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Feelteck Develop Small Money Counter Machine by Own Team

Many of the entrepreneurs assume that manual counting of the money is the option for small businesses. With the advancement in technology, various counters have emerged that offer the answer to the counting of the money on any size of the company. This Small money counter machine improves the speed of the counting, effectiveness, efficiency, and detection for the counterfeit notes. The accuracy of the Money counting machine small never compares to any manual operation. Investing in the small money counter machine reduces the level of the counterfeit passing through the device. With the improvement of the technology, the fake story improves, thus making the detection manually challenging. Among the many bill counters, the money detector counter supplier portable mini counting machine usually offers a good option for the small money counter machine.

Feelteck FT-1000 is the smallest portable mix value banknote counter in the world

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If you require a portable small money counter, machine, and you stranded on various manufacturers and suppliers, feelteck offers the best solution. The company has gained trust in the reliability of the portable money counter from china for more than ten years. Therefore, the excellent reputation has led to an excellent reputation to the industry, thus the leading suppliers in the whole world of the money-counting machine. Much of the achievement has facilitated the fact that the manufacturer keeps track of the latest technology, thus creating small money counter machines.


The Money Detector Counter Supplier Portable Mini Counting Machine

The money detector counter supplier portable mini counting machine for the bank offers the same-day shipping that comes before two-thirty p.m. comes on the thirty-day money-back guarantee. The Small money counter machine provides more than the four thousand reviews of the customers. The device comes with three years warranty. Offer the best quality of the total calculated and the sorted notes. This assists in the counting of the six hundred notes within a minute. In terms of the power, operation measures, this Mini money-counting machine comes from the mains or the battery. Therefore, the device allows for the add function. The Feelteck brand counts all the denominations and the currency. It is an easy option in terms of operation. Other than the counting of the banknotes, the Feelteck brand counts the vouchers, tickets, and coupons. In terms of portability and compatibility, this is the best solution.

The money detector counter supplier portable mini counting machine for the bank offers the ideal service whenever the need arises. The Feelteck provide fast, portable money counter at the events like churches, markets, kiosks, and home operations. To improve on the fitness in terms of portability, the bill counter is the lightweight as the compact money counter operation on the batteries or the electric mains. This makes the Mini money-counting machine operate in any place at any time.


Accurate and Fast

This Mini money-counting machine accurately counts more than the six hundred banknotes per minute. The device minimizes the errors caused by manual operations. At the end of the process, the small money counter machine allows for the simplified cash handling process and saves time.

Powered On the Batteries

These Feelteck are small enough to fit on your pocket or the bag. It operates on replaceable batteries. This Money counting machine small is ideal for instances that require a fast and portable money counting solution. This small money counter requires the four AA batteries though not included in the battery operation, and operates on the electricity mains.

The Add Function

The mode of the add function facilitates the addition of the different stack of the banknotes at the same point. This reduces the frequent accumulation of the money added on the Money counting machine small and keeps track of the calculated amount of the capital. All runs held in the path for the consecutive counts for all the computed bills or detected bills.


Counting Of All of the Currencies

The money detector counter supplier portable mini counting machine for the bank offers the perfect sense in the reliable count of the denominations and the currencies. This feature allows for the use of the instances that holds the mixed denomination currency.


Counting Of the Coupons, Vouchers, and the Tickets

The Feelteck of the Money counting machine small does not necessarily count the money only but also offers the universal solution to measuring the coupons, vouchers, and tickets.

The Portability and the Compatibility

According to the structure of the high-performance counter, a portable money counter with the digital display ticket of the counter machine offer the best option for the smallest mobile money-counting device with batteries on the countertops. Regarding adaptability to the movement process, the Feelteck comes on leather that improves safety in a fall. This also minimizes the amount of dirt and dust entry on the bill counter. Most of the leather case facilitates or enhances the penetration of the water to the device in case of the harsh climatic or the fall on the water.


Factors to Consider While Buying the Small Money Counter Machine

Your making of choice on the mini banknote counter is a perfect option. However, there are various factors for you to consider in the process of the purchase of this small money counter machine. The device used on mini money counting operations like personal operations or small business operations in most cases. However, depending on the variety of the Mini money-counting machine, the following factors guide the sound decision in the process of purchase. This guide offers the option of making a rational decision. Thus, come up with the best choice of the small money counter machine.

Weight and the Size of the Portable Mini Handy Money Counter Worldwide Bill Cash

Depending on the purpose and place you desire to place the Mini money-counting machine, you have to consider the factors of the size and weight of the device. If you wish to operate the device in various places at different times, frequently moving the small money counter from one point to another, you require a lightweight money counter. The lightness facilitates the movements at much ease, thus more comfort in the process of the action. An excellent small portable money counter machine needs to be small enough to fit in the pocket or the bag. The small size facilitates compatibility, thus maximum use of the device.

For most of the most miniature portable money-counting machines with batteries, the determination of the weight and the size factors needs keen attentive considerations. Portable money countersuits in the small and the lightweight, requiring frequent movements from one place to the other. To make the point a bit clearer, if you purchase the heavy small money counter machine, your employees find it easy to operate manually as the weight, in most cases, makes them uncomfortable in the processes of the movements. This point, therefore, calls for the light counter to facilitate the move. On the other hand, if the Money counting machine small, comes in a considerable size, it will call for the extra carrying bag.

This is because the large-sized money-counting machine might not fit in the ordinary or the pocket. In most cases, if the employees work under minimal supervision, they will opt for the manual process of sorting and counting to escape the burden of the ample portable money counter. The method of manual operation, therefore, minimizes the utilization of the machine. If the manual process opted for, the level of the accuracy and the counting speed interfered or hindered with. At the end of the process, your business encounters massive losses due to the minimized level of counterfeit detection. Therefore, the small and the light portable money-counting machine like the portable mini handy money counter worldwide bill cash offer the best option maximally utilize.

The Speed of the Counting Of the High Quality Portable High Money Calculating System (Ten Units of the MOQ)

The more you find yourself handling the money, the more the need arises for you to invest in the small money-counting machine. Small business might not experience large volumes of the money but requires the Mini money-counting machine effectively maximize the efficiency of the bills passing through the counter. In terms of the count speed, determine the one that comes on the highest counting speed. Most of the smallest portable money-counting machine with batteries comes with the interchangeable speed that allows counting the bills placed on it at the preferred rates. Therefore, determine the minimum speed and the maximum speed of the chosen small money counter machine.


The speed factor is critical as in some cases, like in casino games; the user holds a large amount of the money, thus necessitating the use of the high-speed counting of the collected money. According to the range of the funds held on the daily activities, determine the speed that facilitates the counting speed within that range. However, for the maximum level of the counting speed, select the one that is slightly higher than the amount you collect, as the desire of every entrepreneur is growth and development. Therefore, the exact maximum speed may request the replacement sooner than the expected duration of the operational period.

The Hopper Capacity of the  FT-501 Top Loading Heavy Duty UV MG Detection Polymer

Other than the speed of the count rates, the size of the hopper is good in the gauge of the volume. It is an essential factor in the determination of the maximum volume of money collected. The average of the FT-501 Top Loading Heavy Duty UV MG detection polymer can hold six hundred bills on one stack. They are some of the Feelteck on the small money counter machine range that facilitates higher bill capacity. The other important thing that needs to consider is the feeding of the hopper. The feeding of the hopper is the front or the back feeding. In comparing the capacity loading, the show has a higher capacity compared to the back loading capacity. Therefore, in the purchase of the small money counter machine, determine the front feeding hopper capacity. The device can also operate on the batteries as well as the connection to the electricity.

V30 Multi-Currency Portable Digital Cash Counter Bill

If your business experiences international customers, opt for the Small money counter machine that facilitates the accurate organization and organization of the currencies. Some of these Mini money-counting machines reduce the detection of the given type of currency automatically or manually. This detection depends on the preferences of the user. The settings that come with the device allow for the choice between the manual and the auto mode. However, some of the small money counter machines come in the complete manual mode of operation. This limits the V30 multi-currency portable digital cash counter bill from detecting the country of the bill’s origin. At this point, consider the feature of the value adjustments. This is because most of this Feelteck brand of the bill counters comes with this feature, thus allowing for the preferred count of the target country. Manual currency counting is time-consuming compared to the auto process of the count and the sorting of the currency.


The Mixed Value And The Total Of The Money Detected.

If you intend to invest in the small money counter, consider the value detection of the mixed denomination as one of the essential factors on the selected bill counter. Most of the standard smallest portable money-counting machine with batteries requires you to presort and then classify according to the degree of the value of the respective bill. This can be one, five, ten, twenty fifty, a hundred, and so on. However, suppose the small money counter machine comes on the automatic mode of the operation. In that case, it quickly detects the money from the different value, distinguishes it, and therefore adds it to the total value of the count accordingly. The mixed denomination serves for the improved effectiveness and the efficiency upgrade. This allows for the assorted bill count of the value of the bills placed on the small money counter machine.


Detection of Counterfeit of the Fake Money Detector Banknote Money Counters 5800D UV/MG

In the purchase of the small money counter machine, determine the level of counterfeit detection. If the fake note detected early, it allows for removing the bill before it incorporates into the economy. However, the counterfeit enters the money in your business; it might lead to a high level of losses at the end of the process. The estimation of the counterfeit circulating currency currently is about two hundred and even higher. This fact, therefore, calls for the keen inspection of the bills rather than only determining the number of the bill and the total value. Despite the confidence that you might currently have, it is wise to choose the counterfeit of the bills collected before it enters the revenue. Most of the most miniature portable money-counting machines with batteries like the fake money detector banknote money counters 5800D UV/MG detect counterfeit. It alerts you on the detection of the phony bill. This makes the workflow more efficient, thus effectively sum up the verified bills at the same time.

Some of the Mini money-counting machines come with the optional detection of counterfeit. This allows you to use the magnetic MG, the ultraviolet UV detection, or both sensors. Other types of complex Money counting machines small, which facilitates the detection of the infrared IR, magnetism MG, and the ultraviolet UV on the placed bill to improve the efficiency. However, if you do not like the combination of the detection features, buy for the detection separately and then pair it with the small money counter machine.

  • Ultraviolet UV detection

Some countries like Canada, United States, the US, and the UK use the inks containing ultraviolet fluorescent phosphors in the paper printing process that makes the currency. A good example is the five-dollar from the US having the vertical fluorescent undetectable on the naked eyes. If exposed to the intense rays of the ultraviolet lights, it brightens well, thus becoming easily observable. In determining the counterfeit on the bills, ultraviolet is one of the factors that need consideration. Despite incorporating ultraviolet detection, the small money counter machine is very affordable, effective, and straightforward. The process of the replication of the ultraviolet is challenging. The method of ultraviolet detection is among the best way of detecting counterfeit that considered one hundred percent effective.

  • Magnetic MG detection

In addition to ultraviolet detection, most countries implement magnetic inks on the paper that prints the currency. The small money-counting machine offered to scan the magnetic properties through the traces of iron in ink made money. Although the method of magnetism is effective, it has some disadvantages. The disadvantage of using magnetic detection is that most of the counterfeit has improvised for the various inks in the printing, thus fooling the exact detection. The more the bill rotates in the exchanges, the worn-out, wear and tear. The tear reduces the level of the magnetism and thus hardly contains the property of the attraction, as the iron component wears out, minimizing the properties. The process of wear and tear makes the real money appear or identify as counterfeit.

  • Infrared IR detection

Infrared detection is not reliable compared to the magnetic MG and the ultraviolet UV detection. Infrared detects for the IR inks that currently use in the replication of the counterfeit, thus a bit challenging. The inks of the infrared inks can either absorb or reflect according to the printing of the money. The small money counter machine facilitates the nation’s detection and the denomination of the currency, thus eliminating counterfeit notes.


Other Examples of the Security Technologies

  • Watermarks
  • Paper composition
  • Infrared thickness IR-T
  • Metal thread coding MT
  • The color image sensor

These features applied on the small money counter machines though in rare cases. Their detection facilitates the determination of the counterfeit bill. Although the level of fake in the world is very high, money counters assist in improving the detection of the same. The class in which the machine does in the process of determining the counterfeit is higher and never compares to any manual operations.

Why Choose the Small Money Counter From the Feelteck Dealers

The company gains the trust from international customers due to the reliability like the small money-counting machine. These products can use on various applications like casinos, street peddlers, small shops, grocery stores, restaurants, emerging businesses, and banks’ applications. The portable money counters offer effective and accurate counting, thus saving on the cost of time and labor. Most of the small mobile money counting machine Feelteck brands of the feelteck does not offer counterfeit detection. Therefore, they provide the report of the total sum of the money counted. However, the process of counting is very reliable, accurate, and precise.

The portable money counters from the feelteck apply to all of the denominations around the world. Therefore, this calls for the presetting according to the denomination that they intend to count with the specified or the selected small money counter machine. The mini money measuring devices offer a reliable, high-speed, and fast money-counting machine. The brand counts approximately six hundred or more bills per minute. To facilitate the portability of the money-counting machine small, it comes on the properties that allow carrying at ease. They are convenient, strong, or firm, easy to move from one point to another, and lightweight. They are best for the application of multi-currency. The materials used to make the portable money counters are high quality, long lasting, and very durable.



In determining the best small money counting machine, the most essential and essential factor for you to consider is the size and the weight of the selected device. The two factors determine the usage of the device to the maximum or the minimum. The portability calls for frequent movements. Look for the small and the lightweight type of the small money counter machine. On the same point, the perfect brand comes from reliable manufacturers with an excellent reputation level. Another factor worth considering is the warranty period of the selected brand. This improves the confidence of the purchased mini money counter.

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