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For everybody dealing with a considerable amount of money every day, he or she needs an excellent portable currency counting machine to counts the money quickly and accurately. Currency counting equipment gives a total of the money counted. When you find a money counter to help you calculate the money, first and foremost, consider whether you want a machine to count coins or cash. Also, consider your budget and narrow down the available options based on the device’s speed, machine capacity, also capability to detect fake bills. When buying this portable currency counting machine, you need to look at the battery life. This is because you will be using it even when you do not have electric power.

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

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Portable Currency Counting Machine


Many business people find that counting money manually needs much time, and also, the job is tiresome. This is because the money they are handling is considerable, and the brain gets tired while counting. This leads to measuring errors, and also it is not easier for them to detect fake currency. But please do not worry because the mini currency counting machine is here to help. You can do some little research and know the best portable currency counter to invest in. This equipment shall assist you in counting money. This means mobile currency counting devices will prevent losses in the business. Therefore, portable currency counting appliances will be of significant advantage to your business when t comes to dealing with currencies.

Average cost range of Portable currency counting machine

The price range of this counting machine’s from FeelTeck mostly ranges from as low as 70 dollars, and the highest mainly cost 211 dollars. This price varies because of features that arrive with a different mini currency counter. FeelTeck small currency counting machine has catered for all customers, and you will find the device that fits your budget very well. All counter machines from FeelTeck brands are affordable, and all are of good quality. They have a fantastic portable currency machine that many customers depend on in managing cash in their business. The mini currency counting machine from FeelTeck is pocket-friendly and will handle some money perfectly in your small business.


Benefits of using Portable currency counting machine in your small business

This currency counting machine is used in many companies like banks, retail shops, and hotels, which has become indispensable. Many of these businesses have selected this counter machine because of the benefits it brings to the company. Therefore, the device is handy I Here am some of the benefits of a portable currency counting machine.



Portable currency counting machines, as the name suggests they are small in size and easy to carry. This means the device can also be used when it is not in power because these kinds of machines have batteries, and once they are charged, they can also operate well when they are not on power. It is the best counting machine for small businesses. These devices, because they are small in size, can be placed on the desk to handle quicker cash tasks because they don’t need much space.  A portable currency counting machine should be light enough to be carried from one place to another. Also, they should have batteries that enable them to operates even when there is no power. Portable currency counters are good than heavy ones because the rich currency counters can fall and get damaged easily.

Save Time

Automatic mini currency counting device counts cash much quicker than the way human counts. These machines can calculate vast amounts of money simultaneously, and it takes very few seconds to finish. Therefore, the device saves a lot of time and hence increases productivity in your business. Once the counter is done with the count, the user should not recount the money again because that will be wasted. The machine is also more accurate than humans. The faster count is enough, and that is all that you require to get total results. In small businesses, you also place this small currency counting machine near the business register to save more time recording.


Mini currency counting equipment offers accurate counting results. Any person can make errors when counting currency manually, but it is rare to make these mistakes using a counting counter machine. It operates to separate the cash to count them, and soiled, the older notes that might be stuck together shall be counted by this mini currency counting machine individually.


These portable currency counting machines bring ultimate convenience to users in your business. These machines are portable and handy, enabling cash managers to carry them to the place they want to count cash. In addition, FeelTeck portable currency counter has an additional display unit for more clients’ convenience.

Easy Operation

Mini currency counters are quite easy to operate and comes with an automatic top and start. This counting machine starts automatically when some notes are inserted and stop counting once it is done counting all the notes. Therefore, the user doesn’t require so much training because it is not complicated and can easily be used. This simple function machine provides an excellent user-friendly environment, and most of these FeelTeck portable currency counters shall have a touch keypad and a graphic LCD.


These modern portable currency counting equipment aren’t only elegant and stylish, though they are also knowledgeable. These small currency counting machines are intelligent to know and understand the operations. They perform self-examinations, then inform the user when an issue occurs in the process.  They also provide a total amount over only counting the currency. Thus, these machines are excellent and intelligent enough to know when there is an issue in the counting process.

Fake Note Detection

Because many manufacturers are after money, many of these portable currency counters allow fake notes to pass without detection. This is so bad, especially for the customers, because they may incur a huge loss because of this mistake. Therefore, a fake note detector is one of the essential features these portable currency counters should have.

Currency counters can detect fake currency when counting cash, but most mini-currency machines do not have that feature. The machine gives the user information with some beep whenever a fake note, torn or even unusable one, is inserted in the machine. This helps the user to know, and also, these features help businesses not to count losses. This is one of the great benefits these machines bring to businesses. Any counterfeit currency is harming the business reputation also to the economy.

Every kind of business is lookout for fake currency. However, the large volume makes it hard to detect each bill using hands and personal inspection, making fake currency pass without detecting. When buying this small currency counting machine, always consider this feature. FeelTeck incorporates these features when printing and manufacture modern paper currency. Portable currency counter from feelteck has many detection technologies that enable effective and faster detection of fake money.

To enjoy all the above benefits, improve your business cash management by investing in a FeelTeck portable currency counter. Even though these machines will cost you some money, it is a good machine and is worth your money and will add convenience for a long time.


The reason why people like FeelTeck Portable Currency Counter

These portable counter machine from feelteck can be used in various kind of businesses and is also suitable for small business. This makes it good for every business owner because it doesn’t matter what your business deals with.

FeelTeck is the most trusted and reliable supplier of the best mini currency counters for many years. The manufacturer has been producing the best portable counter to international customers, which has helped them build an excellent and strong relationship. So, if you plan to buy a portable currency counting machine, visit FeelTeck, and you will get the best machine for your business.

These Portable currency counter from FeelTeck brands have been manufactured with the latest technology that means they are very innovative devices. Therefore, the equipment meet each high corporation’s needs. Moreover, Feelteck manufacturers are equipped with experts and have the latest processing techniques that help them give out the best mini currency counting machine, thus ensuring the best quality machine from the FeeLTeck brand.

Small currency counter machines from FeelTeck are suitable for any banknotes in the whole world. This makes mini currency device the best for any person dealing with banknotes in his or her business.

These counters are high-speed and have a high counting speed. That is why we mentioned above that the can save a lot of time and effort. It can count even 600+ bills in one minute.

FeelTeck portable currency counting machines are designed to a simple to carry. The device is lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another. Also, it is pretty handy.

These machines are also suitable for multicurrency.

Portable currency counting machines from FeelTeck are made of excellent and robust raw materials. Therefore, the device can serve you for a very long time because they are durable and lasts for a long time.

When picking a portable currency counter for your company or business, always ensure you select FeelTeck as the manufacturer, and you won’t regret it. This manufacturer company provides high quality, great accuracy, durable, and customer convenient portable currency counter. This portable counter will serve you well and meet all your business requirements on cash management matters.

All mini currency counting devices from FeelTeck are customizable. FeelTeck will indeed boot you from business cash management and improve your business productivity. The incorporate your design, logo, size, and any other detailed specifications you want. Do not doubt this supplier because they will provide you the excellent portable currency counting machine that fits your business well.


Type of Detection Used In Portable Currency Counter

Ultaviolet (UV) Detection

Some countries use inks that have UV fluorescent phosphors on the paper notes printing. Some of the bills and vertical florescent are not detectable by human eyes but brighten when exposed to Ultraviolet light. This Ultraviolet feature is mainly used to determine the fake bill incorporated in many portable currency counters. It has simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. It’s impossible for Ultraviolet features replication, though hard. This detection way is an excellent method of detection and is almost hundred percent.

Magnetic Detection

Several nations implement the use of this type of detection in addition to ultraviolet detection on notes currency. A portable money counter equipment with magnetic detection operates by scanning the bill for a magnetic feature by an iron trace in ink. This kind of detection is effective, along with present drawbacks. It’s good to note that some of the counterfeits have enhanced various means of utilizing a magnet on currency printers to confuse the fake currency detectors. This property of magnetism degrades over frequent use with time. This means a real currency that has been in use for an extended period identifies false cash.

Infrared Detection

This is not a good and UV and magnetic detection. It involves the use of IP inks currently hard and confusing for replication of counterfeiters nowadays. Several notes might print with IR inks that either reflect or even absorb infrared light. Portable currency counter with IR technology has sensors detecting the 2 sort of infrared inks identifying a currency by a denomination and country, thus removing the fake ones. Below are fewer security technologies

  • Infrared thickness (IR-T)
  • Paper composition
  • Color image sensing (CIS)
  • Metal thread coding (MT)
  • Watermarks

It would be best to use one or all of the these types of currency detection methods on a portable currency counting machine for effectiveness and affordability. Because there are some cons to some detectors when combined, they provide the great and effective mini currency counting machine ever. Thus, various people say that some sensors are better than others on matters concerning fake currency detection. More security is always better; therefore, go for the machine to ensure your business won’t occur losses due to counterfeit currency passing without being detected by the machine.  Consider a portable machine which identifies security characteristic maximum possible.


Some Factors To Consider When Buying New Portable Currency Counting Machine

Mini currency counting machines help diminish cash counting errors, making sure that accounts and books are accurate. There are various portable currency machines available in our market today, but they all vary in terms of features like fake note detection features and the like. Different small currency counting equipment offers significant investment in securing your business against counterfeit fraud or bills, therefore, saving your business. This key aspect compile of essential factors needed to count a huge amount of cash.


Several features on the portable currency counter make its price a bit high. Most of these FeelTeck mini currency counters are affordable, and many businesses, including the small one, can manage to buy. However, for a compact currency counting machine that handles mixed denomination and multicurrency counting, the price is higher than the other ones. Below are some other factors to look at.


This is the very first thing to look at when you are buying these small currency counters. The rate of counting of a portable currency machine shows the number of currency the device can count in one minute. An essential fact also to reconsider is that the speed can change when the device is counting bills. Usually, the cost reflected as the top counting counter is somehow costly. A great accurate portable currency counter with a high speed fits a company or business dealing with a considerable amount of money.

Report on machine’s screen

The advanced technologies have portable currency counters, which show the breakdown of count and value by denomination. This information is indicated on the screen. In addition, it tallies the real value of the money in the portable counter machine as the machine rejects counterfeit bills and other messages. These features also add an excellent aspect to businesses dealing with a large amount of cash.

Compatibility of the machine with a printer.

Owning a portable currency counting machine lets you pull out details displayed on its screen and give a receipt copy. However, some portable currency counter that is not compatible with printers should ensure you look at that feature when buying your small counting machine.



Hopper Capacity

This is the place where the unallocated currency is kept. It is a structure that looks like a pocket. This is one of the most factors to consider because it determines the amount of money the machine can count at a time. Many firms select a higher counter front that loads a hopper more confidently than back loading. Some portable currency counters have big capacity hopper than others. On having this, you can insert more notes on the machine hopper at the same time.

Portable money counter with significant hopper processes many statements. It is always advisable to choose the best device depending on your business needs. Small business needs a machine with small hopper while big business needs large dimensions of a hopper.

Most of the counter machine hopper are front and back feed. The most common that many people prefer is the front feed because it is user-friendly. These hoppers are easier to use and load faster than the back feed once. Front feed hoppers need less effort to arrange the bill than to back feed hoppers. The front once comes with an enormous capacity holding good performance compared to hoppers with back feed.

Reject pocket

Most of the FeelTeck Portable currency counter comes with either two pockets or one reject pocket. One pocket counter machine paused to counts when the machines detected counterfeit currency. For the counting process to continue, this fake bill must be removed. On the other side, the two pockets machine pulls out the unrecognized cash, places it in the second pocket, and continues counting. This second pocket is also known as the reject pocket because it keeps the rejected bills. The counters with two pockets cost a higher price compared to the machine with one pocket. But having this portable currency counter with two pockets will save you time and energy of staying there when the device is counting cash.

Use Ability Ease

This is one of the factors that many business owners ignore. Ease and friendly portable counting machines will add more value to your business because the cash managers will need simple training on using the machine. When buying a mini currency counting machine, always consider how easy it is to be used by people dealing with cash in your business. Ensure the machine is not complicated as such, and you and your employees will easily use it. Much compact currency counting machine on several automatic detectors, producing the total results in very few seconds. On the other side, many handheld currency counters work manually, taking slight learning lines depending on the unit. Those handheld currency counters use much time compared to automatic machines.


The portability of a small currency counting machine needs verification on the spot before making the purchase. Thus, deciding the suitable battery which shall serve in a maximum way. For example, some FeelTeck portable currency counting machine has an optional battery that recharges well externally and enables scanning on counting process.



Portable currency counting machines are the best cash management devices for your business. There more than enough different kinds of mobile money counting equipment in the FeelTeck market. This means customers have a variety to pick from when deciding the mini currency counting machine for the business. The counter machine depends on its purpose, amount of currency the company has, the durability of the machine, among many other critical factors like counterfeit bill detection. Considering all those essential features, it will be easy for you to pick the most influential small currency counting machine. A portable money counting equipment can be used at any place in your business. If you consider improving your business cash management, then FeelTeck portable currency counter is the best machine to go for. If the company is negligible to keeping a currency counter feels somehow insecure, then a portable one is the best option.

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