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A portable money counter is a good option as it can move from one point to the other. Various aspects are worth determination before the actual purchase is made. Portability of the machine allows the machine usability at any topic at any time of the day with or without power because they have their own batteries. The battery of the selected device must be reliable, durable, and best quality.

Frequent dealing with large amounts of money calls for a counting machine. The best money counter helps in sorting coins or bills accurately and quickly. When you are looking for the best portable money counter, consider whether you require the machine for the coin-counting or the cash. Consider the amount of money that you have and the capacity of the selected device.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B Portable Money Counters are durable and can count money with accuracy.

mixed denomination money counter

Supports multi-currency, high counting accuracy, durability.

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

Feelteck : You Dependable Portable Money Counter Supplier

Feelteck has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing the best quality portable money counter. We are trusted by thousands of customers from around the world.

Feelteck is also a certified manufacturer of portable money counter. We always follow international quality standards and guidelines such as RoHS, FCC, CE, etc.

With our modern technology coupled with complete production capacity, we can surely provide you a wide range of the best quality portable money counter.

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Feelteck – A Reliable Manufacturer of Portable Money Counter in China

Feelteck has been a trusted and reliable manufacturer of portable money counter in China for over 10 years. We have established a very good reputation in the industry. In fact, we have been trusted by international clients and built a good business relationship.

Throughout the years, we have been keeping track of the latest technology so we can manufacture an innovative portable money counter. We strive to be your best solution provider to your portable money counter in China. We aim to enhance and skyrocket your business.

At Feelteck, our goal is to offer products that will help you save your time and money. We strive to meet every top corporation requirement. We are well-equipped with professionals, complete production lines, and modern processing techniques. Thus, you can assure that we can give you quality and value!

Why Feelteck Portable Money Counter is Trusted by International Customers?

  • Our portable money counters can be used in a wide range of applications such as shops, street peddlers, restaurants, grocery stores, small businesses, restaurants, etc.
  • Feelteck portable money counters can save your time and labor cost. This only for counting the bill’s quantity. It doesn’t support the detecting function. Though, our portable money counter offers precision and accurate money counting.
  • A portable money counter designed by Feelteck is perfect for every kind of banknotes around the world.
  • Fast and high-speed money counting. It can count up to 600+ bills per minute.
  • We also designed a portable money counter with easy-to-carry properties. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and very handy.
  • Suitable for multi-currency
  • Made from superior quality raw materials. Super durable and long-lasting.

When choosing a portable money counter for your business, always choose Feelteck as your manufacturer! We assure you a high-quality, fast-speed, practicability, very convenient, great accuracy, and durable case cover portable money counter. Its portable design will surely meet your needs for counting cash.

All models of portable money counter in Feelteck are fully customizable. We offer excellent OEM services. We can incorporate your logo, design, sizes, and other detailed specifications. At Feelteck, we can surely help in boosting your business!

Aside from portable money counter, we also manufacture money counter machines, money counter, and counterfeit detector, mixed money counter, pocket money counter, electric money counter, money counter bank, commercial money counter, etc. We offer a one-stop and affordable solution to all your convenient money counting needs!

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Determining Counterfeit Currency

Due to the greed for money, many people have improvised portable money counters that allow fake money to pass. This calls for keens inspection of the machine for the following ultraviolet, magnetism, infrared, among other essential features. Saying that a given element is more important or influential than the other is wrong. An excellent portable machine counter should incorporate these features for the efficiency to be higher.

All the businesses are on the lookout for counterfeit currency. Significant volumes make it hard to determine each bill using the hands and personal inspection, making the fake note pass undetected. While going for the best portable money counter, consider the following security features. The manufactures incorporate these features during the print and manufacture of modern paper money. Money counting machines contain several detection technologies for the effective and quick pick of the fake note.

All the businesses are on the lookout for counterfeit currency. Significant volumes make it hard to determine each bill using the hands and personal inspection, thus making the fake note pass undetected. While going for the best portable money counter, consider the following security features. The manufactures incorporate these features during the print and manufacture of modern paper money. Money counting machines contain several detection technologies for the effective and quick pick of the fake note.

Ultraviolet (UV) Detection

Countries like the UK, US, and Canada use inks that contain ultraviolet fluorescent phosphors on their paper currency printing. The US five-dollar bills and the vertical florescent are not detectable using the naked eyes but brighten while exposed to the UV light. UV is one of the features that determine the counterfeit bill incorporated in various money counting machines. It has affordability, simplicity, and effectiveness. It is difficult for UV features replication but impossible. This detection method is an excellent method of detection considered effective one hundred percent.


Magnetic Detection

Many countries implement the use of magnetic detection in addition to ultraviolet detection on paper currency. A money-counting machine equipped with magnetic detection scans the bill for the magnetic characteristic through the iron traces in ink. Magnetic detection is effective, along with the present drawbacks. However, some of the counterfeits have improvised various ways of using inks of the magnet on printers to fool these detectors. The property of the magnetism degrades over constant use and as time goes. Therefore, the real money that used for a long time identifies false counterfeit.


Infrared (IR) Detection

Infrared detection is not as standard as magnetic and ultraviolet detection. Infrared involves using the IR inks currently impossible and challenging for the replication of the counterfeiters now. Money may print with the IR inks that either absorb or reflect infrared light. Money counter with infrared technology use sensors detecting the two types of IR inks that identify the currency by the denomination and nation, thus weeds out the fake. The following are the less common security technologies.


  • Infrared thickness (IR-T)
  • Color image sensing (CIS)
  • Watermarks
  • Metal thread coding (MT)
  • Paper composition

Besides, holograms are finding their ways on various notes. It is essential for you to any or all of the above detectors on the machine for affordability and effectiveness. Although there are multiple disadvantages to some sensors, their combination gives the most effective machine detector. Therefore, when it comes to counterfeit detection, various misconceptions have it that some of the machines are better off the others. Consider counterfeit detection that makes up the small giant piece of the pie. More security featured the detection of the detection feature that the detector reads more comprehensively and its power. Different detection methods like magnetic, ultraviolet, watermark, infrared, among others. Consider opting for the sensor that identifies many security features maximum possible.


The Best Counterfeit Money Detector

The identification tools on various bills are essential. Receiving the counterfeit or the fake money indicates that you robbed. Different detective machines allow you to determine the occurrence of this money. In addition, portable money counting machines have been improving over time. The following provides the list of the most appropriate and applicable portable money counters.


The Royal Sovereign 4-Way

The royal sovereign produces a counterfeit detector that is important in identifying phony bills in various ways. These ways include the use of the watermark, ultraviolet fields, micro print, or the field of magnetism. Royal sovereign is light in weight and provides a manageable size. This aspect gives it portability and management in terms of the length during the movement. It comes handily while one tends to accept the money at various locations outside the central business premises. This machine comes with the United States chart to assist you if you are not sure about a given bill after passing the currency through the four means.


This detector vets credit cards for legitimacy. If you run out of the bar and the other establishments that require identification from your customers, you will verify your IDs. The machine comes at a reasonable price. Therefore, you will not have to dig into your budget for the purchase of this machine. The device comes with a limited one-year warranty.


AccuBanker LED420

AccuBanker LED420 assists in identifying fake credit cards and cash along with the advanced LED technology that usually uses white light and ultraviolet. The watermarks checked using the white lights. The LED420 is very long-lasting to add the extra protection of the size detection. Consider opening the little glass door and the place the bill in the ruler. The AccuBanker LED420 verifies it immediately by determining whether it is a natural or fake deal. The lamp on the old fashion detects for years. They also require frequent bulb charging. The AccuBanker LED420 lasts for more than ten thousand hours before replacement is done. The LED420 requires twelve voltages of the direct current or the alternating power.


Cassida Installs A Check Automatic Counterfeit Detector.

Cassida InstaCheck detector contains the corner speed. This speed makes it potentially fit for high-volume businesses. This makes your customers not to be held up as they wait for every bill to verify, thus getting away into the registration of your cash. You need to insert the instant check and the currency giving you the thumbs up or thumbs down if the bright red color appears to mean a failure while the blue one indicates a pass. These colors appear in seconds and mainly after one second.

After every bill has been scanned, the appearance of the color takes place. It means that every statement has been reviewed and various cross-referencing through some databases. The battery option is optional if you desire to use it on the one-year warranty as the cassida offers good customer care support.


The Drimark Dual Test

The drimark makes two pens under the one combining all the standard features of the counterfeit detector. It has an ultraviolet light at the end that identifies the security strip on the currency of the united states. The light assists in the confirmation of the genuineness and the quality of the paper money. Denmark duel promises the two in one pen that bleaches on the bills. This machine provides the best effectiveness in terms of cost. It is one of the small money counter machines. It uses at ease but contains a booklet guide in case you have a question regarding the machine.


B$Sure Portable Counterfeit Bill Detector

It is a pocket-sized detector that gains kudos from persons who desire to try it out. It is very tiny and small, allowing you to carry it to any place you prefer. B$Sure portable money counter fits in your Pocket very well. This does not give up on anything in exchange for its diminutive size. It operates on the batteries favoring anyone who does not perform their businesses on a fixed-on, given place or store.

B$Sure uses a patented money counter, especially under the Opto-Electronic technology giving zero currency irregularities. The device provides a perfect example of the small money counter machine that is held on the hand. The B$Sure portable detector is one hundred percent accurate in the multiple sources with no single false reading. It has a one hundred percent guarantee of the money back.


Tangkula Money Detector

It counts the money placed on it and verifies it. When the bill is inserted, the LED screen indicates its denomination and its real McCoy. In case of the otherwise ‘o’ suggests due to the counterfeit of the currency worth anything. Tangkula detects counterfeit up to ninety-nine percent of the fake money or counterfeit currently circulating in the united states today. The detector uses magnetic, ultraviolet, infrared, and multi-spectrum detection capabilities. The model is a plug-in designed for more suitability in terms of the operations based on the land.


Factors to Consider While Choosing Among Various Portable Money Counters

Money counter assists in reducing errors on the counting, thus ensure that books and accounts are accurate. They reduce the time due to the high speed during the counting process. Other than counting, these machines are equipped with various features that ensure that no fake money passes. Different devices give an excellent investment in protecting against counterfeit bills or fraud, thus saving the businesses bottom-line. This necessitates compile of the essential factors required to count a large amount of the money.

  1. Features

Many features on the machine make it to be a bit expensive. Most of the mini money counters are affordable for various ranges of businesses. If you are looking for a compact money counter that handles multicurrency and mixed denomination counting, you will have to invest more. These features may also include the following.

  • The Speed of Counting

The counting speed of the money indicates the number of bills machine counts per minute. An important fact to consider is that while counting notes, the rates can adjust, ranging from six thousand and fifteen hundred bills per minute. Overall price reflected as high counting machines are expensive. An accurate and fast engine necessitates any business dealing with large cash amounts.

  • Report on the Screen

Improvement in the technology brings about a handheld money counter that indicates the breakdown of value and count by denomination. This information suggests on the screen. It aggregates values of the note as they reject fraudulent and suspicious messages. This feature gives a nice additional aspect for the businesses dealing with a vast amount of money and mixed bills.

  • Compatibility on the Printer

Owning a machine allows you to pull out the details on the screen, print, and report receipt copy. Some of these machines operate using the hands in most cases.


  1. Capacity of the Hopper

Hopper capacity structures like the Pocket where unallocated bills are stored. This feature is the most important while buying a portable money counter as it determines the money that the machine sorts at a time. Most businesses prefer using a higher counting machine front that loads the hoppers more conveniently than the models of the back loading. Some of the models tend to have high-capacity feeder compared to their capacity career. You can therefore place more cash on the hopper than on the tray as the counted money holds.

The size of the hopper counting machine determines the number of bills a given machine process at a time. More significant hopper processes more statement. Choose wisely, depending on your need for the device. Small companies require small hopper size, while large companies require large dimensions of the hopper.

The most common types of the hopper are front and back feed. The common one which is user-friendly is the front feed. They are easy to operate and loads quickly. They require less effort to align the bills compared to some back feed hoppers. The front-loading comes with higher capacity having better performance compared to the back-loaded.

The counting speed depends on the manufacturer. Fast counters are expensive than slow counters. Business dealing with a high amount of cash requires a high counting speed for the operation to ease. The highly or easily portable machine needs to be light enough to carry from one point to another. A heavy portable money counting machine may fall, causing damage or even interfere with the warranty.

  1. Mixed Denomination Count of the Value

A mixed denomination value count also indicates a compact money counter. They are more expensive compared to the standard portable money counter. They have advanced features like contact image sensors along the better imaging software to determine different denomination bills. The component locates at the top of the line for effectiveness and accuracy, especially while considering the currency’s counting speeds.

Frequently, sorting mistakes happen. A ten-bill dollar ends in the five dollars finding its way into the bill counter. The absence of the features to distinguish different dominion leads to the loss of the five dollars. A compact money counter machine assists in preventing this instance from taking place. The bill’s value count feature shows the value of the counted mix in the bill’s stock. This provides a breakdown of the counted dominion.

  1. Multicurrency

Portable money counters having the feature that distinguishes multicurrency are excellent for businesses dealing with international customers. Fortunately, some mobile money counting machines effectively and accurately organize and differentiate different currencies on the counting bills. Various devices come with the mix count of the value allowing the users to calculate the mixed currency stack. This enables the classification of currency forms showing the breakdown of every currency counter.


  1. Detection of the Counterfeit

This a crucial feature in which you may prefer to add as an option for the bill checking in the bill counter machine intended to be bought. An estimate of two hundred and twenty million dollars is enough to count and inspect the statements you receive. The direct detection of the counterfeit feature includes the magnetic, ultraviolet, metallic threads, infrared, thickness, and size. Some of the money counters detect fake money as equipped with serial number recognition systems. This assists in reading every bill’s serial number that runs through them, especially while tracing statements and the purpose of the auditing purpose.

  1. Reject Pocket

The portable currency counter machine usually comes in either one or two pockets. One pocket-counting machine stops to count when they detect unrecognized bills. The bill must remove for the counting to proceed. The machine having the two pockets pulled the unrecognized bill to the second Pocket or the reject pocket and counted the rest. With all the other features, the continuous count adds higher costs to the purchase as it saves you time.

  1. Use Ability Ease

This factor is sometimes underrated but uses at ease. This necessitates the speed of the useability of the machine. While scanning a bill on the automatic scanner, you gain the option of inserting the tab in any direction desired. This gives the orientation of every account reviewed. It takes longer than one equipped multi-directional scanner. This takes longer than a single-equipped bill with a multi-directional scanner. Most of the compact money counters on many automatic detectors, thus giving you results in seconds. However, various handheld money counters operate manually, taking a slight learning curve that depends on the unit. These handheld machines consume much of your time.

  1. Warranty

It would be best if you considered the machine’s warranty to be in a position of returning any faulty device to the manufacture. Most of the portable counting machine usually comes with warranty. The length of this warranty varies from one manufacture to another. Always go for confirmation of a year or more.

Ensure that you purchase the machine that suits your needs best. This was achieved by conducting prior research on different portable money counter machines. The least expensive machine is effective depending on the cost, thus unreliable. However, a costly machine does not guarantee you the best sorting and counting experience.

The buyer should consider, determine, and set aside the budget before purchasing the desired portable money counter. However, the higher the price, the higher durability, and essential features you will get on the products. Therefore, a cheap counterfeit bill detector is less reliable than the versatile, functional, and pricey sensors.

  1. Reporting or Counting

Various automatic money counter detectors usually the countdown of the money. This means that value aggregation on the bills varied on the bills. This reduces the chances of the suspicious bill that might be fake ones. It added on any portable machine counter that needs to be multitasking, thus get the total sum along the total amount of the bill. This is an essential factor for one to consider while best portable money counter.

  1. Portability of the Machine

A portable money counter machine requires verification at a go. Therefore, determine the best battery that will serve you in the maximum way possible. The D470 Quadscan has the optional external battery that recharges effectively that allows the scanning on the process.

The following list gives you the best portable money counter, including the banknote counting, and sorting coins, and the notes machine. To get the best option on the portable money counter, the following provides some examples worth selecting. It gives the best examples of portable money counters. It allows you to make a sound decision while you opt for a given machine.



There variety of portable counting machines. This calls for the sound decision depending on the purpose of the engine, the amount of money one has, durability, among other essential factors. Also, consider such features as ultraviolent, magnetism, and infrared elements. This will allow you to get the most effective machine possible. A portable money-counting device provides for usability at any place. In case you desire to transfer your business, a mobile money counter suit you best. The company might be negligible to the extent that keeping a money counter feels insecure. A portable money counter machine gives you the best option.

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