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Everybody needs to make the tasks as straightforward and faster as possible in the business and bank environment. Most of the time, one of the time is counting money, especially when counting them manually. But nowadays, with the advanced machine and technology from FeelTeck, You should not worry anymore. FeelTeck manufacturers have all kinds of note counting machines of all sizes. They even have the best portable note counting machine in the market today. These portable note counting machines are designed to sort, arrange, count, and many more functions. Most of these mini note counting machines are designed to detect fake notes with the latest technologies.

mixed denomination money counter

Top Loading one pocket Mixed money counter , Multi currencies , serial number print (optional)

mixed bill money counter

Best price Mixed money counter ,count better for soft and duty money.

money counter mixed denomination

FT-500B mixed bill money counter that counts value , total amount .

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

FT-300 LCD display change to Red when ERRO

Counterfeit Detecting Function <UV, MG, IR>

FT-1001S Funtion:count ,UV, MG ,IR

FT-2040 with clear LCD display

Feelteck FT-2090 is a colorful machine, you can select RED, BLUE, GOLDEN

Suitable for most of the currency in the world

The panel we have patent for design

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Portable Note Counting Machine

Small note counting devices are the best counter machine for small businesses. The machine can handle the money well, and remember that a feelteck portable machine is designed with modern technologies and will do all the other counter machine tasks. The general difference between portable note counting machine and other standard counter machine is the size and number of notes there can handle at a time.

Everybody who deals with money every day needs a money clip or even a wallet to keep his or her money. A small note counting machine will have significant advantages to you and your business, especially if there is a lot of money entering and coming out of your business. A good FeelTeck portable note counting device can assist you to quickly calculates notes in the shortest period possible. There are several FeelTeck portable counting machines that you can select from. Finding the best small note counting machine is now easier because there are several machines in the FeelTeck manufacturers. Additionally, there are still designing and producing more new devices every day.

Some portable note counting machines differentiate among different denominations and add value when others can only simply add currencies. These portable note counting machines have several benefits because they are lightweight and can be easily be moved from one place to another. Also, these machine comes with AA batteries which the device operates within the absence of electrical power. This means these mini note counting machines are also suitable for business where security is note good, because after work during the day, you will just put your device in your pocket or bag and go with it to your home. FeelTeck portable note counting machine comes with different features that you should consider to select the best device for your business.


Here Some Of The Key Features To Check On When Buying A Small Note Counting Machine

Hopper Capacity

This is the first and critical thing to look at when buying a new portable note counting machine. It is a factor that most customers forget to look at when they are buying a new money counting machine. Hopper capacity is a machine’s pocket-like structure where the uncounted notes are placed before the counting place starts. In some counting machines, the hopper is also utilized to identify some counter currencies to avoid them from being scattered all over the place. This feature is a critical component that matters because it is the one that determines how many bills the device shall be capable to calculate at a time. Therefore, if you deals with huge bundle of notes per day, you have to buy a machine with a big hopper capacity. This will help you sort a vast number of bills before refilling the uncounted notes. Also, having a big hopper capacity will allow you to do other business operations because you won’t be required to sit there and keep on refilling the hopper with uncounted notes. This means having a big hopper capacity machine will be an added advantage to you.


Any money counter device that gives the case manager a hard time using it is not a good machine. You should always ensure you buy a portable note counting device that will be easy to use for your employees. Read some reviews and watch videos explaining how the note counter machine is used before making the purchase. These will help you see how the device is operated and decide whether you will work it yourself. Another critical thing is that note counting machines minor must possess a way to scan the result. Select the note counting device that has a LCD display or even an LED to make sure that the cash manager can use it efficiently and quickly.

Fake Note Detection Ability

Currently, there are several counterfeit notes cases around the world. But with these more advanced portable note counter machines, detecting fake notes will be easier for you and you won’t lose any loss because of these fake bills entering your business. It is essential to ensure that the mini-note counting machine you are about to buy has this feature to provide no counterfeit bills in your industry. Once a fake note is sported during the note counting process, the machine will produce some sounds to alert. On top of that large business that has to count and sort a lot of notes in a day are very prone to receive many fake notes, leading to a seriously detrimental effect on the money flow in that business. A phony message is one of the dangerous things that can harm your business seriously. Counterfeit bills can even lead to the decline of your business ultimately. Therefore, it is good to invest in this great FeelTeck portable note counting machine because it will save you from fake notes.

Mixed Denomination Value Detection

Mixed portable denomination devices are essential to your business to ensure that no note enters of q different denomination. These mini note counting machine are frequently costlier compared to the other kind of counting machine. Because these mini Note counter machines need color image sensors, more advanced imaging programs to identify the denomination of each note are similar.


Speed is one of the main reasons where FeelTeck manufacturer manufactures these portable note counting devices. Note counting devices from FeelTeck are the best machine with the excellent speed in the market today. It is always good to check the speed of your small note counting machine before making an order. Also, reading customer reviews and watching videos will help you pick the machine with the speed rate. And from there, you will be able to make a wise choice when buying your portable note counting machine. It’s good to understand that some FeelTeck portable note counter machines have an adjustable speed, which will be an added advantage.

Noise Level

Although the noise level coming out of these portable note counter machine may not be so important, it is always to work in a tranquil environment. A conducive environment will help the person handling money to concentrate, and thus the counting process will be smooth. If you want to have a mini note counting machine will a low level of noise, select a device that utilizes MG and UV technologies to maintain the noise level to less than sixty decibels. Is essential? An excellent portable note counting machine that you should pick should operate quietly. Most of these feelteck note counter machine runs quietly and are the best to have in your business.

When buying a mini note counting machine consider all the above factors, and you will buy a counter machine that suits all your business money requirements. The above factors are the main factors to check on, but several others you have to look at, like warranty, printer compatibility, and many others.

After getting the best portable note counting machine for your business, you are assured of significant changes in your money counting process. This machine has a high speed and is efficient and more convenient than manual money counting. High-quality FeelTeck portable note counting device will free up your employee much time. Also, be assured of great accuracy, and no fake note will enter your business, and you will be to do all these easily. A feelteck portable note counting machines are reliable in counting notes without any kind of additional hassle.

Portable Note Counting Device FAQs

Q: Can Portable Note Counting Device Determine the values of currencies?

A: In many situations, specifically while talking about the consumer-grade money counters, these devices cannot give a total valuation for the notes counted. Even some more sophisticated units shall not provide a total valuation if the machine has a mixture of denominations. Most portable note counting machine only gives a total for currencies counted.

More advanced portable note counting machine can detect various denominations and give the total, but these machine are costlier than the standard machines. Mixed note counting devices are capable of reading mixed denominations on multiple currencies and jeep the running tally. These note counter machine use modern technology to do all these working of detecting different denominations.

Q: Can Portable Note Counting Machine Counts Both Old And New Bills?

A: Any latest feelteck mini note counting machine can count both used notes and the new ones. The difference among the two types of notes is only their condition. Therefore, when a note counter machine is advertised to accommodate a certain number of ‘new,’ this doesn’t mean the machine can only count the new notes. Instead, you will be able to measure even the old notes too. What that ads mean is that the hopper of this note counter machine can accommodate a certain number of new like and undamaged notes.

Always ensure your hopper is free of any dirt or dust. This will help you get an accurate, efficient total of your counted money. Dust and dirt can lead to allergic reactions also to the machine user. FeelTeck portable note counting device comes with a dust and dirt guard to prevent the issue and also diminish allergic reaction. Having in mind, if you place a stack in the money counter machine, which has a mixture of new and used bills, it might lead to jamming issues with some lower-end model, all the tabs inserted at a time in the machine should roughly be in the same condition.

Q: How often should you service your portable note counting machine

A: If you have a small note counting machine, you have a responsibility to make sure that the machine is operating well by offering general services. The time you shall have to service your counter machine will vary from one device to another. Feelteck note counting machine small comes with manual tips and guidelines on cleaning your machine, which is the basic service every portable note counting machine requires. Suppose your machine has some other mechanical problems that can’t be fixed by wiping and cleaning. In that case, you have to call the feelteck customer cares for guidelines or visits a professional technician for repair. But once you buy your portable note counting machine from FeelTeck manufacturer, be assured of long-lasting service with no serious problem.

Buying a mini note counter machine from FeelTeck manufacture has several advantages and will save your business and secure your money. Portable note counting machine are the best deal to go for, especially when your business is not that big. It would help if you stressed yourself buy a mini note counting machine. This machine will handle all your cash well and will also give you real money counting results. Also, portable note counting machine are cheaper, and every business or individual is dealing with money every day can afford to buy it. Ensure you buy a more advanced FeelTeck mobile note counting device, and all your cash handling problems will be solved.



You have now learned more about portable note counting machine. Visit the FeelTeck website and see various mini note counting machine there is manufacturing. Also, read multiple customer reviews, and by doing so, you will be able to select the excellent and well-functioning small note counting machine to serve you. It is always good to check the counter machine’s features to assure that your cash handling process will be easy, continent, and more effective once you buy that machine.

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