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Pocket Money Counter Manufacturer

Feelteck manufactures pocket money counter compliant to RoHS, CE, FCC standards.

Feelteck Develop Pocket Money Counter by Own Team

For more than 10 years, Feelteck has been the trusted business partner for their pocket money counter needs. Whether you are a retailer or importer of pocket money counter, Feelteck has a lot to offer! We are looking forward to working with you!

Feelteck has more than 18 technical engineers that specialize in the PCB, software, and hardware of pocket money counter. You can guarantee that all our pcoket money counters are high-quality, authentic, and high-performance.

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money counter and sorter

Very precise and fast speed per minute. Designed with pocket-like structure to place uncounted bills.

mixed denomination money counter

Saves labor costs and time, competitive price, and high-accuracy.

mixed bill money counter

Inetgrated with multi-currency features. Ideal for dealing with worldwide clients.

money counter mixed denomination

100% tested with more than 80 currencies around the world.

Feelteck : You Premier Pocket Money Counter Supplier

Feelteck has been a trusted partner for every pocket money counter needs for more than 10 years. Our wide range of pocket money counter will surely meet your requirements.

Feelteck pocket money counters are manufactured using advanced technology and state-of-the-art production facilities. We are sure to produce an innovative pocket money counter.

All products from Feelteck including pocket money counters are manufactured according to the standards of RoHS, FCC, and CE.

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Choose Feelteck Pocket Money Counter for Better Productivity

Feelteck has been in the industry for more than 10 years. We have rich experience in the pocket money counter production. Throughout the years of operating in the industry, we have gained enough knowledge to understand the needs of customers and markets around the world.

Feelteck is well-equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. We also have more than 18 technical engineers who specialize in the PCB, software, and hardware of pocket money counter.

Our dedicated R&D team is also expert in researching, developing, designing, and producing the best quality pocket money counter. With constant innovation, you can guarantee that your pocket money counters are authentic and genuine.

Aside from that, we also manufacture pocket money counter made from superior grade raw materials. Our strict quality control management carefully inspect and select raw materials before the production. We also do strict monitoring from every production stage and before shipment to ensure stable quality and defect-free pocket money counter.

Feelteck pocket money counter offers a better productivity to your business because of its high-speed counting capability. It is equipped with various numbers of high-functioning pockets that can accommodate more bills allowing a fast money counting. Thus, Feelteck pocket money counter can save your time.

Feelteck also manufactures pocket money counter that offers mixed denomination capacity. Besides, Feeleck pocket money counters are also equipped with multi-currency features that makes it ideal for dealing with international customers.

Most importantly, Feelteck pocket money counters are equipped with comprehensive counterfeit detection. With its high-capacity, our pocket money counters are the most demanded in every industries.

Most industries such as supermarkets, banks, shops, cash-in transit company, or other business that deals with large amount of cash transaction preferred to purchase pocket money counter from Feelteck. You can also trust us too! Our years of experience will never disappoint you.

Aside from pocket money counter, we also manufacture money counter machine, commercial money counter, portable money counter, mixed money counter, money counter and counterfeit detector, and more. We offer one-stop solution, unmatched services, and competitive prices.

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