previously placed bills. Then the device has to stop counting so that you may add more bills to the counting unit. The process of counting and sorting the bills usually lower compared to the front loaders. This is because the number of the bill that the device handles is lower capacity than the front loaders. The sorting of the bill placed on the unit determines the orientation of the first bill. If the first bill faces forward, all of the bills facing forwards records while the ones facing backwards rejected.


The Level of the Technology Applied In The Process Of the Manufacture

Note sorting and counting machine served as the solution to the challenges facing the businesses. With the improvement in the level of the technology, the ranks of the counterfeit printings of the bills improve. This means that some of the analogue note sorters allow a certain degree of the fake to pass compared to the improved versions of the bill counters. Furthermore, the output level, accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the latest version of the machine keeps improving for the calculations of the notes placed on the device. In addition, technology improves the features of the device for an improved level of accuracy.

Display on the Screen

The process in which the results of the calculated notes displays on the screen usually appear on the improved formatting processes digitally. Improved formatting comes with ease in the functions of the usability. The enhanced production leads to the maximum accuracy of the calculated bills on the screen. It, therefore, leads to an improved level of accuracy and a straightforward process of the reference. Furthermore, the enhanced interface facilitates the user-friendly group of the use of the information displayed.

Number of the Buttons

The device that comes with the high number of the buttons leads to the complication during the use of the device. The addition of the operational controls is the story on the analog version note sorter. Technology brings the money counter and sorter machine versions with a sensitive screen for the touch, thus replacing the buttons. It eases the process of the use as in most cases, the automated and thus starts counting and sorting on the detection of the money. You need not press on any key for the operation of the calculation and sorting of the bills. The level of the advancement of the bill counter machine detects the minor features that come with the note sorter.

The Process in Which the Note Sorter Machine Handle the Money

If the money placed on this device, the machine recognizes it and authenticates it automatically. The sorting of the note sorter machine usually varies depending on the machine’s brand. Most of the machines facilitate the adjustment of the settings according to the type of votes counted. For the practical process of sorting the notes, the device determines the following features.

  • Denomination Of The Notes

If the amount of the money placed on the device comes on a different denomination, the sorting of the bills enhanced following the separation of the notes according to a similar denomination.

  • Fitness Of The Note

At this point, the machine determines the nature of the notes placed on the unit. In most cases, it uses the magnetic field as the newly printed notes are highly attracted to the area of the magnet compared to the older notes. Most companies prefer using this process to do away with the worn-out notes from their overall currency. If the worn-out money removed from the other currency, the level of the tearing minimizes and thus minimal wastage of the money due to the tearing.

  • Orientation Of The Note

Suppose the sorting of the notes is done depending on the way the first bill places on the hopper capacity. All bills that face on the same side, like the first bill, sorts as the rest of the bills reject those in different directions. It is common and applicable for the sorting of bills.

The note-sorting machine ensures that sorting according to the overall fineness, orientation, and denomination takes place faster as no manual methods need to apply. These note sorters use the cash for the improved level of accuracy, flexibility, efficient counting, and processing of the money that passes through the unit of the counter. If you opt to invest in the note-sorting machine, much of the time would have otherwise utilized counting and recounting the money saved. The saved time can use for cleaning, customer care services, sanitization efforts, or the overall business’s improvement. In addition, the labor reduces; thus, the employees become more productive, effective, and efficient.

For any size of the business, that usually handle money in whichever amount needs to invest in this device for the improved level of accuracy, as this is the major purpose of the device. However, if you are not sure of the best version of the machine to buy, consult your service provider for more guidance on different device types. You learn about the advantages and the disadvantages of thus making a wise decision in the purchase process. In addition, maximize on exploration on the available options and thus create a wise decision according to the desired features and the amount of money you have invested.

banknote sorter



The scales of the note sorter offer reliable processes of the separation of the notes that passes through the unit. Some of the improved versions facilitate the detection of the coins and thus enable counting the notes. Most of the modern versions of the note sorting machines promoted the scan of the different credit cards placed on the machine for genuine, thus offering the respective values individually. The device reads the reference number in the process of sorting. Therefore, it usually determines the reference number in the process of counting. This means that the device uses the determination of the tokens and the vouchers or either one of the items on the unit.

All types of note-sorting machine facilitate the proper integration due to the feature that usually added. Most of the note sorting machines, therefore, come with a warranty of three years. It allows for the thirty guarantee or the assurances of the money back, free shipping processes, and reliable and professional services. However, the warranties do not apply to the machine’s malfunctioning due to the wrong methods of installing the engine or improper care measures in the processes of handling the device. If the third party alters with the device, then the warranty does not cater for the same. These are among some of the examples in which the level of the contract fails to apply.

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