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For the history of Money counting , we will find first to only counting the numbers . Later , coming the bill counter machine with the normal detecting functions UVMGIR . Then in Japan and Korea , the Mixed bill counter machine front loading machine been developed . As the time going ,now the CIS sensor technology being popular. In order to reduce the cost of Mixed bill counter machine ,Feelteck developed the back loading Mixed denomination bill counter. Later for more requirement of no stop counting , Feelteck Money the 1 + 1 Pockets Mixed bill value counter.  Feelteck FT-900 is the model Muti Denomination bill counter , it can install more than 15+ currencies software in one machine , and add the sort functions for Face ,Directions and Denominations .In this case , Mixed bill counter improved to a bill counter and sorter machine .

money counter and sorter

1 + 1 pockets, Mixed  money counter with reject pocket, counting continues no stop .

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

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Portable Money Counting Machine

In the purchase of the Portable money counting machine or any other product from the market, consider the reputation of the manufacturers. Most of the companies provide the device with the aim of self-gain. They do not desire to know whether the customers benefit from the same or not. For the attraction of the customers, they lower the price of the device to allow access by a broader population of people. In most cases, the machine does not have a reliable warranty or the precise places where the customer goes for the repairing tools and the equipment. Therefore, determine the kind of after buying services that the manufacturing company likely to offer.

The most dependable suppliers of the Portable money counting machine globally are the feelteck. They have high experience in the field of the manufacturing of high-quality money counters. This leads to a high level of trust among the customers who benefit from the products around the world. The company is certified in the making of the best machine. This achievement is managed by following the international quality guidelines and standards like the FCC, RoHS, CE, etc. The company produces its products according to the latest level of technology. For you to determine the most suitable machine, feelteck offer a wide range of products.

The Portable money counting machine from the feelteck comes with incorporating much security, thus improving the effectiveness of the counterfeit detection properties. Some of the most common fake detection features are as stated below.

  • Magnetic MG detection
  • Ultraviolet UV detection
  • Infrared thickness IR-T
  • Infrared detection IR
  • Watermarks
  • Thickness
  • Paper composition
  • Color image sensor CIS
  • Metal thread coding
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Other assisting in the reading of the serial number of the bills

Infra-Red Scanning Methods as Applied in The Cash

The battle between money’s fraud in counterfeit and governmental policies is usually very stiff. Therefore, this calls for the application of the features that assist in the depreciation of the circulation of fake money in the country’s economy. This involves adding the printings that allow for the intensifying of the battle over the recent years. The goal of the depreciation of the counterfeit notes is to ensure that the manufacturers adhere to the features of the money printings. The feelteck manufacturers have sufficiently achieved the process of the achievement of the detection of the genuine banknotes. They give a quality product with the maximum detection against counterfeit.

The Process of Scanning Cash Using the Infra-Red

The application of the infra-red or the IR scanning of the cash has proved effective with the company. IR scanning of the money in the mention of the infra-red applies to the two different methods of cash detection. One of these methods involves the use of infra-red detective inks. The other method of the infra-red requires sensing the thickness of the banknote.

Infrared Light Reflection

The reflection of the infra-red light involves using the light reflecting inks in the process of the printing of the banknotes. The infrared light reflection applies for the confirmation of these inks for the genuineness of the banknote. Suppose the bills arrive in the unit in the scanning process, the light spectrum of the infra-red. If the account is genuine, it grows under the light as the printing of the infrared inks must flourish under the IR light.

Infrared Light Absorption

On the other side, infrared light uses the absorption of the ink that involves using the IR light on the spectrum of the infrared. At this point, if the bill is exposed to the infrared light, the places printed with the inks of the infrared appear black.

The Detection of The Thickness of The Bills

Paper money, especially out of the united states, comes in different sizes and shapes. To protect the funds from counterfeits frauds, bills are made on the difference in the exceptional thickness. Detection of the money is done in a blink of an eye, making the counterfeit unable to replicate with the brands of the machines from the feelteck. You will accurately detect the actual thickness of the money individually in the application of infrared technology.

The Machines for The Detection of The Infrared Cash Scanning

The current technology allows for a variety of scan devices. The devices range from automatic to manual detectors. The detectors assist in the individual detection of the bills for the infrared inks or the features. Fully automatic money counters allow for the automatic detection of the patterns of infrared patterns. Compared to the other detection features, the detection of infrared detective light is expensive compared to other technologies like ultraviolet and magnetism. Also, the portable money counting machine with infrared light is costly compared to the brands that use the magnetic fields or the infrared rays of the light.

Importance of The Use of The Money Counter for The Mobile Entrepreneurs

In most of the case, mobile entrepreneurs prefer the use of the manual method of the cash counting and sorting process. Suppose you invest in the portable money counting machine; the counting and sorting of the bills improve in speed, efficiency, reliability, quality, flexibility, quality, and counting process performance.

The Best Portable Money Counter Machine

Identification of the tools on the different bills provides tremendous importance. Giving or receiving of the counterfeit note indicates the genuine low level of the transaction conducted. Fake occurrence calls for the device that allows for the detection of the same. The improved level of counterfeit necessitates investing in quality devices from the feelteck company. Their brands frequently improve over time, thus giving the latest version of the device according to your financial requirements. Therefore, the following offer list of the best, most relevant, and appropriate Portable money counting machine sound decision will make you never regret the fraud.


The Denmark Dual Test

The brands in the drimark facilitate the two pens to combine, thus detect for all the features of the detection in the most reliable and standard process. The device comes with the unique part of the ultraviolet that assists in identifying the security thread commonly found on the different currencies, especially the currency of the united states. The ultraviolet rays allow the detection of the quality of the paper that made money and the level of the genuine in the bill placed and especially the paper money. According to the name, the machine offers double pens under the one, thus bleach for the account. It is friendly in terms of the cost. It is one of the examples of the Portable money counting machine. The use of the operation on the drimark is simplified. However, it contains a booklet guide for the practical process of the procedure. The guide offers the answers to the questions that you might behave.


B$Sure Portable Counterfeit Bill Detector

The size in which the B$Sure comes with facilitates fitting on the pocket of the user. This allows for the application on mobile traders or moneylenders. The size is tinier than you would ever think, serving for all the reasons for the use or the application on every point you handle the cash. The small portable counter favoring the entrepreneur does not have a permanent, the fixed store or place. It is the best patent money counter under the Opto-Electronic technology without irregularities of the currency. It is the perfect example of the smallest Portable money-counting machine that is handheld. It offers a hundred percent accuracy for the various denominations placed on the device with no false or inaccurate readings. Provides a guarantee that the money-back is one hundred percent.


Tangkula Money Detector

It counts and verifies the money placed on it urgently. If it detects the money, the LED screen indicates the denomination and the real McCoy. If you put the bill and the results on display are the otherwise, you see the o thus presence of the counterfeit or a suspicious note in the bunch of the money placed in the device. The level of counterfeit detection is ninety-nine percent of the current fake money that rotates globally, especially in the United States. It has an in-built feature of ultraviolet, magnetic, multi-spectrum, and infrared detection capabilities. The model was designed at the in-plug land-based operations.


Factors to Consider While Determining A Reliable Portable Money-Counting Machine

The primary purpose of investing in the money counter is to reduce the errors in sorting or counting the bills. This makes the recording keeping of the accounts and books more accurate. They assist in the management of time, as they are fast in the process of counting. In addition to the counting operation, the machine is equipped with the features for counterfeit detection. This ensures that only the genuine money passes through, thus protecting you against fraud or the phony. The process facilitates the development of the business. It also involves compiling the crucial factors that need counting of the higher amount of money within a short period.


Most of the features make the device increase the price. This means that the more complex the machine is, the higher likelihood of it being more expensive. The simple machine, therefore, on the other hand, is likely to be cheaper. On many ranges of the businesses, Portable money counting machines are affordable on different business contents. If you desire to buy a device that operates on the mixed denomination and the multi-currency process of counting, you must dig deeper into your budget or invest higher.


  • The Speed of The Counting

The speed at which the device counts the money determines the number of bills it is likely to measure in a minute. The money counters with coins and note counting require a slight adjustment in the process of note counting. The range of the counting of the note adjusts between six thousand to fifteen hundred messages per minute. The higher speed counter machine is more expensive compared to the lower speed counter machine. A fast and accurate count engine necessitates businesses holding a high amount of cash. Small retails can invest in the cheaper counter as they equally facilitate accuracy at a slower speed.


  • The Screen Reporting

Higher technology leads to the Portable money counting machine’s renovations that allow for the value breakdown and the denomination counting. The information is always indicated on the display screen. It allows for recording the total number of genuine notes rejecting the fake, fraudulent, counterfeit, or suspicious notes. This is a perfect factor in determining the best machine to operate in the enterprise with a large amount of money, especially from the mixed denomination.


  • Printer Compatibility

Owning the money counter allows you to place the details on the screen’s display, print it, and then report the copy. Most of the portable money counter, in most cases, operates using the hands.

The Hopper Capacity

These are the pocket-like structures where the bills are placed, ready for the counting process. It is an essential factor while buying the Portable money counting machine. It gives you the amount of money that the device holds at a time. In any other money counter structure, the hopper feeds the device for either front or back loading. However, most of the entrepreneurs prefer the front-loading of the hopper. This is because it offers a higher level of convenience than the backloading brands, as they are less convenient in counting. Front-loaders tend to have a higher feeder capacity compared to back loaders. The process facilitates the placing of more money on the hopper as the process of counting proceeds.

The size of the hopper mainly determines the approximate number of the bills held by the machine at a given period. Most importantly, a reliable hopper assists in statement processing. Therefore, if you are in the market to purchase a Portable money counting machine, make a sound decision by choosing wisely. A large business enterprise needs an enormous hopper capacity, while small retail needs a small hopper. Between the front and the backloading hopper, front-loading is more friendly to the user. The process of their bills loading and the operation is quicker. The method of the bill’s alignment on the front-loading hopper.

In most cases, the Portable money counting machine brands with the greater size of the hopper capacity count faster than those with the smaller sized hopper. Therefore, the higher the counting speed, the more likely for the machine to be expensive. Companies dealing with the higher amount of the cash transaction needs big hopper to process the counting of the bills at higher speed. Despite the size of the hopper, a suitable portable money counter should be lightweight for easy movement from one point to the other. The likelihood of the heavy mobile money counters high, causing damage to the device’s inner and outside parts.


Counting of The Mixed Denomination

It is easy for the compact money counter to serve as the mixed denomination as the terms relate. Compared to the standard portable money counters, the mixed denomination money counter price is higher. They come with the incorporated features that are advanced, like the contact image sensor on the image software to differentiate different denominations of the money. CIS locates at the top of the mixed denomination money counter. They assist in improving the effectiveness and the level of accuracy in the process of sorting, counting, and detecting counterfeit banknotes.

If you opt for the mixed denomination money counter, the chances of the bills ending in the wrong stacker or the different denominations mixing will minimize. These changes of the mixing of the accounts are like a ten-bill dollar ending in twenty dollars. The main role of the contact image sensor is that it determines the different denominations thus sorts them separately. The chances of such occurrences are minimal with the selection of this brand of the portable money counter. The process, therefore, maximally provides the breakdown of the denomination passing through the device. It is a perfect choice only if you have a high amount of money invested as it is one of the most expensive money counters.


Most of the brands of the portable money counter come with features that allow for different denomination sorting. If you operate on currency from other countries, this is a good factor for you to consider while planning to purchase the portable bill counter. Most of the portable money counters from this category organizes the bills accurately and effectively. In most cases, money handled in the large enterprise comes in the mixed denomination stacks. The brand of the portable money counter assist in the effective sorting and thus effective classification of the currency. This is because the currency is broken down according to the value of the denomination.


Counterfeit Detection

It is vital to determine the brand of the portable money counting machine that facilitates the detection of counterfeit bills. If you purchased a machine that does not have the feature, you could determine adding the feature to improve the effectiveness of the quality bills passing through the device. The standard portable money counting machine on the counterfeit detection counts an approximate number of the two hundred and twenty million average number of the dollars. It makes the machine a good choice in determining the genuineness of the money you receive. For example, if the device reads the serial number of a specific bill, it determines the year the money was made and arranges the respective bills accordingly.


Reject Pocket

In most cases, reject pockets on the portable money counter machine are usually two. This facilitates the continuous process of counting as the suspicious note places on the reject pocket. This allows for the speed up in the counting process as the device calculates continuously even if it detects a difficult to recognize bill. The other bag is used for the open accounts that have been counted. These brands of portable money counter machines assist in saving on your time. Compared to the standard money counters, these machines are expensive.

Portability of The Device

Our main aim here is to come up with a portable money counter. However, they require verification. Determine the battery that serves for a more extended period without often recharging. The idea of a good battery appears here as you might find yourself in a place where you cannot access charging, and the need to use the money counter is high. D470 Quadscan is a perfect example of a removable battery that retains the charge for an extended period. Currently, you can get various batteries that are different in terms of quality and the warranty period. Depending on the purpose you intend to use, the money counter, look for a quality battery that suits your needs.

The Reporting of The Total Value of The Bills

Most portable money counter has a feature of the LED to facilitate the display of the counted bills. It means that the value of the counted bills aggregates for the different bills. The chances of the suspicious bills in minimized on the report given. It facilitates multitasking in calculating the total number of the bills, and their sum is determined.



Determining the warranty of the portable money counting machine is a wise idea as you can easily estimate the duration it will likely serve you. The higher the contract, the higher the probability of the device going to help you, as this indicates that the manufacturer is ready for the follow-up to ensure that the widget positively impacts your business. The warranty determines the genuine of the suppliers or the sellers and allows you to go back if the need arises or look for the other sellers. Before you decide on buying the portable money counting machine, look for suppliers with a good or high reputation. Also, determine how they hold their customers or the kinds of customer care services they offer to their clients. With this information at hand, you will be able to make a sound decision from the best sellers. This is because you will have gained the confidence for the recipient of the repair services.

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